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Watching movies: fun
Analyzing and understanding the science shown in movies: not so fun

astranaut  asked:

hey out of curiosity for Doctor Who (which I used to live but stopped watching because I lost hope for it), what happened that fucked it up this time? I don't care about spoilers, I'm just curious about how Moffatt keeps ruining good things

Okay, so, I’m gonna try to sum it all up, but if at any poit you think wait what this makes no fucking sense, that might just be the episode rather than me not explaining coherently. 


(cw: suicide, derealisation, dissociation. Seriously.)

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Just wanted to say that I blame both man hell and Maggie (or at least the use that was made of these two characters) for the mess that has been Kara and Alex relationship for the largest part of S2. Producers and writers clearly favored Sanvers at the expense of Danvers sisters, just like they favored karamiel at the expense of Danvers sisters, and they shouldn’t have done that. Sacrificing the central relationship of the show for the sake of the f/f relationship was a bad move. The cw might be involved too though, because after Lexa’s mess, they might be trying to win back the queer audience. Anyway, I am well aware that not only man hell, but also Maggie, got in the way of Kara and Alex relationship, and it’s a shame. And I do not support the proposal, it was rushed and inappropriate imo.

.。.:*☆  out.  things i’m really tired of: mobile tumblr making it damn near impossible to open on anything you’ve been mentioned in without having to scroll through the person’s blog to find it.