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kadena is MY SHIT. i am SO here for two brave, strong, fearless women who support each other, one of them being a proud lesbian muslim (LITERALLY HER TWITTER BIO) and the other being an iconic amazing woman of color who’s questioning her sexuality BECAUSE OF THIS WOMAN in such an amazing way and yall should really watch the bold type because kat edison and adena el amin are basically CONFIRMED to fall in love and other than that the show is so funny and has representation and makes you want to go out and conquer the world so PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch it
Netflix: Petition for Netflix to pick up Sweet/Vicious
MTV just announced that they won't renew Sweet/Vicious for a second season. This show deals with a heavy topic that is not spoken enough: rape. Many women have been victims of abuse and a lot don't even go to the police because they're ashamed, or don't feel like they will be taken seriously or other...

Sweet/Vicious is one of the best shows I have ever seen! Jules and Ophelia are the strong, independent, intelligent, capable, badass, feminist female characters that I’m constantly looking for on television shows and movies.

I am in love with the way the show addressed sexual assault and its ramifications; I’m inspired by Jules’s and all the other victims’ courage; I am exhilarated to see two young women kicking ass and taking no bullshit - something that I long for in today’s entertainment; I’m blown away by the manner in which the show incorporated racial injustice, slut-shaming and the importance of female friendships, all in 10 episodes as well as kept it light-hearted, hilarious and most of all, real. I feel empowered, aware and courageous. That’s what watching this show did - it made me ( a 16 year old girl ) feel like I can conquer anything - and that’s what makes it so important to the world right now!

Every single person who has and will watch this will fall in love. It portrays sexual assault in a way that the world has never seen before and the world needs to see this amazing work of educating art!

Honestly, I don’t know how to describe what I feel for this show - words fail me. But if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that the world NEEDS more Sweet/Vicious!!

If you haven’t watched Sweet/Vicious, I am urging you, begging you to please please go watch it ASAP! Like right now! It is mind-blowing! And please sign this petition because this show has to go on!

Sweet/Vicious creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson said that if the show is renewed, she would love to address more stories - “We think male survivors are important. We think race issues are important. We want to talk about bullying.“

How can we let such a fantastic, awe-inspiring show die?! How?!


“Enemies are never a problem. It’s your friends you have to watch out for.“

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To be honest I'd watch an entire show of just Dracula and his science wife. I have a weakness for monsters falling in love with women who just don't give a fuck about how scary or evil they're supposed to be, lady's got shit to do.

There’s even a bit of a justification for it, as book!Dracula is pretty fascinated by how the outside world has advanced - granted, it’s in a calculated way since he wants to conquer the world, but still, he probably has a bit of a science nerd in him.

How dare you

Leaving you wasn’t the hardest part.

Watching you love someone else better than me was the hardest thing.

Watching you give the love I craved and yearned to someone else was heart breaking.

Watching you give the world to someone else while my world was just vacant left me more empty.

I mean .. like

How dare you

Tell me you love me and commit a crime of infidelity?

Not once .. not twice .. not three times,but multiple times.

How dare you

paint a false fantasy of us and sell it to someone else?

How dare you

Treat me like a peasant while I treated you like a king?

How dare you

Disrespectful a women who wanted nothing more but for you to conquer this world?


Happy International Women’s Day

It is well aware that TODAY, March 8th is International Women’s day! Where for this day, women from today, tomorrow, and from yesterday be recognized all over for their endless attributions for change, rather it be in the United States who fought for women’s right to vote and continue to fight for so many things! Or to those in small, unknown nations like Eritrea who contributed much of their efforts to bring Independence to Eritrea. And in Eritrea, today is  H U G E day! During Eritrea’s 30 year war for Independence with Ethiopia, 30% of the fighter in the EPLF (Eritrean People Liberation Front) were made of up women! Which is a sacrifice these women were willing to make to see Eritrea as an Independent nation! 23 years later, and Eritrea is making great changes in terms women now taking more leadership roles, owning businesses, becoming doctors, and so much more. Of course, Eritrea’s perspective of women through cultural means may not go with the current times, but these amazing women will and can conquer it all! So to not only the phenomenal women of my family like my mother who also fought in the war, but to everyone else is mother, aunt, cousin, grandmother, ETC you inspiring women are forever grateful to us. And for this who did not live to see as a free nation, may you shine down on us and continue to watch us prosper in achieving the goals and dreams you had for us.

AGAIN, Happy International Women’s Day to not only the women of Eritrea, but to women all over the world who are still fighting their way to the top!