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Have you ever shipped something so hardcore that it literally gives you butterflies in your stomach when you see your ship together, talking, looking at each other and every little movement gives your chills?

Ha, of course you have, it’s tumblr but still… my otps are giving me so many feels tonight! *cries* they are all so beautiful:’)


Ella Henderson - Hard Work

Scully, Will You Sing Me The Song?

“Scully, will you sing me the song?”

She looks up from her magazine to see her stubbornly awake partner pleading at her with drug-enhanced puppy dog eyes.

“What song, Mulder?” She shifts in her chair and looks back at the magazine with calculated nonchalance. And he lets her.

“You know, the song.”

She looks up then. Again, calculated “recognition.” Again, he lets her.

“Mulder.” is all she says as she darts her eyes to the hallway, but he hears the “Do we have to go through this? You know I can’t carry a tune and someone might hear me” in the deepening timbre of her sleep and stress laden voice.

“Scully?” is all he says but she hears the “Please do it for me, I won’t make fun of you and who cares if they hear anyway” in the scratch and rasp of his blister-riddled throat. 

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