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i. everyone’s watching, who’s gonna take the throne? everyone’s watching, who’s gonna run the show? ii. i’m little but i’m coming for the title, held by everyone who’s up iii. i’m the whole trinity iv. i can feel it in my bones, hear it rumble like a drum, like a vapor in the wind, you never see us creeping in v. if i wanted it, i could get it right now, put you on your knees, take what i could vow vi. i don’t want to be your girl, i want to be your gun vii. it can be suicide, not to hide but show one’s true colours viii. i can play hard, catch me at the bar, you fuckin’ with a star ix. tell me no, i say yes, i was chosen, and i will deliver the explosion x. empires fall and i’m what’s left, an empress to rule them all, i know i’m ready

The Mad Kings: The Old Lion IV


The private dining room in the upper floors of the Red Keep brought back many memories. He had been a cupbearer in King Aegon V’s court, a trusted friend of the prince during Jaehaerys II’s rule, and the Hand of the King once Aerys II took the throne. He had watched Rhaegar go from a babe in his mother’s arms to a man grown, had followed Rhaella’s many lost pregnancies, and had seen Viserys as a toddler, all in this room.

Tywin was no longer a guest of the king, an outsider privileged to see into the private lives of the royal family. This was his family, Cersei fawning over her son, Joffrey whinging at the slightest provocation, and Margaery Tyrell the most composed of all of them, tucked into her chair in hopes of being overlooked. Tywin had seated himself at the head of the table, torn between delight that Tyrion was not present to drink himself senseless, and discontent that Jaime was missing as well. It had taken him seventeen years to get his heir back; he had not intended to send him away so soon.

Although he rarely overate, Tywin found himself taking a second portion of the boar ribs while he entertained conversation with the queen. The girl is all of seventeen, three years older than her husband and far sweeter. Tywin had never wanted a tame king, but of late he thought he would sooner his father be king than his grandson. At least Tytos would listen to reason or allow himself to be sidestepped, Joffrey seemed determined to put himself in the center of everything and listen to no one.

“When is the prince due?”

“In five months, Lord Tywin,” she smiled at him, glowing as she lay a hand over her stomach, “I pray to the gods daily for a son with his father’s eyes.”

“Ah, grandfather, have I told you?” Joffrey had been gossiping with his mother, but the boy turned with a prideful grin. “I have chosen a name for my son. He will be called Gerold, after the Lannister kings of old.”

“It is a fine name,” Cersei cooed over the boy, but the name gives Tywin pause.

“Gerold is a Westerlands name, I had thought you meant to name the boy after your father’s house. Steffon, perhaps,” Tywin had heard enough rumors about his elder children for a lifetime, he needed no reason for the smallfolk to whisper more.  

“Steffon is hardly a name for a king,” Joffrey sneered, “my father was a stupid, vicious man. He did not deserve to be a king, and he does not deserve for my son to carry his father’s name.”

Chapter Nineteen


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Tyrion had a morbid fascination with dragons. When he had first come to King’s Landing for his sister’s wedding to Robert Baratheon, he had made it a point to seek out the dragon skulls that had hung on the walls of Targaryen’s throne room. King Robert had replaced them with banners and tapestries, but Tyrion had persisted until he found the skulls in the dank cellar where they had been stored.

He had expected to find them impressive, perhaps even frightening. He had not thought to find them beautiful. Yet they were. As black as onyx, polished smooth, so the bone seemed to shimmer in the light of his torch. They liked the fire, he sensed. He’d thrust the torch into the mouth of one of the larger skulls and made the shadows leap and dance on the wall behind him. The teeth were long, curving knives of black diamond. The flame of the torch was nothing to them; they had bathed in the heat of far greater fires. When he had moved away, Tyrion could have sworn that the beast’s empty eye sockets had watched him go.  

(Tyrion II, A Game of Thrones)

anonymous asked:

Different anonymous. You said in your answer about the Dance that the guilt of the war of succession was essentially from Viserys I. My question is this: even if Viserys I had solved the question of succession, what would Daemon look like? I do not see a scenario in which even if the question of succession was successful, Daemon would gladly accept it. Rhaenyra or Aegon, I believe he would make Westeros bleed for the throne. Do you agree? (Sorry for the english!)

You’re right to say that Daemon would have always been a problem. Daemon Targaryen wanted power and was amazingly unscrupulous in how he achieved power. There is no scenario in which Daemon would have sat back contentedly and watched either Rhaenyra or Aegon II take the throne without involving himself in some way. Unfortunately, how Daemon would have actually gotten involved is a question without an answer, because there are any number of actions Viserys, and subsequently Daemon, could have taken. While some of those might well have been violent - Daemon would almost certainly have turned to war if Aegon II had been the acknowledged heir - others may have been, well, less so, if no less harmful overall (if Viserys I had never remarried and made Rhaenyra his heir, Daemon might have tried to marry her straightaway and rule as her co-monarch when her father died).  

That being said, Viserys took an already-bad situation and made it exponentially worse. Instead of limiting the problems that would arise at his death, Viserys made sure to increase them; each faction had multiple adults eager for victory and multiple dragons to bring about large-scale destruction. Viserys saw the Daemon Problem and added to it with the conflict between Rhaenyra and Aegon II, and for that, I think he’s a pretty terrible king.

Fancast #2

It’s a long story but I watched Empire on Fox as part of my day job and I’m pleasantly surprised to see a primetime soap based on Shakespeare’s King Lear about a hip hop record label (with a bunch of  Kehinde Wiley and Basquiat paintings floating in the background no less) do so well on network TV. A few years back I had an idea for a hip hop adaptation of my favorite Shakespeare play and one of the greatest plays ever written, MacBeth. The story goes: three witches tell MacBeth of his future as king and he and Lady MacBeth force their hand by killing King Duncan and anyone else in the way. This includes MacBeth’s bestie Banquo, who also had his future told to him but knew how to leave well enough alone. MacBeth and Lady Macbeth rule over Scotland but descend into madness from guilt, hallucinating ghosts and uncleanable bloodstains, then they die. Lady MacBeth commits suicide and MacBeth’s treason catches up with him when MacDuff, a Scottish thane who never bought a word MacBeth said, kills him in a sword fight. I think this play could work as a concept record, specifically a sequel to Jay-Z and and Kanye West’s 2011 classic Watch The Throne. Kendrick Lamar and Ghostface along with Adrian Younge have already released a couple stone cold classic rap operas for this decade, but Kanye’s never told an album long story and I’ve always wondered how he would approach that. So I’m fancasting MacBeth with rappers now, I call it Watch The Throne II: Throne of Blood as a nod to Akira Kuroswa’s MacBeth adaptation of the same name.  I know I teased a South Park cast last time I did this but I decided I’d rather do this one first. I wrote a sad black people post last month and now I would like to counterbalance that with something positive. Deal with it.

Kanye West as MacBeth

MacBeth is completely in line with the publics image of Kanye West as well as Kanye’s self image. MacBeth is an ambitious, power hungry, and prideful king who’s too caught up to ever appreciate his kingdom and so is Yeezy. MacBeth has his future handed to him on a silver platter and only manages to set himself up for a fall. Kanye had a dream he could buy his way to heaven, when he awoke he spent it on a necklace. They both have deep insecurities that humanize them, but while Kanye made having feelings a thing that rappers could do, MacBeth, being a eleventh century king of Scotland, buries his emotions deeper throughout the course of the play until there’s nothing but murderous hatred. I think everyone is down with Kanye portraying an anti-hero. He’s already a wicked king in many of people’s eyes, but to feed off of that and get into character like a rap game Daniel Day-Lewis would be the best kind of terrifying.

Nicki Minaj as Lady MacBeth

Lady MacBeth wants to be queen worse than MacBeth wants to be king, she’s more ruthless than him, she’s basically his murder coach. He’s killed countless men on the battlefield but cowers at the idea of killing the guy who told him to kill them all. Lady MacBeth gives no such fuck, she’s a gracious host to King Duncan knowing full well he won’t survive the night, she even drugs the guards and smears blood on them to make it look like they did it. When it all comes crashing down however, she loses it the hardest. Nicki Minaj’s whole thing is switching personas on a dime mid-song, you can call it gimmicky but not if you’re praising Kendrick Lamar as a genius when he does it. She can go from ruthless, to fake-gracious, to certifiably insane on a record in a way that a lot of actors would be afraid to do on stage.

Jay Z as King Duncan

King Duncan is a good old fashioned benevolent king, he’s the totally fictional ideal of what a king should be. As a result, he isn’t particularly dynamic, but then neither is Jay Z. Jay Z is more figurehead than identity now, he was good, he got better, became one of the best but never really went out there musically and just kind of settled into his legacy status. I know Jay Z is one half of Watch The Throne and Duncan doesn’t live past the second act of a five act play, but if they kept his early appearances memorable, let him really soak in his reputation as the “greatest rapper alive”, and maybe take the liberty of bringing him back later in the album with Banquo when MacBeth is seeing ghosts it would do enough to make his presence satisfying and necessary. Beetlejuice was only in fifteen minutes of Beetlejuice, folks.

Q-Tip as Banquo

Just as Banquo learns he will never be king from the three witches , Q-Tip never got the mainstream success he sought after the dissolution of A Tribe Called Quest. Banquo is told that his son Fleance will be the first in a line of kings, which gives him importance in retrospect, and because of ATCQs influence, Q-Tip has inherited the same kind of retroactive adoration in the mainstream today. Banquo isn’t as quick to buy into these predictions as MacBeth so instead of tempting fate he just lets things happen. He winds up dead, but his kid gets away. Q-Tip’s Banquo would provide a too chill for his own good offset to the absolute absence of chill that is Kanye’s MacBeth.

Willow Smith as Fleance

I’m not trying to say that Willow Smith is the future of hip hop by casting her as the eventual ruler of Scotland. Fleance is just a kid whose dad died in front of him, he’s not king yet, he only has two lines in the play, there’s more talk of him than from him. I’ve been impressed with some of Williow’s moody teenage SoundCloud mopings and I wanted to pick a very young person who’s likely to be around for a decade or two for this glorified guest spot. Even if she stops making music, I figure Willow will be around for a long ass time in some capacity or another.

Kendrick Lamar as MacDuff

MacDuff is checks and balances. On the night Duncan is killed MacDuff grief stricken but still the most astute guy in the room. He questions MacBeth after he kills Duncan’s guards but before he can go in depth Lady MacBeth faints, at which point he’s sharp enough to realize something is up and leaves the country in the morning to handle business with Duncan’s sons. Kendrick is not only a clever observer in his own right, he’s Kanye’s only credible challenger. There’s one rapper working today with personal vision and universal critical acclaim on par with Kanye, and he isn’t on GOOD Music, but he opened on the Yeezus tour because he belonged there and Kanye knew it. He needed an opener that he would be competing with every night he followed him in order to elevate his performance. That’s the guy that ultimately winds up taking you out.

Jhene Aiko as Lady MacDuff

Lady MacDuff is really only around to question why her husband took off without her and the kids before they’re all killed by MacBeth’s hit men. She gets just enough time and characterization in her scene to make us feel remorse when she’s murdered. That’s enough for one track, Jhene Aiko calls to ask Kendrick why he disappeared and she gets killed as he’s warning her. It’d be a tight little self contained story. Jhene Aiko really blew up in 2011 when she was collaborating heavily with TDE rappers. Because I became familiar with her during this period, she will always be the Nate Dogg of Top Dog to me. However, she and Kendrick never really made anything too outstanding together, and it’s clear they have the ability, all they need is a strong concept.

Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill, and Lizzo as the Weird Sisters

Weird Sisters, damn, that name is too perfect for this. In truth, of all the casting choices I wrestled with while writing this (oh man, maybe Pharrell or FlyLo should have been Banquo), the Weird Sisters were the most difficult. Missy Elliot, Rihanna, and Sia didn’t make the cut, at one point I even considered Destiny’s Child (or hell, Outkast and Cee-Lo or Killer Mike). The other day I heard a Queen Latifah mix on the radio and I considered going back to the drawing board, but there can only be three. I decided I needed three women that could rap and sing with equal measure and I needed them to be suitably weird. Erykah Badu and Lauren Hill should be obvious to you, they both have otherworldly vibes and as artists they can’t be pinned as hip-hop or R&B or neo-soul because they transcended all of those things. So why Lizzo? Sometimes you just see that spark in a person, like maybe it hasn’t entirely clicked yet for them but there’s enough there that you know when it does they could be a game changer. These were my feelings on Lizzo when I saw her on Letterman last year. Her album was a lot of fun and deserved more attention, she is fearlessly weird, and if she was partnered with two legends like Hill and Badu, she’d have to sink or swim. These three are the witches who talk to MacBeth in riddles and visions which he interprets as “kill a bunch of people to stay on top”. On an album, they can provide an even better Greek chorus than they do in the play. They don’t necessarily need to be limited to three appearances. They could provide small punctuations throughout the proceedings to provide narration or to further haunt the protagonist.

Pusha T as Ross/Lennox the other thanes

Ross is the messenger and that’s pretty much it. He tells MacBeth he’s been promoted to Thane of Cawdor and he tells Siward his son has died in battle. He also tells Lady MacDuff why her husband is gone, then tells MacDuff she’s been murdered, but we have phones now, so I say we leave that one to Kendrick and Jhene Aiko. Lennox is sort of a goon who jumps to whoever’s team is winning, he defects to MacDuff and Malcolm after he figures out how bloodthirsty MacBeth is, but not right after, he feigns loyalty until the right time. Obviously, Pusha T is not a man who feigns loyalty but he fits right in there as a sort of friend to the throne. If you combine the two characters he gets to be both noble and perceptive. The other two thanes, Menteith and Caithness, are just two guys who are ready to ride on MacBeth at the end, that’s definitely in Pusha T’s wheelhouse.

Earl Sweatshirt and Chief Keef as Malcolm and Donalbain

The King’s sons leave the country the night he’s murdered. Donalbain doesn’t say much in the play, but it’s his idea to leave. Malcolm is bothered by the whole scene and especially by the fact that he and Donalbain are the least upset of anyone there, so he agrees and puts together an army while he’s away in England. Donalbain goes to Ireland and does whatever. To me that’s Chief Keef on house arrest and Earl in boarding school. Malcolm has to grow up fast while he’s in exile, so did Earl when he was sent to a Samoan reform school for troubled boys. The disparity between Earl and Doris makes it clear, he went from a kid making rape jokes in his songs to having to work with victims of sexual abuse. Both Earl and Malcolm have a kind of “can I do this?” moment before they decide that they very much can. Donalbain doesn’t have a plan like his brother but you can tell he’s grimier because after their dad is killed he says “Let’s away; Our tears are not yet brew'd”, that’s some gangster shit to say after such an occurrence. I bet when he went to Ireland he just made mix tapes with his friends and smoked weed and rode four wheelers all day until things died down. As for Malcolm taking the crown in the end, Sterling Plumpp, the poet who introduced Earl’s parents, wrote a poem about Earl when he was born called “Poet: for Thebe Neruda”, a line towards the end reads: “How you gon do anything but rule?”

Nas as Siward

Siward is Duncan’s brother and the man who provides Malcolm with an army for his return to Scotland. Who do you call when you need to avenge the death of Jay Z? Beanie Sigel? Freeway? Memphis Bleek? The answer is clearly Nas. Part of the reason Nas and Jay Z’s feud was so engrossing was how personal it felt at times. In the third verse of “Ether”, after straight up calling Jay his brother and saying he loves him. Nas says “They called you ugly? Well life is harsh, hug me” because he knew that most women thought t Jay was too ugly for them before he blew up and that’s why he was always bashing women on his records. Then he offers a him hug because he realizes it’s still very much a sore spot and he maybe went a little low, that’s more brotherly than simply calling him his brother. 

Migos as the Murderers

These are the guys that MacBeth hires to Kill Banquo, Lady MacDuff, and their kids. MacBeth seems pretty adamant about convincing them they want to do it too. Not just to move up the ladder, but because Banquo has supposedly ruined their lives. He’s talking to himself though, the murderers are desperate men who are there to get paid. If Kanye promised the world to Migos and tried to get in their head, I doubt it would work on them the way it would on someone with pretensions like Childish Gambino’s. Migos are trap to the core, and trap is what the majority rap is right now. Migos do the feature, you pay them, that’s it. They grew up listening to Hot Boys and Master P, you can’t glamour them with sonically rich musical interludes and whatnot.

Danny Brown as The Porter

The Porter shows up after Duncan dies as comic relief. He’s drunk and going on about hell and how he’s suffering from that mentally horny but physically impotent kind of inebriation. I don’t know that there’s ever been a rapper who’s drug intake was as tied to his persona as Danny Brown. One day we’ll think of him the way our parents think of Keith Richards or Rick James. He’s also a huge music nerd, so I’m sure he’s more than capable of giving us his answer to “Too Drunk To Fuck.”

I recently watched Nicholas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives. It was an awful movie, but it still did a good job of illustrating how you can have a well known work like MacBeth inspire your story without being a direct adaptation, or even a loose one.  Empire uses the skeleton of a familiar story as a jump off point to do it’s own thing. As a result, television now has its first genuine black anti-hero. I know I stayed pretty close to the narrative when describing this but if it actually happened I would want it to be more influenced by MacBeth than just a straightforward hip hop-centric retelling. Does anyone remember Carmen: A Hip Hopera? Let’s never let anything like that happen again.