watch this get 0 likes lol

I swear to god, though, yugi is just a violence magnet in season 0.

the kid literally bumps into some guys on the street and for no reason other than that, they try to beat the snot out of him.

it kind of makes the relationship between yugi and Yami seem like “put violence in, get violence out” lol

Get to know me ✨

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Nickname: Harls

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 5′0′’

Last Thing You Googled: Persona 5 Yusuke

Favourite Music Artists: BORNS, Twenty One Pilots, The Black Keys, Michael Jackson, Sia, Florence + The Machine, Panic! At The Disco (to name a few. I have so many!)

Last Movie You Watched: Moana

What Are You Wearing Right Now?: A blue little mermaid shirt and shorts ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Why Did You Choose Your URL: My sister talked me into making a second blog and bestowed upon me that URL lol

Do you have any other blogs?: I have a main blog, but I’m mostly on this one.

What did your last relationship teach you?: What’s the rush? The right man will come along sooner or later.

Religious or Spiritual: My family is Christian, but I don’t go to church on a regular basis. I haven’t been since I was little. I do pray and believe in a higher power regardless that I go or not.

Favourite Color: Purple and yellow

Average hours of sleep: 5-9

Lucky Number: I’ve never really had a lucky number(s) besides what comes in a fortune cookie lol

Favourite Characters: Noctis (FFXV), Ryuji Sakamoto (Persona 5), Yusuke Kitagawa (Persona 5), Prompto Argentum (FFXV), Makoto Niijima (Persona 5), Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler), Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler), Kotetsu Kaburagi (Tiger & Bunny), Yuffie Kisaragi (FFVII), Iris Amicitia (FFXV), Stitch (Lilo & Stitch), Sora (Kingdom Hearts), and more.

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1. 2 if I get cold.

Dream Job: Animator/Illustrator

I tag: @sleepytimehell @vinsmoke03 @royaldumptruck @inspectorlizlemon @staticeyes @etherealbatwing @eternal-fanboy-scout @shoob-a-doob @hashagi @sunshines-freckles @chocoblondie @toottootcosplay @ffxv-edits @lattehappy @prompto-loco

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nicknames: abs, dork

gender: female

star sign: virgo

height: idk

time right now: 6:43pm

last thing i googled: chinese gp 2017 results

favourite bands: panic! at the disco, capital cities, imagine dragons, gorillaz, daft punk, bastille, brand new

favourite solo artists: enrique iglesias (i’ve literally forgotten who i like lol)

song stuck in my head: we got the power by gorillaz

last movie i watched: ex machina

last tv show i watched: hawaii 5-0

when did you create your blog: april 2016

what stuff do you post: f1 but there are a few football posts dotted around there

when did your blog reach its peak: idk

do you have any other blogs: no

do you get asks regularly: no

why did you choose your url: i like fernando and carlos. that’s pretty much it

following: 212

posts: 4017

hogwarts house: slytherin

pokemon team: i’m not on a team

favourite colours: red, orange, blue

average hours of sleep: 7-8 hours but sometimes it can be 4-5 hours

lucky number: 9

favourite characters: charlie kelly (it’s always sunny) and steve mcgarrett (hawaii 5-0)

what are you wearing right now: a pyjama top and sweatpants

how many blankets do you sleep with: one

dream job: history teacher

dream trip: going to spain, france, and germany

tagging @redshinyred, @buckleuplads, @theianitor, @torohoesso, @kimithefinnamonroll, @hakkinenmika, @hulkieswonderland, @thedavanity, @fluffyhaircasillas, @arianadivine, @sestrachilds, @thoroughbredastonfan, @seb-n-nando, @historygeek12, @motogal, @inappropriatestork, @danyababy, @quepasamarcandre, @human-ity-almost, @princessofpirelli

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Get to know me gamethingy

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Nickname: P.J, Shorty, Jack, Jackie, sissy, bitch lol… 

Zodiac sign: Leo but don’t really pay attention to that stuff 

Height: 5′ 0" 

Last thing you Googled: “Why is Netflix getting rid of Bobs Burgers?“ 

Favorite music artist: One cannot just choose such complex question 

Song stuck my head: Steven Universe Theme Song 🔮✌🏽 

Last movie you watched: My Soul to Take What are you wearing right now: Jean shorts and a blue Ninja Turtles shirt 🐢💙 

Why did you choose your URL: It’s based on my life "I am trying” you know to handle life as it happens, also my favorite number is 13 because plenty of people think it’s unlucky and I like to like things people tend to hate or forget. 

Do you have any other blogs: No I was going to make a separate one for all my Riverdale stuff but I was too lazy and the decision to write fanfics just happened. 

What did your last relationship teach you: Been single my whole life, but I count my friendships as relationships too and my last broken friendship just taught me that people always come and go and I have to be ready for change at any given moment no matter what. ☺️ 

Religious or Spiritual: Ooh I don’t like either of those terms I like to think of myself as a person with a relationship with God, but “religiously” speaking I am a Pentecostal Christian. I am not gonna push that in anyone’s throat, no I do not hate gays. You respect me I respect you. 

Favorite color: It’s always been Blue💙 my mom always tried to shove “girly” things on me since I was little, it was my first act of rebellion was liking a color that wasn’t a norm for girls 🚺. 

Average hours of sleep: 6-8 just gotta get some energy. 

 Lucky Number: Don’t have one. 

Favorite characters: At the moment, I can’t choose, too many. 

How many blankets do you sleep with: One big fluffy one 😴 

Dream job: Studying to be a Social Worker🗣 

I’m tagging: @sav-moonlight @sgarrett49 @mantlelificent @ju-gg @idontloveyouimjustpassingthetime @mrsjugheadjonesthethird @kingpendleton @masual @a-fandom-imagine @acecase @rxggie-mxntle @ernesthellagay @pickyblue12

anyone else that wants to do this.

OOC. going to be re - watching the yugioh dm anime + movies ( starting with season 0 ) to refresh my brain on lots a details so ACTIVITY MAY GET EVEN SLOWER here; but really – who knows ?? i still got 2 drafts left and so many of those ask memes which i’ll get to !

I was tagged by @dinklebert Thank you very much ^^

Get To Know Me

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Nickname: Michelle

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5′0 I think?

Last thing you Googled: I don’t remember

Favorite music artist: Hmm, I have many so I can’t only choose one. But one of them is Nirvana.

Song stuck in your head: Does it by Kid Cudi

Last movie you watched: Jesus of Nazareth

What are you wearing right now: Big ass Bronx zoo t-shirt with baggy ass mets sweat pants.

Why did you choose your URL: I don’t know, I was just thinking of two things I like a lot and combined them lol.

Do you have any other blogs: Nah. This is my only one.

What did your last relationship teach you: Never been in a relationship.

Religious or Spiritual: A little bit of both I guess. (cuz I’m Catholic too)

Favorite Color: Hmmm, Purple, Aqua Blue, Green, Black.

Average hours of sleep: Ummm, maybe 8-9 hours or even more cuz I loooove to sleep.

Lucky Number: Umm, I don’t know, 6? cuz my zodiac sign says so?

Favorite Character: Levi Ackerman~

How many blankets do you sleep with: Two. Thin one in the bottom, fat ass thick one on the top.

Dream Job: For now I’m thinking of three: Animator, Comic maker or Puppet maker. But I’ll lean more towards the easy one first, like comics.

I Want To Get To Know: @dallyingdivergent @wonderseverythingabove @levi-snk @i-ship-ereri If you guys wanna do it, you don’t have to.

Sooooo this is a small clip I’ve extracted from my own copy of the bonus DVD featuring the voice actors of Sloth Pair, Terashima Takuma & Kaji Yuki, and Melancholy Team, Suzuki Tatsuhisa & Matsuoka Yoshitsugu from the anime SERVAMP.

I still have no idea how to sub videos plus I don’t think I’ll have the time to do that too so here’s a short clip and translation albeit loose and not 100% accurate instead. I know it might be a little troublesome to watch a video while referring to translations but please bear with it! ;w;

Let me know if I’ve made any mistakes and I’ll gladly edit them!
Also, please do not take out anything –be it the video or even the translations. Thank you.

It’s probably going to get pretty long so I’ll place them under a cut.

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I was watching if we get a lucky 2.0 but... Calvin is in UK and appears he will not go at Coachella, Jessie Martin liked on twitter " I need a filter to remove all Coachella tweets from my timeline. 😔" so...

Oh no if the whole crew isn’t going then why bother lol 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Idk man. Remember when we were sure Lounielle would do NYE together? And nothing happened. Same with xmas. And we turned out to be wrong. Im assuming El suppose to be here for a year but if shes not suppose to be here long then her time ends after Harrys solo launch is complete. Does Harry have anything in May?

Yeah, I guess we just like to suffer lol but like I’m waiting to see, I’m not convinced of anything because Eloun*r has been so…. stupid? Useless? He probably will have, I think we’ll have the mv at the end of April and the album on May (or June, but then he’ll also have Dunkirk so idk) 


soo hi yall ive been waiting to share this; a proper introduction post of myself to all of the studyblrs community💗 i love yall💕

i really like to tell you guys stories so, pardon about anything i write in this, but i hope i could make more friends here💖 my ask and messages always open💞

ok, before that, i write this through my phone so theres no bigger, bold, or italic word(s)😊😊:))

soo, lets get started!!!

my name is Bilfach Rachma Nur Effendi. people call me Bilfach but they often misspelled it to bil-fuck uGh, soo just call me Bilfy instead, lot easier😁 (my friend discovered that name!! she was somehow supporting me when i was doing a sport which i forget what sport and she yelled that name; back to grade 10😀)
i am 18yo, since last November. a true Javanese girl, in a full-of-people island in Indonesia😊 yall have to know Yogyakarta aka my hometown, beside Bali, here is like the second paradise of Indonesia!! if youre planning to come here its my pleasure to be your tour guide!! one week would never be enough to explore all but ive lived here for all my life and i couldnt find any reason to not love this romantic city💖
i graduated from highschool last year, fron a science major and did a cross-major fod university, went to Brawijaya University-International Relations major for like a semester but my depression couldnt handle it😅 pretty much culture shock than ever and i miss home a lot and yeah my parents kinda forced me to take that one and guess i wasnt so happy with it. (anyway i told everyone about this just because, even you have mental ilnesses, yall still can be the best of you, whatever version you want to, you decide you!!) ((well yes i almost killed myself when i was in Malang yes the city of my last university, it was a scary experience, i was so near to death; but then taking a rest and back to your loved is slowly healing me💗 and if you have the same problem as i am, you gotta know that yall CAN DO IT!!! believe me!!))
now im preparing myself for SBMPTN17 (the nationally university test) and UTULUGM17 (the university test by its own), oh and yes i found my passion in my International Relations major!! so yeah im currently on my way to reach Gadjah Mada University-International Relations major😉😉

ok now, who doesnt love Harry Potter??? like how could youuu??!?
lol nah ok im a Ravenclaw (which i actually wanted so bad to be a Slytherin but the sorting hat already decided from 0) but im proud of my house!!
ive a Ragdoll Cat Patronus; and my wand details are 12 and a quarter inches, sycamore wood, with unicorn hair core🐲(i know its a dragon but Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus!!)
and after all, i love movies!!! drama, comedy, romance, sci-fi are the most movies genre ive watched so far!!

i love music!! (who doesnt??!)
i listen to the regular pop, pop punk, pop rock, heavy metal, deathcore, easycore, indie, alternatives and also reggae and sometimes jazz🎶🎶
i love Justin Bieber like since One Time and 5SOS!!! these idiots are getting bigger than ever lol im sad;(
and bands!! i love bands so much!! ive a lot of list of bands to listen but heres a few; Bring Me the Horizon, Our Last Night, Architects, Walls of Jericho, Halestorm, Pee Wee Gaskins, Revenge The Fate, The Neighbourhood, Asking Alexandria, Sleeping With Sirens, August Burns Red, Tonight Alive, The Maine, ONE OK ROCK and so many more omg i cant write it all:(

anyway, music made me meet my boyfriend!! hehe, weve been dating since last year of highschool which means weve been dating for more than a year😉😉😉💗 i love him!! a lot!! lol he has that spanish name i always adore💞 (yes his father was studying spanish the time he born)!! and he is now currently studying English Literature major in Sanata Dharma University📚📚 (his biggest achievement yet omg im so proud of him💖)

and thats it?!??!?
i guess naaah because id like to tell you theres no muji store in my city, theyre only in the capital of Indonesia which is Jakarta which is about +-500kms away from my city hAA SO FAR (can someone pls buy me one lol or a mildliner it would means the world to me😂😅)
my dad runs a kinda stationery shop but yall know its the cheap and cheap anf theyre all made in china💸💸

oh and yes, im a hijabi (yall know right that my icon is Alessia Cara) but a supporter of humanities!!! id love to have my own community soon maybe called #bringbackthehumanity since my country facing a humanity crisis;(( soo if youre interested in humanity lets talk💕💕💕

and the reason im here is because; lack of motivation? not really even tho yess this studyblr community give me a lot of motivations!! well its because i love being here, yall make me so happy just by seeing your notes and thoughts💞💓 even tho i kinda left studyblr about 6-8 months ago (you can call it hiatus anyway because im back again lol)

and ofcourse as an end of an introduction post, heres a list of my fav studyblrs that inspire me a lot💗💞💓
@academiix @aescademic @aestudier @alicethinks @areistotle @artstdy @bookmrk @brbimstudying @caffestudy @cee-studies @cmpsbls @cmstudy @diehardstudyblr @dotgrids @educatier @einstetic @eintsein @elkstudies @equaticns @eruhdit @estudier @faetherial @focusign @genspen @getstudyblr @grangergrades @graphis @hachikostudies @hardworkign @hella-smart-nerd @hermionegoals @highlightcrs @intellectus @kaisdesk @katsdesk @kolstudies @kyliestudies @lazeystudies @legallychic @logarlthms @lycheestudy @meowtlining @mildlincrs @milkystudies @motivaytions @my-little-studyblr @nahstudies @neko-studies @ngambis @nocturnalstudyblr @notesworthtea @obsidianstudy @ofminervas @pencyls @polkastudies @productiveowl @productivityplant @promestheus @revisinc @rotina-de-estudo @sapphirestudy @scholarly @smhstudying @socratesy @somestudy @sootudying @sophocused @sstudys @stillstudies @studenting @studiix @studink @studistrict @studiversal @studyable @studyblr @studybuzz @studycause @studyign @studyingroses @studyinsound @studykouffee @studymeows @studyordium @studypetals @studyplants @studyquill @studytherin @studytildawn @stuhde @stuhdies @stuhhhdy @succulentstudy @sundayscholar @tbhstudying @thearialligraphyproject @thecoffeedesk @theorganisedstudent @theteadesk @victoryrolls WOW THERES A LOT AND I STILL HAVE LOTS oK but importantly thank you for your existence i love yall sm omg💗💞💓💕

sincerely, from not so a new studyblr, with love💖

Mystic messenger hcs

Hey y'all this is a trio hc set for chubby!Mc, short!Mc and TALL!MC. If you’d like any more like these just ask me for it and I can get to it! P.s this is my first time writing for vanderwood and I’ll admit it’s not that great for now, I will work on it!😅

[Chubby/Plus size!Mc]


*He’s a lazy ass so he is pretty fluffy himself….. 90% of the time

*Might have to have daily fights over the last pop/honey budda chips

*I lied your fights are over how which one of you is feeling down and the other  will force you to believe it


*wants to hold you really really badly

*your lucky they have such good self control

*They have nightmares of squeezing you to death because your so fluffy


*Loves you nothing else matters

*Finds your form to be comforting and safe)

*Really appreciates everything you do for him and loves you so much he can’t possibly look down upon you for something as vain as looks even if he tried


*doesn’t think so much on it he just loves you!

*LIKES HUGS AND CUDDLES total yandere for them

*Matching LoLoLol t-shirts and he would absolutely die if you cosplayed even if it was something really cute and innocent


*One of his biggest fears is not being able to find you or see you so it slightly helps out that he can find your plump body next to him

*Sometimes you wonder if you’re getting enough sleep because you swear you hear a camera shutter going off every five seconds. Odd huh?


*Likes to cuddle

*helps u if u are down about not finding clothes in or size a whole malls worth of crap is now at your disposal

*Thinks of you as a big cat (no unnecessary pun intended) like a tiger,lion, panther etc

*Not because of your more than average weight but cus of your fierceness/kawaii habits


*Thinks you look stunning and likes to show her appreciation to your body in general

*But be warned Because if you have something that shows some skin or is hella tight………watch out she will smother you with compliments and kisses/make out sessions

*Your cuteness makes the café a better place okay


*APPRECIATES YOUR BODY MORE THAN HE APPRECIATES HIMSELF (let’s be honest that’s easy to do but he loves you more than anything)

*i repeat 100000% okay and in love with you

*If you get sad/anxious about him working out don’t worry cus he will support u no matter what p.S if you do decide to work out with him that means fun workouts (by fun I mean u can look at his body cus workouts are a real beach to anyone)

*And if you don’t he will cut down his training time slightly to be with you quicker!



*Will keep things out of your reach because he’s a sadist who likes to see you suffer (sometimes he will get them for you but this is rare)

*Would sometimes kangaroo you in private just to be an ass


*They have to look down a lot to even make eye contact with you

*vanderwood is 10x more likely to have requiring nightmares of squishing you


*You’re more closer to hell just like him


*Once you get closer and Saeran is getting better as well your hugs go from awkward to don’t take me away from this short person I’m holding on to dear life


*Secretly is hyped about you being short because it gives him confidence and makes him feel more grown up #manlyman

*Likes to hug you and chat while playing games on his phone at the same time (mc is on to u Yoosung she asked you if you wanted to hang out later and you said sandwich (+_+)

*Will fight to have you be the little spoon if you already aren’t +1000 man points


*Probably has tripped over you because he didn’t think anyone was in front of him…

*make up cuddling and lots of unhealthy apologizing

*You don’t want to know what happens if you get hurt…..


*Awkward (comforting) head pats

*really likes to smell what kind of shampoo you’ve been using but this is a secret


*ur smol ass is in safe hands

*The two of u will create a human later to get stuff from higher places

*You can be shorter people together


*If there is anything in a tall place he will get it for you asap

*Also likes to pick you up for kisses



*Makes you get everything

*Has robocat programed to fly up to your head and ask you how the weather is up there


*Is happy you’re close to their level bitch×

*still gets everything and does worry 4 u what if you fall (acts like it’s their job and they aren’t so in love with u~)

*And since I’ve added nightmares for Vanderwood in every other one your tallness will make them worried over you snapping like a twig or being torn apart…. Good things they’re just dreams


* thinks of you as a sunflower growing wonderfully towards the sun and sky while filling his world with happiness

*Is scared to break you and doesn’t mind looking up to you

*Likes head kisses ×40 times more


*He is salty sometimes not because of you but he really wishes to be tall and more of an ideal man™

*Buys and wears shoes that make him taller it still doesn’t help him okay

*Has customised his LoLoLoL character to be even taller is he trying to compensate?

*still worships ur tallness but in secret okay


*Okay so on really bad days with his vision and say he goes and wants to give your lips a peck and he ends up kissing the lower part of your neck and not your chest if you’re lucky….. V u sly dog you

*Hugs go to 0 to a 100 real quick



*”Highest” standards for u lol 😂

*Would enjoy watching Elizabeth III trying to eat your hair or something he’s a sadistic



*Doesn’t like to impose but could you pls get that coffee cup on the top shelf

*or dust this off for me pls mc??

*Probs has a matching funny T-shirt with you and hers says “short best friend”  and yours says “tall best friend”

*They also have coffees on them so bonus!!!…..¿Does she know you’re together?


*Wow how does one make awesome compliments when comparing you to a giraffe apparently this guy

*It’s all good though until he runs out of tall animals then he resorts to dinosaurs

*It’s still pretty cute…..

Get to know me~

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Nickname: hmmm well people call me by my japanese/second name ? -> “Yui” hnnnn a nickname ,0, hnnn “Pastel” ? XDD (Pastry pastel lol)

Zodiac Sign: Virgo 

Height: 5′6″

Last Thing You Googled: male outfit haha (for reference q)

Favourite Music Artists: Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Ariana Grande, LM.C, Aimer, Nightwish

Song Stuck In My Head: Sakura no Kinoshita - Kokia and Again - Yui

Last Movie You Watched: Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke) o/

What are you wearing right now: Tokyo Ghoul t-shirt, red plaid shirt and a black pants :v

Why did you choose your URL: hmmm i think its because of Killua (Hunter x Hunter) Kiru -> Killua or kill + nee xD  

Do you have any other blogs: Kirunee-sketch (Main Artblog), Kiruneensfw (nsfw artblog)

What did your last relationship teach you: I’ve never been in a relationship :p (not interested, ya Im ace/aro xD)

Religious or Spiritual: I’m not religious e.e

Favorite Color: I thinks it’s blue, but purple been catching my attention more lately (idk if this sentence is correct :s), though i’m always with something yellow lol

Average hours of sleep: maybe 5-7 hours a night 

Lucky Number: idk ;w;

Favorite Characters

Dino Cavallone (Katekyo Hitman Reborn), Hannibal (Hannibal nbc), Joseph Joestar (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure), Dirk Strider (Homestuck), Kotetsu (Tiger & Bunny), Goku (Saiyuki), and mooreee~~

How many blankets do you sleep with: two q

Dream Job: i want to be a mangaka xD 

Tag: @mayugesplace, @the-dragon-king-of-the-new-world @toasted-cinnamon-roll @yaoi-now-and-ever @morinokaori

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Nickname: jen
Zodiac sign: Leo
Height: 5′0″
Last Thing You Googled: moscow mule
Favourite music artist: hmm idk i just listen to songs that sound nice and less because of the artist, also depends on what i feel like
Song stuck in my head: my roomates been playing persona 5 so that whole soundtrack lol
Last Movie you watched: Logan
What are you wearing right now: shorts over leggings and a hoodie
Why did you choose your URL: named after my fav ace attorney character
Do you have any other blogs: nope i can barely handle having one
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: what is a relationship

Religious Or Spiritual: The only Lord I kneel to is Ichirou-sama

Favourite Colour: blue
Average Hours Of Sleep: 6-10 depending on weekday or weekend
Lucky Number : dont have one
Favorite characters: Too many to list, the foxes will always have a special place in my heart
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: 1 when im at home, 2 at the apartment, 3 while wearing a hoodie when its especially cold
Dream Job: something sciencey 

Tagging: @evil-diabolical-oops @coldsaturn @requiemofkings @defractum @nekojitachan @chernatsaritsa @stubbornjerk

i got tagged by @misora-shuuji !!
nickname: none…my names just renée so it’s hard to make a nickname out of
zodiac sign: leo
height: OKAY stfu i haven’t measured myself in years because im scared of being too short
last thing you googled: “hinako note” because i saw someone on insta post it
favourite music artist: etsuko yakushimaru, mura masa, capsule and kendrick lamar (sorry i have no favourite)
song stuck in my head: …..hey mama
last movie you watched: i can’t remember cos i don’t watch movies
what are you wearing right now: hoodie and jeans lol
why did you choose your URL: i have 0 fucking creativity
do you have any other blogs: just saved urls but id like to make a dark aes one
what did your last relationship teach you: it taught me to get better taste
religious or spiritual: TBH neither im trying to figure myself out first
favourite colour: purple
average hours of sleep: 9…
lucky number: 12!
favourite characters: mahiru koizumi, watanabe you and wriggle nightbug
how many blankets do you sleep with: 1
dream job: ugh there’s too many…writer and perhaps something to do with medicine?
i honestly have no one to tag……😖 if u see this u can do it im really shy sorry

jilana-j  asked:

Ahh matchups are open can i have one please ^-^ I'm 5'1 and I'm really shy but tend to open up when i get comfortable with the person, i love rock and metal >:0 and and love playing video games and watching a lot of anime, i love the horror genre lol appearance wise I'm pale and have straight dark brown hair but some dyed blue. And i always wear dark makeup that is all thanks! :0

I ship you with Akira Otoishi!

Okay, okay, I know he’s a bad guy. But I actually liked him, and his character is just like a big rock reference to me. Being a rock fan myself I was so enthusiastic with his stand (btw red hot chili pepper is one of my favorite stands) and come on he’s got AC/DC written on his sleeves and he’s literally just a boy who really wants to become a rock star… On the down side, he also does really bad things that made me feel betrayed… But I guess people can change. I hope he can… 

Anyway!! Personality related he’s quite more ope than you at first glance I can perceive - so at first you two might take time to enjoy spending time together since honestly the man is so overconfident and kind of cocky but with some time given I could see him softening towards you as you warm up to him (this sounds much nicer and credible if we ignore the fact that he’s killed people so can we make this an AU where he hasn’t actually killed anybody lmao)

Imagine this music nerd and you hanging out to play your favorite band’s greatest hits or him dedicating you songs because it’s the best way he can express his feelings towards you!!! (Bonus: He’d love it if you went to his concerts). On his most lazy days he’d just chill and watch anime with you, although he’d probably be focused on the soundtrack more than anything else, and videogames? Geez, if you’re competitive I think you’d have to prepare your whole being to spend entire evenings playing Diablo games against him (also prepare to die if you ever play worms because that game’s turned my house into a battlefield and my family into coldblooded enemies)

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Nickname: Gen
Gender: female
Height: 5′0
Time Right Now: 7:54 pm
Last Thing Googled: i dont remember lol probably something to do with harry tbh
Favorite Bands: one direction, the 1975, one republic, little mix,
Favorite Soloists: solo 1d counts right? lol, ariana grande, rihanna, beyonce, selena gomez, the weeknd, christina aguilera
Last Movie Watched: uhhh i dont remember why am i so bad at this i think it was midnight in paris on netflix
When Did You Create Your Blog: 2012 lol
What Kind of Stuff Do You Post: it was originally mutlifandom now i post whatever I like bc 1d is dead rip…
When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: like last year lol
Do You Have Any Other Blogs: uh i used to make themes so i have a blog for that its @treasurecodes
Do You Get Asks Often: NO lol
Why Did You Choose Your URL: um because rapunzel is the best? (and im too lazy to change it to anything else
Following: like people im following right? 251 I need to follow more people thats why my dash is always dead
Posts: 45k lmao rip
Hogwarts House: GRYFFINDOR ☺️
Favorite Colors:  all shades of blue oh and like a raspberry color
Average Hours of Sleep: um like 5 or 6
Lucky Numbers: 5 and 10
Favorite Characters: books? movies? idk there’s a lot but stitch from lilo and stitch is me tbh
What Are You Wearing Right Now: clothes lol
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: two
Dream Job: digital marketing specialist for events
Dream Trip: italy! 

I literally dont know anyone on here anymore lmao anyone who wants to do this go ahead! 

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Nickname: charley

Zodiac sign: aries

Height: 5′0

Last thing you googled: “how often do you water miniature roses indoor”

Favourite music artist: probably hozier 

Song stuck in my head: that’s what i like by bruno mars lol

Last Movie you watched: good will hunting

Why did you choose your URL: i thought it was cute, i actually asked for it from an inactive blog

Do you have any other blogs: i keep a reference blog, and i recently started a blog to put all my sapphic posts :P

What did your last relationship teach you: binch!!! if my ass could get a girl you better bet that i’d do my best to keep her tf!!!!!!!

Religious or spiritual: i’m religious, i was raised a catholic 

Favorite colour: blue? probably pink actually

Average hours of sleep: four on a school night, eight on the weekends

Lucky Number: 11!

Favourite Characters: marceline from adventure time lol, and also uh lexa from the 100

How many blankets do you sleep with: always at least 2: a duvet plus a microfleece one. if it’s real cold i’ll grab another blanket, if it’s warm i sleep without clothes on lmao i love blankets

Dream Job: i wanna teach high school english, i feel like that’s a dumb “dream” but i love kids, i love business casual, and i love english!!

i don’t wanna tag anybody, but if you wanna do this, you can tell people that i tagged you lol

There are a few things in the Harry Potter fandom that piss me off, but never so much as people bitching about Gryffindor winning in the first book.

  • Slytherin had won for the last 6 years.
  • If they’d won that year that would be one entire generation of school goers who’d never seen anyone but Slytherin win.
  • We’re told that Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw both give Harry dirty looks when he looses a lot of points becuase they’d been looking forward to someone other than Slytherin winning.
  • Snape strips all the other houses of points on a regular basis, even when they get questions right to deliberately tilt it in favour of his house, and boosts his own house points.
  • No other house leader does this. The only time we see something similar is when McGonagall comes back from hospital in book 5 and Gryffindor have no points at all because of the inquisatorial squad.
  • Harry, Ron and Hermionie defeat an obstacle course with 1 year of education that was designed to stop the greatest wizards in the world.
  • An obstacle course that took Voldamort and his garlic puppet a fucking year to get through.
  • That’s 150 points for passing Fluffy that could have killed them, Devils Snare that could have killed them, catching a key while being attacked by a room full of them, defeating a chess board that was designed to kill them, solving a logic puzzle that could have killed them, and then getting the philosophers stone and defeating lord fucking Voldemort.
  • If you’re keeping count that’s less than 10 points each each for each task.
  • (There was also a troll, but hay they did that earlier in the year and only got 5 points after deductions were made)
  • The 150 points they gained from that Ron, Harry and Neville had previously lost when Ron and Harry were trying to keep Hagrid safe and send an illegal dragon out the country, and Neville was trying to stop them (only to be turned in by Malfoy, and if you don’t think Snape did his damn best to make up that 50 point loss for Slytherin you’re lieing to yourself)
  • The 10 points that won the house cup by Neville “it takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends” is a fucking important lesson, and he deserved every single fucking point he got for that recognition.
  • So you know what? Fuck you if you think Gryffindor didn’t deserve that house cup.
  • The trio went after Voldemot even though it could have killed them, because no one else would listen, because they knew it was the right thing to do, and they didn’t expect a single drop of thanks for it.
  • They deserve all the points for that.
  • More than the points given out by Snape because “Oh lol. Hello young slytherin. I was also a slytherin once. Your potion isn’t entirely terriable. 10 points for effort. Oh Harry, I don’t like your dad. 10 points deduction for breathing in my direction.”

P.S. if you want a reason Hogwarts kids don’t get on with Slytherin in the perspective of the books I will point you in the direction of Snape because nothing pisses off children more than watching a figure of authority blatently disregard your efforts while showering praze on those they favour.


I woke up grinning like an idiot. I’m pretty sure I was smiling in my sleep, the little I had after staying up and watching that episode three more times.  I still don’t know what else happened because my mind was a blur.  I think Maggie ran over somebody with a tractor, Sasha and Jesus were dancing to some loud music, and Carl and Enid were roller derbying down the road, lol!  I’m not going to get anything done today because those two have wrecked me for good, and we haven’t even gotten to 7.12 yet which is Richonne heavy.  I’m not gonna make it, y’all *sighs*  

But that look at the end and the forehead rest was the cherry on top of a sundae of Richonne goodness.  Rick needed that kiss like he needed air to breathe and so did we.  If anyone can give Rick Grimes his mojo back, it’s Michonne She’s A Freaking Goddess Grimes!  Rick said thank you for all of us:0