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I'm going through your nygmobblepot tag right now and I regret not watching the show sooner (like about 2 years sooner) so much I missed so much awesome stuff :( you seem to have had so much fun with the shipping and au-making etc and now everything seems to be nothing but discourse, especially with cory and robin :(

Hi! So maybe some will be offended by this donno and I’m not into causing drama obvs but just gonna reply for once.
Yes seeing tons of notes on my old stuff tonight makes me very feelsy! I thought everyone would be as happy as me and my friends when s3 started and Nygmo finally got what they deserved in airtime…but it turned into so much drama and crying whiny babies shouting queerbait after 2 episodes. I have met amazing new ppl too, don’t get me wrong!! Because I mean I’ve been late into fandoms too obvs. But to see so many ppl jump on the ship in 3.5 and 2 eps later geting hateful and angry at everything becuase Nygmo didn’t become canon hurts to see. It’s sad that I untracked the Nygmobblepot tag because it got filled with NONSENSE that didn’t even fit there. And as Ella now said tonight, look at how safe Robin & Cory felt to go all Nygmob rp on twitter in public before, look last summer how excited they were for Nygmob! Thinking everyone would love it as much as them, as much as me. Instead they get hateful comments from both homophobes AND lgbt ppl shouting queerbait at them…well done you all! I shipped Nygmob forever, ppl saying you can’t ship them now because everything that happened are wrong according to me, s3 is everything I waited for. And I want more Nygmob and canon Nygmob ofc, but I ship them as much as I did in early s1 as I do now! The most sad part is how it maybe have hit the actors that do an amazing job. So yep, this is why I never jump into drama threads going around, I don’t need that. I block people that are whiny babies pain in the ass because I’m on tumblr for pleasure and Nygmob and Smaylor are so important to me. Never feel bad for blocking anyone, if someone ruins your casual fun tumblring they don’t deserve your attention. Because I’m still here as you see making tons of gifs, that’s because I LOVE Gotham so much and there are so many amazing people here that I love!! But I mean this is fandom life, every fandom has drama! It’s just been so hard for me on Gotham, coming in when it was tiny and see how it grew into this mess. But I won’t let hateful ppl ruin MY enjoyment. I mean I see hate on my other shows too, block block! I want nice people on my dash. I don’t think it will go back to before but maybe it can be better. It seems like Robin & Cory didn’t dare to play around anymore because the hate, and if they would go all giggly they would be accused of QB. Which is garbage.

And as said I don’t wanna cause drama so I won’t write too much more about this. I love all amazing messages I’m getting and seeing all amazing fan arts and gifs! Because remember if you feel things are a bit rough that there are amazing people here, and they keep me here <333 Hugs!

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Do you really want to write an essay about what Riku did to Xion and Roxas? Because I would be really interested in reading it and crying with you


okay so I haven’t finished watching/playing all of kh so I’m not 100% sure about everything b u t who does know everything about kingdom hearts

Right so the treatment of Roxas and Xion made me so angry. I know, both of them are nobodies but it’s really obvious both of them are ‘special nobodies.’ I think (from what I’ve heard and also believe) that Roxas managed to grow his own heart during the 358 days but I’m not exactly sure about Xion, though I’ll talk about what I think Xion’s fate should be later.) However, both of them express emotions throughout the game, like woah both of them are so emotional. If they didn’t express emotion then neither of them would had shown interest in Sora. Anyway! All I’m trying to say here is that both of them do have the ability to express emotion, which is really important if you think about it.

Starting with Xion, one of her first encounters with Riku is with him telling her that her keyblade is a sham, which is a really mean move since we all know how much Xion loves her keyblade. Literally, why did Riku even say that? Was he trying to put Xion down? That encounter really does confuse me, all I got from it is that Riku is trying way to hard to be a complete edgelord. Anyway, Riku kinda sucks. Right so if I’m correct (ironically I’m only using what I remember here to write this lmao) the next time the two encounter doesn’t Xion like chill with Riku for a bit?? I really can’t remember,, but during the time I’ll admit to Riku, he isn’t that bad. The thing is, Riku does give Xion some kind of choice at this point, albeit he does kinda push her towards the ‘go back to Sora choice’ but he doesn’t really make her do anything for a while. He does give her advice and looks after her, so I can’t really fault him too much at this point with Xion. That’s the difference between Roxas and Xion. Xion does manage to get information, I mean sure it’s hurtful information no one would EVER want to hear about themselves but she does get to find out about herself and her origins. She also has the time to come to peace with that in a way, e.g. the end of 358/2 she does seem to have some sort of closure, though we can all guess she would have preferred to exist rather than give up her existence AND people’s memories of her. That’s what makes Xion so tragic to be honest. However, I think the way Riku treat her was a lot better than how Roxas was treated. Also I would also like to add in the fact Xion didn’t really tell Roxas much either…. but now that I think about it he probably wouldn’t have remembered if she did. HOWEVER! This could have lead to a different ending if she did, e.g. Xion telling Roxas everything (that is if she actually knew what was going on with Roxas because I’m not too sure if she knew what the crack was with Roxas) and the two of them willingly handing themselves over. Anyway, whilst Riku was a bit passive aggressive with Xion, I do believe he had good intentions with her.


Okay, so maybe he had good intentions with Roxas too, after all Riku did show pity towards Roxas after everything and obviously felt some guilt towards what actually happened to Roxas. However, Roxas really wasn’t treat right from the start. Imagine you’re a (15/16???) year old boy. You have no memories and you’re brought into a place with a bunch of adults who tell you that you don’t have a heart and don’t really exist. You have only one other friend who doesn’t tell you the full truth and hides things about yourself that would help you piece things together. However it also turns out you’re a special nobody who can portray emotions that you shouldn’t really have or understand. That all kinda sucks doesn’t it? We can see throughout days Roxas growing into his own person but we can also see that he wants answer. He is desperate for those answers. He ditches everything and pretty much puts his life on the line for those answers, which he really doesn’t get in the end (when he was still alive and kicking.) I mean sure, he may have gotten them but not in the way we all wanted to be honest. Now sure, Riku didn’t really talk to Roxas much in the game (though in the manga he did buy him ice cream but I don’t think ice cream is gonna compensate to what’s going to happen next huh Riku?) Riku really did have the chance to talk to both Xion and Roxas and it’s really confusing to why he never did speak to Roxas in the first place. Perhaps that was the original plan but Xion got in the way. Who knows. Now, we all know Roxas and Riku’s encounter happened at probably the worst time for Roxas. I mean, he just held a dying Xion in his arms and watched her die. For Roxas, he had just lost EVERYTHING. At this point he probably felt like he had one purpose, which was to actually fulfil Xion’s request (to free Kingdom Hearts?) Actually now that I think about it why did Xion ask him to do that? She literally asks Riku to stop him. That part confuses me, but perhaps it was Xion dealing with the guilt of contributing to help Xemnas so she asked him that in some way of some sort of closure?? I don’t know maybe it’s explained and I’m an idiot. I just really didn’t understand the point of Xion asking him to do something only for her to stop him. Which is kind of sad since Roxas actually went ahead and tried to fulfil her request, which was pretty suicidal of him to do… anyway back to the main topic of Riku. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Riku but what he did here really did piss me off. He had so many chances to tell Roxas what was going on, who Sora was or just to tell Roxas SOMETHING, which at this point is something Roxas deserves. Instead he fights him, angers him and pretty much mocks him. He doesn’t consider Roxas a person of his own at this point, only just Sora’s nobody. An obstacle that’s in his way. However, Riku doesn’t even tell Roxas this even though Roxas himself had displayed confusion about what was going on through out the fight. Then the edgelord goes and pretty much strangles (suffocates?hugs too tightly?) Roxas and seals his fate. Now, the infuriating thing is that after all this Riku finally uses his damn brain to think, wait, maybe if we ACTUALLY DID GO AND TAKE HIM TO SORA THINGS MAY HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT. Okay, so maybe I’m taking it out on Riku a little. At least he had the decency to realise he could have done things differently. DiZ however, I’m still angry with to be honest. He never once treat Roxas with respect, belittled him at every point he could, even when Roxas had ‘accepted’ to go back to Sora at the end of the tutorial. Like DiZ sucked. Even if he did apologize it’s gonna take a lot more than that if he wants some sort of redemption to what he did to Roxas. Also, remember how I talked about emotions earlier? Imagine putting yourself in Roxas’ shoes when Namine had told him, to his face, that he wasn’t even supposed to exist. Like, ouch. However, I’ll actually praise Namine at this point because at least she actually TELLING ROXAS SOMETHING. Likewise with Xion, it probably wasn’t something you actually wanted to hear but at least it’s the truth (the painful truth tbh.)

Okay, so maybe all this sounds rather opinionated since Roxas and Xion are two of my favourite characters. I know, this all did have to happen for Sora to wake up and for the games to continue. However, I guess I’m just salty (sea salty,,,) over how Roxas and Xion were treated. Even Namine. Let’s not forget Namine. They were really just used as tools throughout their lives and just disposed of once they were finished with. Realistically, these three will no doubt have some issues or problems when they are brought back (kh3 bring them back or so help me,,,) Like I mentioned before, Roxas was pretty much pushed to the point where he didn’t even care about his own wellbeing anymore, willingly allowing himself to go and fight the rest of the organisation. Namine continuously expressed sadness through out the games she was in (like damn she was guilty to what she did to Sora and we all know how sorry she is,,) and Xion…we see how sad she is. She pretty much killed herself (sadly, a choice she choice herself but,,, you know.) We see that she is sad when Sora sees the people he has to help in his heart (and I’m so sorry I can’t remember which game it is, coded? ddd? I think maybe both.) 

On a final note, I did mention about what I wanted Xion’s fate to be. Now, nobodies are confusing. Xion is even more confusing. As sad as it may be, she really was just a puppet. Now, I’m not 100% sure how she was created but she really is leaning towards the replica side rather than the nobody. In that sense, how is she going to be saved? We literally saw her body get destroyed. All that’s left of her now are her memories, and even they have disappeared. With Roxas and Namine, Sora and Kairi are aware they’re there. Xion… not really. I mean, isn’t the only encounter Sora has with Xion in DDD? Correct me if I’m wrong but after that doesn’t Sora meet Roxas? Okay so this is more of a theory but I’m starting to think Xion’s memories reside more in Roxas than in Sora. Hell, they probably reside more in Namine than in Sora since that’s the person Sora saw originally. That being said, I think when Roxas and Namine are saved (kh3 I s w e a r you better let this happen) then perhaps Xion’s memories are saved… that’s it. Okay, I don’t really know how they’re saved, I haven’t fully thought this out. Perhaps they awaken when Roxas is released? Maybe when Roxas and Lea encounter something triggers them both to remember their dear friend? Idk. Okay, maybe I sound like a monster for saying I only want her memories to be saved but hear me out. One of the most memorable things Xion did was sacrifice herself. If you ask me what the most memorable thing about her was I’d say her death/’death.’ It meant something and it was meaningful. Bringing her back would just make that moment, one of the saddest moments in kh, to be pointless. Idk, I would be over the moon if they brought Xion back but I want her actions to mean something. (Again this is more of a personal theory and I mean no ill intent towards Xion, I adore her. I just believe she had more of an enclosure than Roxas and Namine did (because let me tell you I didn’t really agree with how Roxas and Namine just decided to be like oh yea we chill now lmao) and idk. Maybe this is also tied in with the fact that I don’t think Sora is capable of saving absolutely EVERYONE. I just believe he has more of a chance saving his own nobody than saving a clone of his nobody who he barely knows.)

Sorry for how long this is,,, I just got really passionate. I’m kinda nervous about posting this tho since I don’t know if all I said was true and I apologise if anything I mentioned was false or sounded mean,,, (again I love, love, love Xion. It’s just I really want kh3 to progress and become a more realistic game. Just remember, Sora is still a kid (okay idk how old he is in kh3 tho) and he’s not superman, he can’t just save everyone. (hell, failure has been shown in bbs. like, that game is built on failures so of course the failure of Sora not saving everyone is out there).) Anyone can free to add anything on or talk about your own opinions or theories, I would love to hear them!!!

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since you looked back on boc have you noticed anything about will you didn't before, relative to his behavior/death?


the text, in japanese, says
“shian shian, shikou shikou.
saredo teiji ni agarenai“
and the first line is fine, it’s thinking, and pondering, and considering.
the second line is what gets me.
teiji is “the set time” or “the usual time”.
agaru means “to complete/finish”, or… “to die”, “to ascend/go up”, “to advance to the next level”. agarenai is the negative for it so it’s “to NOT (thing)”.

Just thinking doesn’t help you finish your work tbh imo but you CAN take it like that, that’s the point of it.
The double meaning, from what I can see, is that he can’t advance to the afterlife in the usual time, no matter how much he ponders everything.

As to his actual behaviour, I’m just seeing it as a lot more mopey and melancholy now, like eeyore but an angry businessman. It links well into how I was exploring the “shinkeishitsu” aspect of his personality pointed out in the character guide just a few days ago.
(shinkeishitsu is a ‘personality type’ in Japan which also just so happens to be an anxiety disorder;
    “a culture bound syndrome seen in Japan that features obsessions, perfectionism, ambivalence, social withdrawal and hypochondria.“
    “In popular use, shinkeishitsu describes a person who is overly-sensitive to features of his or her immediate environment, “nervous”, “worrisome”, “easily agitated”, and “anxious”“
    “be so described by others when, for example, they complain of certain body ailments, oversensitivity to noise, colds or chills, dirt, or facial or body appearance, or where they demonstrate and extreme sensitivity to the words, gestures, and presence of others. sufferers are believed to be “nervous” by temperament, individuals being predisposed at birth to the disorder.”
It’s been related to depression and schizophrenia, but mostly general anxiety.)

he got 5/5 stars for his level of shinkeishitsu.

It’s also worth note to look at the depressive elements in his character songs, like how he’s lonely and he wants to blend in as much as any singular star in the night sky does.

aaaaand not specifically relating to Will, now the verse
“We are the Grim Reaper Dispatch Association.
Our DANCE is intense!
We reapers are short of breath.
Our longevity is unreasonable!“
From the kuromyu 2 reaper theme makes SO much more sense. Their long lives being unreasonable didn’t really factor into anything before so it was a bit of a ??? as to why it would be unreasonable.

also in that song is Ronald’s line-
“All: Rule number 6! Is that when the set time comes-
R: -we can stop work and party!“
That’s not what happens at the set time. Ronald PLEASE.

Even though I already had the headcanon that reapers were humans who committed suicide, sentenced to an immortal purgatory of watching others die, there’s a LOT I didn’t look into since at the time it was just a headcanon and I didn’t take finding proof or indicators seriously. I didn’t really see the point in it, since it would just be like some cobbled together crack theory. Or at least, that’s what I thought at the time.

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hey :) so i see that you ship ziall a lot and i want to know why? like what made you start to believe in them? me as a ziam shipper, i don't really look into other ships. but i'm curious on why apperently more people start to believe in ziall :) is it just the looks they give each other or are there also touches that i havent seen yet?

i’m so glad you asked!

come, come, take a journey with me

okay, so speaking for myself at the very beginning of my one direction experience, i was sort of into niam more for lack of knowing anything else and it was cute and cuddly and room 317 and all that jazz but then

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Z I A L L (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

alternatively, the ziall master post to end all masterposts

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im a teen lesbian and im having a really. really. hard time caring about lbpq solidarity rn. like, i love the idea and everything but i'm so exhausted. i'm seeing bi adults on here call themselves gay/lesbians + when i reach out to them and let them know that they're making my life harder to live they dismiss everything i'm saying + go on to talk about lesbophobia like its their place (which doesn't mean bi/lesbian women dont have overlapping experiences but its called lesbophobia 4 a reason).

i’m just really angry and hurt and i wish people didn’t used homophobia to bolster their arguments against biphobia (not that it actually works because all sga ppl are harmed by homophobia, but the “legitimacy” of the argument is because it appeals to larger social ideas about lg ppl and in general str8 ppl gobble this shit down bc they want us exterminated tbh).

idk if you sent this because you want advice or just wanted to vent or what but i’m going to assume you don’t mind getting the former otherwise you wouldnt’ve sent it.

first of all you have every right to be angry and hurt. you’re not a bad person for not tolerating homophobia, regardless of who it’s coming from. that said, your view of bi and pan women is clearly becoming skewed in a way that’s harmful both to them and you. which, tbh imo, is absolutely unavoidable if you spend a good amount of your freetime involved in or watching The Discourse. not because bi/pan women are a well of neverending evil, but because you’re literally searching (or watching people search) for homophobic bi/pan women, purposely, to fight or ridicule or whatever. you’re basically conditioning yourself to hate us. (of course you may not be involved in lbpq tumblr at all and it’s just spreading in which case ignore those last few lines)

the point is, your perception is messed up and not at all aligned with the reality of bi/pan women, so you have three choices:

  • you can do what most people would do and try to justify it to yourself, which is a terrible decision and will only make you more frustrated at The State Of Things while also having the fun side effect of hurting bi/pan women
  • you can do absolutely nothing and either end up hating bi/pan women anyways or having a change of heart or just staying frustratingly middled forever depending on where life takes you. i call this “the mystery ball”.
  • or, and this is my fave one personally, you can make a conscious effort to try and fix it. 

choice #3 is a lot harder than the 1 and 2, but a lot more rewarding and will lead you to the Solidarity u seek. or at least it will in your personal life. take huge step back from the discourse or however you’re finding all this infighting, or at least start examining it and your + the people around you’s reactions to it. would what’s being said be acceptable to you if it was a bi/pan woman talking about lesbians? would you feel comfortable with the idea that a bi/pan woman thinking the same thing about lesbians that you or your friends/mutuals/whatever do about bi/pan women? do you consider bi/pan women’s issues and opinions on homophobia as important as lesbians? are you having interactions with bi/pan women outside of fighting with them? basically, look for double standards. i guarantee you will find them.

on the other hand, remember that the block feature is your friend and is always available to use consistently but wisely. block people who use the word monosexual, or downplay lesbophobia, or have said one too many iffy things, or are speaking on things they have no right to speak about, or have lesbophobic friends, or have made you feel bad for being a lesbian. learn your boundaries and enforce them, but always make sure you have a clear reason for it before you do it. it’s a good way to make sure you’re not heading down to the “bi/pan women talking make me uncomfortable” path.

this got way longer than i wanted and you’re probably not gonna read it all, but w/e. good luck buddy, i’m rooting for ya.