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“Why the Beast destroyed everyone’s face except his mother’s.”

In the Beast’s fury and shame, he tore up the family portraits that hung along the walls of his bedroom. He couldn’t stand seeing his smug, too-human face staring down at him, and why were there so many? He’d been so vainly proud of his looks. Much good it did him now. His claws ripped easily, far too easily through the canvas.

His father’s face, too, sneered at him condescendingly.

“I told you, didn’t I, Adam? You’ll always be a failure. A failure of a son, a failure of a Prince, an utter disappointment to everyone around you.”

The Beast (for he no longer deserved a name) wasn’t sure if the voice came from imagination or memory. Either way, it succeeded in fueling his rage.

He tore up his father’s face, shutting, shutting, SHUTTING that cruel mouth that never stopped spitting its judgments upon him.

He moved swiftly to mutilate the rest of the painting, but paused. His heavy paw trembled in the air.

Two blue eyes watched him gently, a secret smile playing on her lips.

“You may have your father’s face, but you have my eyes, Adam.”

Her eyes. Did they still appear in the face of a Beast? He was too afraid to look, and he’d broken all the mirrors, besides. Except the enchanted one. He’d never, never touch it.

He gently rested the pad of one finger on his mother’s sweet face. The rough canvas contrasted with his memory of her soft, tanned skin. Skin darkened by their days in the sunlight; her laugh lines carved into her cheeks from their time planting white Roses in her garden that Spring. His father had scoffed at it, and told the painter to make her pale as snow, as was the fashion.

She was paler in death.

The Beast blinked. His claws had begun to dig in her dress, and he hastily removed them. Not her. He’d not harm even her portrait. She was all that was good and pure in the world, and if she could only see him now…

She’d be ashamed of the Beast he’d become even before the Curse.

The Words

Because Henry brought the book to the wedding, as if it needed one more chapter. And because I’m not sure if we’ll get season 7… but this story will forever be my favorite!

There was so much of their story he didn’t know. For the author that was a hard truth to swallow. 

Every story needed a beginning, a middle and an end. There should be something catchy to the first line, and something poignant in the last. But as he sat with the pen rolling between his fingers he didn’t even know where to start.

He wasn’t there when they first met, though he had heard a story of a beanstalk and grandma Cora. And he had seen his mom’s blush when Hook mentioned a sword fight, but he didn’t know the reason why. In Neverland they had been together for days trying to save him, but he had seen the way they looked at each other after, sailing back among the clouds, something new. Then in New York, Hook had found them, bursting into their rewritten lives, and the long drive back to Maine, the whispered words between them when they thought he was asleep, the words hadn’t made any sense at the time, and now he couldn’t remember them.

There were so many gaps, so many loose ends. Theirs was a story that was woven through so many other different ones, there was even a chapter that featured them in the story of his grandparents. Tucked into the storybook that started so much of this. An illustration of them dancing, words written by another, another author better able to untangle the story.

And after that trip back in time things had changed, a shift in the tone of their story, act two. Then the night after the ice wall he hadn’t gone to see, he’d been surprised to see Hook holding his mom tight to his side pressing kisses to her hair. And he wasn’t there when she took on the darkness, but he had seen Hook’s face after, the words written across it as plainly as those on the pages of any book. And he hadn’t been there when they said goodbye in the Underworld, but he had seen his mom’s face after, all the words carefully hidden from his view.

There was so much of their story he hadn’t been around for. And still he knew they must have hit each important narrative point in their own way. He knew it in the way they loved each other and the way they had become a family. He watched them and the way they smiled over cocoa at Granny’s, the way Killian slipped a little rum from his flask into it earning a smirk from his mom. The way they sat curled together on the couch reading on quiet afternoons as he spread his homework across the floor, the way they would steal a kiss as the sun set into the waves when they were all out on the Jolly Roger. And he watched the way their eyes would meet across a crowd, the way they stood next to each other in a fight, her magic flashing off his sword. The way they seemed to anticipate each other’s movements, no longer needing words between them. 

And perhaps they didn’t need words to know the other and still, now, surrounded by their loved ones, wrapped in golden sunlight and the breeze from the sea, they had found all the perfect words. Vows saturated with their love and memory, filled with promises and the future. And he marveled at the beauty of it, a moment that was both the end of a chapter and a whole new one.

He watched them, watched them share a secret smile and a kiss to seal a life together, and he was again at a loss. He wondered if perhaps this particular fairytale was never meant to be fully known by anyone but them. But if he could have written it down, somehow captured it onto a page, he knew what the last words would be, the ones tucked at the bottom, both a closure and a beginning: They lived happily ever after.

Secret - Part 2

Part two of Secret! This part it for  flowxrsforyourgrxve ,  firebirdsalvatore , and fanficrebloggy . The flashback is in italics! Hope you like it!! 


You wake up to Alfred opening the curtains in the guest room where you slept the night before. You look down and realize that both Dick and Jason had found you and crawled into the bed. You hadn’t had a chance to introduce the boys after the gala because Dick had been asleep and Jason had needed a bath. Thankfully your fight with Bruce had happened after you had put Jason to bed.

“Good morning, Mrs. Y/N. I was quite surprised when I went to wake up Master Bruce and you were not with him. He told me about the argument you had and informed me that you had taken up residence in one of the guest rooms”

You sat up slowly, trying not to disturb the two sleeping children, “Yeah, we had a pretty big fight. I don’t know how much longer I can stand hi keeping me in the shadows, I feel like he’s ashamed of me sometimes” Alfred sits on the side of the bed, wiping away a tear, “I know I’m not as pretty or small as the models he parades around, I’m not as smart as the scientists at S.T.A.R Labs, but I’m still his wife, that should be worth something right?”

“My dear child, you mean the world him. He is terrified of losing his family like he did all those years ago, and he hates that he’s afraid” Alfred sighs, “I just hope that he realizes how much you and the children mean to him before he loses any of you”

You throw your arms around Alfred, the man who had become a grandfather to you. You feel little hands pat your back and you realize that you and Alfred had accidentally woken at least one of the kids. You pull back and look down, both Dick and Jason stare back at you.

“Mama? Are you okay?” Jason whispers.

You choke back a sob and gather up the little boy, dragging Dick closer as well. You remember last night as you were giving Jason his bath his heartbreaking confession.

Jason swirled the warm water around, playing in the bubbles quietly.

“Is the water still warm enough for you, sweetheart?”

Jason had nodded quietly and glanced up at you shyly, “Can I … can I …”

“What is it? You ask me anything”

“Can I call you mama?” he whispered, “I ain’t never had a mama, and I want you to be my mama, Y/N”

You could feel tears prickling the backs of your eyes, “Of course you can. You can call me whatever you feel comfortable with”

He smiled brightly, “I’m gonna call you mama then!”

You’re brought back to the present when Jason calls to you again.

“I’m fine, baby. Everything will be fine”

Dick ducks his head, “Can I call you mama too?”

You draw him closer, so each boy is sitting on one of your thighs, “Of course you can, baby. I didn’t want to pressure you to call me anything you didn’t want to”

Dick pouts, “If Jay gets to call you mama then so do I!”

Alfred chuckles quietly, “Breakfast will be ready in 20 minutes. Do you need help dressing the boys?”

You shake your head, “No, I got it” you stand up and scoop the boys into your arms, “Come on, we are going to Jason’s room first. I had Alfred go out and get you some cloths last night”

Jason squeals happily when he sees that you grabbed a Wonder Woman shirt for him to wear. When you had been talking last night you had asked him who his favorite Justice League member was, and he had admitted that he had a crush on Wonder Woman. When you asked him why he had told you that it wasn’t just because she was pretty, but “because she can kick any bad guys ass!”

“I though you would like this shirt, and here, I got you something else” You reach over and hand him a Wonder Woman stuffed toy. Jason start to cry when you hold the toy out to him. He takes it slowly, almost like he expects you to snatch it away. When you don’t he crushes the toy to his chest. “I almost forgot. Here Dickie, I got you something too” Dick squeals when you had him the superman toy. You yourself had the Batman one, the three toys had come together.

“Thank you mama!” both boys shout, hugging you tightly, each kissing one of your cheeks

“Alright Jaybird, why don’t you head downstairs and help Alfred set up the table, and I will help Dick pick out some cloths”

Jason nods quickly, taking his toy and after one last hug he runs down the hall.

“Can I wear my Superman shirt today, mama?”

“Sure baby, why don’t you go pick out your cloths, I’m going to make sure Jason doesn’t fall down the stairs”

You creep down the hall, making sure that you are quiet enough not to alert Jason that you are following him. You pause when you head Jason talking to someone.

“So, you’re the one who made mama cry last night” the little boy snarled, you had never heard a child so angry

You hear Bruce sigh, “You must be Jason. My wife brought you home from the gala right?”

Jason snorts, “She’s your wife? Well, asshole, if she was your wife why did I see you with other women last night? Why did she sleep in a different room than you?”

You peak around the corner to watch the exchange. Bruce crouches down so that he is eye level with Jason, “Unfortunately I haven’t been a very good husband to her lately. I didn’t listen to her, and I haven’t told anyone that she is my wife”

“Why not? If mama was my wife I wouldn’t ever look at another woman again! She is the best ever!”

“I know, buddy, I know”

“So are you gonna say you’re sorry?”

“Yeah, I just hope that she accepts it”

You slowly back away from the corner, turning and making your way back to Dick’s room. You finish helping him get dressed and the two on you walk down the stairs.

“Right on time as usual, Mrs. Y/N”

You help Dick get into his seat and glance over at Bruce who was watching you quietly.

“I wouldn’t miss your breakfast for the world”

“Before we eat, can I talk to you Y/N”

You sigh softly, but nod anyway, leading Bruce out to the hallway. “What is it?”

“I would like to announce that we are married in out next interview. And I wanted to say that I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for everything I have put you through. I don’t deserve you or those perfect children, but I have you anyway and I never want to lose you.”

“I understand where your fear comes from, I understand that you are just trying to protect us. And I accept your apology” You lean forward and press a gentle kiss to Bruce’s cheek.

Bruce grins, taking your hand and quietly leading you back into the dining room. Both boys had gotten out of their chairs and were eves dropping around the corner, when they see you turn to walk back into the room they scramble back to their chairs. You chuckle when they don’t quite make it all the way back to their chairs.

“You boys are some nosy little shits, you know that?” Bruce said while chuckling. Dick just grinned innocently, and Jason laughed.

Once everyone is settled you eat the breakfast that Alfred prepared and then everyone goes about your day. You watch movies and play with the boys, and Bruce watches while he does paperwork


You and Bruce schedule your interview for the following week. On the interview you reveal that the two of you have been married for 6 years, and that you hadn’t revealed it because Bruce didn’t want you to get any backlash from the media. You also reveal that you have two boys, and they are brought out both boys and everyone thought they were adorable. It was obvious that the boys loved you both and that they were very happy with their new family. You and your family were no longer a secret.


About a month after you adopted Jason, Timothy Drake showed up on your doorstep. His parents had left him alone again and the two year old didn’t know who else to go to, so he went to his neighbors, you. Tim stayed with you the entire time his parents were gone, almost six months into his stay you received news that his parents had been killed while overseas, so you convinced Bruce to adopt Tim as well. Tim would gain a real family. He now had two older brothers a mother who loved him and a father who would listen to him


Damian was the last to enter your family, and even when he did it wasn’t by conventional means. Bruce had infiltrated the League of Assassins headquarters and found out that Talia al Ghul had created a child in a test tube. Bruce had brought the test tube back to the cave and you had offered to have the child implanted into your uterus because you knew that if the child, you had decided to call him Damian, wouldn’t survive in a test tube.

Damian was the only child that you gave birth to, but all of the boys were your sons. You had the family that you always wanted. So as you lay in a hospital room, having just given birth to Damian, you look around at the people you love. The top Justice League members were all there, your sons were all sitting on the bed, watching their youngest sibling, and Bruce was watching everyone. A small, secret smile on his face. A happy smile. A smile that you hadn’t seen since before his parents were killed. So as you lay there in that hospital bed you watch your family. You have everything you could have hoped for. There were no need for secrets in this room because everyone there was family, everyone there was loved.


Tessa & Scott || Jack and Diane

  • the lift feat. Scott talking (singing?) to Tessa [x]

anonymous asked:

I hope you don't mind a very specific ask but how do you think would Akashi deal with an arranged marriage with a Yamato Nadeshiko who doesn't like him because of what happened to Ogiwara (they were close) // Midorima who has a crush on this cute senior who happens to be Takao's older cousin // Aomine's eyes being caught by Satsuki's friend who has a complex about her sizeable chest? I hope it's okay! >< Thank you~

i prefer specific to vastly vague xD

AKASHI: Being arranged to marry someone who was a complete stranger was hard; being arranged to marry someone who despises you completely is downright impossible. Akashi was learning that while trying to get to know his future bride, a friend of Ogiwara, whom he crushed back during Teiko’s reign. It seems a lot of people held grudges against him for that reason. He had changed since then, as he’s sure Ogiwara had as well.

“Where are you taking me?” Once again, she doesn’t seem in a mood to spend time with him. Akashi holds a secretive smile, watching as someone approaches you two. ____-chan’s eyes widened when she recognizes the one and only Ogiwara, wearing a happy expression when he sees them. But why was he happy to see Akashi?! “You wouldn’t believe me when I apologize. So instead, let Ogiwara explain to you how he’s forgiven me.” After he speaks, she’s in awe of the thoughtfulness that existed within her fiancé and how much she’d underestimated him.

MIDORIMA: He was having the nicest, in-depth conversation with you about the state of Japanese politics, when suddenly Takao cuts in, wrapping his arms around both of you. Midorima was extremely annoyed, mostly because how dare he act so chummy with his crush? “Sorry, Takao. Midorima and I were going downtown later.” You explained, as Takao pouted. “Don’t tell me you’re ditching me. What kind of cousin does that?“ He replied, as Midorima felt the color drain from his face. Cou…sin?

“COUSIN?!” Midorima’s sudden outburst makes the two of you turn heads. Takao laughed, eyes glistening with understanding of the situation. He raised his eyebrows suggestively. “Yup, we might end up being brother-in-laws!” He teases, making both you and him flush red. “That can’t be, it’s not possible.” Midorima is in utter denial. “You two aren’t even the same species.”

“Wah– that’s mean, Shin-chan!”

AOMINE: She had prepared again, to ignore the onslaught of sexual harassment and lewd comments from the boys about her chest size. This happened almost every time she came to school. But things were different this time. “Back off, you pathetic virgins.” Came the deep drawl of a familiar voice. “She clearly doesn’t like it.” The black panther, Aomine, entered the scene with a scowl, and the lesser boys scattered. His eyes moved to ____-chan, who instinctively covered her chest as a defensive mechanism. Sure, she has nice boobs, anyone could see that. But– “Is it really worth bothering you over? Tsk, such scum.” He verbalized his thoughts, sympathizing with you.

“Uh, thanks.” She finally spoke, voice as quiet as a mouse. Aomine nodded in acknowledgement, but something was obviously bothering him: the fact that she went through this everyday and didn’t do anything about it. “If you can’t speak up for yourself, I’ll do it.” He suddenly said, surprising her. “I’ll do it until you learn how to stand up for yourself.” It wasn’t a conventional confession, though she understood the gist of his words. In the light of his strong and firm conviction, she felt he wasn’t a bad person. So despite all her insecurities and doubts, it was irresistible the kind of attraction she felt towards him.


Honeymoon Short: Crazy in Love


The sun rise into the Pacific, casting its gold-tinged glow upon the shimmering deep-blue water. Clouds gather, gray and blue back lit with orange, a dazzling sunset the likes of which I’ve never seen. It’s beautiful. I want to stare at it. Watch and get lost in all the colors and textures, but I can’t. I’m kind of busy right now.

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