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My collection of art journal type books (as of December 2016) is officially too big for a stack, they had to be laid down. 


Yes, I’m still in orrery mode - a little one set in a pocket watch case.  The planets are solid metal - gold, silver and copper tones.  It was made to be a desk ornament but could be very carefully used as a fob or pendant.  It doesn’t move - no orbit or rotation - just an assemblage piece made to look like it might move.  

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chimaerakitten  asked:

oooooh tell us more about little!Bruce's fascination with Alfred

i can’t believe you picked the exact thing i wanted to talk about

so alfred’s just a regular valet, right? his life has zero to do with the life of the resident baby, except to roll his eyes when the annoying fleshy sack starts wailing. up to this point in his life, he’s never been a kid person, or a baby person, or enjoyed the presence of anyone younger than eighteen. the waynes had nannies for this sort of thing, why would alfred have to do it?

so, here’s the thing. when i was a kid, all i wanted was my grandmother. i would scream and scream and scream until i heard my grandmother, and then i would keep screaming until my grandmother was holding me. i wanted no one else in this world, and no one could figure out why, because my grandmother is not even that good with babies. in fact, she’s terrible with babies, she’s dropped a few, and i was just a baby possessed. i submit to you that bruce was the exact same way with alfred, and if it wasn’t alfred, he didn’t like it.

the fascination with alfred didn’t wear off as he got older, either, and as a toddler he was probably gripping alfred’s pants leg and tottering after him the way baby elephants grab their mother’s tails. sainthood for dear alfred is so, so close, because do you know how many times he’s turned around and BOOM there is a tiny child peering at him? do you know how many near-heart attacks he’s had because bruce JUST POPPED UP UNEXPECTEDLY. do you know how creepy a pale, dark-haired child in an ancient and looming house can be? the answer is super fucking creepy. 

so basically: bruce spent galas and parties hiding out with alfred, and also avoided his parents with alfred, and also insisted alfred do all the things with him. essentially, he was like a little bur that you get on your clothes, except probably twice as annoying.


The Desktop by Marcus Rodriguez

sometimes i think I’ll never be happy until i own a well-tailored victorian era suit