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TELUSA TELUSA ft. SYMMARAH (Part 2) (Part 1 here)

More of that art study! Btw, I originally planned for 12 slides, then 16, but ended the cap at 15.

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OLDCODEX’s “Fixed Engine” Song List

The idiots >> DO , YOU (Scenario)

Photo credit: @krisinsanity

Yes!! My first kyungsoo scenario :’) I hope you like it guys. 

This was requested by anon and based on Unbreakable by Jamie Scott

As you know guys, the scenario doesn’t have to be exactly based on the song, however, this is what came out after reading the lyrics. 

“You are here.”

The rain was heavy that day.

Neither of them had an umbrella as they stood side by side and become drained by the rain.  Even though it was night, but you could see how thick the clouds were.


Kyungsoo knew that she was crying. It was obvious by the way her hands clenched by her side tightly, her teeth bit hard on her lower lips and her eyes that were looking at nowhere, but looking so hard as if she wanted to tear someone into parts.

For the first, she didn’t tell him to leave her alone. She always pushed him away when he wanted to be the closest person to her.

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SUPER JUNIOR 슈퍼주니어 ‘Black Suit’ MV


🔥🔥🔥 firebrows comeback || same posture || different reaction

Yes, it did happen… the K-Pop fandom has won another fan and it’s me! xD I’ve been curious about this kind of music for so long because I’ve seen it all over my social media, so I watched a few MVs of BTS and omg I love them! The music, the outfits and especially the dances are so awesome asdfghj. And as “Fire” is one of my favourite songs by them I just drew Suga from the MV x’3

Min Yoongi/Suga © to himself lol

Art © Mellopan

School: wake up at 7:00 for the bus and get your ass to school

Me: (lays in bed) LET ME DIE… no human being should wake up this early

SM: NCT DREAM’s new MV for We Young will be released at 6:00pm KST

Me: (Wakes up at 5am and waits for an hour to watch the MV) OMG! I LOVE WAKING UP IN THE MORNING!! FOREVER WILL LOVE AND SUPPORT NCT DREAM <3

Hot to the Touch: Jae (Day6)

Here is another scenario request from a patient Nonnie! Thank you for being so patient with me! So I just watched Day6′s MV I Wait like 30 times today….OMG these boys are so talented and so amazing and good looking! They are so underrated unfortunately and deserve more love and appreciation! Like how can so much talent and aesthetic be placed in 5 human bodies????

can you do an adult themed Jae (day6) scenario where you accidentally call him hot and ends with you two cuddling ?


Originally posted by lordbaek

You let out a small yawn as you plopped yourself down on the couch. A part of you wished you were at home right now, snuggling up to warm blankets with the heater blasting, but when your palm tree of a boyfriend Jae called you to come over to hang out for a bit how could you say no. You knew that with the upcoming monthly releases of singles and concerts that the boys would be crazy busy, meaning that you wouldn’t be able to spend any quality time with your boyfriend for quite some time. Problem was that he called about 30 minutes ago and it was getting late.

“Uuuugh…” You let out a groan as you flopped around on the couch. You knew that the more bored you got the more likely you would pass out, which would provide plenty of incentive for Jae to draw on your face with a Crayola. “Oh! I know what I can do!” You let out a mental cheer as you pulled your laptop out of your bag, pulling up Youtube on your browser. You had a busy day with school and work and you didn’t get a chance to look at Day6’s new M/V ‘I Wait.’ You’ve seen the teaser pictures and you could proudly say that the boys looked damn fine. Jae especially. But you wouldn’t tell him that. Would send his ego skyrocketing.

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Me: I’m only going to watch the BTS “Fire” MV Teaser one more time.

*30 seconds later*

Me: I’m only going to watch the BTS “Fire” MV Teaser one more time.

*Many 30 seconds later*

Me: I’m only going to watch the BTS “Fire” MV Teaser one more time.

*300 years of 30 seconds later*

Museum tour guide: And here we have the rare and elusive fangirl who died while watching the BTS “Fire” MV Teaser one more time.