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~ A Morning In Altissia ~ ((Gladio x Fem!Reader))

((Randomly decided to write this. Enjoy! :D ))

The morning sun poured in through the window, embracing everything it touched in a soft, warm light. The sound of soft chirping could be heard from outside. The room became brighter as the sun’s soft touch spilt over the room, across the bed, where sheets were strewn about, pillows out of place.
In the bed resting peacefully were two people. Her hair lazily drooped over the pillows and sheets like a waterfall, some even having slipped down over the edge to hang from the side of the bed. She looked so cosy to be snuggled up among the silk sheets as if she had become one of them. A pair of brown eyes watched her affectionately, memorising every detail. The way the sun caressed her skin, the way her long eyelashes rested gently against her slightly rosy cheeks, the way some of that beautifully coloured silk of hers that was her hair had fallen down over her when she shifted. Watching as the sheets brushed along her soft skin as he longed to.
In this very moment, Gladiolus was truly a happy man at peace. He watched as a soft smile played upon her lips when he had reached over to gently brush the hair out of her face with the back of his fingertips. Like a feather’s touch. He did not wish to wake her…. Perhaps she was having a most wonderful dream. The thought made his heart swell. He selfishly hoped she had been dreaming of him if she was.
Gladio had moved to be closer to her, moving his hand to run along her bare shoulders, her lower half covered gently by the sheets, while she rested on her stomach, embracing the pillows, her beautiful face resting to the side in his direction.
By the Six.. He was certainly a lucky man.
Gladio had thought with a soft smile, his own mess of shaggy long, dark brown hair spilling over his own shoulders, the harsh lines of his tattoo painted along his skin, taking up a good amount of his upper body. He ran his own callused, large hand over his chest, and then along the bed with a relaxed sigh.
Oh, how he could just lay here forever by her side… The sun warming them, the quiet morning making time seem as if it were endless.
His love sleeping peacefully, untouched by all the harsh trials this world had to offer them.Gladio had moved in closer until he carefully pressed himself against her, pulling her into his arms carefully so that she would not be uncomfortable, and closed his eyes.
Burying his face in her hair, he pressed a gentle kiss to her shoulder as she moved to lay on her side, burying her face into his chest with room to breath.
Even still, he felt her warm breath against him, her hands soft and delicate against his firm muscles.
Her hair smelled so nice… Like the flowers of Altissia. That was where they were now staying after all. She had taken a shower last night before they slept. Yet, it also had a hint of the fresh clean smell of the sheets among it. It was a lovely combination.
Kissing along where her neck and shoulder met very delicately, Gladio smiled lovingly, his hands massaging along her back and sides.
Her own unique smell too… It still clung to her skin, and it always became his favourite.
Gladio even loved the soft sigh she made against him just then as the two of them relaxed together.

For everything he was worth, with everything he was and everything he had,
Gladiolus would protect her, and love her always.This he vowed

I just…honestly don’t understand how anyone can ship CS seriously? I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a boring romance in the history of television. And man, I’ve seen some shit. I stuck it through HIMYM until Ted finally met the frigging mother. I’ve watched numerous vapid teen shows from Pretty Little Liars to Gossip Girl to Degrassi. I even watched Masters of Sex, god help me. And to top it all off, I watched Moonlighting, and I wasn’t even born until the 90s. I HAVE SEEN IT ALL. And there is nothing on television as boring as Captain Swan. I mean Jesus, even married Jim and Pam were more interesting than this shit.

When did they even get together? I remember they kissed in neverland…but since then it’s been a blur and I cannot remember one detail of their “courtship”. And ok, yes, fair, I haven’t been watching this show for detail in a long time since continuity went out the window a loooong time ago, but I feel like this relationship went from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds flat. Like sure Emma and HOok had their “playful banter” thing going on (i think?), but damn when did it go from that to turning him into the dark one against his will and springing him from the underworld? Was there a build up? Was there that rising romantic interest? I just remember Emma switching from one day being mostly neutral/mildly passive aggressive to Hook to LITERALLY sacrificing herself and her family for him. When the fuck did that happen?

And shit, I’m saying all this stuff like it’s super dramatic, but it’s not! That’s what ultimately kills me. Their relationship is so boring. There’re no real feelings. There’re no real stakes. Every time Killian lies he gets forgiven immediately. Every time he does something shady he also gets forgiven immediately. EVEN WHEN HE DIES he gets brought back to life, immediately. Their relationship is just getting pounded into us without really being explained. What’s actually keeping these two together? Do they have common interests? What do they talk about when they’re alone? Why are they together besides the fact that Hook is the only single, straight, white male around Emma’s age available atm?

Maybe I need to rewatch the last couple of seasons to figure it out, but I’m not doing that to myself. There are so many better thing to do with my time. Once Upon a Time, you are my garbage show and I love you for what you’ve been, but honest to God I’m not sure if I can keep watching if you keep promoting this boring ass romance. I thought one day I’d maybe stop watching because your plot was too insane or your continuity holes were too deep. I’m sad to say the reason might actually be because of a boring romance that sucked all the life out of you.
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get to know me meme; 20/20 animated movies: howl’s moving castle (2004)
“You who swallowed a falling star, oh heartless man, your heart shall soon belong to me.”


ONIBE has subbed the Love Live! Sunshine!! Live-Action Special Movie!
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Can we talk about how Oliver always has to keep his hands in his suit pockets whenever he enters the lair–especially around Felicity? It’s like he has to keep himself physically restrained in her presence, to keep himself grounded without twitching his hand, to stop from reaching out to her like he was so accustomed to doing. His control only extends so far.