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[STATION] 희철 X 민경훈_나비잠 (Sweet Dream)

Dream Vacations for the Signs

…because we all dream about being miles away sometimes. 

Hiking (Aries, Taurus)

listen and dream yourself away

being one with nature, waking up to the chirping of the birds and the rustling of the trees, bonfires, the overwhelming feeling of freedom, disbelief towards the beauty of nature, wind making your hair dance, physical exhaustion but mental satisfaction

Road Trip (Gemini, Sagittarius)

listen and dream yourself away

listening to music on full volume, old gas stations, watching the world roll past in front of the car window, constant airflow to make the heat more bearable, pulling up to go skinny dipping or watch the stars, genuine laughter, hanging your head or hands out the window

Holidays by the lake (Cancer, Capricorn)

listen and dream yourself away

solitude, peace and quiet, rowing on  a hot and sunny day, watching the lake wake up und go to sleep with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, hot tea and wine, being with your favourite person, finding yourself, being free from troubles, watching nature sitting on a gangplank wrapped in blankets

Holidays at the beach (Leo, Pisces)

listen and dream yourself away

the sun warming you inside out, collecting shells, wasting your time in the sun, fooling around in the water, listening to the steady rythm of the tides, sand sticking to your body, smelling the salty sea breeze, burning your feet on the hot sand, the smell of sunscreen

Holidays in the city (Virgo, Libra)

listen and dream yourself away

visiting museums, sitting in beautiful cafés watching all different sorts people, long strolls to all of your favourite places on a sunny day, eating ice cream, smiling to strangers, taking pictures, watching the city wake up from a rooftop, midnight kisses under the streetlights

Holidays in the jungle (Scorpio, Aquarius)

listen and dream yourself away

wavy hair and summer dresses, lying in the hammock, wasting your day at a lagoon, living where no one can find you, worshipping nature, waking up to hundreds of different noises, diversity of plants and colors and animals, feeling completely relaxed

Trying to delete you from my life is like trying to erase with one of those ugly pink rubber erasers: you can remove the marks from the paper, but you’ll always know there was something there that shouldn’t have been.

Tonight, I took the train back to the apartment. I’m not used to public transportation; I always drove my own car, blasted my own music, decided where and when to go places and how long I’d spend getting there. But the train forces you to adapt, and you don’t get a whole lot of choice over your travel style. So you get a lot of time to think.

And today, your words were louder in my head than the echoing roar of the train speeding through subway tunnels. I love to people watch; San Francisco’s stations, people, and frigid air only remind me of how much I wanted to move here. I remember telling you that; I remember asking you if you would mind.

“I don’t care where you go. As long as I’m with you.”

Those were your words; never actually spoken, only written, but louder than this train nonetheless.

It’s been over a year since you said your love for me wasn’t “growing” and you left, and yet, when I think of a potential future here, you’re still very much a part of it—a part I can’t seem to fully omit—even though we’re no longer a part of each other.

“I don’t care where you go. As long as I’m with you.”

Sadly, the current truth is closer to just that first sentence: you don’t care where I go.

You easily deleted me from your life, like a typo. And I’m trying so hard to erase you, but all I’ve got is one of those ugly pink erasers that just kind of smudges pencil lead around, and you left some pretty deep marks on my paper heart. And I can keep trying to rub you away, but I’m afraid it seems the marks you left will always kind of stay.

Thrilling New AU Scenarios for your OTP!
  • I keep having dreams that I’m killing you over and over again and now it’s getting awkward between us. AU
  • I’m driving on the highway and almost run over you because why are you lying in the middle of the road?! AU
  • I pull up at a gas station and watch you working from my car before finally building up the courage to go inside and talk to you. You’re not too happy. AU
  • You walked into the room and a light burst. And now you won’t shut up about how sparks literally flew when we met. AU
  • I kicked you out and you have nowhere to go.. And now I feel like a jackass. AU
  • After going missing and losing my entire memory. You find me married to someone else. And that breaks your heart. AU
  • You’ve never had sex so I try to help you out but you end up embarrassing yourself and now I can’t stop laughing. AU
  • While we’re playing a board game I get angry and fling it off of a table, but you say nothing and now I’m a fucking idiot. AU
  • After getting into an argument I go to a gas station and try to make it up to you with porn and sweets. Except they ran out of sweets. And you’re still mad. AU
  • Your friends get mad at you for sticking up for me and so they tell you to get rid of me. But instead you decide you’d rather have me instead. AU
  • I keep checking in on you while you are sleeping and you always wake up at the worst time possible, making it seem like I’ve been watching you for a while. Which, of course, I haven’t been… AU
  • After getting lost in the forest you immediately take off on your own. And now I’ll stop at nothing to find you even though I already found a way out. AU
  • After I have a mental breakdown I decide to show up naked to apologize. AU
  • When your stepdaughter tries to kill me I realize I had it coming and decide that we should get her a birthday present anyway. AU

Wait…… All of this shit actually fucking happened.

Dishonored 2 dlc idea #4
  • Play as Alexi Mayhew, Captain in the Dunwall City Watch, stationed at Dunwall Tower. Spend a day in the life of this remarkable officer who is perhaps best known for throwing back grenades, something that Corvo needs 10 runes and 2 supernatural upgrades to do
  • Wake up, arm yourself, and keep Emily company as she watches Corvo holding auditions for new Dunwall Tower positions by practising fighting with the better-than-average skilled guards. (Then get a reminder of Dishonored 2′s combat mechanics by seeing if you can get past Corvo’s blade yourself)
  • One of Corvo’s rare weekends off is coming up, meaning you have Emily duty. Spend the night watching over the Empress i.e. gossiping with her until she goes to bed; in the morning, you return to the barracks to find that YOU HAVE BEEN DISHONORED as someone has taken your first place in the weekly barracks darts competition. You must travel around Dunwall, seeking advice and information from allies in order to find out if this is a benign contender or a sinister conspiracy to undermine your authority.
  • Immerse yourself in the colour, people and culture of the universe of Dishonored. Visit minor characters such as Thomas, apparently a former member of the whaling industry; and Lizzie Stride, who accepts payment in extremely strong liquor in exchange for intel.
  • You need advice from Corvo. Travel to his rumoured hide-out in an abandoned pub on the other side of the river; you can spend an exorbitant amount of coin on a ferryman (someone should do something about rising prices on local services!) or walk all the way to Kaldwin’s Bridge, the nearest river crossing. (Keep in mind you have no supernatural powers or abilities; you have a bone charm, but it 1. is a present for Corvo, and 2. doesn’t do anything as far as you can tell, either)
  • Your choices have consequences! You will encounter more potential sources of intel, but also more slightly hostile people if you decide to walk. In a similar manner, Corvo will be playing guitar and singing at the top of his voice when you find him. You can wait patiently - OR bribe him with a few feet of serkonan sausage and the bone charm. Be warned - serkonan sausage is now a controlled substance and Emily will be irritated if she finds out that you’ve been allowing Corvo to indulge this particular vice.
  • Bonus activities: practising parkour with Empress Em, showing off your markmanship to the new Watch recruits, and convincing Corvo to get a haircut

The Deathwatch are a unique and specially trained Space Marine Chapter that dedicates its every hour to xenos hunting. They are the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Xenos, charged with protecting it in its search of information, containment, and ultimate destruction of all xeno species. Consisting of Battle-Brothers drawn from many Chapters, the Deathwatch operates from Watch Fortresses and Watch Stations across the whole of the Imperium.

Why do I do this to myself

Diary: Four assignments, two tests, one presentation, two group assignments, one virgin sacrifice, three journeys to the center of the earth and a trip through space with Nelson Mandela due the next week. 

Me on Friday: Oh I still have this whole weekend to do it, let’s just relax… we deserve a break

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Me on Saturday: Well I guess I still have tomorrow, right?  

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Me on Sunday: Oh holy hell! Why do I have so much work? Where will I even try and find the time! *Starts biting mine, my mom’s and my neighbor’s nails to cope with stress*

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Me also on Sunday: Opens new book or starts like five new anime series that I will binge all day while secretly worrying about the work I should be doing.


Joan leaned against the tiled wall and watched. The station’s holiday party was very loud and in full swing - Santa hats, ugly sweaters and forced cheeriness as far as the eye could see.

“I suggest you move.” Sherlock’s voice came from very close behind her.

Joan turned her head and looked at him. “Why?”

He moved to stand beside her and pointed upwards  "You are standing directly beneath mistletoe and thus implicitly granting permission to every miscreant in the precinct who has ever lusted after you to approach and claim a kiss.“

"Well, what if I want to grant the miscreants permission to claim their kiss?” She tilted her head in playful challenge.

Sherlock studied her for a millisecond before crossing in front of her. “If that’s the case ….”  

He intended to give her a kiss on the cheek but she moved, he moved, lips brushed and the kiss became very intense, very quickly. Nose to nose, both a little stunned, an intimate interval passed between them. They stood mute hoping the intensity of their gaze would suffice for words they could not say.

A flicker of a smile crossed Sherlock’s face. He lifted his arm, yanked down the mistletoe and placed it in his pocket. The corner of Joan’s mouth curved in amusement. He lifted an eyebrow and with a nervous bounce, walked away.