watch the thing and you see tao drinking from a bottle of something with kais face on it

Good Girl Ch 23: Night Out With Jihyo

“No,” Yoongi deadpans, answering Jihyo on my behalf.

“I’m not asking you,” She glares at our oppa.

“I’m just giving you the answer that you are going to receive from all twelve men. They would rather saw off their own foots before they hand Joo-ya over to you.”

She huffs cutely, looking to me for help, “Joojoo, you want to go out right?”

I sigh, debating on whether or not lying would do anything for me, knowing Jihyo she would twist it around so that it was my idea in the first place. I nod, “I want to go.”

“Great you convinced Joo noona, now you have all our hyungs,” Kookie teases.

“Why are those bastards so strict, you guys get to see her outside of school but god forbid me to see her at school half the time?”

“Maybe because the last time you guys went out, you ended up in a club that had to close because of a shoot out,” Hoseok reminds her.

“Because of that night they got to meet her, they should be grateful,” She snaps back.

“Please tell them that,” Namjoon laughs.

“Fine.” She stands up from her seat, a determined look on her face, that never ends with something good.

“Fine what?” I question, standing up with her.

“I’m going to go tell them that they owe me one night out with you. It has been two months since you’ve lived those bastards and I want my Joo back.” She huffs as she charges away from the table towards the hall. I wave to our oppas and dongseangs before following her out of the lounge. She is quietly plotting in her head, I feel kind of terrified for whoever she is in search of, Jihyo is not someone I would want to be on the wrong side of. But as she heads to Suho’s office I begin to fear for myself at the battle that could happen. I block the doors with my body, being dramatic as possible hoping to crack the bitch face she is wearing, but no luck.

“Ji-ya please don’t start a fight with our headmaster,” I beg.

“No Joo, I’m tired of them getting all of your time and attention, I get you for three hours five days out of the week and we are in class at the time so it doesn’t count,” I want to laugh at how she argued the same as I do with my daddies.

The door behind me busts open to reveal six of my daddies; five are wearing the uniform while Suho is looking wonderful in a three-piece suit. They beam at me at first, that is until they see Jihyo glaring at them behind me.

“What is going on?” Chanyeol questions as he comes over to kiss the top of my head.

“I’m here to speak with the headmaster,” Jihyo walks past Chanyeol, she grabs my hand to drag me away from the, now angry, giant. She makes me sit in one of the two chairs in front of Suho’s desk while she sits in the other, completely ignoring the six men glaring at her.

“Is everything okay Joo-ya?” Kyungsoo questions coming to my side to give me a once over. I nod, giving him a small smile, my anxiety begins rising as the others gather around the desk, Suho is in his seat scanning me as well.

“I’m here to talk about Jooyoung getting out for a night. Since you are her guardian while she’s in school I wanted to ask you to please approve my request,” Her politeness towards Suho calms me slightly.

“May I ask what you would be doing during this night out?” Suho asks as he mindlessly plays with a pen, his eyes are focused on an unwavering Jihyo. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy Jihyo’s ice princess mood, where even six glaring gangsters can’t make her face falter.

“I want to celebrate her upcoming birthday, but since I’ve been told a dozen times by my friends that she would be busy that day I want to do it next weekend. We are going to get dressed up and go to dinner.” I try no to laugh at the bullshit coming out of her mouth.

“She already has plans next weekend,” Suho tells us. I raise a brow at him, I was not aware of this. He notices my confusion, “Since your normal appointment with Mr. Jiyong happens to fall on your birthday we discussed it so that we get you on your birthday and he gets you the whole weekend,” I can tell he’s annoyed with the last put but I can’t help but laugh, making every face in the room soften.

“Suho oppa, please, how about just for tonight. You guys can drop me off at her house and pick me up in the morning, no big deal,” I give him my best aegyo that always makes the cute man cave.

“Can you bring Kai and Sehun along at least?” Suho bargains.

“No,” Jihyo and I say together, earning frowns from the men.


“Because we can’t be ourselves with those two creeping over Joo’s shoulder,” Ji glares at the two boys on my right.

“I’m actually going to agree with Jihyo on this guys, I’m sorry,” I give them an apologetic smile.

“What about Jin and his boys?” Tao suggests.

Jihyo crosses her arms over her chest, “They are sitting at a different table.”

“Are you guys seriously letting me go?” I would be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised.

“Are you really that surprised?” Kyungsoo chuckles at the sight of my wide eyes.

“You go out every Tuesday with Mr. Kwon, Miss. Jihyo is a much safer option. Plus you’ve been doing really well in school, and you have been really well behaved. You deserve it,” Suho’s smile warms me.

“I don’t thing the other hyungs are going to agree,” Sehun looks somewhat apologetic.

“How about you go home with Miss. Jihyo and we will deal with the others, okay?” Suho’s kindness is starting to throw me off, something is up but I can’t talk about it now with Jihyo beaming at me.

“You and the others made it sound like they keep locked in there like a prison,” Jihyo laughs.

The men raise their brow at me, I glare at the stupid girl, “I do not, they’re strict. At least they usually are.” I scan each man, noticing how tense they are I decide it’s none of my business, especially since it probably has to do with their business. “Thank you guys, I guess I’ll be borrowing Jihyo’s clothes tonight.”

“I have an outfit picked out for you anyway,” Jihyo jumps to her feet, already excited about tonight. “And it’s not like we wear pajamas to sleep anyway, too hot.”

Again I feel all eyes on me, “Okay, Jihyo since we got what we wanted we should go before the boys start to worry.” I jump to my feet and begin pulling the smiling girl behind me, I shove her out first before looking over my shoulder to blow a kiss to my daddies and mouth I love you. They catch my kiss, Jihyo pulls me out of the room right after, not giving me the chance to hear it back from them.

“That was a lot easier than expected,” I think out loud to myself.


“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I chuckle as we stand outside the restaurant that has become my weekly regular.

“What, have you been here before?” Jihyo hands her keys off to the valet who bows deeply to me, Jihyo is obviously confused at the sudden movement. I quickly pull her along, entering the lobby with our arms hooked. It feels weird being there with the hushed conversations of strangers and the hustle and bustle of more than one server. There are women in beautiful dresses and men in neat suits, I’m grateful Jihyo had picked out a simple black dress to match the jewelry I refused to take off. We walk up to the pretty young hostess who is staring down at her reservation list, glancing at the line of fancy customers I can’t imagine it’s easy to get a reservation here.

“Table for Song Jihyo,” My friend says with the utmost confidence in her name.

Without looking up the woman says, “We had issues with reservations so please take a seat, we will call you when a table is ready.” Jihyo has never looked so offended, I could see the fire burning in her eyes as she prepares to snap back.

I step in, “How about a table for Kim Jooyoung?” The girl’s head snaps up to stare at me in aw and horror.

“I’m so sorry Miss. Kim, please come this way.” She automatically scoops up two menus and leads a dumbstruck Jihyo and I into the main dining room. I’m happy to be set at my usual table that is the only open table in the whole restaurant. Jihyo sits across from me, still confused, the pretty girl sets down the menus before bowing deeply and scampering away.

“What the hell?” She breathes after a few minutes.

“You know the Mr. Kwon I have appointments with every Tuesday?”

She nods.

“He owns the place. We come here every week for dinner.”

“How the hell?” She huffs cutely. “Is that the reasons the boys said they would meet us after dinner?”

I shrug, “Probably, they are close with my oppas and my oppas are not a fan of Mr. Kwon.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting Miss. Jooyoung,” Junhoe, the waiter from my first night here, beams at me. He has been here every time Jiyong and I have come and has become somewhat of an acquaintance. In his hands is my favorite bottle of whine from Jiyong’s stash in the back just for us, two-glass limit for me.

“Oh no Junhoe, that’s not for us, Oppa wouldn’t want me to drink it without him. Could we have something else?” I feel bad turning it down but I feel worse doing it without Jiyong.

“Are you sure?”

I nod, “Some other kind would be great.”

“I’ll be back.” The blonde giant rushes off to find something else.

“Does he know how old we are?” Jihyo watches the man go.

I shrug, “They never asked so I think it’s kind of a don’t ask questions thing. Since my oppa doesn’t mind, they shouldn’t.”

“You have all the connections now, I’m jealous,” She teases.

“It’s fun to be the top dog for once,” We laugh, but our joking is cut short by my phone buzzing on the table. Looking down I see a text from Jiyong.

Take the wine.

Love, Oppa

P.S. Happy early birthday!

P.P.S. You look so beautiful

I chuckle at the message but pause for a minute before scanning the restaurant, only to come up empty. Junhoe returns with the same bottle in hand, horror on the poor man’s face.

“I must insist on the wine,” He basically begs.

“We will take the wine, sorry for troubling you,” I hold out my glass that he happily accepts. Jihyo watches him with predator like eyes as he fills her glass, setting it down in front of her once he is done.

“And for dinner?” He smiles at us.

“I haven’t had the chance to look,” I watch Jihyo as she does her little flirty thing as I scan the menu myself.

“I’m your personal server so if you need any suggestions I’m here to help.”

“Oh my, who are you screwing to get such amazing treatment?” Jihyo whispers as Junhoe goes back to the kitchen.

“Jiyong oppa is a really good friend, he reminds me of you,” I swat at her.

She grins, “Me? Oh my, please jump on that, if not, let me do it. I doubt he would go for me. Every single one of your oppas avoids me like the plague, it’s very insulting. But what makes you think of me when you see him?”

I laugh at the thought, “He likes to buy me things no matter how many times I tell him no. He likes making my oppas jealous. A constant flirt. You both love the fabulous things in life. There are no secrets between us, Jiyong answers any question I ask him. Your personalities are just so a like it freaks me out some times.”

“Has he offered to runaway with you to Paris? If so, I will fight him on it.”

“I stopped that idea before he could even think about it.”

She laughs, “I’m happy you have been able to become such a social butterfly. To think you used to only talk to me and the boys, now you have a line of suitors fighting to get your attention.”

“They aren’t really fighting.” I laugh awkwardly.

“What are you getting?” She mindlessly changes the subject as she scans the menu.

“I don’t know, I usually get the steak but I’m feeling daring.”

“Should we just let them pick?”

I nod, waving Junhoe over when the nervous boy sticks his head out of the kitchen doors. “We decided to let the chef pick.”

I don’t know why but this seems to make him nervous, “Are you sure? I can suggest something, maybe narrow down your options.”

“Are you afraid we won’t like it and complain to your boss?” Jihyo can automatically tell what is wrong with him.

The boy stares at the ground nervously, “Yes.”

I sigh, pulling out my phone I dial Jiyong’s number, he picks up on the second ring, “Who do I need to kill?”

I laugh, “I didn’t know I needed to prepare that list, give me a couple days to get back to you with that.”

“What can I do for my beautiful Joo?”

“I was wondering what suggestions you have.”

“Is Junhoe giving you bad service?”

“No, no, of course not, he is very wonderful and patient, I just feel bad making the poor man nervous.” I give Junhoe an apologetic smile. “And since I don’t want anyone else being blamed for bad food I figured I would call the boss.”

“Option 7.”

“I’ll trust you.”

“Have fun on your night out. I really like that dress, you should bring it along next week.”

“How do you know what I look like?” I scan the restaurant again.

“Look up and to your left.” Following his directions I see a camera hooked to the ceiling. “Wave.”

I laugh waving to the camera, “Thank you for the suggestion, now get back to work. I’ll see you next week.” I hang up before looking back at a dumbstruck Junhoe.

“No matter how many times I see you talking to him it is always so strange,” He says without thinking.

“Is he really that cold normally?” Jihyo barely understands what’s going on.

Junhoe and I both nod, “Mr. Kwon is a scary man. Unless he’s talking to Miss. Jooyoung, then he becomes a completely different person.”

“I tend to do that to people. Jiyong oppa said option 7.” Junhoe nods before returning to the kitchen.

“I wonder if he’s single,” Jihyo wonders.

“I can ask Junhoe when he comes back if you are that interested.”

She shakes her head, “I mean Jiyong. He does all this stuff for you, you guys talk so casually, is he your boyfriend?”

“No, just a friend. Like I said, a male version of you.”

She doesn’t seem to buy it, “You love me, so how could you not want to date the male version of me?”

I sip my wine as I try my best to ignore her question. Jiyong is not part of that group, at least I don’t think he is. As I try to figure out whether or not I should consider him an actual suitor or just a friendly flirt our food arrives. But even with a subject change and delicious food in front of me I can’t seem to get my mind off the gangster.


“This wasn’t part of the plan Ji,” I groan as I’m dragged into the mansion that belongs to one of our classmates. The tall beauty looks back at me and beams.

“You didn’t expect me to tell them we were going to a party, did you?” With her hand still latched to mine I have no choice but to follow her threw the crowd of drunken teenagers. God I hate parties, filled with nothing buy snotty rich kids I feel out of place. “We’ll get a few drinks in you and things will be fine.”

“I’m already buzzed, I don’t think I need anymore. How about you go have fun and dance, I’m going to call the boys to come find us?” I try to shake her hand away with no luck.

“We are partying together, we are going to drink, dance, possibly make out, who knows, anything is possible.”

We find the drinks table that is filled with all kinds of expensive liquor that kids probably stole from the their careless parents or had an employee buy for them. I stupidly let Jihyo mix my drink while I stare at the beautiful house that is getting destroyed. It feels like a club with the flashing lights and the crazy bass that makes me tremble, there is a massive amount of bodies that are grinding together on the dance floor. I’m reminded of the last time I went out with Jihyo two months ago where we got shot at and I found my daddies. And as much as I love the situation I’m in with them, I would prefer not to add another guys to my list of mafia related friends or I guess boyfriends when I comes to my daddies.

She hands me the red cup filled with some blue horrible smelling liquid and I already want to throw up after one sip. Again, she grabs my hand and leads me away towards the dance floor. Thankfully we stopped at her house to change into something less formal, I found myself in a familiar leather skirt and crop top. My eyes scan the mansion for any sign of my daddies, figuring they could send Kai or Sehun to follow me but I would definitely know if they were here. There would be screaming or fainting girls at the sight of them outside of school which is apparently the rarest thing imaginable that this school. But once I think about it, it makes sense since they spend all of their free time at home with their brothers and me.

“Ya!” Jihyo yells bringing me out of my mind. “Dance, stop standing there like a deer in headlights.” She grabs my hips and begins moving them for me, making me realize she has already downed her toxic drink and is most likely feeling it. Great, guess we’re stuck here since I already know I can’t drive. She gives me her puppy dog eyes that give me no choice but to move my hips to the music. Of course she constantly encourages me to drink, not wanting to be alone in her drunkenness, and leave me alone in my sobriety. After about an hour my drink has been emptied and refilled three times, my feet hurt in my heels, Jihyo is a giggling mess, and I think we’re ready to go home.

“Oppa, oppa, oppa,” I sing to myself as I pull out my phone to call someone.

“Joo-ya, where are you?” Yoongi demands right when he picks up.

“Oppa! Why don’t you sound happy to hear from me?” I whine.

There is a brief pause before Jin comes on to the phone, “Joojoo, where are you?” He coos cutely.

“I’m not 100 percent sure, I asked Jihyo and she didn’t know, she just knew where the party was.”

“Okay, give us one second,” Again there is a pause of shushed talking and buttons being pressed. A few minutes pass of Jihyo and I mindlessly swaying to the music, beginning to feel tired. “We found you, now just go to the front door to wait for us.”

“Okay,” I sing before hanging up. “Come on my love,” I begin dragging Jihyo threw the party of already incredibly drunk teens, though I have no room to judge. I’m proud of myself for being able to stand at the point, especially with how sleepy I am.  We sit down in the foyer on the last few steps of the grand stair case since it’s still pretty cold out. Her head is on my shoulder, our hands our locked together as we wait. Even with the booming bass coming from behind us, I feel extremely peaceful right now, happy that Jihyo didn’t abandon me for once at one of these things.

“I’m sorry I dragged you here,” She slurs half asleep.

“I had fun actually, you are a lot more fun at these when you don’t wander away,” I tease.

“Ugh, I’m such a bad friend. I’m sorry I’ve been such a shitty friend.”

“You aren’t a shitty friend.”

She scoffs, “I have a bad habit of picking fuck boys over you, I have abandoned you at so many parties, I’m rude, and mean.”

“And you always come when I need you. You can tell the second I’m upset and try to fix it. You protect me from all the bitches at school who are jealous that Kai and Sehun are always around me. You can be a bitch sometimes, yes, but when it comes down to it, if I need you to drop what you’re doing and come rushing to me, you will. If I need an organ you would give me yours or find someone who matches me and make them do it.”

She busts out laughing at that, “I love you Joo.”

“I love you too Ji.” We sit there for a little longer, just enjoying each other’s presence, something we haven’t been able to do for a long time, when some guy comes over to us, setting my alarms off the moment he gives me a drunken smile.

“Hey there ladies, you look like you need someplace to crash, there are plenty of bedrooms upstairs. I could show you,” His drunken flirtation only annoys my little side.

“No thank you, we’re waiting for our friend,” I do my best to sound polite.

“Come on, I can show you a good time,” He purrs leaning on the stairs railing.

My tone is firmer this time, “We are waiting to go home with our friends, no thank you.”

He huffs, “This bitch is supposed to be easy, if you don’t wanna go, I’m at least taking her.” He reaches for Jihyo but I slap his hand away.

“Ya! You leave her alone!”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” He snaps.

Before I snap back with a bitchy response alarms begin screaming, not the ones in my head but actual police sirens. I don’t have time to fully understand what is going on when people start scrambling to leave or hide. The bastard who was hitting on us scatters as well. Jihyo is too out of it to even sit up fully as police officers begin flooding the mansion in their full gear. I just groan, not even caring enough at this point to get up until two officers stopped to help us up. That wakes Jihyo up, once she realizes we have been detached from each other she gets a little crazy.

“Where are you taking us?” She growls.

“The station until your parents can come get you,” The woman officer responds. We are placed in the back of a police car with some other girl before being driven away from the house.

“Joo,” Jihyo attempts at whispering, “My parents are out of town this week. Can you call yours?”

“Mine are off moving my sister.”

“What about your hot roommates? They can do it right? Call them!”


EXO Reactions: You tease them


Luhan came over to your house. He thought you two were gonna watch a movie. Which you were,but you had something planned. Halfway into the movie you started massaging his thigh. He shifted after a few minutes. You smirk to yourself and move your hand up his thigh slowly until you reach the waistband of his pants,you can hear his breath hitch in his throat as you dip your hand into his underwear and grab his already hard member,stroking it slowly. He moans and throws his head back and you quickly retract your hand from his pants and continue to watch the movie like nothing happened.


He was singing obnoxiously again. Thank god you and him were the only ones home at the moment. You loved Baekhyun and his voice but sometimes he’s just a little annoying. You decide it’s time for him to stop singing and make some new,more pleasing sounds. So you walk up to him and get on your knees in front of him. He stops singing and looks down at you lustfully. You smile innocently up at him and undo his pants. He watches you intently,awaiting your next move. You smirk and take him into your mouth. He moans and bucks his hips slightly,you pull him out of your mouth and lick the head slowly. Baekhyun moans loudly and leans against the kitchen counter for support. His knees are shaking as you suck on the head gently. He is about to cum but you pull away before he can and stand up,walking away with a smirk as he stares at you in shock.


You were in his “Private Studio” with him. He kept squeezing your thigh and being touchy with you. You have had enough of it. You decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. You stand up from your computer chair that was right beside his and sit on his lap, facing him. He licks his lips and places his hands on your hips. You smile at him and grind on him. He moans loudly and throws his head back on the chair he was sat in. You pick up a rhythm that makes him whimper and start panting. You suddenly climb off of him and head for the door,but before you can reach the door Chanyeol puts his hand on the wall and traps you. He looks into your eyes lustfully and whispers in his low,deep voice,

“We’re not done yet…”


You were at a fancy restaurant with Lay and his parents. You were getting bored with the conversation so you decide to tease him a little. While he was distracted with talking to his parents you slip a hand in his pants and massage his member through his underwear. You can see his eyes go wide and he bites his lip to keep from moaning. You act like you’re listening to his parents and respond when they talk to you. Lay is now silent and you and his parents are the only ones talking. His parents notice this and ask him about his sudden lack of words. While he is telling them his excuse you slip your hand into his underwear and grab hid hard member and start jerking him off at a fast pace. Lay struggles to speak correctly and accidentally lets a small moan escape his lips. He plays it off as a yawn. Thankfully his parents buy it.. He takes your hand out of his pants and stands up,grabbing your hand he tells his parents that he is too tired and that you and him were just gonna go home. They nod and you and him leave. Once you are in the car and are driving home he decides to get revenge and sneaks a hand under your dress.

“You’re in so much trouble…just wait until we get home baobei…”


Xiumin woke up before you,like always,and was sitting in the living room drinking coffee and watching TV. You walked into the living room wearing nothing but one of his plane t-shirts. When he sees you he almost spills his coffee. You smirk and walk over to him,he watched you with wide eyes as you take his coffee out of his hand and set it on the coffee table beside the couch he was sat on and climbed in his lap and straddled him. He noticed your lack of underwear and gulped as you tangled your hands in his hair as you kiss his neck gently. He moans and bucks his hips up so you feel the bulge in his jeans. You smirk and connect your lips to his. He kisses back roughly and lustfully as his hands slide from your waist to your hips. You suddenly get off of him and walk to your shared bedroom. He sits there for a moment before standing up and chasing after you while scrambling to get his clothes off. 


You were cooking in the kitchen in nothing but booty shorts and a tank top. Kris was watching you intently. He was getting turned on. You knew he was getting excited so you decide to bump it up a little bit. You open the refrigerator and bend over,looking on the bottom shelf for a bottle of water. His breath hitches in his throat as he sees you open the bottle and gently put it to your lips as you take a sip of it. He decides he can’t take anymore of your teasing and stands up from his chair at the dining table. He walks over and turns the oven containing the food you were making off and walks over to you. You pull the water bottle from your lips and look at him innocently. He looks at your slightly wet lips and then to your eyes. There was something looming in them. Something you have seen many times before. Something that sends chills down your spine. Lust. You suddenly got scared,Kris could be quite rough in bed. And he doesn’t like to be teased. You gulp. Maybe teasing him was a bad idea…


Tao had been ignoring you lately. You didn’t like to be ignored,especially when you…needed him. You needed him so badly. You have not been touched in over two weeks because of his busy schedule. You decided that on his day off today. You were gonna get what you wanted. No. You were gonna get what you needed. Tao was sitting on the couch chilling just scrolling through Instagram when you approach him. You stand in front of him and stare into his eyes intensely. He eventually looks up from his phone and locks his eyes with yours. 

“What is it?” He asks,slightly nervous from your stare.

You say nothing as you start to slowly take your clothes off. Right in front of him. He watches as your bra and panties hit the floor. His mouth hanging open and his eyes wide as he looks up and down your body. You smile innocently at him.

“I’m gonna go shower,okay?” You say as you tilt your head to the side slightly and smile innocently. Tao just stares at you still starstruck. You turn on your heels and start to walk down the hallway to the bathroom,swaying your hips slightly as you walk. It isn’t until you close the bathroom door and start the shower that Tao snaps out of his daze and jumps up from the couch,taking his clothes off quickly he walks to the bathroom you are in and enters it. Once he is in the shower with you and you look up at him he gives you a playful look before he pins you against the shower wall.

Teasing him was the best idea you’d ever had.


He was practicing the Artificial Love choreography. You wanted to learn new dances so you asked him if you could watch him. That was a big mistake because now you were rubbing your thighs together while watching him grind on a cane. Oh how you wished you could be that cane. He eventually asked you if you wanted to try for yourself. You nodded eagerly,you had the perfect plan. It’s time for Kai to get a taste of his own medicine. You had now come to the part where you are supposed to grind on the cane. You pretend the cane is Kai and grind hard. Letting your body roll and move in such a way that He can’t help but get excited when he watches you. He bites his lip as you close your eyes and let out a soft moan. Good thing you two were alone. because now he can do what he wants to you. He grabs you and lays you down on the floor. He gets on top of you and whispers in your ear.

“Let’s try a new dance,I think you’ll like it~”


You were frustrated. Why?. Because your boyfriend,Jongdae, was ignoring you when you needed him the most to watch a movie that Xiumin recommended. But that’s okay. You have reinforcements. You stand up and take your baggy shirt and pajama pants off to reveal some new lingerie you had just bought. You look over your shoulder and find Jongdae staring straight at you. You smirk and sit on his lap facing him. He gulps. You smile and play with his hair as you look into his eyes lustfully. His eyes darken as you connect your lips with his. He picks you up and carries you to the bedroom. Forgetting completely about the movie and focusing on something else. If you know what I mean~


You and D.O were cooking together. Something you often did together. D.O had only cooked the dish you were preparing a few times,so he still wasn’t confident about it. Which means that you were to taste it and tell him if it needed improving or not. You didn’t mind. You loved D.O’s cooking. The food was almost done when you turn to find a familiar spoon held up to your lips. You smile and take the spoon in your mouth. Moaning at the amazing taste covering your tongue. You look up and see that D.O is staring into your soul. What was wrong with him?

“What? do I have some food on my face?” You ask worriedly as you feel around on your face. Trying to find what he was staring at. He brings his hands up to yours and removes your hands from your face. He connects his lips with yours in a passionate kiss. You wrap your arms around his neck. His hands wander from your waist to your hips,rubbing them with his thumbs before moving down to your thighs and lifting you up and sitting you on the counter.

You both pull apart quickly as you hear the timer go off. Signaling that the food was done. D.O quickly turns the cooker off and takes the food and sets it on the table.

“You should eat,you’re gonna need your strength for later….” He says looking at you with a smug grin.

Aish. This boy will be the death of you one day. 


He was doing it again. He was being too sexy for his own good. He doesn’t even know how attractive he is being. Flipping his hair like that. Wearing a loose fitting t-shirt and tight blue jeans. You are having a hard time controlling yourself with him looking like that. You want to pounce on him and ride him into the sunset. But you can’t. Why? Because his parents are over. And that means you have to control yourself and act respectable. But with Sehun being…well… makes it really hard for you to not act the slightest bit slutty. But you know that as soon as his parents get in their car,then you can finally have what you want. And that is Sehun,kissing all over your body…ugh..stop you’re getting yourself more worked up.

His parents ended up staying for an extra hour. You just gradually tuned out the conversation happening around you. But one thing caught your attention. It was the sweetest sound you had heard all night. Other than the adorable laughter of your boyfriend of course. It was the sound of the front door shutting as his parent left. Once his parents headlights disappeared you shot up from your spot on the couch and walked towards Sehun slowly. He turns to you with a sweet smile and looks down at you,raising an eyebrow at you. You grab his shirt and pull him down,connecting your lips with his in a passionate kiss. Sehun pulls away after a few seconds.

“You just can’t help yourself around me,can you?” He says with that signature smug grin of his.

You roll your eyes.”Just shut up and fuck me.”

“Gladly..”He says as he connects your lips again in a heated kiss as his hands grip your hips.


He was sitting down reading a book. He wasn’t paying attention to you. You don’t like when he ignores you. So you get a brilliant idea. You get up from your seat across from him and gently grab his book,laying it on the coffee table beside the chair he was in. He looks up at you slightly confused. You smile innocently at him and straddle him,wrapping your arms around his neck and smiling at him. He gulps. His eyes widen slightly.

“Jagi,what are you doing?”

You say nothing. You stare into his deep brown eyes. Connecting your lips with his in a slow,passionate kiss. He moans and puts his hands on the small of your back. You pull away slowly as you feel the bulge in his pants. You get off of him and giggle as you see the confused look he is giving you. Your laughter comes to a halt as you feel a harsh grip on your wrist. You look down at him and see that he is glaring angrily at you. He pulls you back on his lap,facing away from him. He sneaks a hand under your shirt and massages your breast with one hand while the other rubs your clit. He leans up to your ear.

“I don’t like to be teased…” He says and starts sucking on your neck,leaving dark marks everywhere.

 You are not sure whether you should regret teasing him or not.

How EXO Would Kill You

**May be graphic for some readers**

Sehun- Sehun would deceive you into thinking he liked you. He would slowly go from sassy princess to scary as the months progress. His gaze piercing into you everytime you walk to another room. One day he snaps and goes silent, you find it odd but ignore it. While you are washing the dishes, he comes up from behind, covering your mouth and dragging you backwards.  His leg sweeps in front of you so you land on your knees. He holds your hair and grabs a knife from the counter, slowly drawing the blade on your skin. In one swift movement he slashes your neck.

Baekhyun- Baekhyun would be mad one day after he gets hit in the face by Xiumin. His anger gets taken out on you, screaming out nonsense while he grabs tissues for his bloody nose. You sit quietly as he calms himself down. He sits on the couch and tells you to come sit with him, which you do slowly. After a few minutes of cuddling he begins kissing your ear before whispering something. “I killed Xiumin.” He smiles and laughs before grabbing your neck and begins to strangle you. You try to fight him off but he is able to overtake you, grabbing a lamp and finally smashing it across your forehead.

Xiumin-He’s dead. (See below)

Kai- Kai comes back from a long day of practice and is clearly too tired to be doing anything. Despite this, he still insists on making your evening tea. You try to get him to sit down to relax first but he rushes to the kitchen. Eventually you give up because you are tired as well and let him do it. He pours the water into the cup and places the tea infuser in it. While it steeps he searches for the sugar, finding what looks like it in the far left cabinet. After putting two spoonful of it in the tea, he hands it to you. Wanting to go to sleep, you down it in two drinks. You feel sick instantly as the room begins to spin. Kai falls asleep at the table as you start to choke and fall on the floor, slowly losing consciousness.

Kyungsoo- You tease him about how he is shorter than your dining room table. His eye twitches but he just walks away into his room as you stay in the livingroom. A few minutes later, he comes out holding something behind his back. You ask him what it is, almost nervous by his presence. He walks up to you, pulling a gun out, placing it to your head. You scream but he calmly tells you to be quiet, making you instantly freeze. He leans down so he meets his face to yours, kissing your forehead. “Your table can’t do this.” With that he pulls the trigger.

Chanyeol- The two of you sit across each other at the dinner table. Chanyeol stands up to pour you a second glass of wine. The bottle slips from his hands and shatters at your feet, making you jump. He apologizes and starts to clean up the glass, laughing awkwardly at himself. His embarrassment turns to anger as he stares at the floor. He grabs a piece of glass and holds it tightly in his hand. You look down to check on him after he makes a pained noise. His hand is bleeding so you rush him into the kitchen sink. As you clean his hand, you stay focused on just that.  He swallows hard before pushing you back and grabbing the piece of glass from the counter. You try to run but he catches up, pulling for you by your wrist. As you fall into him, you feel the glass pierce your skin. He frantically apologizes before letting you drop on the floor and leaving.

Chen- Chen comes to you after a long day, tired and cranky. He goes to the fridge and sees that his leftovers have been eaten. You can see he is irritated as you quickly throw the food container away. He goes to the bedroom to change and finds his favorite shirt missing. You go into the room to try to calm him down but he just glares at you. At first you don’t understand but then you notice the shirt you slipped on after your shower was said favorite shirt. He snaps, coming after you, screaming about how no one respects him. When he catches you, he grabs your head and rams it into the wall until your skull finally cracks.

Tao- Today, Tao wants you to see him practice his martial arts. You find this odd as usually he likes to practice alone but you like seeing it so you agree to watch. He starts to warm up, looking a little angry. You ask him what’s wrong but don’t expect an answer out of him. “Remember last week when you insulted me in front of the others?” he asks but you don’t exactly recall. “It really bothered me and I wish you hadn’t” You roll your eyes at him not realizing that he was looking at you. As you look at your phone, you feel a hard kick to the side of your head. Tao stands above you, as you flip yourself on your back. In one swift movement, he lifts his leg up and lets it down, hitting you in the temple as you try to turn away.

Luhan- He takes you out on a nice date in winter, to the ice rink. The night has gone well, despite it being very cold. While there he soon finds out that his balance isn’t as good as he thought. You find out the same thing as you fall face first onto the ice. Luhan tries to catch you but falls as well, landing hard on top of you. You feel something crack but decide to ignore it and go on with the date. The pain in your rib grows and it becomes hard to breathe but again you push it off. Luhan suddenly falls and since he is holding your hand, you go down with him. Another sickening crack from the same spot and you spit blood out onto the ice. Luhan screams, trying to stand but ends up falling on you again, pushing the bone into your heart more.

Kris- The two of you are in the car, going to dinner on a rainy evening. You aren’t paying attention to anything as you are playing a game on your phone. Kris places his hand on your thigh and continues down the long interstate. He starts a conversation about what you and him are going to be doing after dinner. As he daydreams, the car hydroplanes, making him jerk the wheel. The car flies to the side of the road as a passing car smashes into the passenger side. The car flips once and you feel something warm rush out from your head, before you finally lose consciousness.

Suho- After a meeting with the other members, he is annoyed that they still don’t listen to him. Unfortunately, you also aren’t listening and give him a confused look when asks if you are. His face starts to turn red with anger but he paces to try to calm himself. You try to calm him as well but he pushes you away from him, making you fly back into his glass coffee table. The glass shatters instantly but surprisingly, none of the glass pierces you too badly. Suho freaks out about his table and runs up to you. You brace for him to attack as he wraps his scarf around your neck and begins to strangle you. Every time you moved, glass went into skin more. Eventually there is a sickening crack as your neck breaks from the pressure Suho put on it.

Lay- You go over to his house to surprise him when he got back from practice. Once you enter his apartment, you find a good place to hide. Lay texts you saying he wants to take you out after practice. After a few minutes, you hear the front door open so you get ready to jump out from behind the couch. Lay screams and runs down the hall, you laugh running after him, but surprised to see him blindly swinging a baseball bat at you. He hits you a few times at first in the side and stomach but the last hit to the back of the head completely turned your lights off for good.

Xiumin (for real)- One day Xiumin decides to take you hiking and as someone who loves the outdoors, you agree fully. You only pack the basics as it will be a short trip. Xiumin rushes you to get in the car so you can get there quickly. Once you arrive, trees surround the car and the phones lose service. The two of you walk around through the rough terrain until you reach a beautiful cliff. You slip and start to fall but Xiumin catches you. He pulls you up in front of him and hold you tight. “Careful, wouldn’t want you to fall.” He smiles but it sends a chill down your spine for some reason. He sighs deeply before letting you fall down 100 feet to the ground.

Bad Girl Ch 13: Secrets And Loyalty

Jiyong’s POV

This is just a mini chapter from Jiyong’s point of view so you can see where both his and Jiho’s heads are at, hope you enjoy!

“She is going to do what?” Jiho gaps.

“I know, it threw me off too. But there is nothing we can do about it now, she’s out for blood,” I sigh as I run my fingers though my hair. This is such a mess.

He’s quiet for a second, “What are you going to tell her?” I’m taken back by his sudden hostility, even though the man is never warm towards me I’ve never seen him this on edge. “Are you finally going to throw me under the bus to get rid of me?”

I fake offense, “What?”

“Oh don’t play innocent,” He snaps sneering down at me. “You’ve wanted to get rid of me since we met. You must have thought about telling her a dozen times so you could have her all to yourself.”

I glare at him, “So what if I have?”

“You can’t.”

I scoff, “What do you mean I can’t? I can’t tell her that you are the leader of Block B, the people who kidnapped and tortured her? Why not? It would sure as hell make my life a lot easier, less people to share with. I can just keep knocking people off today, first eleven of those bastards now you.” I can’t help but chuckle, “Now you, all I have left is that cat looking boy.”

“Knock me off? Do you honestly think you can just knock me off? What do you think Jooyoung is going to do without me? I am her rock right now, you take me away and that girl is going to crumble.”

I roll my eyes, “You think too highly of yourself.”

“Me? Do you really think you got rid of those boys that easily? She won’t just give them up like that.”

“What the hell do you know?” I roar at him, anger boiling under my skin. “She told me she would pick me and Xiumin and that is it!”

“What I know is that those boys are poison, just like you,” He seethes in return. “She is completely fine until any of you come around. You cloud her mind with your sweet words and broken hearts making it impossible for her to see anything else. So go head and believe that you will get your happy ending with her. But the moment those boys appear in front of her any possibility of picking will be thrown out the window along with her wedding ring.”

“You’re wrong.”

He chuckles dryly, “I know that girl like the back of my hand. Though you may be her fiancé I am her right hand man and best friend. I know everything that is going on in that little girl’s heart. She won’t pick. She can’t pick. They will weigh on her heart,” His voice starts to get weaker. “She is too fragile when it comes to all of you, she thought she was stronger, she thought she was immune to them now. But the minute she saw that little one on the ballroom floor her face said it all. She will never be over them.” He collapses down on his couch and puts his feet up on the coffee table. I run my hands through my hair, anxiety grips my heart. “You should have killed them when you had the chance, now she isn’t just ours anymore.” Jiho surprises me by pulling a bottle of whiskey from under one of his couch cushions before taking a swig of it and offering it up to me.

“You do realize that it’s only one in the afternoon, right?” But that doesn’t stop me from taking the bottle.

“It’s been a hard twenty-four hours for both of us, I think it counts as an exception.”

We are both silent for a minute, I sit down in the chair next him and hand the bottle back. “What are you going to do if she can find them? Your other members I mean.” The question surprises both of us, I don’t know why I asked but I’m genially curious.

“What do you think I’m going to do? Huh?” He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees. “Am I going to let Jooyoung find out about me and have her kill me? Kill her to save my group and I? Or am I going to kill everyone before she has a chance to find out I was involved? Oh the options.”

I can’t hid my shock, “I thought you were supposed to be loyal.”

“My loyalty belongs to Jooyoung,” Another swig, “I will do whatever is needed to stay by that girl’s side, even if I have to kill my own members.”

I glare at him with jealousy in my eyes, “How did she get so deep in your head that you are willing to do that?”

“Same way she did with all of us, I have no idea how but now I can’t imagine not watching over her.”

“Ya!” I flick his forehead, “I don’t have to worry about you trying to weasel your way into her heart too, do I?”

“Of course not!” He gives me a smile, “I’m already in there so there is no weaseling involved.” Jiho is laughing at himself like he had made some amazing joke and instead of feeling angry like I thought I would I find myself laughing along with him. What the hell did he put in that drink?

We are so focused on our stupid laughing to notice Jooyoung entering the room until she’s in my lap, an amused smirk on her face, “Since when have you two been chummy?”

It takes another moment for us to calm ourselves to respond, “You were gone, I had to find someone to entertain me.” Jiho teases.

“And you pick Jiyong? Wow, how drunk are you right now?”

He grins, “Shush, I’m fine. Did you enjoy your nap? It didn’t last very long.”

“I woke up alone and I got kind of concerned so I came down to see if you had seen Jiyong, I wasn’t at all expecting him to actually be here in your apartment.” They continue their banter and I watch silently, their interactions are so fun a playful and light, even with all the horrible things that happened yesterday. It amazes me how peaceful he makes her, as much as it annoys me it warms my heart that she can still smile so freely. My heart is heavy with guilt for making things such a mess for her and for us but I can’t focus on that right now, I need to try and fix this for her.

I look at Jiho, or Zico, a name that would make Jooyoung fall apart with fear and anxiety. He looks at her with so much warmth and love that I almost want to kill him for it but I restrain myself. His words ring in my ears, she won’t pick, she can’t. You are poison, just like them. He’s right and that just makes me even more upset. But one thing is bothering more than anything else, it’s something I’ve thought about for the whole year the three of us have been together, do you really love her like a little sister? Or are like me? Are you lying to yourself like I used to? Do you really believe that you can just be friends with her?

I’m scared of the answers. I don’t want to have to share her heart with any more people than I have to. I try to push these thought out of my head and focus on Jooyoung in front of me right now. That beautiful smile on her face lighting up my world. I wonder if those bastards see her the same way as I do. Do they miss her right now? What about Jiho? Does he see her like this? Does he want to take her away too?

Just wondering if anyone actually wants Jooyoung to find out about Jiho being Zico? If so, how would you want her to react?