watch the video it's great omg!


please watch this LazyTown video I found.
it’s so good omg

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aaaaa your blog is so pretty and paint mixing is so nice but i have ADHD and my attention span is so short i can't ever watch one of these to the end :'( i absolutely adore your blog though!!!! it's great!!!

duuudee i totally get it omg,, i have adhd too and im literally incapable of tagging videos when im off my meds cause focusing on the video for a whole minute is. impossible for my shit brain. but actually!! i started a new tag a little bit ago called #short for videos less than 30 seconds!! i figured it would make life easier for my fellow adhders.. i dunno if that would work for you or not but i thought id bring it up just in case!

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any good yoonseok posts (with reasons for shipping) or pics?

  • ya omg i have a yoonseok tag that u should check out for a+ content :^)
  • but first and foremost u should totally read THIS post bc it explains their relationship in such a beautiful way!!!
  • THIS is also an amazing compilation post that sums them up perfectly!!
  • THIS is a great post as well!!!
  • THIS VIDEO is honestly my favorite video on entire youtube the way it’s created and the music and the clips just omg im crying when everytime i watch it hagfshfg its so beautiful PLEASE GO WATCH IT!!!!!! 
  • THIS! FKN!! FANCAM!!! of hoseok moaning during yoongi’s part in cypher pt. 3!
  • their first impression of each other
  • they can recognize each other by their sighs
  • just the fact that they’re doing a v app show together and even created a shipname for themselves, sobi :’)
  • even the staff(?) has a picture of them in their office???
  • this bangtan bomb where they got eye contact for like 5 seconds and then both looked away at the same time??
  • SUGA free…? HOPE free!
  • back then when they were trainees, yoongi gave up spending new years eve with his family because hoseok was lonely in the dorm, so yoongi showed up at the dorm with chicken in his hand and decided to spend the time with hoseok instead.
  • their first interaction was based on yoongi caring about hoseok and telling him to go sleep in the room instead of the living room, and he thought hoseok looked pitiful when sleeping with the blanket tucked inside out.
  • one time when hoseok felt dizzy and had to leave practice, yoongi got so worried that he left the practice room earlier than planned to keep an eye on him in the dorm.
  • hoseok used to suffer from stress-induced enteritis, and yoongi often took him to the hospital to get an injection.
  • basically THIS whole interview :’’)
  • “thinking about it now, I have always been receiving energy from j-hope.” – yoongi
  • “if I was a girl, i would definitely fall in love [with yoongi]” – hoseok
  • “whenever im sad, i gain strength by looking at you.” – yoongi to hoseok
  • “jhope. his nice features are seemingly prominent these days.” – yoongi (when answering who matches “the most beautiful moment in life” the most)
  • “im thankful to j-hope for helping me with my stage movements during the rehearsal.” – yoongi (when answering who he’s thankful to in the last concert)
  • take a look at these vines: x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x
  • some nice gifsets: x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x 

and pic spam down below under the cut  :^)

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six movies i can watch anytime

Thank you @breaking-this-fixation  for tagging me! 💖💖 This is a great tag and I enjoyed doing it alot

1. Trainspotting

Although it is quite dark and hard to watch at sometimes, this is one of my all time favourite films. What I love about this is the way that humour is intertwined with portraying the grim reality of drug addiction and what I found while watching it was you really come attached to the characters. Ewan McGregor is amazing and omg the Scottish accents are just heaven to listen too. The soundtrack is impeccable, one of the best I have ever heard. 

2. Spiceworld: The Movie

This is a film I watched so much in my childhood and even now I still love to watch it for the nostalgia. The acting isn’t that great but its still a great watch. Who doesnt secretly love this film? Certain scenes bring back so many memories and I think I still have it on video lol

3. Matilda

Another childhood film, I cant recall how many times I have watched this. The Trunchbull used to scare the shit out of me and OH GOD when Matilda is in her house and the Trunchbull is looking for her…the most tense moment of my childhood and I am still on edge watching it today. 

4. All the Shrek films

Usually when sequels are released they are shit but Shrek is an exception, all of them are amazing and how the fuck can you not love these films, meme central

5. Anchorman films

Steve Carell is absolutely incredible in these films, he makes me cry with laughter. 100% guaranteed to lift your mood I love this series so much

6. Mean Girls

I never get sick of this film, its comedy gold and so iconic. The best film of the 00′s imo.

I tag @assasins @spiral-static @140smashedguitars @in-a-shrinking-universe @briellamy @themproject00

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over the last week or so I've binge watched all your videos, you're great! Also it's cuz of you I watched the poto 25th anniversary and I'm now obsessed (wish I'd never bothered with that butler atrocity) Anyway, keep up the good work!

I know multiple people who watched the 2004 movie and were all “Eh, I don’t get what the big deal is” and then saw RAH and went “OMG I UNDERSTAND NOW.” So while the RAH does have its faults, it does have that going for it.

Anyway, thanks for the views and glad you’re enjoying!

old school Phil videos are simultaneously so weird and so endearing like his voice his hair the randomness of his videos is all so much to take in omg but at the same time it’s so so precious. like listening to his little accent and the lilt of his voice and musing at how ridiculously long his hair used to be like pls. what a sweetheart.