watch ripper street

Started watching Ripper Street. Iain Glen was in an episode 😀 haha. Bennet is my favorite character. My heart hurt when Rose rejected him. I knew she would, it was obvious, but ugh you just have to love Bennet. Reminds me of Jorah Mormont in a way. Change your mind Rose, he’s a good guy. Oh Bennet, I hope he finds happiness.

I know Reid is married and would never leave his wife. But there was something there with him and that lady who runs the orphanage.

If anything happens to Hobbs I’ll be so upset. EDIT: Hobbs 😢😢😢 why?

I haven’t seen the back to back episode yet but I can see that you’re all begging for a season two.

Here’s what I propose:
Share your love. Everywhere. Share the love for the show on any & all social media platform. Tweet to ITV, email ITV, Tweet the writers, the crew, the cast, anyone. Tell them how much you love this show.

I don’t know how many of you know/watched Ripper Street, but I remember it ended the same way, on a cliffhanger & was promptly cancelled. Upon its cancellation, it caused a great uproar of upset amongst its viewers, that after endlessly campaigning, it were brought back by Amazon, and soon back on BBC One.

So I implore you all, keep pestering. Do anything you can. Fanart, fan videos, write letters, write tweets, post Instagram photos, write status’s.

Jekyll and Hyde is so deserving of a second series. So so so deserving.