watch them when he talks

Can we please talk about how surprised Mon-El seemed that just being there and holding Kara was enough?

I felt like when he was talking with Winn and he said “what’s left for me?” what he meant was “what’s left for me to do for her?” as in she’s Supergirl - what could she need from him? I think he was kind of afraid to ask and have her realize that she didn’t actually need him for anything.

I think he realized in their last scene that being there, supporting her in the simplest ways, was enough for her and it kinda blew him away. I think he was struggling to see what he could give to someone so incredible and strong and I think those little expressions - the smiles and the soft looks on his face - were showing us that he understands that yes she’s amazing beyond words but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want someone to be there for her at the end of a terrible day. 

He asked what she needed from him and he probably wasn’t prepared to hear that just being there was enough. From what we know about his past there probably hasn’t been a time in his life when just being Mon-El was enough for someone. Especially someone he cared about and that he wanted to comfort and support. He is so new to all of this and I can’t imagine what it meant to him for her to tell him that all she wanted from him… was him.

*laughs* y’all make fun of how much yugo confuses the other girls for rin but like

he the same. poor dense boy sees what he wants.

My mothers love for Jungkook

Since discovering her true bias was Jungkook, my mother has said and done some questionable things. And seeing as my bias is Jimin, she mentions him a lot as well

  • He’s extra cute when he’s underage
  • His face screams child but his eyebrows scream man
  • His dancing is so sharp. He could cut me
  • Proceeds to touch his butt when he’s on the t.v
  • Look how cute Jimin and Jungkook look in the matching minion hoodies! Aww. Jimin dresses like that because hes short enough to be an actual one.
  • Yells at the other members for bullying Jungkook on his birthday 
  • He looks line a tiny little bunny. I’m going to cage him and keep him forever
  • How does he dance like that at that age? That’s illegal. Is he on steroids?
  • I could tell that was Jungkook from those calf muscles
  • Proceeds to yell at me when I mistake Jungkook for Tae for a SPLIT second (”How dare you not recognize Jungkookie! Even I could tell!”)
  • (talking to my father) Honey come over here and watch this video. This is our new son Jungkookie. I’m adopting him and you have no say in it.
  • I feel bad for Jungkook. I swerved so hard for Jhope when he sang MAMA live… I’ll be your mama
  • (after the BTS concert) I miss my Jungkookie. Tara why didn’t you steal him off the stage for me?
  • *I wake up from a nap and walk into the living room* Is standing super close in front of the tv watching the Danger music video
  • *watching For You MV* This is a better love story than anything I’ve ever seen. And I don’t mean Jungkook and the girl. These boys love each other so much it’s borderline gay but I’m supporting this

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hi mom! can you please do the apartment!au for shinee?

me back at it again with the shinee aus when will i stop


  • when someone asks him if he has kids onew is always like ,,,,,,, do i really look that old,,,,,,, and the person is like oh no!! i was just asking?? and onew has to excuse himself and sit in his apartment quietly for the next four hours lamenting over how he’s become a Dad without having any actual kids
  • calls over jonghyun to help him see if he’s got any grey hairs growing
  • tried to keep plants for a while but they all died and sat on his windowsill for a month before he remembered to throw them out
  • is pretty indifferent to how his apartment actually looks and he gets scolded by key because “hyung,,,,,your bed sheets are hot pink and your rug is mustard yellow and your pillows are zebra stripes this place is a Hot Mess”
  • onew’s most well known for being really really good at saving up money. like ,,,,,, he knows all the grocery stores that are having sales on eggs like a month in advance. the old ladies love him
  • he’s always got coupons in his wallet and coupons pinned to his fridge like you won’t catch onew paying those extra 75 cents for milk no sirie
  • and you’ve been wondering for the past couple of weeks,,,,,,where the hell your sunday coupons have been going. someone always delivers a flyer of a bunch of them over the weekend but you haven’t gotten any???? and it’s so weird
  • but one day as you’re leaving early to get some laundry done you open your door and there’s your neighbor onew,,,,,,in his hands,,,,,,,,your coupon flyer
  • and you’re like “THIEF”
  • and onew is like “wAIT ,,,,, I CAN EXPLAIN”
  • and you’re like “four weeks of coupons. you owe me FOUR. WEEKS. OF. COUPONS.”
  • and onew is like,,,,,,,,,fine ill give you all the coupons i have right now to make up for it and you’re like pfft how much is that like five??
  • but he legitamtely pulls out a wad of coupons that looks like a wad of cash and you’re like holy shit there’s like fifty in here and onew is like “im the King of getting thos Good Deals”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god but also you’re interested,,,,,like how does one become the king of good deals
  • and onew is like “it all begins with a zen body and a zen soul,,,,,and then you think about how money rules everything and if you can get bread ten cents cheaper today that ten cents can save you tomorrow”
  • and you’re looking at him like woah,,,,,,,,,,,,,why am i so attracted to you right now
  • and onew is like “oh it’s because im also handsome” and you’re like good point
  • and he’s like “ill take you out sometime when i get enough coupons to get us two free dinners at the kfc down the street”


  • you know those neighbors who decorate their door for every holiday even if they don’t celebrate that holiday. that’s jonghyun. 
  • like jonghyun you’re not irish why is your door covered in green banners and glitter and pots of gold and a life size cutout of a leprechaun,,,,,,,st.patricks day isn’t even that popular in korea
  • but also like jonghyun is really hard not to like because he’s got a glowing personality that’s so upbeat and open minded ,,,,,,,well then there’s probably some Sad Salty people who wouldn’t like it
  • but you know,,,,,, he’s cute if he sees the grandma’s outside practicing their morning yoga he’s like “doing great ladies~” and he like ruffles kids hair or gives them snacks that he’s bring back home
  • like he’s a cheerful guy and his apartment is obviously that of a laidback person because he’s got blankets like everywhere and half-eaten bowls of cereal on the floor next to magazines thrown haphazardly here and there
  • but like if anyone has any complaints he’s like “hey, my kitchen has a vase with a flower in it that isn’t dead. that’s all the aesthetic i need”
  • mostly he uses his bedroom as a practice studio and sometimes he gets too loud but if anything people like his voice too much to tell him to stop
  • and you know jonghyun because of a tiny little,,,,,,,,,,,ok very big,,,,,feud you’ve both had going on when it comes to new years decorations
  • like every year you see jonghyun go all out and finally you were like, you know what, i wanna do that too
  • and so you ended up buying a wreath slightly bigger than his and getting lights on your door and jonghyun,,,,,,,,,,,well jonghyun decided this was a battle now
  • and so every time new year comes around everyone is like whoose door is gonna be prettier yours or jonghyuns???? 
  • and this year jonghyun even paid onew fifty bucks to stand infront of his door dressed as a snowman for added Effect
  • but you know onew so all it took was some food and onew betrayed jonghyun in a heartbeat and jonghyun,,,,,well jonghyun ends up pounding on your door and he’s like “that’s against the rules you can’t BRIBE my decorations,,,,”
  • and you’re like “there are no rules jonghyun also did you just call onew a ‘decoration’??” and jonghyun is like NOT THE POINT why are you trying so hard to beat me
  • and you’re like im not,,,,,,i jsut want a pretty door and he’s like HEY don’t play innocent and you’re like hmm,,,,idk what you’re talking about,,,,,,
  • and jonghyun is like “you took away my snowman, now i can take something of yours away!” and he reaches out to take off your wreath but then he’s like “wait. is this made of mistletoe?”
  • and you’re like “yeah wh- oh wait” and jonghyun’s hand is already lifting and he’s like “,,,,,,,,,we’re under the mistletoe wreath,,,,,,” and you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but we’re enemies”
  • and jonghyun is like “in the end you’re the cutest neighbor ive ever head and we can keep being enemies but like why not kiss and see where that takes us?”
  • and you’re like oh my god how did he transition from being pissed at me to flirting with me so naturally
  • but you’re like you know,,,,whatever jonghyun IS pretty cute himself so you lean up and jonghyun uses his free hand to cup your cheek
  • and when you pull back you’re like “so? we’re still enemies?”
  • and jonghyun is like “well,,,,,,,,,how about this you give me another kiss and i take this wreath and we’ll call it even. maybe we’ll even call it,,,,, are you free this weekend for a date?” 


  • put his dogs names up next to his on his nameplate outside his apartment 
  • more pet furniture than people furniture,,,,,,closet bigger than my hopes and dreams,,,,,,a stock of different wines in the refrigerator as well as an assortment of cheeses and grapes
  • is the only member of his group to have actually purchased wine glasses to drink wine. onew drinks it out of a mug, jonghyun broke all his glasses, minho drinks from the bottle and taemin is banned from wine. and anything that isn’t really lite beer
  • everyone who owns a dog in the building admires key because holy moly,,,,,he keeps them so well cleaned and they’re so well mannered and key is like “Yes, these are my Children”
  • a really good neighbor because for the most part he just locks himself in his room and watches dramas while shit talking them over the phone with friends
  • and when he does have people over it’s like,,,,,it’s never loud or crazy they all just sit in a circle and discuss the Drama while looking at fashion magazines or doing face masks like how,,,,,,ideal
  • speaking of Drama key lives for the building drama like omg what did miss kim do with the other miss kim’s husband last weekend WOAH do tell
  • you know key because out of everyone on your floor you,,,,,literally have never gotten into a fight with anyone or started anything and key is just like ,,,,,,,whenever he sees you he’s like how can a person be so lowkey 
  • and key is sure you’re hiding something so one afternoon you hear a knock on your door and there’s key,,,,,,,,holding a bottle of what you presume is like champagne and he’s like “we haven’t properly got to know each other so i came over to offer you a drink ^^” and you’re like o,,,oh sure come in
  • and key is like looking around and you’re like oh no is he judging me??? but in reality he’s just trying to see if there’s anything weird about you or like,,,,,,,,if there’s anything that gives away a secret
  • but you moved in only a couple of months ago so you haven’t done much with decorating
  • and you like take the bottle of champagne but you can’t open it no matter how hard you try and key chuckles because,,,,how cute and opens it with like a flick of his wrist
  • and you two sit,,,,,,at first in awkward silence as key swivels the glass around in his hand and you’re taking nervous sips trying to think of small talk
  • and key finally is like “tell me the truth: you’re actually a royal in hiding?” and you’re like fhljsasfd what???? and key sits back and is like “there has to be something about you,,,,,,,,something about you that you want no one to know since you have become close to anyone else out of your neighbors”
  • and you’re like????? i mean not really im just a busy ,,,,,,person???/
  • and key is like hmmmmm and you’re like “i,,,,,uh,,,,,,really hated this recent drama” and key perks up and is like “oh - why?” and i guess you just get super heated about this drama
  • because you end up talking for a while about how bad the plot is and how the actors could have been put in another better work and key is like “fINALLY, someone unDERSTANDS ME”
  • and you two both just go off about how you hated the main antagonist and for all the wrong reasons and how the main girl was such a mary sue and blah blah blah
  • you guys end up talking for like four freakin hours until key is like “i need to go and feed the kids!!” and you’re like kids?? wait oh dogs
  • and key is like “i thought you were gonna turn out to be some kind of freaky bug collector or something,,,,,,but you’re really cool and we should totally meet up and watch that other drama coming out so we can talk about how it’s definitely going to be a horrible nightmare”
  • and you’re like ok????/ at the bug collector thing but ok!!!!! and meeting up
  • and key smiles and he’s like “also, you look cuter with your hair down like this. really casual and nice. keep it like that more often” and then he’s gone and you’re left with a pounding heart a bit and half a bottle of champagne 


  • more gym equipment then necessary in his apartment,,,,,used those display cabinets that usually house like silverware to display all his signed soccer balls
  • has a ps4 but only to play one game: fifa
  • to put it bluntly his place looks like a ‘bachelors pad’ but at least it isn’t as messy as jonghyuns (or as hoarded up as taemins)
  • and for the most part minho is really liked by the neighbors because he actually takes the time to recycle and he’s nice enough to volunteer his time to help with morning exercise for the elderly if he can
  • but also minho please stop wearing a headband to bed,,,,,,no one does that,,,,,,,,, please
  • has the habit of putting the tv volume all the way up during a game and sometimes also yelling even louder than that tv and he’s had some noise complaints made about him,,,,,,im not going to lie
  • but he’s just a passionate boy who really loves sports and has a good heart like he calls his mom every chance he gets and gives some of his money to charities to help fund more afterschool sports clubs for kids like,,,,,,,a sweetheart
  • and you’ve been friends for a good while. sometimes you’ll come over and watch the games with minho and his friends and yes there are times when you’re there for the actual game. other times it’s because he orders an insane amount of pizza and you’re all about that
  • but also like,,,,,,,,,,for as long as you’ve known him,,,,you’ve always found minho like really super cute,,,,,,,
  • so seeing his concentrated face on the game, handsome features like a strong jaw and soft brown eyes like,,,,,,,you don’t mind coming over for the View
  • but as always,,,,,you somehow end up embarrassing yourself in front of the people you like
  • and it’s the most embarrassing when you lock yourself out of your apartment and knock on minho’s and he’s like “what’s up?? why do you look so down??” and you’re like “minho,,,,,,,we have a problem”
  • and when you purpose the idea of opening his window so you can climb out of it and try and stretch your leg out to the ledge of your own apartments balcony
  • minho is like,,,,,,,, “we’re five floors up though,,,,,,” and you’re like pfft that’s nothing ILL BE FINE
  • but then you two open the window and you look down and you’re like ok frick no i wont be fine
  • and minho is like “hey, you can spend the night here and in the morning get the landlord to unlock your door” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,spend,,,,,the night,,,,,,,
  • and minho grins and is like “ill take the couch, you can have my bed!” and you’re like oh my god,,,,and he’s like “here you can borrow a shirt of mine to sleep in since you don’t want to sleep in what you wore outside” 
  • and you’re like,,,,,this feels very,,,,,,intimate
  • and when you change into the oversized jersey you’re like,,shyly coming out and minho is on the couch and when he looks up like not even he can hide his obvious stare
  • and you’re like WELL ILL JUST ,,,,,,,,, go to sleep and he’s like “it’s 8pm though” and you’re like Right,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you sit down beside him on the couch and it’s a little (a lot) awkward but then minho is like “how about i teach you to play FIFA?” 
  • and you agree and before you know it you’ve got your hands on the controller and minho is cheering you on and you’re like i SUCK but he’s like you’re doing great!!!!
  • and once you get your first goal minho like pulls you into a hug and you snuggle your face into his chest
  • bUT THEN YOU’RE BOTH LIKE OH SHIT IM SORRY!!! And let go and it’s like you’re both blushy and like ok someone cut the tension with a knife just tell each other you like each other and makeout let’s gooooo 


  • described as “interesting” by most of the people in the building 
  • has no sense of like,,,,,,throwing things out like he’s very much a hoarder and likes to collect trinkets and things he finds amusing but then forgets about in like 10 minutes but like now it’s here,,,,taking up shelf space
  • you know when people are like “i just picked this up off the floor and wore it” like taemin does that but he literally does that like ,,,, it’s not like he pulls things out of his closet it’s like “oh! there’s a shirt on the kitchen counter and some pants hanging off the bathroom wall,,,,,,,ok good outfit”
  • but he also has some kind of cute, nostalgic things in his apartment like pressed flowers he’s hung in frames and pictures of him and his friends when he was really young
  • and he never bothers anyone, sure he can come off a little,,,,,,eccentric with mostly black and white wardrobe, multiple piercings, and like,,,,,long skinny body
  • but like,,,,,he’s sweet also the neighborhood stray animals are attracted to him like a magnet. they’ll follow him home and he always has to carry them back out onto the sidewalk with a really sad face
  • and your window is right across from taemins,,,,,like you’re neighbors but in different buildings but you also see him around the neighborhood a lot
  • and you’re like well one day you notice that when you look out of your window at like 3 am because you’re up doing work you see the lights on in taemin’s living room and then you see him?????????
  • dancing????????
  • to like???? a song from the 70s???? and then straight up like trot music and you don’t mean to be Weird and stare but there he is sliding around his living room dancing
  • and you think it’s endearing because tbh you have your own Weird quirks about you that you’ll do when no ones watching like everyone does it
  • but it’s cute and nice to know that there are other people out there who dance to old music at 3 am
  • and maybe it’s because of taemin or maybe because you always wanted to do it you turn on this popular idol groups song at like 3 am one day and decide you’re gonna teach yourself some moves
  • and you’re trying to get into it, really just giving up on actual dance steps and just like dancing around your house being weird and like serenading your pillow
  • and when you do a twirl you look over and you swear you see taemin’s lights on as well
  • and you’re like dhkgjf i need to stop before he,,,,,,sees me like i saw him
  • but the next morning as you’re at the bus stop you notice taemin is there too and he’s ???? walking over to you???//
  • and you don’t talk much but he’s like hey!! and you’re like hi?? and he’s like “so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you dance at random times at night too?”
  • and you turn cherry red because oH GOD HE,,,,saw you
  • but taemin is just grinning and he’s like “it’s fun right? i bet a lot of people do it but it’s cool that we’re neighbors that both do it - that way we probably don’t bother each other!!”
  • and you swallow but you’re embarrassed and you’re like,,,,,,,,,, “i can’t believe you saw that,,,,,,” and taemin just gives you a shocked expression and he’s like 
  • “don’t be so flustered, it’s cool!!!!!! we should have a dance-over one day”
  • and you’re like a dance-over?? and taemin’s grinning again and he’s like yeah! it’s a sleep-over but instead of sleep we dance!!!!1
  • and you’re like huh omg that sounds fun and he’s like it is here, take my number
  • and he pulls a pen from his bag and flips your hand over to scribble down numbers on your palm and you’re like hehe because it tickles
  • but the bus is coming and taemin is like i gtg, but text me!!!!! and he gives you another smile
  • this one that makes you realize that up close,,,,,,taemin is so damn cute and now you have his number like,,,,,,,,,,,,way to GO and it’s all thanks to you two being big dorks who love to get jiggy with it at night LOL 

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Hey there! Can we get some Matt Holt headcanons? This guy deserves some attention. If you want you can write some nsfw headcanons too ~ Thanks!

i love matt holt with all of my heart like wow i now have two meme boys i love (this includes lance like pls ofc)


  • totally a babbler when he likes someone
  • I hc him as a person who trips over their words in an effort to talk to his crush
    • Matt having a crush is the most amusing thing to watch, especially when he tries to flirt with them and ends up talking about his bad eyesight for the next ten minutes
      • “don’t worry, the Garrison will fix it so we can go and watch a movie together and I wouldn’t have to wear my glasses!”
      • like
      • ……..ok, Matt
  • makes it so painfully obvious when he has a thing for someone
  • gets ten times more blush-y around the person he likes and would most likely try to overcompensate by showing off
    • Shiro: Hey, why’re you limping?
    • Matt, having done five set of squats without warming up: Oh, Y/N was in the gym and I had to show her my mad glute skills.
  • lives for the idea of innovative dates!
    • he would totally bring you to unexplored places like a planet filled with diamonds, or a cluster of stars with beautiful views for your first date
    • Matt: *tips his fedora* M’lady
    • since he’s good bros with Hunk, expect him to give you a whole banquet prepared picnic-style
    • he’s just a sweet romantic like that
  • off loads a lot of his emotions to Pidge, even if they explicitly say they don’t wanna hear anything about it
    • “For the last time, Matt, why don’t you ask her out?!”
    • “I can’t! What if she says ‘no’?”
    • “What if she says ‘yes’?”
    • “A ‘no’ has the higher chance of being the probability.”
    • “God, you’re so…..difficult.”
  • super picky with his food. like, you thought Pidge was bad bc they can’t take peanut butter, but Matt’s allergic to gluten and shell fish
    • eating with him is a riot bc you both don’t know what alien food contains
    • you would have to be super careful in offering him anything to eat
    • i like to see the placing of his transporter signal at the graveyard as a joke with the other rebels in this context, bc he couldn’t keep any food down without exploding in hives
  • Pidge makes it their mission in life to cockblock you two, just to get Matt riled up
    • but they will concede and be Matt’s best wingman which then gets you interested in him, so that’s a plus :))
  • even as friends, Matt is hella protective of you (bc he has lost a lot in his life) and he will always have your back in a battle or be there if you need a person to talk to
  • a good listener, like, he can take your ramblings and venting no problemo
  • your local meme dealer who likes to think he’s shady asf but is secretly a goof
    • “you got the good kush?”
    • “yeah, I do.” 
    • *Matt wraps you a hug* “you know I always got the bestest kush”


  • he definitely has an authority kink that he’s mortified to explain to his s/o
    • didn’t expect to be turned on by you calling him ‘commander’ in bed, but oh well, accidents happen and sometimes they yield amazing results ;))
  • Matt’s probably had a few experiences back at the Garrison, but they all happened to be one night stands
  • he couldn’t let anyone know about his….deviations, bc his Dad’s part of the Board of Instructors so everything was hush hush
    • incredibly good at having sex in semi-public places bc of this
    • loves to just place his palm over your mouth and ride you from the back as his harsh breathing washes over your neck and shoulders
  • loveloveloves giving oral
    • he’s not much for receiving it, as he’s an awkward bean and doesn’t like holding eye contact during blow-jobs  
    • but for you – oh man, he loves the way how you fall apart under his talented tongue
  • speaking of tongue, this boy’s got a mouth on him
  • but he’s p vanilla, so it’s all just variations of phrases like
    • “are you close?”
    • “you feel so good.”
    • “I can feel you pulsing around me.”
  • he’s a hella subby boy and wouldn’t mind you taking the lead
    • his fave position is girl on top bc he likes watching your body move on his and will tease you by gently nipping your neck or playing with your nipples
    • also, he likes watching you sink up and down his cock bc he’s a little bit voyeuristic in that sense
  • protective as fuck
  • he’s usually a pretty chill guy, but whenever some alien (or Lance) flirts with you, it sends him into a jealousy hyper-drive
  • would literally walk over to you and wrap his arm around you as he gives whoever dared flirt with you a smug grin
    • then he takes you to the closest unoccupied room and gives you the ride of your life 
    • he secretly loves the idea that he leaves you a little sore so you will be thinking of him throughout the day 
    • jealousy does crazy things to a man 
  • loves leaving you begging and making you beg for him
    • there’s just something about your hoarse voice and pleading eyes that gets him incredibly hard whenever he thinks about it
  • says the most filthiest things in the middle of innocent situations
  • once when you were both lounging in the common room, he nonchalantly mentioned the night before, while tracing the marks he left on your inner thighs
    • “i should leave them a little higher next time.”
  • that little shit knows exactly what he’s doing, don’t trust his cute smirk

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hey can u write a jealous jax imagine w sole dominant smut at the end? thank u:)) love ur writing!

Originally posted by sonsofanarchy-jaxteller



Green Monster:

“Yo Jax! That hot babe comin’ tonight?” One of the members from the Tacoma Charter had asked causing Jax to flip him off ignoring him as he walked away hearing an eruption of laughter from the men. “Is she coming Jax?” Chucks said innocently behind the bar as he cleaned the inside of a glass “I fuckin hope so Chuck.” Jax said with worry, he’d been screwing up all week.

Missing dates, her birthday, their anniversary, it was not his week and there was no coming back from missing those things. “She’s here man.” Tig said softly patting Jax’s back for support as Jax made his way through the members to find his girlfriend. She looked absolutely stunning, dressed in ripped jeans and a simple “SAMCRO” crop top, she was in the middle of a couple of members who were desperately trying to get her attention but she was only looking for one member and when their eyes made contact she winked in his direction as she made her way over to him.

“Jackson Nathaniel Teller, what a pleasure to see you here.” She said draping her hands around his neck as she looked at him closely “Tonight, you’re going to wish you hadn’t screwed up this week.” She said softly whispering in his ear before she detangled herself from him, pushing him away as she found her favorite Charming boy who irked Jax to the point of no return. Juice Ortiz. Juice and (Y/N) were close before Jax and (Y/N) became a couple but she always called Juice, asked for his opinion and it irked Jax.

So as he stood there and watched as she sat next to Juice on the couch placing her legs over his as he placed his hand on her thigh rubbing the fabric as he told her something to make her laugh, causing Jax to tense up. He watched them talk, joke, and laugh but when she got up and took Juices hand winking at Jax is when he was pushed over the edge. He trailed them as they walked back to the dorms only when he got to Juices room no one was in there, causing him to snap back and make his way to his dorm to find her sitting on the edge of his bed and at the point he was fuming.

He marched over to her grabbing the back of her head harshly “You think that shit is funny.” He said gritting his teeth as she moaned at his tone “Oh doll, that’s got you moanin’ just fucking wait till I’m done with you.” He said letting her hair go and gently shoving her back onto the bed laying on her lap.

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Living together with Levi (AU)

• According to Isayama, Levi only sleeps an average of 2-3 hours. But this doesn’t stop him from keeping you company in bed at night, while he just watches your peaceful sleeping face until he falls asleep as well… even though only for a short time.

• However, there is an extremely low chance you will wake up next to him at morning. If he is already at work (he might be a workaholic), you will probably find a note which says “don’t forget to make the bed again”. If he’s at home, he will still be busy doing something else.

• Since he’s really bad at showing affection, Hanji often tries to persuade him to bring you little gifts after work. He refuses coldly infront of them, but still does it secretly: It’s parfume most of the time.

• Of course, such a powerful man is well known in your town and it seems like everybody knows where you two live. So nobody even dares to mess with you, his s/o, or ring at your door for advertising. On Halloween, your door is the only one the children avoid to ring at.

• When it comes to cleaning your home, this is one of the rare non sexual intimate moments you two will share. Sorry, but Levi is probably not going to do many outside activities or anything extraordinary romantic in his freetime tbh.

• You are the only person on this entire planet who is able to convince him to go to a place of your choice, but only on special occasions like your birthday (even though he still doesn’t see the point of going out)

• That’s why Erwin believes YOU are the most powerful person in this world, since you are able to tame Levi at least a little bit.

• When Levi is in a bad mood, you are the only person he is (or at least tries to be) calm in front of. You make him keep his way of thinking more or less rational, which is why your home is the most relaxing place he knows.

• Hanji is the only person who dares to constantly burst into your home and mess with you.

• Knowing Hanji, they will tell you something weird about Levi, which is exactly why he carefully watches them when they are talking to you. If Hanji doesn’t have a good reason to be there (involving work) he will throw them out. The only visitor he would tolerate being there (for him) for no important reason would be Erwin.
Classmate Jae

You would soon realize that Jae mostly comes to class wearing over-sized hoodies. For him, comfort would be of the utmost priority. With his sweater wrapped around him and his glasses resting lightly on his nose, he would appear in his element. 

*So soft~*

Jae would do well in his studies, especially if he is interested in the topic. He has a strong sense of duty and would be able to settle down and take things seriously, pushing through checkpoints. He would enjoy keeping himself mentally stimulated and would have many ideas, all the time. Jae would also be known as the class clown, sometimes becoming loud and ridiculous to express his inner humor. He wouldn’t be obnoxious, however, and many classmates would grow to love having him around. Jae would also be the type of student to get along well with his instructors. He would always be confident and not afraid to be himself, and that honesty would appeal to the professors. They would often pick on and tease him, which would be a display of their fondness. If Jae were to participate in something that he feels passionate about, he’d bring out words full of depth and wisdom and this would flow into his social interactions. While he would be a joker on many levels, always keeping the atmosphere lighthearted, Jae would also have insights on more meaningful topics. He would be the classmate that gives good advice.

Here is a scenario:

You have never actually talked to Jae , but you know exactly who he is. He is loud and talkative, and always makes everyone laugh. Honestly, the chances of an interaction between the two of you is very slim, considering how opposite you are. So why am I thinking about it? you ask yourself. You continue to walk towards your next class, lost in your own thoughts. So lost that you walk into the classroom, find your seat and settle down without consciously being aware of your actions. By the time you realize where you are, the professor walks in and begins the class. He announces that he will be putting all of you into groups for the next project. After he reads out the partnerships, and you learn who your partner is, you tense up. Of all people, Jae? Although, you admit to yourself that you are a little excited. Everyone get up from their seats and begin to shuffle around the classroom in search of their partners. Before you decide to stand up yourself, your partner approaches and stands before you. Jae gives you his signature, expressionless gaze and it remains that way for a couple of seconds. 

First it feels awkward, but then it becomes so awkward that you can’t help but laugh. Once you crack up, he does as well before he grabs his seat and get’s down to business. “Alright! Let’s DO THIS!” he says. You automatically feel more comfortable with him and think yourself silly to have been tense about the situation in the beginning. Minutes of hard planning pass, and you both begin to lose focus. Thus, the expected Q&A of any budding relationship is initiated. You open up the topic about music, which you know he would like, considering he always carries a guitar with him. “What do you like to play?” you ask. He starts ranting about his musical preferences, inserting a joke here and there, and you listen attentively. You realize that his face lights up when he is passionate about something, and find it amusing how deceiving your first impression of him was. As you finish up your work, the professor reminds everyone to exchange contact information. Jae hands you his phone so you can input your number and he immediately sends you a text so that you can save his. When you unlock your phone to look at the message you laugh and shake your head in disbelief. “What is that?!” He gives you his blank expression again and says very seriously, “That’s the latest meme. You better step yo game up!” Now he is shaking his head in disbelief, and you both laugh your way through the end of class.  

The next day you and Jae meet up on campus to continue to work. You find him playing his guitar under a tree. So typical. You smile to yourself and walk over. “Sorry to interrupt,”. He looks up grinning and puts his guitar down as you sit next to him. You begin to discuss your project and you realize that his demeanor has changed. Today he seems more genuine and glad to work with you. He is speaking in a gentler way and it almost makes you forget that you two had only met yesterday.The afternoon passes by, him pitching ideas and you jotting them down. When he talks he looks at you, watching you write down what he says and it makes you feel a little shy.

The both of you continue to work like this as a newly found friendliness begins to slowly grow. 

Bonus: Jae Swag

and that concludes Day6 As Classmates!

  • Me: *takes a deep breath*
  • Me: I lo-
  • Anyone who knows me: Yes, you love Integra Hellsing, we know, you love Integra so much, she is the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Integra Hellsing, we KNOW, you love Integra you fucking love Integra ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE INTEGRA. WE GET IT.
Chapter 3: Meet the Parents

Lafayette x Reader

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five

Note: Look I’d say that I’m sorry about the ending but… I’m really not. 

Disclaimer: I don’t speak french more than the basics so all my French comes from google translate. I apologize if it’s dreadful.

Word Count:1,763

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Lafayette’s grip on Y/N’s hand tightens as they stand outside the front door of her family home. He’s been putting this off for the past two months, doing everything he can to get out of meeting her parents.

He’s not even sure why he’s been so nervous. He knows that no matter what happens, even if they don’t don’t like him, it won’t change Y/N’s opinion of him.

“Um Gil? If you squeeze any harder I think you’re going to break my hand” Y/N points out, a small grin gracing her lips as she watches her nervous soulmate fidget and shuffle back and forth.

He glances down at their linked hands and quickly drops her hand and stares at her with wide eyes.

“Amour, I’m sorry” he mumbles, looking down at the ground. Y/N reaches up to press a gentle kiss to his cheek.

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Hii ! Can I ask the 015 for Lawlicht, please ? (I don't know if it's how we should ask, I'm not used to Tumblr xD) (I love your fanfictions so much you're one the best writer I know ! <3)

LawLicht {15: “All I want is you”}

“Stupid Hyde,” Licht muttered to himself as he walked down the street. He made his way to Hyde’s workplace with a bag in his hand. Hyde had forgotten to pack food and asked him to bring something for him to eat. At first, Licht said that he was too busy but he found himself buying some food for Hyde in the end. “You better be grateful for this.”

Licht could easily imagine how Hyde would react to something as simple as him bringing him food. He always had a flair for the dramatic and picturing his large smile made Licht laugh despite himself. With that thought, he walked a little faster to the karaoke lounge Hyde worked at.

It was late but the karaoke lounge was still bustling with people. Hyde would always work the graveyard shift because the sun would make him transform. He remembered all the times he would return to their apartment tired and Licht could understand why now that he saw how busy the late night was. He went out to karaoke a lot when he first came to Japan but he never knew it could become so busy.

When he entered, a hostess greeted him. “Welcome, sir. Would you like a private room or a seat at the bar?”

“I don’t need a room. I’m just here to drop something off for someone.” Licht told her. He couldn’t stay long because he needed to return to practise. He spotted Hyde serving at the bar and made his way to him. Hyde didn’t seem to notice him as he spoke with the female customers. As he walked closer, he could make out their conversation easier.

“Why are you staying with that angel when he’s so cruel to you? He won’t even bring you food.” One of the girls asked, making Licht’s feet stop and listened to their conversation. Hyde only shrugged in answer with a vague answer but it was clear that they were referring to him. He looked down at the bag in his hand and wondered if he should approach them or leave. After a moment, Licht sat at the bar. He was far enough away for Hyde not to see him but he was close enough to hear their conversation.

“Angel-chan’s work is really important.” Hyde said. “But it would be nice if he was less violent and be sweeter towards me sometimes. I should’ve just called Gil to buy me something but it looks like I’m stuck eating peanuts now. At least I have you ladies to keep me company.”

Licht was tempted to kick him but stopped himself. He knew that some people would complain about their situation to bartenders but he never heard of the reverse. He wondered how many times Hyde would complain about him to customers. From how they gossiped so casually and acted like long reunited friends, he had to guess that it was often.

“If you can leave during your break, how about we go out to eat? There’s a cute place right around the corner.” One of the girls suggested and Licht stiffened for a moment. He didn’t know why he suddenly felt jealous. They weren’t dating so he had no reason to be. If Hyde wanted to go out with a bunch of girls, it didn’t matter to him. Still, he found himself listening intently for Hyde’s answer.

“I can’t leave. Anyways, you girls are drunk so maybe you should head home soon. I can call a taxi to take you ladies home.” He brushed them off and they all appeared disappointed. Licht felt more relieved by his answer than he thought he would be. He watched them talk a little more and wondered when he should talk to Hyde. He looked at his phone and saw how late it had become.

“Now, what would my angel like to drink.” Licht looked up when Hyde stood in front of him. He leaned against the bar and beamed a smile at him. “Did you think I didn’t notice you the moment you walked in? As if I would just overlook someone like you.”

“If you knew I was here, why didn’t you say anything sooner?” Licht placed the bag on the counter and pushed it towards Hyde. “I bought you a burger and fries from McDonald but it’s probably cold by now. You probably don’t deserve after saying I’m violent. I’m an angel so it’s my duty to punish demons.”

“Were you jealous while eavesdropping on our conversation? There’s no need to feel jealous, Lichtan.” Hyde placed his hand on his cheek to stop Licht from turning away. “My break is in five minutes so how about we hang out a little bit? There’s a bench outside we can use. I’ll even share my fries with you.”

“You just told those girls that you couldn’t leave.” He pointed out.

“Because I was planning to spend my break with you.” Hyde placed his hands over Licht’s. “All I want is you.”

“Stop saying weird things, Shit Rat.” Licht blushed as he pulled away from him. He stood and took the bag from him. “Meet me out front. If you take too long, I’m going to eat all your fries.”

[101 Fluffy Prompts]

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Do you have any handy headcanons? :)

- Andy ain’t that good at cooking and is always amazed that Haley is. Where he is good at, is at baking. She isn’t that into it but enjoys helping/watchig him.

- His only sexual experience before Haley was always Beth, so she was expecting him to not be that into the thing she is but was happily surprised otherwise. 

- They are both very ticklish and will attack the other out of nowhere, they have an ongoing battle to see who can make the other laugh the louder.

- He can’t watch horror movies easily and Haley teases him about it but will cuddle with him while watching one. She is pretty good at watching them but will also talk him into sleeping when he loses sleep over something they saw.

- She would totally be the Final Girl of a horror movie and he constantly asks her how would she beat one or other horror movie slasher and people look at them weird when they start plotting about it in public.

- PDA is so good with Andy because he is so respectful and so romantic, Haley can’t help but love him a bit more.

- He was the first one to say “I love you” and didn’t minded waiting until she was ready to say it back, although she has been in love with him since forever.

- They are such good parents in the future, Claire is so proud, it makes her cry a bit when she thinks of it. Phil think it’s adorable.


#actual polar bear starting his modeling career

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Hi!! Your writing is so cute💕💕 i just love the feeling to them! So can I request a HC with RFA+Saeran with a MC who very rich and has a crazy car collection! Like she has plenty of warehouses full of them? Thank you in advance!

hello sweet heart ~! your words are so sweet and flattering and i just sat smiling at my screen for 5 minutes ~ ꒰ღ˘‿˘ற꒱⃛ ALSO your request is so cool! i am so excited to do this <33 i really hope you like :)


✦ is so proud ! 

✦ also means he doesn’t have to travel in vans because mc does not let him go in those unsafe vehicles

✦ even if it means they end up providing drivers etc to his entire crew if they have to travel from one place to another, rare as that is

✦ zen loves the car rides because mc drives him to and from the set

✦ but he also dislikes that mc goes out of their way for him

✦ he gets smacked for voicing that thought out loud one day

✦ not too hard of course xD

✦ still prefers his bike but is learning to appreciate cars too

✦ because mc is so passionate and zen has come to realize their passion is commendable

✦ because seriously mc?! not one warehouse but multiple warehouses filled with awesome cars?!

✦ ends up really enjoying visiting the warehouses with mc because he sees this side of them! where they wash their cars and help with maintenance! 

✦ his most favorite times are when mc is driving them both in a roofless car along empty highways or through abandoned towns and he’s practicing his script with them as they speed down the road


✦  found out when a very important client of his brought along lots of guests and jumin’s limo’s weren’t enough

✦  he was pissed and lowkey freaking out, and mc walked in just as he was calling driver kim to send the rest of the cars out because apparently the airport was filled with said guests

✦  mc offers to have cars sent over

✦  jumin finds the gesture sweet but is trying to decline before mc waves off his concerns and is on the phone having like a 100+ cars sent over to the airport

✦  when they get off the phone only within 10 minutes jumin is staring wide eyed

✦ mc i knew you were rich but just how many cars do you own?

✦  mc considers it for a moment before shrugging, saying they have a few dozen warehouses filled 

✦  jumin stares

✦ mc gets all defensive like, it’s hobby hunny bunny i love collecting cars okay! 

✦ and jumin is impressed and proud and says they should definitely go on drives together- without guards or driver

✦ of course mc will drive because jumin can NOT drive!

✦ sometimes he finds himself smiling at the memory of a random car fact mc mentioned while jumin fed them cherries

✦ loves how mc takes all of the knowledge driver kim offers to heart and rather enjoys their animated conversations with his favorite driver

✦ finds it adorable that mc has actually named their cars and makes it his mission to learn each and everyone’s names!

✦ loves buying cute accessories for mc’s cars and loves the smile the give him even more


✦ is shook!

✦ spends hours exploring the warehouses with mc on every other weekend

✦ it never gets old!

✦ totally understands a hoarder’s passion! 

✦ loves driving around with mc and is surprised because mc lets him drive too sometimes?!

✦ felt so guilty when he bumped a shiny red car into a pole one day that he didn’t take any offers to drive for a monTH!

✦ mc got tired and hugged him and had him take classes from one of their drivers

✦ it was so much fun

✦ but he was still skeptical of driving and did it considerably less

✦ mc was not pleased but didn’t pressurize him too much 

✦ lOVES when mc drives him to college, each day in a new car

✦ gets so popular because of it!

✦is determined to be get better quickly and gets more car games to practice driving even at home

✦ always cooks lunch and sometimes breakfast for himself and mc and doesn’t feel okay all day if he hasn’t handed it to them in the car right after a kiss to their nose

✦ it’s their every day routine now. no going back!


✦ so completely understands mc’s love for cars!

✦ is so! supportive of mc’s passion for their cars not just because mc is supportive of her passion for zen’s musicals

✦ but also because she wants mc to be happy and healthy

✦ does so much research on cars in  her free time

✦ surprises mc with in depth discussions on car engines and the best types of tyres 

✦ all the research is worth the wide smile and the bright eyes mc looks at her with

✦ is so proud because mc makes sure their cars are eco friendly and 

✦ is so happy that mc trusts her with their bae cars to pick the items they need for the coffee shop

✦ usually they both go together after closing hours though

✦ indulges mc’s interest by always buying them car magazines whenever she see’s one on solo shopping trips

✦ has gotten mc like a dozen plus keychains for their car keys yet

✦ definitely plans on buying more

✦ makes a lot of suggestions on how to make their cars and trips more eco friendly


✦ already knew about mc’s love for cars because…duh hacker

✦ also knew mc had a lot of cars

✦ was honestly shocked when he found out the number of warehouses mc owned just filled with their awesome collections


✦ always compares his babes to mc’s favorite cars

✦ doesn’t care that he has only three cars

✦ don’t worry bae i’ll get you a ship full of cars

✦ doesn’t want donations!

✦ is speechless when mc gets him not one , or two, or three, but seVEN cars out of the 8 he had circled in his magazine

✦ laughed so hard when mc said they didn’t get him the eighth one because it was so fugly

✦ glomps mc because he didn’t want them buying him shit but

✦ he’s so HAPPY and feels sO LOVED

✦ honest to god cries a bit because he doesn’t deserve

✦ laughs it off and asks mc if he can break up with them just to propose to them again

✦ mc tells him to not even joke about that 

✦ nothing can ruin his mood today so he hugs mc and tells them he would propose to them every day even if they’re already together

✦ saeran has chosen that moment to walk in and makes gagging noises before promptly leaving

✦ doesn’t even compliment mc’s gifts to seven

✦ as revenge he gets mc to help him ‘kidnap’ saeran and keep him in the backseat of his latest red babe as they go on a romantic little drive


✦ is so excited 

✦ because like he loves photography

✦ and mc and their love of cars so much! mc would probably let him photograph them with their cars

✦ of course he could use that as an excuse to take more pictures of mc because… he loved taking pictures of them. he couldn’t get enough

✦  enjoys watching mc get excited when talking to him about their cars

✦ it’s mostly mc telling him facts and their favorite parts and jihyun soaking up the information

✦ doesn’t ever let mc pay for the repairs

✦ he doesn’t care if they are richer and very much capable of paying for their repairs

✦ is happy when mc reluctantly agrees and so awed when they say they understand his intentions and will let him spoil them a litte

✦ when it’s been a while after his surgery and his eyes are much muCH better now, they always drive out to mc’s favorite warehouses

✦ sometimes they stargaze sitting on the rooftops of one of said warehouse

✦ sometimes they drive along the ocean all night

✦ v honestly finds it so relaxing and therapeutic- totally understands mc’s excitement whenever they have plans to do so

✦ because of their very flexible work schedules, they luckily get to do so quite often


✦ is honestly confused

✦ and annoyed

✦ only annoyed because mc shares that common interest with his god damn twin

✦ which means an edless headache for him whenever they’re in the same room

✦ because theyw on’t! shut! up! about mc’s latest car and the new features it has!

✦ has honestly considered blowing up one of mc’s warehouses

✦ come on! they have so many of them, they won’t even notice lsoing one warehouse!

✦ …yeah right

✦ the idea bothers him somewhat

✦ that he was still so violent 

✦ even though he didn’t attempt it, or say anything to mc, he needs to make up for having thought that

✦ poor bean does that by suggesting mc take him for a tour to one of their warehouses

✦ mc is ecstatic because they had asked once but saeran had so firmly rejected they never asked because it would bother him

✦ finds himself actually not hating it???

✦ mc makes cars seem so interesting with the way they talk and it’s honestly not half as annoying as it is when they are just squealing and screaming with saeyoung

✦ is so awed when mc shows him how to change tyres within five minutes! by themselves!

✦ mc offers him to try doing it too because he seemed really interested

✦ so satisfied when he manages to change a tyre nicely

Persona World Guide translations, part 4 (Velvet edition)

Velvet Room (ベルベットルーム Berubetto Rūmu)

A place to summon Personas in order to defeat demons. The door to the Velvet Room can only be seen by Persona-users. There is only one Velvet Room, but there are many doors leading to it, located in the city’s malls and dungeons.

Persona summoning is handled by Igor, Philemon’s servant and master of the Velvet Room. The room has a piano and a microphone in order to play music that, combined with the room’s blue color, calms the mind of those who use Personas to fight.

Door (扉 Tobira): In “Ibunroku”, the doors leading to the room have “Velvet Room” written above it in a brown plate. In “Innocent Sin” onwards, it was changed to a blue door.

Piano (ピアノ Piano): A grand piano used by the blindfolded pianist Nameless. Its color matches the blue motif of the Velvet Room.

Curtain (カーテン Kāten): A curtain that appears in “Ibunroku” when Spell Cards are being fused. There is a white flash when the fusion ends.

Microphone (マイク Maiku): A blue microphone used by Belladonna, the diva of the Velvet Room. Belladonna’s beautiful voice is amplified by it and echoes throughout the entire room.

Igor (イゴール Igōru): Master of the Velvet Room who administers Personas and serves Philemon. As evidenced by his appearance, Igor is not human. Originally a doll handmade by someone who gained conscience via a magic ritual. Because of that, Igor is always wondering whether he is a human or not. He shall leave the Velvet Room once he learns the answer to that question.

Belladonna (ベラドンナ Beradonna): A woman who sings in the Velvet Room. Belladonna’s singing has the purpose of calming the hearts of Persona-users and is essential for summoning a Persona. Furthermore, Belladonna always covers both of her ears in order to block any other sounds other than her inner voice.

Nanashi (ナナシ Nanashi): The Velvet Room’s pianist. His melodies, when combined with Belladonna’s voice, calms the spirits of Persona-users and creates an atmosphere necessary to summon a Persona. His melodies are produced in a world that is not this own, and he covers his eyes in order to see that world, using his mind’s eye.

A bonus, for rosymaplemoth:

Time Castle (時間城 Jikan-jō): Originally an antique shop that sold clocks, it became a weapon’s shop in “Innocent Sin” and a store that deals with Spell Cards in “Eternal Punishment”.

Count (伯爵 Hakushaku): A man with a clock-shaped monocle. He’s actually an avatar of Nyarlathotep. Always watching over the protagonists and trying to guide them. When talked to, he always gives profound speeches.

Translator’s notes: Considering that Igor’s voice actor has been dead for a long time and his voiced has merely been reused in anything released post-P4, I’m surprised Atlus didn’t use the “he’ll leave the room once he learns the answer to that question” excuse to get rid of him in P5. I’m pleasantly surprised.

wofflez  asked:

Hey! Always glad to find more bnha blogs to add to my hoard 👀 If it's alright to ask for multiple characters, could I please get headcanons on how Midoriya, Kirishima, and Kaminari would react to finding out their s/o was a really good dancer? (I'll leave the styles of dance up to you!) I really look forward to seeing more of your writing ^^

Multiple characters is A-Okay! I should put that in the rules.. oops~ I hope you like these!

-Midoriya (Contemporary)

  • So so entranced by them no matter what style!
  • Looks at them with awe if they’re contemporary dancers
  • Can’t believe that they look even more beautiful?? How is that even possible in his eyes??
  • He can’t even talk when he watches them, his complete and undivided attention is on them because it’s impossible for him to even take his eyes off of them in the first place.

-Kirishima (Hip hop)

  • He wants them to teach him everything they know
  • He’d be really excited to learn from them
  • They make up a dance together and even though it he’s not the greatest, he has so much fun with it
  • Kirishima loves how passionate you are about it and just loves to watch you

-Kaminari (Ballroom)

  • When you’re working on a dance with your dance partner, he’s kind of jealous that he’s not the one dancing with you.
  • Like Kirishima, he asks you to teach him how to. He’s bad but he tries
  • He does sometimes like to watch you when you’re dancing with your partner because you looks so fluid in your movements. When you’re dancing with him, there are a lot of stops and pauses so you can tell him what to do.
  • His favorite thing is when they wear a dress because they look so freakin pretty he just can’t stop smiling.