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I don’t often do this, but I did a repaint of the Rumpelstiltskin I painted back in December–I sort of underestimated the power of the Rumple fandom and was not expecting the original to get quite so many reblogs, and every time I saw a notification pop up in my feed I just felt like youknow, maybe I should fix his noodle hands and give him some eyebrows? I felt a little guilty about leaving you such a noodle boy.

So I did–unfortunately I can’t reblog and change the original photo at the same time, so I’ll leave the other one in it’s separate post. That picture has a slightly different vibe anyway.

Since Tumblr seems to be the new magic lamp, can I make a wish?

Hello OL tumblr genie watching out there *waves*

How about we get some OL promo instead of asking fans for money, political tweets, gym pictures and trying to make non cast members relevant? 


A SHOW fan

oh my GOD

sense8 is fucking me UP holy SHIT

I mean, when the finale is called “You Want A War?” you know it’s going to be crazy.  But HOLY SHIT.

Wammy’s House Headcanons (that all actually happened)

//As I’ve alluded to a few times, I went to a public school with very rigorous academic tracking, and thus spent most of my childhood among precocious, hypercompetitive oddballs who would have fit right in at Wammy’s House. So because I’m bored, here’s a smattering of the bullshit we got up to over the years that I think work perfectly as Wammy’s headcanons:

  1. In elementary school, a teacher noticed that a number of the kids weren’t getting along with anyone, so she dubbed them “the Friendship Group,” made them eat lunch together in her classroom, and tried to force them to make friends with each other. The first Friendship Group lunch ended with Mello hurling a chair across the table at Near’s head. There was no second lunch.
  2. In middle school, Matt started a secret Pokemon card club that met during lunch. Roger promptly banned it. Pissed, Matt started a secret poker club instead. Roger found out and banned it. Matt then started a no mercy rugby club…
  3. Also in middle school, Near, Matt, and Mello set aside their differences to conspire against a particularly obnoxious substitute. Through cunning use of distractions and good teamwork, they managed to sneak behind the teacher’s desk and unplug the overhead projector seven times in forty-five minutes. They also convinced the baffled substitute that Matt’s name was actually Fred.
  4. One day in the cafeteria, Near and Mello got into a loud and pointless argument about whether the Holy Trinity was polytheistic. The argument ended with Mello yelling “THREE PARTS, ONE WHOLE, DIPSHIT,” and smacking Near over the head with a stale cafeteria breadstick.
  5. In high school, Matt decided to scientifically test his theory that a particular teacher never paid attention to him by seeing how many pencils he could get to stick point-first in the ceiling before she noticed. It took her two days and nearly thirty pencils to catch on.
  6. On a Spanish class trip to Barcelona, several students got off a stop too early on the subway and wound up in a red light district. Mello somehow managed to offend a prostitute he tried to ask for directions, and the whole group was chased for several blocks by angry, screaming women. Mello was never allowed to live it down.
  7. In literature class, the students were given a list of novels and allowed to choose which one they wanted to read. Mello chose Moby Dick because he assumed no one else would, and he wanted to show off. Near chose Moby Dick because it would piss off Mello. Matt chose Moby Dick just to watch the Near/Mello shit go down.
  8. On a similar note, Mello spent weeks bragging about how perfect he was for a part in the Wammy’s House annual musical and telling everyone else not to even bother auditioning. Near, who hated musicals, auditioned for the same part just to piss Mello off–and got it.
  9. One day, Roger had a mixup and forgot to hire a substitute for the history teacher. Upon realizing they’d been left to their own devices, Mello and several other students began gleefully writing nasty messages about the teacher on the whiteboard–only to discover when they tried to erase them that the marker they’d been using was actually a Sharpie. Mello spent the last five minutes of class frantically scrubbing the board with soap and water and yelling at Matt to stop laughing his ass off and help.

another meme i won’t finish: [4/15] music artists/bands ▷ oh wonder
“i know your hope is heavy but you’ll get over it, you’ll find another life to live, i know you’ll get over it. and i know you feel like everything is falling to the wind, but don’t you let the thunder in, cause i know you’ll get over it”


grishanet challenge three: favourite ship(s)

↳ Zoya & Harshaw <3

bell’s first words to clakre when he lands is probably going to be asking about the bunker so he can see octavia tbh.

the second probs will be about how excited him and raven’s daughter is to see the earth.


okay so this isn’t gonna be super fancy or anything (hence the lame header). i’m still riding the high of having a newborn baby niece. but my dash has been kinda dead lately and i want some new people! so here we go! 

  • doesn’t have to be a 1d only blog!
  • i don’t dislike any of the boys (including zayn) but my focus is always liam!
  • anti-tinhatting, but pro-shipping! 
  • favorite ships are: ziam, zouis, lilo, and zouiam. 
  • must be supportive of the girlfriends & the sons tbqh !!!
  • mutuals would be cool but they’re not necessary!!!

just like this post and i’ll check out your blog tbqh. i’m spending a lot of time in this hospital waiting room and need to pass the time somehow!  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ok so. my dash is dead. i have a new niece. i have a lot of time on my hands. so i’m going to spend a lot of time on tumblr! and to make that more fun, i want to follow a lot of people. so i’m just gonna list some of the stuff i like that i want on my dash, bc i’m not creative. you don’t have to post all of this stuff or exclusively things on this list! 

  • ʙᴀɴᴅs

all time low, the 1975, my chemical romance, fall out boy (pre-hiatus), panic! at the disco (pre-split), green day, real friends, neck deep, the maine, the wonder years, bring me the horizon (post-sempiternal), cobra starship, the academy is…

  • ᴀʀᴛɪsᴛs

ryan ross, melanie martinez, lin-manuel miranda, frank iero, william beckett, aaron west & the roaring twenties

  • ʟɪᴛᴇʀᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ

harry potter, shadowhunters, omg check please, the raven cycle, throam, aristotle & dante discover the secrets of the universe, english lit memes and analysis, lgbt and ya lit

  • ᴍᴇᴅɪᴀ

hamilton, les mis, rent, yuri on ice, mystic messenger, life is strange, telltale’s the walking dead, degrassi, in the heights

  • ᴇᴛᴄ.

horror, aliens, lgbt positivity, lgbt history, vampires, ghosts, history, punk music, tattoos, grunge aesthetic

i know this is rly long but i like a lot of things, i suppose, haha! mutuals would be cool but i know my blog is a bit of a mess so it’s definitely not required. all you gotta do is like this post and i’ll check out your blog and probably follow a good number of people! for more info u can hit up my tags or my about page. 


its the few, the proud, & the emotional

happy birthday to fairly local |-/