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-Wynonna Earp


-Teen Wolf


-13 reasons why


-How to get away with murder

-Orphan black 

-Stranger things

“What?  Stiles, what rumors?  Answer the question, Stiles.”

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Teen Wolf and Star Wars: The Force Awakens crossover, in which newly-recruited Resistance pilot Derek Hale gets stuck in a First Order base with Stiles “Can’t Shoot for Shit” Solo.  Stiles may have also mentioned something about a brother he wants to bring home.

I don’t even watch Teen Wolf, but my girlfriend got me hooked on Sterek like she did with Tomco, the cunning she-devil.


“Neither of them notice Scott standing in the shadows nearby. Having overheard the exchange, he’s smiling with pride in his best friend.”


He was a boy, he was a boy, can I make it any more obvious? 

AU where Derek and Stiles have the classic, cheesy high school romance and are boyfriends forever and ever the end (。≖‿≖。✿)

Sterek AU: Tool Time
Derek and Stiles co-host a home improvement show, known for their constant bickering and Stiles’ frequent injuries. But then they’re probably married in real life and their house is constantly under construction and they’ve been arguing for five years about the cut of the baseboards and whether or not to tile the front hall.

“Everybody know what time it is?”

“Make one more innuendo on air and I quit.”


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Imagine being Stiles’ little sister and you and Liam are cuddling on your bed, watching movies late at night, and Stiles walks in and does a double-take, but you and Liam don’t notice him, so he kind of just smiles and closes the door for you.

——— Request for anon ———

“Where’s the lamb sauce?” wanders from your bedroom into the hallway of the Stilinski house, catching Stiles’ ears as he passes your room by and causing him to glance inside the open door. He nearly passes by before he registers the sight inside. You and Liam, snuggled up on your bed as Gordon Ramsay shouts at the Hell’s Kitchen teams on your television screen.

Neither of you notice him as he works through his brief confusion before a small smile moves over his lips at the cuteness of the two of you. Stiles reaches for the doorknob, pulling the door slightly more closed for you.

Liam glances towards the door as it closes, his ears catching the slight squeak it makes, but is pulled back to the show as you chuckle, “Ramsay’s gonna’ bust a gasket! Look at how red he’s getting!”