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Wow. I can’t believe that today is finally the day. From hearing the news that a BH6 show was in the works, to seeing information that we wouldn’t be getting a teaser for another year, to the cast being revealed, to rumors of the show coming out in January/early 2017, to the announcement of there being a season 2 (before a sneak peek was even out!), to the intro being released followed by many more promos and finally the announcement of the show premiering on November 20th…

It’s finally here! We’ve all waited quite awhile for this show to be out and now it’s here! I can’t tell you how excited I am to watch Baymax Returns tonight and I’m sure everyone else in this fandom is really excited as well! 

HUGE thank you to everyone who is working on this show! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these amazing characters :) 

i think my dad is the king of all jyrus shippers


This video is amazing.

1) You will start cheering for certain colors, but there’s no clear “favorite”. You will be on the edge of your seat the whole video.

2) The audience/host reactions are priceless. One woman is laughing so hard she has to wipe tears from her eyes.

3) No matter who you ended up cheering for, you will be happy for the person who wins in the end.

man i’d kill to see some butch lesbian on some light hearted show as a main or very recurring character

You’ve Got Me

prompt; #7: “But you’ve already got me”

requested by: @xiuhanforthewin
pairing: Hiromu Takahashi / Female OC
warnings: fluff
a/n: it’s sooo super short but i struggled with this big time, only because i wanted to make sure i did heartbreakingly earnest Hiromu justice. props to @breadclubrising for letting me discuss my Hiromu thoughts lmao
tags@wrestlingismyfavourite @devittsbalor @fireangel1978 @laziestgirlintheworld @vipervenomisgoodforyou @onewingedgloria @littlebluespoon @narwhalneglect @princesstoniii

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Ray Wars won't happen as long as RayV gets some much needed-attention from a fandom that prefers F/K so much that the RayV seasons aren't seen as necessary and can be skipped. Bad idea. Due South's a much better show if you see all the seasons and enjoy RayV's and Fraser's friendship, or more if you ship them. :-). And this trailer and the episodes so far are only for the RayV seasons. If fans discover due South this way, it's better than a F/K saying to skip the RayV seasons

anon, i’m deeply sorry but all this message says to me is that the ray wars are still a-simmering. like. a LOT. and ngl i’m excited about it

Y'all I’m so upset, I just watched the latest ep of tangled and why tf they gotta do that to Varian. My boy is like 12 and all he wanted was for his dad to love him. He doesn’t deserve this

i’ve literally been sitting in my bed crying for the past 20 minutes about varian pls don’t hurt my baby boy