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@skywalkerapologist I KNOW THIS FEELING. it’ll be so painfully creepy if they go any younger than 40, because by the time catwoman’s cast, ben affleck’s gonna be in his late 40s, and every time they’re on screen together it’s going to be implied that they’re together. i’m nervous. i don’t know if i can trust you, matt reeves


I wanted to practice drawing suits, so here’s Penguin in some new duds. (I mayyyy have developed a crush on this silly bird boy)

Now I know why Gotham doesn’t feature too much Zsasz…

It’s because my heart can’t take it. (Or is it my underpants? I’m not sure.)

Accidents Happen

Request: “Reader is scared for her life after she accidentally spilled something on Harley and she’s heard the rumors of those who’ve disrespected the queen. She apologizes and etc. Both are okay with it, but they decide to take her and make her their new toy.”

Authors note: Sorry I took so long to get this up @purple-puddin schools been a bitch !

Warning: this is the most smuttiest and dirtiest shit I’ve ever written I might to say 20 Hail Marys after this.

It was a windy night, tears forking in your eyes as you walked towards the club with a few friends. It had been your first night out since moving to Gotham City. You looked up to see “Insanity” written in gold letters above the club. One of your friends knows the bouncer so you had the luxury of skipping the line. You looked around the club to see purple walls adorned with black and gold decorations and booths.

“Now Y/N this is the Jokers club, he and his lady literally run Gotham. Watch out for a guy with bright … hair and a chick with…pink and blue hair. That’ll be the end of you if you fuck with them.” Your friend Donny said as you walked through the club. You weren’t paying attention as you admired the club, not taking any of Donny’s words into consideration.

Your group of friends led you to a booth where you took of your jacket. Your body tingled as your skin acclimated to the heat inside the club. One of your friends Liv pulled you toward the bar insisting that you get a drink with her. You seemed a little apprehensive since you tended to get a little wild when you were drunk. She pushed the shot toward you and you quickly pushed it back to your friend.

“Please Y/N for me?” Liv pleaded as she poked her lip out. You rolled your eyes as she pushed it back toward you. Finally giving in you downed the shot. The liquid burning as it went down your throat.

“Another round bar-keep!” Liv yelled over the loud music. You both continued to drink multiple shots as the night went on. You ordered a final drink and attempted to return to your booth. The dance floor was crowded with people, as you tried to squeeze through the mob of people you accidentally spilled your drink on someone.

“I’m so so sorry I didn’t mean to-” you were cut off as the woman turned around. Something didn’t feel right, you tried to remember what Donny told you about some chick with pink hair. Something about the Joker and not fucking with him and his lady.

“Hey watch it! You spilled ya drink all ova me!” you quickly regretted drinking all those shots. Realization set in when you saw her pink and blue hair. You panicked as you thought about what might happen to you. The woman looked you up and down and smiled and she grabbed your hand.

“Come with me hun.” She said as she led you towards the back of the club. Panic set in as you neared a door.

“I’m sorry I really didn’t mean it, I’ll get you a new dress and everything, I’ll even-” you stopped mid sentence as the woman ushered you into an office. There you saw a man with bright green hair, red lipstick and tattoos all over his face. This must be the Joker you thought to yourself.

“Puddin.” The woman said as she walked behind the desk and kissed the man in the cheek gaining his attention. He looked up at you and then towards his lady.

“I brought us a new toy!” She exclaimed as she walked toward you, she pushed you into a nearby chair.

“Why exactly was this new toy brought here?” The Joker said as he got up from the desk.

“I think she should be taught a lesson, she spilled a drink on me and ruined my dress.” She said as she slipped off the dress with nothing under. Her nipples hardened as the office air hit them. She walked toward you and sat on your lap, her legs wrapped around your waist as she whispered in you ear.

“Kiss me.” You obliged to her command and kissed her soft lips roughly. Both of your tongues swirling in each other’s mouths. You grabbed a fistful of her ass and she moaned in your mouth. You pulled away and started to kiss down her neck. Staring at The Joker who was standing in front of you. You picked her up and laid her down on the desk. Licking off the sticky liquor that you spilled on her earlier. You made your way down and began to message her clit occasionally sucking and licking it. The Joker came behind you and yanked you up by your hair

“Take of your clothes.” You quickly slipped off your dress your nipples already exposed since you had no bra on. you quickly slid off your underwear. He bent you over and slammed himself inside off you. You screamed in pain and surprise, how quick did he take off his pants you thought to yourself as began to thrust into you. You continued to eat the woman out as you were being taken from behind. Occasionally moaning into her cavern and adding to her pleasure.

The woman got off the desk, you were turned around and pushed onto the desk. The Joker continued to ram into you repeatedly, you moaned out in pleasure as he quickened his pace.

“Come sit on my face.” You said to the woman as she walked toward you. The Joker helped her onto the desk as she lowered herself onto you. You smelled her sweet scent and went to town on her, slurping and playing with her clit with your tongue. She began to move around, you quickly secured your arms over her thighs.

“Don’t run away from me hun.” You said as you continued to tongue fuck her. Her moans got louder and louder as she finally came into your mouth. She got off of you and kissed your lips trying to taste her sweet juices. Your peak slowly neared as The Joker continued to thrust into you.

“You like it when I ravage that little cunt huh?” You nodded as you moaned out. The woman came and started messaging your clit vigorously

“Use your words doll! Or I won’t let you come all over my cock.” Your eyes rolled back as the pleasure continued.

“Yes! Yes! I love it when you ravage my little cunt!” You say as you cry out.

“Good girl, cum for daddy” you scream as your orgasm washes over you. The woman, gets down on her knees and opens her mouth. The Joker quickly pulled out of you and busted his load into the woman’s mouth. She swallowed it and stood up to kiss you the salty taste entering your mouth. She pulls away and sticks out her hand for you to shake.

“The names Harley Quinn, nice to meet ya!”

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THAT NYGMOBBLEPOT REUNION. And I also really liked Ivy seducing the nurse. They did a good job of showing her perfume working on women too without even making a big deal about it.

YAS! And YAS Ivy is finally getting something to do! I felt they didn’t know what to do with her really before, like Babs in season 1! But now look at them both aah. Yes she can manipulate anyone she wants mmh! Watch out ppl! And agreed, Gotham is great with not making a fuss about gender, I cant believe people complain really. Like when the whole world got to know Oswald was in love with Ed, it’s treated the same way from everyone else as with heteros, no one didn’t even lift an eyebrow at it. Same with Babs n Tabs and so on! As Cory said, power is blind in Gotham and that is amazing!

so i’m thinking of an original character based in the dc universe but i need a question answered. when you think of GOTHAM CITY as a whole, what are some characteristics & traits that come to mind? it’s an odd question but just answer it if you can.

Imagine Breaking Into The GCPD To Hold A Funeral For Jerome

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You quietly slipped through the door to the medical examination room. His body was still on the table; you could see the smile you’d known since childhood plastered across his pale face. Nobody would have to know you were here. You would be quick.

“I remember your father’s last words to you, Jerome,” you whispered, the words barely more than a slight breeze through your lips, “Death and madness, he said. Death and madness. You were my life. You were my sanity. You were my friend.”

Carefully, you placed a small daisy over his chest, looking down at him for one last time with blurred vision. As your fists clenched, your eyes knit into a burning glare with tears that sizzled through your anger. Only one thing was certain now, in your eyes, as you stared at your last companion, your final friend.

“Theo Galavan must die…”

-For Anon-