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Keith’s Bayard

Ok, so I was starting to so some plotting for Keith week and asked my partner to do some ref poses for me.  He always does anything for where I want to include a weapon cause his old Taekkyeon teacher was insane and made sure his students could defend against everything bare handed.  This results in a ref machine that knows how like every weapon ever is used at least basically. 

So I show him Keith’s bayard and its not a sword guys.

I repeat Keith’s bayard is not a sword.  It’s a katar. 

Would normally be shorter for punching, but the slashing is the same.

Just watch  this video.  The tester even moves like Keith.

So this could be considered nitpicky.  Why does it matter?  Big pic, it doesn’t much.

But the bayard is supposed to reflect the owner isn’t it?

A sword is a very useful tool.   It’s not just a weapon for killing other people.  It’s a tool for defense as well as attack.  Still a very violent use, but it isn’t exclusively used for slaughter.  It’s also very symbolic for humans.  Heraldry, dress uniforms, sports, ceremonies, we use swords all over.  They can bring to mind things like honor and valor as well as power, dominance and violence.

A katar isn’t those things.  It’s for attack only.  No real defense capabilities. It’s an assassins’ weapon.  It is only for killing people. It hasn’t really developed much of a cultural identity as a weapon.  Aggression is it’s primary attribute.

So Keith’s weapon is a brutal tool meant to do nothing but kill other people that you are up close and personal with.  It’s an over sized punching blade. (Like way over-sized…that length with that grip, talk about some weird leverage problems, but I’m not even going to touch that…the physics do not work)

So I wonder if the animators deliberately wanted this? How many people are familiar with this weapon?  Was it on purpose, did they expect us to only see it as a sword?  Is it possible they don’t know about katar’s either?  Am I over thinking this? 


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