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P L O T  B U N N Y : BLACK ROSES, a Shadowhunters fic

Sutton and Savannah Brady–distant cousins to the Blackthorns of the Los Angeles Institute–grew up under the watchful eye of their mother and father, homed at the only Canadian Institute in Toronto, Ontario. Their lives were never put in danger, their family was always together and no one died or went missing. Their Life, to put it simply, was normal and uneventful. They were Canadian, the wall flowers of not only the mundane world, but also among the Nephilim. The accords held strong between their Downworlders and the Nephilim of Canada. They were all cordial to each other. Nothing ever happened.

But when Sutton Brady’s sister goes missing and no one can find her, her world shatters. Parabatai, bound together until death or exile do part them, Sutton knows her sister is no longer of this world when she feels a sharp pain and burning sensation as her mark starts to fade to a dull silver upon her left shoulder. Soon enough reports start coming in from the New York Institute of rumours among the New York Downworlders–a Nephilim has forsaken her marks and angel blood for life among the night sky, moon, and stars.

Determined to find her sister, Sutton travels to New York to seek their help in locating her lost sister, but little does she know that she’s walking into an even bigger situation than anticipated. 

She may have lost a sister but along her journey, Sutton gains friends meant for a life time, and a new perspective on what it means to live as a Nephilim and together with the Downworlders. 

“I can see your eyes staring into mine/ But it’s a battlefield/ And you’re on the other side.”

what am i going to do when there is no more daenerys content ever and i have nothing else to live for

anonymous asked:

What TV shows do you watch? With like bearable amounts of sexism/racism. Or just really female centered?

I used to watch A LOT of tv shows and Ive recently abandoned more than half of them, some that were my favorites. I think watching things created by men only serves to further brainwash us. There is nothing of value there anyway. We should refrain from letting men into our minds in any way (music, tv counts too).

So i will only suggest tv shows created by women - there are not that many.

Comedies: broad city, absotely fabulous, idiotsitter, insecure - all created by women, all mostly written by women, all focused on two female friends. This doesnt mean theyre flawless, btw. Ab fab in particular is not for everyone. Its basically two women drinking all the time and being horrible to everyone. I havent finished idiotsitter and insecure
+ difficult people (not as female focused but i bet julie and billy -main characters/actors- are terfs tbh, after the 2nd season theres this character who is trans and a conspiracy theorist and every line he has is some conspiracy or accusing ppl of being transphobes for nothing), time traveling bong (just 3 episodes, for potheads), grace and frankie (again 2 females friends, theyre older), lady dynamite (from a stand up comic, shes bipolar, unique show), the comeback (with lisa kudrow from friends, this show is fucking good and layered)

Happy Valley (i love this show, all directed all written by the same female creator, i love that the women are not dolled up, theyre rly just fucking normal, especially the main character. Tw for rape plot though. It has been a while that ive watched - i remember feeling that the plot was well done), top of the lake (i seriously dont remember anything except liking it? Have to rewatch), jessica jones

Thats what i can remember now, not many dramas :/

Here is what i watch created by men: youre the worst (which is my baby and i wonder how im gonna look at the new season), the americans (elizabeth is one of the best characters on tv as well as best performance tbh), nathan for you (its fucking hilarious), the good place, veep, i remember loving to 1st season of atlanta

Who’s that man with the three piece suit? 
Digging his fins in the suspect’s loot
Who’s that fish that’s a helper of Greg's 
Tried to make me breakfast but he broke my eggs 

Tunalock- nobody suspects a thing 

Tunalock- nobody suspects a thing ~~

Who’s that man with the fishy reek?
three feet tall with a soft physique 
How’s a man like that man feel? 
running for his life from a moray eel 

Tunalock- nobody suspects a thing 

Tunalock- nobody suspects a thing ~~

(original lyrics from ‘Octodad’ x)

Moriarty’s gonna make sushi out of him

Why. Are. Some. People. So. Naive. Please. Some. Conspiracy. Theories. Hold. Truth. To. An. Extent. And. We. Are. Constantly. INVOLVED. In. Business. Bc. We. ARE. Consumers. We. ARE. The. $$. Everything. IS. Business. S_M. Is. Business. Most. Things. ARE. Designed. To. Nip. $$. Its. AN. ADULTS’. GROWN. UP. DARK. WORLD. Fake. Image. Building. Fake. Persona. Manufactured.reputations. Ships Promotion. Pr Stunts. Contract. Dating. Contract. Marriage. ARE. REAL. They. Exist. Stop. Denying. Are. We. Clear??

the royal couple say hello to their fans

..the idea was that we would unfold a woman to an audience that saw her in one way. And we do make all kinds of judgments about people. We make pre-judgments and we see them in one capacity, and we think we know them. So this has been a kind of unfolding of a woman.
—  Mary McDonnell,  on Sharon’s Raydor’s character transition from The Closer to Major Crimes (x)
Midnight Visions - stylish Chainmaille choker necklace

A dark, graceful choker combining thick chainmaille and delicate elements, woven around moonlike mother-of-pearl.

It’s made of gunmetal and bronze jump rings, connected in a Celtic Visions weave, and adorned with Czech fire polished glass beads, mother-of-pearl connectors and a single bronze rose stamping to give it a hint of elegance.

Necklace length: 35 - 40 centimeters, equals 13 ¾ - 15 ¾ inches, it can be customized, just let me know!

The choker was inspired by fantasy retellings of moon worship and primordial cults reflected by modern paganism. It is meant to bring to mind both raw forces of nature and graceful strength - and is meant to be worn by someone who understands virtues embodied by the Goddess.

This unique piece was made by incredibly talented strayalchemist, bow to your goddess of awesomeness!