watch this get deleted

please, for those asking where’s the video of yugyeom: don’t. don’t look for it, don’t watch it, don’t share it, just leave it there until it gets deleted… it’s his privacy and we have absolutely nothing to do with it, so, please, don’t give that disgusting stalker’s video any views and leave yugyeom alone. 

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Honestly I love the drama on this blog?? It's like an extra layer of frosting in a cake

I will not lie, I have met some of the weirdest people and have plenty a story to tell. I get some of the weirdest asks on this as well as other blogs and pages, and this isn’t just since my Fire Emblem blog was open. I had the weirdest things happen to me when I was an active Utau user.

So the drama on here is either ridiculous, me being pissy, or just something really weird… And usually I think it’s hilarious. I think there have been three times where it was not funny and instead either hostile or disappointing, but it’s still great.

I love this blog, and I love the people on it. I also love weird people(maybe minus the train guy), so I’m always waiting for something to appear in my ask that will give me a laugh.

i told myself that i was gonna try and reply some more to balance the qrow spam but now im making a negan bc lady is trying m e so!!! i’ll link it here once i have a url set up!!! ewe

so I just want to make this public that I personally have no issues with people safely enjoying the new killing stalking manga that’s apparently getting popular (as in, not supporting the things that happen in it except in that universe) and I don’t have a problem with it showing up on my dash, but I do not like the comparisons of it to YOI, especially when both are tagged in the same post. a lot of people are not okay with the concepts it portrays and many more do not have a blacklist because they use tumblr mobile.

for that reason, I will be unfollowing any blogs from which I see any posts mentioning both of the series, purely because I do not approve of them being compared in any way on a platform where people may not have the ability to avoid KS. otherwise, please feel free to continue enjoying both series separately because I totally understand people having varied interests. i’m just dreading the eventual creation of a killing stalking au of Yuri on Ice and that’s what is making me the most uncomfortable with the whole situation.

so yup. peace, love, anne out.


Signs as stuff my friends have said
  • Aries: I'm a very naughty toaster
  • Taurus: My mom made me delete twitter
  • Gemini: I'm just watching porn, jeez get off my case mom
  • Cancer: I want Oprah to lick my face
  • Leo: Shall we bond over australian bananas?
  • Virgo: Guess who just introduced their mom to Mystic Messenger
  • Libra: I feel that it is necessary to mention that I do not have a poop fetish
  • Scorpio: I want to moan for pasta too
  • Sagittarius: Uhm no, I am a Ford Fiesta 3000
  • Capricorn: My australian banana is triggered
  • Aquarius: I shit good luck
  • Pisces: Because I'm cool, I don't obey the rules... Of grammar