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root pov, morning thunderstorm

The windows in Shaw’s new apartment feel vanishingly thin as rain batters the glass. Cold seeps in from everywhere and the top sheet and scratchy blanket aren’t enough to keep it out. It’s gray and bleak and might be just after sunrise–hard to tell. 

Aching for a little more warmth, you push your luck and burrow closer to Sameen. Lucky she’s still mostly asleep; she groans, shifts her arm, and lets you tuck yourself into the crook of her shoulder.

You close your eyes as the thunder rolls, heavy and slow, over the soundscape. Sameen doesn’t stir. She’s unflappable when she sleeps, heavy and soft and, now and then, like this morning, not-quite-snoring. Her warm body–and the unlikelihood of her waking–are your saving grace. She smells so good–clean and soapy; she showered last night with the new shampoo and conditioner you bought after the green combo goo she normally buys ran out–and her heartbeat replaces the thunder in your good ear as you press your face against her chest.

Must have dozed off, because the next thing you know, the light is struggling harder against the gloom. Sameen is looking down at you, curious. You meet her eyes. She holds your gaze, impassive and calm. The rain is still drumming against the window, but softer than before. 

“How long have you been awake?” you ask, your voice bleary.

“A few minutes.”

“Watching me sleep?”

“No,” she lies, and glances over at the window. Her body curls into yours; you shift onto your side and watch the rain with her. Thunder–faraway this time–rolls through the air.

“Mind if I don’t run down for breakfast sandwiches this morning?”

“We have cereal. And you brought home milk the other night.”

The rain shivers, glitters, a silvery veil over the city. It’s Sunday morning, an indeterminate hour, and the street is slowly grinding to life. A lonely horn sounds from below.

“Got plans today?” she asks.

“Not right away. Let’s stay warm for a little while longer.” 

Sameen smooths back your hair–a rare gesture–and rests her lips against the edge of your ear. She takes a deep breath, and together you watch the rain collide ineffectually against the window, the world outside powerless against this impermeable moment of time and space.

sometimes I think about bisexual Harry Potter, and about how it could have changed so much of the story, and right now I’m thinking about how it could have related to Dudley

like, when Dudley laughs and sneers at him at the beginning of OotP. “Who’s Cedric? Your boyfriend?” Dudley asks Harry with an ugly grin on his face.

And Harry breaks down and cries, because yes, Cedric was his boyfriend, and now he’s dead. Dudley just stares at him, pale with shock. Harry has never cried like this in front of him, not once in all these years. Harry always has a witty come-back, thinks he’s so bloody smart, and this is something Dudley can’t deal with.

And then the Dementors come, and it makes Dudley see the kind of person he is. Harry protects them, and even though Dudley can’t see the dementors, he somehow knows that it wasn’t Harry who did this.

Harry of course expects that Dudley uses this new knowledge of Harry against him - he packs his bags, waiting patiently to be kicked out as soon as Dudley tells his parents they got a raging queer living under their roof - but nothing happens. 

In the next few days, Dudley is quiet and withdrawn. Harry thinks it’s because the dementors scared the crap out of him, and he’s glad, because Dudley’s friends are never there anymore, and Dudley seems to be too lost in thought to be violent.

The night before Harry gets picked up by the Order, Dudley walks into Harry’s room unannounced and completely startles Harry. This never happens. Dudley looks pale, even scared. Everything about this is so absurd that Harry forgets to put his guard up like he usually does around Dudley. He watches his cousin closely as Dudley sits down uncomfortably on Harry’s chair, his eyes nervously darting around the room.

“When did you know?” Dudley asks eventually. It’s obviously tormenting for him to say it.

Harry is confused. “What do you mean?”

Dudley looks like he might choke on his tongue, trying to get the words out. “That you’re - you’re -”

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Kalex favorite fics and videos masterpost (requested)

Okay since i got always asked on my mail box and twitter what are my favorite kalex fics and videos, i put all my faves together and now i’m putting them all here in a masterpost

So, enjoy. There’s a LOT more i like, but i don’t have enough space in this post to put them all, so here are my TOP personal favorites.

P.s: I usually don’t write fics, so those are not mine*.

Fluff. Smut. Alternate universe. multi-chapter. ENJOY!

  • Fics:

1 - Birthday Tradition -

2 - The Night Kara Confesses - 

3 - Your imprints on my skin ( a+++ fic, VERY GOOD)) -

4 - Distractible -

5 - A Period of Adjustment -

6 - there’s nothing else for me to do (i’m hopelessly devoted to you) -

7 - Little Do You Know -

8 - if i fall and hurt myself would you know how to fix me -

9 - Just come home to me -

10 -  It’s Just Another Day, Until It’s Not -

  • Videos:



3 - Alex is the Wind Beneath Supergirl’s cape -

4 - Kara & Alex || two worlds collide -

5 - Supergirl | Kara & Alex | JOY -

6 - Kara & Alex | What am I gonna do without you? -

7 - Kara & Alex || Gravity -

8 - Supergirl // Kara and Alex -

9  - Kara and Alex // Stand by you (another version) -

10 - kara & alex || stand by you (another version)

11 - Kalex – The Sky and the Satellite -

12 - Recovery | alex and kara -

i. It was Monday, two in the afternoon when i saw you walking so fast and you‘re still wearing that serious face. You thought no one’s gonna notice you, but i was there, no matter what i’m doing, i’d pause for a moment just to look at you. Seeing you makes my day even though you’re not looking at me.

ii. That Tuesday morning i hears you mumbling things like how much you hated your smile. I smiled because your smile is one of the beautiful things i’ve ever seen. And i wanted to tell you that your smile brings happiness in my heart. That’s one of my favorite part in you.

iii. Last Wednesday, you were not there and i miss you. You said you want someone to notice your absence and someone who will miss you. I thought of calling you and tell you how much i miss you and i am that person who will notice everything about you. But i remained silent and waited for you the next day.

iv. I remember last Thursday morning when i heard you talking with your friends about how you feel, that you wished someone would love you the way you do. I wanted to shout and tell you to look at my way and you’ll find the answer to the things that keeps you awake every night. But you can’t see me, you’re always looking at the other direction.

v. Last Friday before going home. We got the chance to have a talk. You told me about your love for this person and the feeling is not mutual. I thought i would be happy, i thought i would have a chance to you, but no. I saw pain was written all over your face but you pretended that everything was okay. I wanted to comfort you and tell you everything’s gonna be okay but i was so afraid you wouldn’t let me. So i just pretended that it doesn’t matter.

vi. That Saturday afternoon, i tried to come near you but i just chose to watch you from afar. It’s better this way. Our world will never collide and i know you’re just a star for me, a star that lights up my dim world. A star i can never reach.

vii. I realized a lot of things that Sunday evening. Things will be better this way. I have so much to say to you, but i’ll always end up in silence. I wanted to tell you i love you but you will never hear me. There are a lot of things you didn’t know and you might never know.

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One of the best things about this fandom is that whenever 1D gets up to something non-1D related, there are people here who have a long standing interest in said thing and they can give us all a crash course in the important elements while you get to watch them squeeee over their worlds colliding. It's so much fun :-D

This is actually my favourite thing too. We’re such a diverse fandom and it doesn’t seem to matter what The Thing is, we’ve got experts, enthusiasts and long-term fans of that thing. I think it makes us really well rounded as a group.

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what are good fanfics??? i can't find one i like it's a struggle

Temporary Tattoos, Hotel Hearts, Horizon HomesLouis is just 18 and ends up in 2015 for one day at Harry’s request, one day to make sure his spirit is strong and hopeful enough to take him to the X Factor and end him up where he’s supposed to be. Aka, the one where Harry makes sure Louis knows how amazing he is.

before you came into my life (i missed you so bad) -  Louis has made a lot of bad decisions after smoking up with Zayn at one in the morning. Oddly enough, texting a random phone number he found tucked into a library book turns out not to be one of them. Or an AU where Louis is a closeted A-list actor and Harry is just your average Uni student who only signs things with smiley faces.

The Frying Pan and The Fire -  Harry is a former child star who now works at a bar. Louis is an indie artist who wants Harry to be in his new music video. Harry is a grump and Louis is too chipper. Harry is straight and Louis is openly gay. Louis is determined and persistent and at some point Harry stops denying himself.

you’ve got me smiling in my sleep -  louis and harry don’t know each other, until they do. featuring a magical niall & a liam and zayn that turn up at some point or another. semi-reality/sort of supernatural (I guess?) one shot.

breath comes sharp and heart beats fasterau. louis is going nowhere fast, but at least now he has someone to go there with. 

and i’ll be making history like i do -  Being in love is a lot like spring, Harry thinks. Sometimes it snows and sometimes it doesn’t but mostly you don’t know and it just rains a lot. Or the one in which Louis is famous and more than a bit of an asshole and Harry remembers the little boy who looked kind of like a fairy auditioning for the X Factor all those years ago.

to meet is surely where we’re bound -  Louis is 18, up in the air and being forced to spend a weekend with his family at a friend’s wedding instead of attending Leeds Fest. However, he ends up having a much better time in the quiet village of Holmes Chapel than he expects - and it may or may not have something to do with the boy whose house they stay in.

Call Me Baby -  Louis moves to Holmes-Chapel after his parents die in a car crash. He has custody of his five sisters, and it is through the youngest he meets Harry Styles, a preschool teacher. Life just got a lot more complicated for Louis.

These Roads We Stumble Down -  He’s completely drenched, not one millimetre of him not covered in rain, and the old sheepskin cover over the seat is probably going to stink afterwards from the damp. But even with what seems to be a constant tremor shaking his body, brown hair plastered to his forehead, and a blue tinge to his skin, he’s still probably the most gorgeous person that Harry has ever seen. Or, Harry picks up a hitchhiker in Oxford, and it’s a long ride to Glasgow.

i’m not calling you a liar (just don’t lie to me) -  Louis can’t stop lying. Harry runs a farm. Somehow, he squeezes the truth out of him.

The Next Big Thing - Louis Tomlinson is an out of work guitarist who has no idea how he’s going to make next month’s rent. Harry Styles is the third-place finalist on X-Factor, a show Louis emphatically doesn’t watch. Their worlds collide.