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i want a fic where louis’ step-dad owns a ranch and harry’s a farmhand and louis totally doesn’t have a thing for watching him getting sweaty and having to take his shirt off. but like he uses the excuse of bringing harry something to drink ‘because you looked thirsty’ just so he could go out and talk to him. it becomes a habit and his stepdad is like 'stop bugging my workers’ but harry is like 'it’s no problem i actually enjoy his company’ which makes louis so happy he actually blushes when harry says that. so when harry has his lunch break louis starts to bring out food for them to eat together they start talking and talking and louis finds out harry is the sweetest sweetie who is charming and funny and that he loves to bake and all this other stuff that makes louis like him even more. then one day louis just blurts out 'do you want to go out with me’ .

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Oh my gosh, with all this babySaru stuff going on. What would it be like if it was Baby Saru and then Yata has to care for him at bar homra alone until Anna shows up and she helps him out while also quietly teasing him because obvious crush on Saru

Yata and Anna being cute big siblings to baby Saru while Anna also gets to try and play matchmaker between Yata and grown-up Saru ^^ So say this is Homra era too and there’s the whole obvious crush thing going on between Fushimi and Yata that neither of them seems to have entirely realized, or at least they’re in heavy denial that it exists. A Strain hits Fushimi and turns him into a baby, Yata brings him back to the bar and everyone gets to fuss over baby Fushimi, probably all amused by how grumpy Fushimi has turned into a grumpy baby. Anna happens to be out at the time with Totsuka and maybe there’s some kind of emergency so all the rest of Homra’s members need to go handle it. Someone has to stay with baby Fushimi though so Yata gets volunteered, since it seems like Yata’s the only one who can get Fushimi to stop fussing and crying. Yata’s a little bummed that he doesn’t get to go fight like everyone else but he’s not opposed to staying with Fushimi either, his inner big brother instinct is in total overdrive and anyway he’s kinda proud that all he has to do is rock Fushimi a little and Fushimi stops crying.

Yata’s taking care of baby Saru when Anna comes walking in, Totsuka sent her on ahead while he went to meet with the rest of Homra. Anna sees Yata standing there over the baby crib and comes walking over to look, wondering where the baby came from. Yata says that it’s Saruhiko and Anna looks down at baby Fushimi who looks back up at her and kinda reaches for one of the ribbons on her sleeves. Anna smiles softly as she pats his head, letting his little hands grab hold of one of her fingers. Yata immediately praises her for how good she’s doing, like hey, look, you made him laugh. Anna looks back over at Yata and asks if he’s taking care of Saruhiko, Yata says that yeah, someone has to watch him while he’s in this condition and for some reason Saruhiko’s super fussy for everyone but him. Anna smiles knowingly and says that of course Saruhiko will behave for Misaki, Yata just looks at her cluelessly wondering what that means because Fushimi usually has no problem being a stubborn asshole when Yata’s around. Anna shakes her head, saying that Saruhiko is always watching Misaki, that’s all.

The two of them end up spending the next few hours together taking care of baby Fushimi and imagine Yata just being the best big brother here, like he picks up fussing Fushimi and hands him over carefully to Anna, showing her the best way to hold the baby properly and then Fushimi stops crying and Anna just beams. Fushimi seems to be getting hungry so Yata has Anna help him make up a bottle for the baby and then the two of them sit down together on the couch with baby Fushimi in Yata’s arms while Anna holds the bottle and feeds him. Yata does send her out of the room for the diaper changing though, like it’s weird enough to be changing his friend’s diaper as it is and he feels like having Anna there too would somehow be mortifying for Fushimi later on. Eventually Fushimi falls asleep and Anna and Yata are just sitting there rocking him gently while Anna strokes his hair with a finger and smiles all sweetly at him. Yata’s super proud, telling her what a good job she did, and Anna says Misaki too, Saruhiko will be happy that Misaki cared for him so much. Yata flushes a little as he says it was nothing, he used to help his mom take care of his siblings all the time, and Anna notes that this is different though, because it’s Saruhiko and Misaki likes Saruhiko. Yata gets flustered and is like well, yeah, we’re best friends after all and he doesn’t know why Anna keeps giving him this smile like she knows something he doesn’t.

  • Me: *takes a deep breath*
  • Me: I lo-
  • Anyone who knows me: Yes, you love Integra Hellsing, we know, you love Integra so much, she is the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Integra Hellsing, we KNOW, you love Integra you fucking love Integra ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE INTEGRA. WE GET IT.

#actual polar bear starting his modeling career

To all my creative (whether it be artist or writer or whatnot) friends and followers, i suggest watching Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix!! It goes into the creative process, the work, and the overall goods and bads with being creative. Each episode is about a different specific designer, whether it be an illustrator (the first episode, Christoph Neimann), automative design (the fifth episode, Ralph Gilles), or interior design (the eighth episode, Ilse Crawford). It’s very introspective in how each person works and deals with their art. I found, as an artist, that it’s really made me think over my processes and what my art means to me and I highly suggest it for anyone creative (especially in the arts)!

Going out for dinner. Was feeling really put out and cranky until they ordered margaritas. Amazing what a little alcohol will do to you 😋😊🍹


Stop! Stop, look, I hear what you’re trying to say, but what are you really saying?

What Luke would like the most about his girl:

- He would love that you are as awkward as he is but also as fun
- He would love your lips. He would love to kiss them, trace them. He would love to watch your lips when you talk.
- He would love your laugh. He would do stupid stuff just to hear it sometimes. And he would love to remind you that your laugh is his favorite.
- He would love it when you are the big spoon. Even though you smaller frame can’t cover his, he would still feel safe and sound.
- He would love that he can be himself and not hated when he’s with you.
- He would love that you were always there even when he made mistakes.
And he would love you good, treat you good, in fear of losing you because he never loved someone as much.


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If Fushimi discovered he had a fanclub?

He’d probably wonder how the hell that happened. Honestly my first thought here is that you meant he had like a fanclub in Scepter 4, like maybe there’s this tiny group of lower-ranked clansmen who all think Fushimi-san is super cool and amazing and they have weekly secret meetings in the library after dark to discuss their love for him and trade pictures and stuff. Maybe one of the ladies from intelligence is all “I took this picture of Fushimi-san dripping wet and half-dressed when he wandered in this morning before breakfast” and then one of the guys from the filing department is all “Trade you for this picture of him staring longingly in the direction of Homra’s Yatagarasu.” They occasionally have debates over whether Fushimi belongs with Yata or Munakata (there are a few supporters of Akiyama and Hidaka and one lonely but dedicated Mikoto/Fushimi shipper who is still not over the end of S1). One day Fushimi accidentally walks in on one of their meetings while in search of air conditioning, everyone freezes and stutters some excuse as to why the table is covered in Fushimi memorabilia. Fushimi clicks his tongue and takes back the couple of his knives that were there on the table, he wondered where those went, then just tells them all to leave him alone. There’s a very long pause as he walks out, and then everyone just starts squealing because Fushimi just clicked his tongue at them this is the best day of their lives.


Screenshots from SASSIEST MONKEY! | Chimbot #2! :D

Can we just rename Chimbot to Sassbot? Cause good god Chimbot is 100% more sassy then Evie and Boibot EVER were! Seriously all of Jack’s Cleverbot videos are so funny and have very memorable moments happen in them just because of how stupid and insane the Cleverbots are and Jack’s reactions to their stupidity. So yes I do enjoy watching Jack slowly go insane when he talks to them in these videos! >:D 

Picking just one memory out of the years spent with ForeverHalloween is nearly impossible. I seriously couldn’t pick a favorite. I just figured I’d post a picture from my latest and last show of the FH cycle. This was taken October 17 in Pomona, CA. (Kennedy was sooo far out of the frame!) This could definitely be a contender for my favorite memory. I was lucky enough to go to their sound check for the Farewell Forever Halloween show. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget watching them piece everything together, John singing Dracula’s Lament, and when he started talking about gross things and Pat reminded him that “Hey, Alyssa’s here!”

Or is my favorite memory interviewing all 5 of them one-on-one before the 8123 Tour in Denver? And after the show, a crazy homeless man bowing down to Garrett while we were talking because he thought he was Jesus, then Garrett gave me a vividly heated explanation as to why he hated Iron Man 2. I can’t forget my mother calling me during our conversation and I was going to call her later but he insisted on answering the phone and pretending to be me instead.

It could be getting that godforsaken CD in the mail and losing my shit over it. A week later I saw them and demanded answers for why they did that to me and John simply said, “Because it was funny.” Or accidentally scaring the shit out of everyone at 8123 and talking to Tim on the phone that night, or John explaining after the show that he gave me the microphone because he couldn’t remember the words (it was from CSWS, I couldn’t remember the words either), Jared explaining to me how his uncle had two sets of adult teeth (I think that’s what he was talking about, I don’t know it was weird), giving John a picture of all of us (there was a reason behind that) and him and Kennedy being stoked that it was signed by me, or Pat and Garrett literally jumping up to give me hugs at the Denver Acoustic Evening and telling me they were expecting to see me the night before in Richfield….There’s dozens of memories; I could never choose! 

I’m so incredibly lucky that I have so many. I’m truly very lucky to know these guys and have them know me in return. Two years of Forever Halloween were packed with experiences; I can’t wait to see what the American Candy era will bring.