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Using modal verbs in the perfect tense in German

To start with, the modal verbs in German are:
dürfen - to be allowed to
können - to be able to
mögen - to like
müssen - to have to
sollen - to ought to
wollen - to want to

If you are only using one verb in the sentence, you can conjugate these verbs like you would any others in German.

Ich habe gedurft - I was allowed
Ich habe gekonnt - I was able to/could
Ich habe gemocht - I liked
Ich habe gemusst - I had to
Ich habe gesollt - I should have
Ich habe gewollt - I wanted to

However, most of the time you will want to use another verb in the sentence to express what you were allowed to do or liked or whatever. This means that you have to use the double infinitive construction.

Ich habe meine eigene Kleidung tragen dürfen - I was allowed to wear my own clothes

Er hat schwimmen können - He was able to swim

Wir haben Fußball spielen mögen - We liked to play football

Du hast zuhause bleiben müssen - You had to stay at home

Sie hat gehen sollen - She should have gone

Ich habe bleiben wollen - I wanted to stay

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