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A Day in The Life of Curie

As requested by @reverse-jesus, a day in the life of everyone’s favourite French synth darling, Curie, while Sole is away on their adventures. Enjoy :D

5:30am : Curie wakes with the rising sun. She will wash and clean herself with what is available at the settlement, afterall, hygiene is paramount to Curie and she informs others daily, somewhat to their annoyance. After washing, Curie makes her bed (if romanced she will leave Sole to wake up in their own time before doing this) and dresses for the day.

6:00am: Curie treads lightly around the settlement as to  wake none of the other residents, she is aware of the tempers some can have, especially Cait, of being disturbed during beauty sleep. She often bumps into the person returning from night watch, smiling and bidding a good morning. Curie will then proceed to sit for a few minutes watching the morning the sun. In her opinion it is one of the most beautiful sights available and she enjoys basking in the magnificence of the natural and scientific wonder.

6:15am: Over time it became routine for Curie to feed Dogmeat in the morning as she was often the first up, apart from the likes of Danse who could be seen around sometimes, early in the morning. Curie fetches fresh water and prepares what food is available for Dogmeat, often remarking to herself there should be more cans of dog food while prepping. She will also play with Dogmeat for a few minutes after he has ate to stimulate him mentally and physically, she also practices tricks with him and again, over time has fallen into another role, Dogmeat’s trainer ( she often requires Sole’s or Danse’s help in commanding)

6:35am: Checking what is available, Curie often prepares the ingredients for a breakfast for the settlers and Sole, picking the healthiest ingredients that she believes benefits the settlers the most, if Shaun is present at the settlement she is often stricter on what he eats, making sure he is consuming the right foods.

7:10am: Curie eats with the others, though she only eats what she needs to sustain herself, while the others will eat as much as possible most of the time.

7:20am: Curie then takes another walk around the settlement, taking in the sounds, smells and sights of the place gearing up for the day. ( if romanced she likes to take the walk with Sole, either hand in hand or their arm around her shoulder, she likes the quality time together before they must split to attend to their responsibilities, unless travelling together)

7:40am: Curie attends to a little plot in the garden, Sole planted for her as a gift, a few flowers and her own personal Mutfruit plant reside in a neatly placed and maintained garden at the back of the house. She will often spend about an hour just attending to this, she finds it fascinating how life can adapt to such conditions and can often be found thoroughly documenting any changes within her garden

8:40am: She is reluctant to see Sole leave if they go on a mission, and bids them a goodbye and a safe journey. If romanced she will kiss them softly on the lips and whisper into their ear for them the come back to her at days end, or when possible. At this point she will often converse with Nick, Danse or Piper about current events, listening attentively as they talk for a few minutes.

9:00am: Curie attends to her chemistry station and begins work on her wonderful research. Curie could lose herself for hours, and often does, while she works on her research.

12:30pm: After several hours working on her research, Curie takes a break and mingles with some of the settlers and companions. She will also feed Dogmeat again and refill his water. She often checks in with Cait (post vault 95) to see how she is doing, depending on the day she is either dismissed or welcomed by Cait. Cait appreciates that someone else also cares, though she’s not too good at showing this appreciation.

12:45pm: While on break, Curie takes a few minutes to further read one of the mountain of books, Sole has managed to salvage for her over time. She takes great care of an extensive set of medical and scientific papers found, as well as a full set of encyclopedias.

1:00pm: Curie returns back to her station and continues working into the late afternoon, sometimes with the assistance of Shaun, doubling up as a science lesson for him also when he is around

5:30pm: Curie finishes on the station for the day and heads to her room to freshen up, it is often a struggle to separate Curie from her work, one of the only things successfully doing so, being Sole returning from a days adventure in the waste.

6:00pm: After freshening up and taking a well deserved breather, Curie pitches in with the cooking again, making sure the meal is balanced, healthy and tasty for those eating. What follows is a decent and hearty meal for the settlers and companions after a long day of doing what they do, be harvesting crops or guarding. Curie tends not to partake in the dinner table banter but rather converse with others like minded, such as Nick. At least once a day around this time, Curie has to politely decline Hancock’s request to use the station to make some new chems

7:15pm: After dinner and conversation with the settlers and companions, Curie will usually do her own thing for a while. (if romanced this will usually include Sole) be it reading or going for a walk around the settlement watching the Sun starting to set. Around this time Curie again feeds and waters Dogmeat, as well as play a few games with him to keep him entertained, Sole and Danse can also be found doing this with her.

7:45pm: At this point Curie ideally wants quality time with her favourite Vault Dweller. She wants to know everything, how their day was. What they did. Was it a god trip? etc. Curie fears she sometimes is too intrusive but simply hangs off Sole’s every word.

8:45pm: After spending time with Sole Curie will wash and prepare for bed. Getting used to her  new body she goes to bed earlier than the others, as she tires much easier while getting used to her body, though she copes and falls well within a healthy sleeping pattern, unlike many of the others. 

9:15pm-9:40pm: Curie is often in bed by this time. If romanced she will sleep with Sole. Sole will not be far behind her on getting to bed, usually 20 minutes or so after, saying goodnight to the others and usually having the one drink to be social with the rest of the companions and will snuggle with a curled up Curie. If non romanced, Curie will sleep in her own room in a secluded area away from noise but not too far away from Sole in case of emergency. Curie will usually take 5-10 minutes to drift off before waking up again with the sun at 5:30am the next day.

Small Miracle

 You and your now husband, Hoseok find out about a small surprise while at your honeymoon.

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Hoseok | Reader

Word Count: 1,097

A/N: Sequel to ’Will You’ scenario.

Originally posted by hugtae

You watched outside your window as the plane started to take off. The rose coral-pink sky made the view much more appealing as you looked to your right to see your darling husband staring at you with warm eyes. You smiled at him staring down at your hand that now held a diamond ring.

Finally, after 3 years of dating, you were married to the man that made your knees weak with every word that slipped out of his lips. The man that will be with you for the rest of your lifetime and you wouldn’t want it any other way. After he had proposed to you on Valentine’s day your mother had you up on your feet with planning everything for the wedding and now four months later you were now heading to your honeymoon.

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