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Can Always Choose Truth

Caspar’s eyes followed Y/N and Joe as they moved across the kitchen. He noticed the way their hands would linger on each other, their gazes soft when looking at each other, the teasing words sent towards one another. And the nicknames.

Joe rarely called anyone anything except by their name or mate. Except Caspar, who got called buddy occasionally, and he felt special for that.

But with Y/N, Joe was different. He would call her love or babe easily. And she responded in kind, calling him babe frequently. Caspar had heard a few other nicknames, but those were the main two.

The catch?

They weren’t dating.

Which is why Caspar was confused by their actions, because they talked and acted like a couple. They flirted constantly. Got jealous when another person flirted with them, which Jack had to unfortunately learn the hard way when Joe stopped talking to him for a week after he flirted with Y/N.

And today, as Caspar sat in the stool at Joe’s worktop, watching them cook dinner together, he had to once again remind himself that they were only best friends. But he decided that he was determined to get them together.

“What are you thinking, buddy?” Joe’s voice dragged Caspar out of his thoughts, and he looked over to see Joe smiling at him as he stirred the contents in the pan. Y/N was beside him, humming as she chopped up some vegetables.

“Not much.” Caspar shrugged, smiling back. “Just about how good that smells.”

“Right?” Y/N lifted her head, looking between the two boys. “Joe surprises us again with his cooking skills.”

“Oi.” Joe nudged her hip with his, directing his smile at her, and Caspar noticed how it softened into something warmer, more intimate. “Watch yourself, love, or you won’t be getting anything.”

“You’re going to make me starve after inviting me over for dinner? Rude.”

“I only invited you to help make it, then I planned on kicking you out.”

“See, I knew you had an alternative plan.”

“Always.” Joe replied before laughing, leaning over to drop a kiss on her forehead.

Caspar shook his head at their banter, it was also different from when they spoke to him or the other boys. There was always that underlying flirty feeling, hiding under their words or in their eyes.

“When are the others getting here?” Caspar asked, knowing he would require their assistance.

“I think it’s just Jack, Josh, and Oli joining us.” Y/N told him, glancing at Joe as he slipped past her, his hand on her waist. “Conor has his show, and Mikey had a meeting or something.”

“They should be here any moment.” Joe added, looking at the clock. “Which is good, because dinner is nearly ready.”

A moment later the door buzzes, and Caspar jumped from his chair.

“I’ll get it!” He told the other two quickly, speeding out of the room to get the door.

He’s bouncing on his feet when the other three arrive on Joe’s floor, and shoot Caspar a confused look when they discover him waiting outside of the flat.

“Did they give you sugar again?” Josh asked, a teasing smile.

“No.” Caspar shook his head, too focused on his mission to catch the sarcasm. “I need your help.”

“Well, glad you finally admit it.” Jack clapped his shoulder, letting out a small laugh.

“Not for me, for Joe and Y/N.”

“What about them?” Oli questioned, leaning against the wall.

“They need to get together.” Caspar replied simply.

“We know that.” Jack shrugged.

“But they don’t!” Caspar pointed back towards the flat. “So tonight, we need to make it happen.”

“What brought this on?” Josh asked, looking at the excited blonde.

“I’ve been watching them tonight-“

“That’s just weird, mate.” Oli interrupted, grinning.

“And I just realized how they are with each other.” Caspar finished, ignoring Oli. “So we need to get them to realize it now.”

“As long as I don’t have to flirt with anyone…” Jack holds up his hands.

“We want them happy, not jealous and angry.” Josh chuckled.

“Not my fault Joe gets jealous so easily!” Jack tries to defend himself, but the others just laugh and drag him into the flat.

“You lot took your time!” Joe called out as they made their into the kitchen.

“Did you miss us that much?” Jack put a hand to his heart, his other hand held out towards Joe.

“You wish.” Joe scoffed. “But food’s nearly ready.”

“Perfect timing!” Oli rubbed his hands together.

“Perfect timing to grab some plates and set the table? Oh how nice of you to offer, Oli!” Y/N grinned over at him, who grumbled in response and pulled Jack with him when he started to laugh.

Throughout the entire dinner, the boys became very aware of what Caspar was talking about.

Of course, they had noticed before how flirty Joe and Y/N were with each other, but had brushed it off. But with Caspar bringing it up prior to the meal, their minds were stuck on it, and began to notice the small things.

By time everyone had finished eating and the food had been cleared away, the boys were all very determined to get the two together.

It was just a matter of how.

“Let’s play truth or dare!” Jack suddenly exclaimed from his spot on the couch.

“What are we, nine?” Josh scoffed, but after a swift kick to the shin and a glare from Jack, he changed his opinion. “Yeah, truth or dare!”

Joe, distracted by talking quietly with Y/N, hadn’t noticed the sudden change in tone, but lifted his head at the last statement.

“Sounds fun. We doing this with or without alcohol?”

“Always with, mate.” Oli decided as he and Caspar stood, heading to grab drinks for everyone.

“I’m supposed to be doing work tomorrow!” Y/N groaned, turning her face into Joe’s shoulder. “You guys always make it impossible to do work…”

Joe chuckled, lifting a hand to run his fingers through her hair.

“No worries, love. I’ll bring you hangover cures in the morning.”

Jack and Josh exchanged a look as they watched the two.

“Who’s first?” Y/N asked, sipping on her drink a few minutes later.

“You now.” Caspar smiled, “Truth or dare.”

“Uhm,” She tilted her head slightly. “Dare.”

“Then I dare you…” Caspar trailed off for a moment. He didn’t want to do it right from the start, they had to work up to the moment. “I dare you to go yell something stupid outside.”

“Like what?” She laughed, but still stood.

“Literally yell something stupid!” Jack supplied, laughing as well.

“My neighbours are going to hate me…” Joe shook his head, taking Y/N’s drink as she walked over to the door.

They all stood there listening, and a moment later cheered as she did as requested.

“That was brilliant.” Oli told her when she took her seat again.

“Thank you. Now, Jack. Truth or dare.”

The game continued for a while later, the truths and the dares getting more ridiculous and more intimate as more drinks were had.

Finally, an unspoken agreement passed over the boys. It was time.

“Alright, Joe.” Josh leaned forward, his forearms resting on his knees. “Truth or dare.”

Joe shrugs, “You know me. Never refuse a dare.”

“Was hoping you’d choose that. I dare you too….” Josh trailed off for a moment, letting the suspense build, and a slow grin grew on his face. “Kiss Y/N.”

“You guys are so mature.” Joe mumbled, shifting slightly on his seat. Y/N, still sat beside him, looked down at her lap, a small blush growing on her cheeks.

“You can always choose truth.” Caspar commented, smiling smugly over at Joe, who glared in response. Everyone knew he never turned down a dare.

Joe turned in his seat, looking over at Y/N, who still refused to lift her gaze. He smiled softly, hooking a finger under her chin to lift her face slowly, moving his face closer. He paused just a breath away from her lips.



With that confirmation, Joe closed the distance between them, kissing her softly.

It was a few moments before they finally pulled away, both staring at each other.

“Does this mean you two will finally just date?” Caspar blurted out, causing the two to jump and look over at him.

“Huh?” Y/N blinked, her mind still reeling from the kiss.

“Date. Become boyfriend and girlfriend. Well, officially at least.” Jack explained.

“What do you mean officially?” Joe asked, sharing a confused look with Y/N.

“You two are practically a couple already. We just thought you’d like to make it, you know, real.” Oli shrugged.

“We are?” Y/N looked between the boys.

“Are you two serious?” Josh shook his head, “You guys have been cuddling all night. You call each other babe and love, which no, normal best friends do not do. And look at you right now!” He gestured towards them, “You guys are holding each other’s bloody hands!”

They looked down, noticing that they were indeed holding hands, having done so without even noticing.

“So please. Just become boyfriend and girlfriend!” Jack groaned, while the other three boys nodded in agreement.

“Is this why we played truth or dare?” Joe narrowed his eyes at Caspar, but the room noticed that Joe and Y/N’s hands stayed intertwined, and she remained leaning against him, a small smile on her lips.

Caspar shrugged in response, “I was just giving you the push you needed.”

“If you had all just been bloody patient…” Joe mumbled before looking down at Y/N. “I was going to ask you out on Christmas actually.” His cheeks turned red as he spoke, and he ran his free hand through his hair nervously.

“Really?” She gazed up at him hopefully, and when he nodded in response, Y/N reached up and pecked him on the lips quickly. “My answer is yes.”

“Great!” Oli clapped his hands together, “Now that that is settled…who wants more drinks?”

who knew I could watch a bunch of nerds play dungeons and dragons for five straight hours because that I did not yet know about myself

Imagine your otp dressing super fancy and then making a “gourmet” meal, which doesn’t turn out exactly how they thought it would, and setting the table with a candle and having a meal at home, pretending to be at a high end restaurant, but with burnt food


I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted too, I saw the most beautiful family today and honest to God, they looked like they were what the percabeth family would look like. I tried my hardest to capture their beauty and just pure love for each other but honestly, this doesn’t even hold a candle to their perfection.

Perfect Timing

Here’s my post for Sam’s Fifty July Kinks! Oh, the fun I had with this…

PROMPT: Cooking Kink (watching them cook/use their hands while baking)
CHARACTERS: Sam Winchester, female reader
WARNINGS: Smut (obviously), AU, explicit sexual content

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Originally posted by butteryplanet

You rolled your shoulders as you pressed your hands into the dough, flattening it over the flour-sprinkled countertop before rolling it into a ball again. You worked the dough like you’d been doing for the past ten minutes, putting all your effort into making sure this dough turned out perfectly.

You weren’t sure what you were going to make yet. Pie crust, maybe. Cookies. Biscuits, even. Pizza dough kept coming to your mind, and you’d almost resigned yourself to having pizza for dinner tonight.

You perked up, hands stilling in the dough as you heard the jingle of keys from the front step, a moment before the door was opened.

“Honey, I’m home!”

You let out a laugh as you heard the front door shut.

“Yes, you are. Come here, you sexy thing!”

Rich laughter filled the previously quiet house, and you continued working the dough. You reached over and grabbed another handful of flour, sprinkling it over the section of counter that you’d claimed as your work station. You kept kneading, glancing over your shoulder to see Sam standing there, jacket discarded, tie loose around his neck, hand stilled on unbuttoning the sleeve of his button-up shirt.

“Hi, honey. How was work?”

He didn’t answer, and you glanced over your shoulder again. He had his bottom lip between his teeth, one eyebrow raised, eyes trained on your hands.


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Too Many Cooks (GTA V Remix)
by Abstract Mode


Everyone celebrating Ladybug’s awesomeness gives me the warm fuzzies.

First, there are Marinette’s parents who don’t even realize that’s their baby girl out there. Just that like, she did The Thing.

Then there are all the different ways that each of the classmates celebrate. They’re just over joyed and the way that they give voice to their relief is so lovely and character driven. 

Rose is jumping. Sabrina is praising the powers that be. Juleka looks like she’s waving around. Nino is stretching because suddenly all that tension is gone. Mlle. Bustier and Max are fist bumping. Nathanaël looks like his knees are weak with relief and Kim is like, supermaning. Alix has also thrown her hands up but it looks like a blend of a stretch and a cheer.

Chloë literally tackles her dad out of relief and he walks around with her. You can see swat team members lose their armor because they don’t need it.


Then we have Chat Noir.

We have Chat Noir who is Stunned. He is speechless.

Unlike all the others who have no idea what sort of power they have, he KNOWS that she just took on something SO MUCH BIGGER than them and made it look easy.

He’s not going to throw his hands up because he knows how badly it could have turned out. He’s not cheering because he knows the fight is not done yet. But he is Impressed. He is Awed. He is Stunned.

This life that he has found himself in, this life of freedom and heroism isn’t one he has to tread alone. In fact, he’s running to Catch Up. To Be Enough. To push himself to further heights, because his partner? She’s a badass and he wants to go with her to the ends of the earth.

Cutthroat Kitchen is really funny to me because like… It shows how detached some of these chefs are.

Like, these people are executive chefs. Their task is usually relegated more to creating the idea of a dish, and it’s the job of the sous chef to decide how it’s to be done, the job of the COOKS to actually DO the prep and go around all of the various issues (with the help of the sous chef if they choose to bother him) and cook the dish, and then the chefs decide if anything needs to happen to the final dish to make it presentable.

So basically these people have worked their way up the ranks until their job in the kitchen is ordering, hiring, and menu design. The reason chefs wear white is because they don’t do a lot of cooking.

So as a cook, watching them struggle with missing ingredients and the wrong tools is hilarious. Like, pancakes without eggs? So what? Using only a paring knife? Pshht, okay. Gotta use overcooked rice? BOY I did that YESTERDAY and they loved it!

And the judge attitude is excellent. The customer doesn’t see what happens in the kitchen. They see what you put on the plate. Your struggle doesn’t matter to them. They don’t care that all your eggs went bad or you had to hand crush wheat toast for your breadcrumbs or chef didn’t order enough mustard. They care that the meatloaf on their plate tastes like they paid $20 for it.

Honestly nobody ever gives cooks enough credit.

Behind the Scenes of The Waters of Mars (Part Two of Many)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s interview with Lindsay Duncan in DWM 415:

“Loads of energy,” bellows Graeme [Harper, director], as the cast and crew gear up for another take. “Let’s kick it up the bottom - really fast and pacey, c’mon! It’s a lovely, chaotic moment.”  He turns to William Hartley, the First Assistant Director.  “It’s like being in a circus, isn’t it?”

“What does that make you, then?” chips in Russell T. Davies, Doctor Who showrunner and - with Phil Ford - the writer of this episode.  “The lion tamer?”

“I’d like to start over there,” explains Graeme, “and pull focus, so you’ve got the Doctor as a loose, lonely figure, watching on…”

“Is that when I get changed?” teases David, removing his helmet.  “Is that when I slip into something more comfortable?  I left my space shoes by the door! Sorry about the helmet hair,” he adds.

“Wear it like that out,” suggests Russell. “You’ll start a trend.”

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Brussels Sprouts

A woman and her wife were planning on preparing brussels sprouts for dinner.  Only one of them was going to cook but they both planned it together.  They were going to have brussels sprouts with salt.  The first woman began to cook the brussels sprouts while the second woman watched her cook them.  They looked good.  The brussels sprouts were almost done.  The first woman realized she had forgotten to salt the brussels sprouts.  This was bad news.  And there was no more salt.  But the brussels sprouts were cooked nonetheless.  Both of the two women ate the unsalted brussels sprouts and they were grateful to have one another’s company and love and respect in these modern and difficult times.

EXO Reaction to them watching you cook

Who cooks here?! I love cooking and baking! It relaxes me somehow xD Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *He is actually hiding so you wont get nervous* “I hope she doesn’t notice I’m watching her”

Kris: *Asks about everything* “And what is this!!”

Sehun: *Says he is hellping you but actually he is just standing there* “Yeah we are great chefs, look what we just made*

Tao: “I really hope you make cake” *Expecting a 5 stars dinner*

Kai: *Eats as soon you finish a dish* “Delicious! more!”

Xiumin: *Helps you following all your instructions* “Is this all right jagi?”

Baekhyun: *Sneaks into the kitchen and watches you doing your magic* “That smells good”

Luhan: *He is actualle angry because you kicked him out of the kitchen when he started to watch you like a creep*

Chen: *Never shuts up* “Jagi jagi, I want food. Jagi jagi, I’m hungry!”

Kyungsoo: *Gives you space but still watches fascinated from time to time*

Lay: *You end up sending him to the grocery store because he asked about everything and didn’t let you cook*

Suho: *Watches you from the table waiting his food* “Daddy is hungryyyy!”