watch out for the tea set

Simple Little Things In Life

-clothes fresh out of the dryer
-singing in the rain
-a perfectly popped bag of popcorn
-a good hair day
-waking up before the alarm goes off
-birds chirping for the first time since winter
-dancing when nobody’s watching
-waking up early & falling back asleep
-watching the sun rise/set
-starbucks spelling your name correctly
-finding money in your pocket
-listening to a favorite song on repeat
-puppies & kittens
-being outside when the weather is /just right/
-the smell of rain on pavement
-twinkle lights
-getting retweets
-cute sweaters
-popping bubble wrap
-raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens
-scribbling out words when you mess up
-writing in pen
-the perfect drinking temperature for tea
-wearing cute little mittens
-getting into bed with fresh sheets
-singing along to the radio
-the first day of spring & not having to wear a jacket
-rainy days
-watching the snow fall
-cute dreams
-classical music
-heavy thunderstorms
-fall leaves
-walking on pavement
-your favorite t-shirt
-disney movies
-a cold shower on a hot day
-fresh flowers
-apple cinnamon candles
-handwritten letters
-receiving mail
-chipped nail polish
-on sale items
-city lights on the street after the rain
-roasting marshmallows over an open fire
-the calming pitter-patter of the rain
-not being able to put a book down
-getting a text from an old friend
-the feeling you get after a workout
-that certain bookstore smell
-the smell of old books
-buying school supplies
-warm towels
-sunlight shining through the trees
-genuinely feeling happy
-planning a party
-summer breeze
-getting enough sleep
-the feeling of sand between your toes
-waves crashing on the shore
-the sweet smell of the ocean
-proving yourself wrong
-proving others wrong
-big, warm hugs that make you feel loved
-making lists
-letting go of the past
-the word “serendipity”
-learning another language
-fresh air
-the window seat
-rereading your favorite book
-gel pens
-deep red lipstick
-hair bows
-glitter & sparkles
-flea markets
-cute lil antique shops
-pocket watches
-fine art
-poetry, tea, & over-the-knee socks
-random acts of kindness
-freshly baked cookies
-photo booths
-freshly cut grass
-happy tears
-catching up with an old friend
-seeing someone light up when they talk about their favorite thing
-sitting by a lake
-looking at the stars
-getting a pair of new shoes
-jumping on a trampoline
-elevator music
-blue eyes
-cursive writing
-when a cat sneezes
-falling asleep
-toaster waffles topped with fresh fruit
-the smell of lavender
-coffee ice cream
-bakery muffins
-walking in the woods during the summer
-apple picking
-squinting when the sun is too bright
-crossing things off your list
-saying hello
-deep city lights
-rainbow sprinkles
-old couples
-being sleepy & having messy hair
-forehead kisses
-swing dancing
-sugar cookies
-apple blossoms
-cute outfits
-aqua, light green, & purple
-mint green tea
-short stories
-iced tea with honey
-long necklaces and gold rings
-quoting your favorite movie
-hot cocoa, fuzzy pajamas, & a roaring fire in the winter
-snowball fights
-having a ton of pillows
-going out to eat

In the end, the humor and satire of The Love Witch was overwhelmed by the how the actors were directed. I get what Anna Biller was trying to do, but I think her devotion the style of the horror and exploitation movies of the 60s and 70s meant that while the movie was aiming for “playing with cheesy tropes to make a point”, it fell into the pit of “actually cheesy and borderline awful”. 

(Mind you, I have a very low tolerance for movies that deliberately set out to be schlocky. I don’t even like watching bad movies to make fun of them. I realize this is heresy, but even things like MST3K or RiffTrax aren’t exactly my cup of tea.)

devinisnotokay  asked:

"Oh mY GOd, stop, those aren't edible!"

Simon paused with the plastic scone halfway to his mouth, his body crammed on one of our daughter’s tea set chairs.

Looking me straight in the eye, he stuck his tongue out and licked it, as Natasha dissolved into a ball of giggles and fluffy tutu fabric.

“This is a tea party, Bazzy,” Simon said, flipping his hand about and watching Natasha’s delighted reaction out of the corner of his eyes. “You can’t just say the scones my lovely hostess made for me are plastic.”

I smiled and left them to it with a bow, but I made a mental note to Lysol the whole set when they were asleep tonight. 

Send me the first line of a fic and I’ll write the next five!

2016 - the year to get your shit together

Use a book you write in or a diary, use it to set out the week days and write everything you need to do down.
Create a legend to help organise the homework and things you have to do.

They don’t have to be big goals, they just have to be goals that are possible to reach.
When you complete a goal (because you will, trust me) reward yourself with something nice. This could be a pamper night, a day out with someone or a night in watching a movie.

Try and keep a healthy lifestyle.
Drink lots of water (it’s good for your skin). Drink tea, drink smoothies, drink cloudy apple juice (because that’s the best apple juice ever)
Eat foods that are wholesome and nutritious. Go out for meals that will make you feel good, don’t binge on fast food.

Make time. Enough said.
Make time for your loved ones. Make time for relaxation. Make time to make a good meal (like lasagna). Make time to exercise.
Make time. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but enough to relax and feel good.

Be aware of the time.
Create deadlines. Don’t get carried away.
Start assignments when you get them, you don’t have to finish them but give them a start.
Make sure you know your cutoffs and deadlines.

Put yourself first sometimes. Make sure that, you feel happy and alive before you make sure someone else feels happy and alive.

You don’t always have to be around people.
Read a book, go for a walk, write down your thoughts, make yourself a smoothie, have a bath.
Do things on your own, relax.

Yes, it’s very hard to have a balanced lifestyle but give it a try.
Balance work, school, uni, exercise, family time and friends.
Prioritise. Which is more important? Which should you complete first?

Share your happiness. Don’t be afraid to give someone a ring to tell them your good news. Share why you are happy.
Share your happiness, it might make someone else happy.

10. LIVE
Live. And live to the fullest.
Remind yourself of why you’re here (whether it’s to get your dream job, get into your dream uni or create a family), remind yourself that you are here for a reason. You are worth it.

- 2015 might have been really bad for you, but 2016 is a time to restart. Give life another shot. Fall and the world will catch you. Have an amazing New Years Eve and here’s to a fresh start in 2016. Make it worthwhile Xx

Little things the Hogwarts Houses do

-drinks a lot of tea or coffee
- is either really messy or really neat
-like debating stuff but really hate getting interrupted, so they set a lot of rules and have debate clubs and stuff
-generally introverts
-really epic at board games
-look up cute animals on the Internet and coo at least once a day
-really appreciates people
-excellent at giving advice
-dislikes horror movies and tense scenes
- are generally peaceful but if you hurt their friend they will fight you
-watch horror movies on a bet and then get a little freaked out
-always ready to argue about anything under the sun and will happily switch sides if everyone agrees with them just so they can argue
-is generally terrible at board games but will always be very dramatic about them
-is actually just very dramatic in general
-is ridiculously proud of stupid things like being a Gryffindor or having the most freckles
-not all cool people are Slytherins but all Slytherins are cool
-a Slytherin wrote that not me
-are weirdly good at sensing which one’s the murderer in mysteries
-will shock you with their knowledge of obscure subjects

Bostonius headcanons (long AF)

- Desmond’s good at braiding/plaiting hair, so whenever Emmy or Aurora feel exhilarated after something, they like him to braid/plait their hair.
- He’s great at it because his daughter used to like the same thing.
- He makes the best hot chocolate. Everyone has a mug before bed, with marshmallows.
- Luke teaches Aurora those “patty cake” hand-clap things and she really enjoys them.
- He also teachers her how to make paper planes, and she really enjoys watching them be made and throwing them as far as she can.
- He shows her how to make the Professor’s favourite tea, and she makes him a cup and really loves it.
- Everyone helps with dinner. Raymond cooks, Desmond dishes up, Layton brings it all out, Emmy sets up the table, Luke and Aurora wash up and dry up and pack away.
- Keats totally begs for food 100% and everyone gives in and feed him a little.
- Bedtime stories, courtesy of Emmy, mostly.
- Aurora is stressing one night so bad over the loss of her memories and she’s crying and Desmond is making sure everyone’s okay/getting water or something when he hears her and sits down with her, puts his arm around her, and rocks her really gently, smooths her hair down and hushes her to sleep.
- It becomes a frequent thing. He’s always there to comfort her and she really appreciates his company.
- Breakfast is very DIY. Whenever you’re ready, you can make your own breakfast, then do whatever you fancy until everyone is up.
- Everyone wakes up at different times, but the latest anyone is allowed to sleep is 10am. The Azran civilisation isn’t going to be unearthed if everyone is asleep.
- Emmy is usually up first, at around 7am. Then Raymond, a little after her. Then the Professors at around 8:30am. Luke and Aurora are usually up around 9/9:30am.
- Since Emmy and Raymond are up first, they usually chat while they eat breakfast. It’s usually about what everyone is going to do today or just random stories of the other’s life.
- On the off, Desmond makes pancakes for everyone. His daughter liked them, and so does everyone here.
- Evening lounging around ft. Unfunny Desmond jokes that end up funny, ghost stories from Emmy, archaeological trip stories from both professors, Aurora recalling memories in fascinating detail, Luke horsing around and making everyone laugh.
- They sometimes park the Bostonius in an area with no light pollution, and they all sit outside and look at the stars telling stories. Desmond makes hot chocolate, and they have blankets and pillows. When it gets too cold, they go back inside and look out of the huge window of the Bostonius.
- Emmy takes great photos of everyone. Singular, in pairs, in groups, of scenery, everything.
- Emmy teaches Aurora basic self-defence.
- Everyone helps with all the housework.
- Everyone continuously thanking Desmond and Raymond for having them, and telling them they appreciate everything they’ve done for them, and they promise to help out any way the can.
- Desmond feels very loved every time they do.
- Emmy uses the phrase: “I will dip your bread hair in your soup and make you eat it.” probably during a heated game of Monopoly.


Dear WrittenThroughTime….you give so much to this fandom.  I hope in some small way my story makes you smile, laugh and fall in love with Jamie and Claire all over again in a Modern World.


“Dammit!  Oh GOD.  Oh.  Oh God.”

She heard the crash from her perch on the fire escape.  And then the swearing. And underlying it all was the pain.  Claire had been sitting out on her fire escape, watching the sun go down in an orange blaze.  Setting aside her steaming hot tea, she crept down the iron stairs slowly, her big woolen blanket still wrapped around her.  It was a deep autumn night in Edinburgh, and the chill in the air was sharp. She didn’t want to appear like a weirdo, but the pain in his voice was too much to ignore.  

And when she saw him, she reacted without thinking. Dropping the blanket, she crawled through his open window, hand outstretched and voice soothing.  “Hi there.  I’m Claire. I live upstairs.  I heard the crash. Are you okay?”  He looked at her, eyes wild, short of breath and clutching his right arm.  A clearly dislocated shoulder.  “I’m a nurse. Let me help you.”  

He never said a word, just nodded at her and allowed her to lead him over to the coffee table.  She sat him down gently and looked him in the eye. “Brace yourself.  It will hurt.  Just…just don’t fight me, okay?  I need to get the arm in the correct position, and then I’m going to put your shoulder joint back in place.”  He nodded again, and took a deep breath.  She could see in his eyes when he was ready for her. She nodded back at him, their silent communication forged.  Slipping her hand into his, she concentrated on what she was doing until she felt the joint slide home.

“A Dhia.” he breathed. He looked at her with surprise, relief, and nothing short of admiration.  She smiled.  


“Aye. Thank ye!”

She looked around.  “I need to make you a sling.  Do you have a scarf, maybe?”  

“Maybe in the hall closet,” he said, but when he stood up, he swayed.

“Woah!”  Claire placed her hands on his waist to steady him.  “It’s the pain.  You should sit.”  He turned slightly and that’s when Claire noticed his belt. “Wait!”  He cocked an eyebrow.  “Your belt.  It will do nicely.” And before she realized what she was doing, she undid his belt buckle, slid it free of his jeans and used it to immobilize his arm.  “It’s just for tonight.  Sleep carefully, perhaps with a pillow under your shoulder. Tomorrow I’ll bring you a proper sling from the hospital.”  She finished her ministrations, marched to the bathroom hoping to find some type of pain medicine or anti-inflammatory in the sink cabinet and then strode through to the kitchen to get him a glass of water. She righted the bar stool he obviously tripped over, wrote her mobile number on a piece of paper and told him to call her if the pain became too much.  

And crawling through the window again she gave him one last wave, picked up her blanket and mounted the rusty stairs.  It was only after she was back in her flat coming down after her healing adrenaline rush that it hit her.  How very firm his waist was.  How tall, and big. With a myriad of red in his longish hair.  Hair that curled just at the nape.  And it registered that when she finally looked him in the eye, he’d had a small smirk pulling at his lips. Because she was unbuckling his belt….and she felt the heat of embarrassment flood her face.  Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, Claire! You need to not be so bold!

Downstairs, rubbing the torn bit of paper between his fingers like a rosary bead, Jamie felt as if he’d been hit by a lorry.  Oh, his shoulder felt okay.  It hurt, but it was manageable.  No, the lorry that hit him had curly black hair, a no-nonsense manner and a good touch. Not to mention the last image he had of her leaving his flat.  That sweet, round arse disappearing up the fire escape. Claire.

My American friend watched Bake Off, and just couldn’t get over that the contestants didn’t hate each other and helped each other out, that it took place in a brightly lit cute tent and there was chill music playing as they all sipped tea while their bakes were in the oven

It’s The Great BRITISH Bake Off everyone’s cute and hugs each other and is pleased for the best baker, this ain’t some American dungeon where all the contestants are screaming that they’re better than everyone else and look on smugly as the person eliminated gets set on fire never to be seen again

Part 2 is here:

“John! Hercules! Lafayette! I have the newest article by Soulren Marks! It just solidifies my ideas on this man! He is incredible!”

“He? Are you really that blind Hamilton?” I whispered, bringing my tea cup to my lips as I watched the group of men a table away. They had been frequenting the small tea shop I like to call my place of inspiration ever since I started publishing my articles. They are very loud too, so I easily was able to figure out their names.

“Are you sure it is even a he, Alexander? No one has ever seen Marks in person.” Lafayette said, pulling a chair out for the excitable Hamilton at their table. I nodded softly, pulling out my journal, where I drafted most of my articles. I also pulled a bottle of ink and a quill out of my satchel, setting them down on the table.

“No woman could formulate sentences this well. They’d have to be a scholar!” Hercules said, holding his hand out to the articles Hamilton was holding.

“Well, if your father was one of course, you could learn a few things.” I replied to myself, taking a sip of my tea. I sat the glass back down, and opened my bottle of ink.

“It doesn’t matter if they are male or female. All that matters is that they are raising so much moral for the Revolution. Before we know it, the army will start calling for volunteers!” John cheered. I giggled, watching the four men, before I started scribbling on my paper.

Over the past few weeks, I have been observing a group of four men. Each individual and strong willed, but brought together by a common goal. 

The Revolution.

I say, if we are really wanting our independence, we will start having to show it. Like those four. Don’t be so closed minded about the subject. Sing it from the rooftops. Men, riot in the streets. Women, don’t be afraid to speak out against any man you see.

Raise your glasses to freedom.

The Revolution is upon us.

I smiled, closing my ink and wiping off my quill.I read the small passage over and over, before smiling and placing the papers back in my satchel. I look back up to see four pairs of eyes on me, each inquisitive and brilliant. 

I felt my cheeks heat up, as I stood to my feet, slinging my satchel over my shoulder. I walked towards the front door, a soft smile gracing my lips. I suddenly flung my head around, to see the four pairs of eyes still on me.

“Good day boys. I will see you tomorrow!”

The four were shocked as I walked out the front door and down the street, towards my estate.

–The Next Day–

I marched down to the small shop, no satchel in hand. My skirts tugged against the cobblestone, passing British soldiers as I walked.

Once I got to the front door of the shop, I pushed it open gently, stepping inside. My eyes immediately landed on the group of 4 men, squealing and talking rapidly to each other.

“I can’t believe we made it into Soulren Marks’s article! We must have seen them before!” 

I just giggled, walking over and standing over the men.

“Excuse me sirs, but I see that you four got a hold of Soulren Marks’s new article. May I sit and discuss it with you?”

Disney || Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request: “ X-Men! Quicksilver on shot? Like, he catches her singing a disney song and she knows it word for word and he’s impressed and then some fluff….?”

A\N: Hello children. This is your author speaking. For the purposes of this story, how about we ignore the fact that Lion King wasn’t released till 1994 and yes, I am well aware that this imagine is set in the eighties. So enjoy the imagine. Author out!

You lightly started to tap your feet as you began to hum the tune of perhaps one of the best songs in all of the existence of this world. You started to drum your fingers against the kitchen counter as you waited for the water to boil for your cup of tea. Recently watching a Disney movie could really get a song stuck in your head.

“Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase,” you hummed, bobbing your head left and right.

“Hakuna Matata! Ain’t no passing craaaze.” You skipped over to the other side to grab yourself a spoon.

“It means no worries,” you sang. “For the rest of your daaaaays.”

“It’s our problem-free…philosophy!” You grabbed the saucer and poured hot water in your cup. “Hakuna Matata!”

“Hakuna Matata?” Peter’s voice came from behind you.

You swiveled around and jumped a little as the cup tipped over in your hand and threatened to spill over you. You gasped as you felt a swooshing sensation and after you blinked, you noticed that you were wrapped carefully in Peter’s arms and were well away from the cup. Peter winced as the cup shattered into smithereens as it hit the floor.

You looked at the broken mug and then back at Peter. “That was my favorite mug.”
“Well it was either you or the mug,” he shurgged.

“The mug! Always the mug!”

“Calm down twinkie,” he chuckled, kissing your nose. “I’ll buy you another one.”

“My hero,” you said sarcastically.

“Also were you singing just a minute ago?”
“Uh…no?” you squinted.

“Okay don’t lie,” he grinned at you. “That was singing! And pretty great singing!”

You turned a little red. “Thanks I guess.”

His eyes sparkled. “We should totally do-“

“-we are not going to sing a duet.”

“Oh but heeeeeeey!” he whined. “It’s gonna be so awesome!”

“Peter no!”

“Peter yes!”

You groaned as you anticipated the long hours of argument the two of you were going to have.


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The Moon, Silk Sheets, and Polaroid :)

aaayyyy thanks case! cant wait to actually see you in person tomorrow!!

The Moon: What’s your favorite thing to do at night? 

Make tea and read a book/watch a movie. But tea is a necessity. 

Silk Sheets: Any ways you treat or spoil yourself?

I’m really responsible about money until I am set loose in a bookstore without adult supervision because then I have a tendency to panic and buy as many books as I can carry… 

Polaroid: Post a picture that makes you feel good about yourself. 

*** please ignore the weird face I’m making but check out my Jane Austen hair! I’m getting really good at it :)

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Based off the au prompt “i’m a rockstar and you’re a fan who snuck in and do you maybe wanna help me ‘blow off some steam’ back stage because ur A) really hot and B) pretty obviously willing“ from this prompt list. Nessian smut, which means @accidental-rambler gets tagged.

The band had been attractive enough, Nesta supposed.

              She leaned against the wall and contemplated the concert she had just watched.  She hadn’t planned on coming – had it been Feyre who had asked, Nesta would have just shot it down.  But she could give credit where it was due, and rather than asking herself, Feyre had set Elain on her, knowing Nesta could never tell her middle sister no.

              So, when Feyre had claimed she could totally sneak them backstage… well, Elain had been so excited, and Nesta had gone along, even though all she really wanted was a cup of tea and her knitting needles.

              (Had Feyre known her thoughts, she would have pointed out that Nesta had never finished a cup of tea and always ended up throwing her knitting across the room in a rage)

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Photography Practice pt.1

The drive is further from school than you’d thought, guess he wasn’t hyperbolising it. You wonder silently how you’re going to get home but push the thought to the back of your mind. The car stops outside his house and theres a slightly awkward moment as you feel him watching your reaction to the hole in the wall that has tarpaulin thrown over it.

His Mother isn’t home from work and his brother is at a friends house he explains, tidying up the hall as he walks down it. The light in his room is nice you admit, the large window he mentioned showing the last light of summer. He offers you a cup of tea, juice, coffee only to realise he’s fresh out of anything except water. Declining with a smile you help him set up the tripod. You’re not sure how many other boys you would have agreed to go home with upon first meeting but theres something very trustworthy about Jonathan. He looks so earnest as he puts the roll of film into his camera and you feel your cheeks warm slightly as your fingers brush his on the tripod.

You pick up the assignment sheet to distract yourself.

“So it’s focusing on lighting on a human subject. I’m supposing you aren’t going to model?” you ask snidely.

“Definitely not” he retorts, giving you a small cheeky smile as he finishes with the tripod. “Sit on the window ledge, please.”

Positioning yourself you begin to act out the poses given on the sheet. Being in-front of the camera was slightly nerve-wracking but you couldn’t help but feel so at ease with Jonathan. You were so grateful for the embarrassing model jobs you’d had to do for your sisters clothing company when you were younger, even if it was a little self conscious, you didn’t have to think about it too much.

“You’re a natural” murmurs Jonathan, “I’m just going to come in for a close up”.

All of a sudden the bravado dies and you have no idea what to do with your face. You swallow thickly and look down at the floor. Jon notices immediately and his head snaps up.

“Hmm okay, pretend you’re looking at your boyfriends face and he’s just cheated on you. Good, now your Mum has walked through the door with a huge birthday cake just for you..” He runs through a few different scenarios and you relax into the different emotions.

“Pretend you’re looking into the eyes of someone you love.” No one comes to mind immediately so instead you focus on the way he’s holding his hands around the camera, his hair slowly flickering in the wind from the open window. He leans forward to brush away the hair thats just fallen over your face  and you lean into his hand, holding it to your face. He smiles slightly and takes a photo.

“Okay now something with the hands, can you pretend to unbutton your shirt?” He asks, looking through the lens. His voice has shifted slightly and you get a potentially disastrous idea.

“Do I have to pretend?” you ask gingerly, deftly undoing the sheer white shirt before he could say no. He looks up over the top of the camera, looking slightly confused and goes completely red when he sees you. Thank god you wore one of your nicer bra’s today.

“Yeah that’s fine too” he murmurs, trying to keep his voice steady. You take a shot like that and then with unknown confidence you slip the shirt off your shoulders. You keep direct eye contact with him as your hands snake around to undo your bra and he stops you.

“You don’t need to do this” he says firmly.

“I want to…don’t you?” noticing your voice isn’t quite as confident.

He stands up away from the camera and casts his eyes down your body before locking onto yours. He nods slowly, a dark expression in his eyes that makes you blush.

you’re a king; i’m your lionheart || closed


It’s not a difficult life, but it is a tedious one, and it comes with unique challenges that the average person need not deal with. A prince’s education is of the utmost importance, for he must be a step above the norm; he need be worldly, well read, and proper. He must boast talents, hone his skills, and memorize generations of lineage, ceremony etiquette, and the names of other prominent nobles. 

Erik sits in a chair by the window, one leg slung over the other, a book of French poetry in his hand. It looks lovely outside, and he’d love nothing more than an escape. A distraction.

He watches his servant setting out the tea, an expression on his face that borders on fond. They’ve known one another for months now; two seasons have passed since Arthur was given to him by his father, and it’s been a good fit. So far as servants go, Erik can’t complain. They’re similar in age, and though it wouldn’t be proper for him to allow discussion to get too personal, he can’t help but watch closely. He wishes to know more. More than master and servant, he’s come to think of Arthur as his companion.

“If the weather holds,” he says conversationally, “I should like to go riding later. You’ll come?”

Thunderbird Cape Cod Headcanons

- cape cod is approximately 4 ½ hours from mount greylocke, massachusetts, and the perfect place for outdoor thunderbirds
- thunderbird students, on the weekends, taking day trips or overnight trips out to the cape
- having beach parties, playing frisbee and volleyball, setting up their speakers and listening to music. cold lemonades and iced tea in a full cooler. 
- getting tans, or trying to and getting burned
- chasing umbrellas down the beach when it’s too windy
- walking through the hot sand to find the perfect spot to set up camp for the day
- pokemon go at the beach to finally catch a god damn lapras
- collecting shells and rocks from the sand, chasing seagulls and tossing sandwich crusts to the birds
- fires on the beach at night, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, sharing ghost stories
- surfing, paddleboarding, skimboarding, boogie boarding
- watching the sun set together on the bayside, walking out to sea during low tide
- long walks down the shore
- taking pictures, getting candids of each other
- standing with their feet in the water, doin that thing where you let the waves bury your feet
- nature walks
- whale watches
- eating slimy clams and lobster, being adventurous with seafood
- freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and deep sea fishing
- adventuring at every opportunity, taking full advantage of the cape and its environment


Scans - George Harrison (and director Richard Lester) on the set of Help!, Bahamas, possibly 7 or 8 March 1965; scanned from Remember.

Photos: Mike McCartney

“‘A cup of Rosie Lee, George?’ With a Bahamian cop in the background, holding his cup of tea between takes on the Help! set, George gives me a 'Here you are again, cheeky monkey’ look. He was essentially a shy, private young man, but when you got a smile out of George, it lit up the page.”

“On the set of Help! George is looking over the shoulder of Dick Lester, who directed both the Beatles’ movies. Filmmaking can be an incredibly boring process; we’d hang around for hours waiting for something to happen. To pass the time we used to watch blue movies in one of the boys’ dressing rooms, but even those were boring… unless you ran them backwards! They were supposed to be hugely erotic but we were on the floor, rolling around laughing at all the naughty bits they were doing… back to front!” - Mike McCartney, Remember

Wonwoo: Rewards Are Rewarding

Summary: I’m ready to die lmao…. here’s a wonwoo scenario while I’m feeling productive

-Admin Princess

“What are you doing?” He asks, fingers wrapped tightly around his mug as he watches you prance around the kitchen.

“I’m trying to find baking soda.” You mumble. Your mind is too occupied to raise your voice any louder.  He smiles.

“It’s in the cabinet above the stove.” He says.

“You’re a life saver, Wonwoo.” You say as you pull the container out of said cabinet. He sets his tea down and raises his arms in your direction.

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ok no but really Blackheart and Blitzmeyer are both so Autistic

Dr Meredith Blitzmeyer has spent her whole life dedicated to a single research project, she has travelled the world learning about it and making something from it without really registering much else going on around her. She doesn;t watch the news because it doesn’t interest her

And she doesn’t recognise faces or deal well with change, when Blackheart calls her without his fake beard she doesn;t know him at first, and when he reveals who he is she still remembers him as Gregor from the science expo

And when he’s freaking out and upset and she pats him on the back a bit? She doesn;t know exactly how to deal with people’s emotions, she offers them practical help like tea and her orb but she’s more uncertain when it comes to affection and emotional issues

and Lord Ballister Blackheart, oh boy. He can;t watch a movie without explaining every little problem in it, can;t separate it from the facts he knows. 

Follows his own set of rules as much as he can, because rules are what make sense for him, not necessarily the ones set out by society but the ones he sets for himself, almost like a routine

Has a weird diet, probably eats the same things over and over, there’s not much need to deviate, after all its impractical to call in takeaway as he points out and until Nimona came he had no reason to change.

And like at christmas in the institution when he’s defending Ambrosius and he just sort of replies to the teasing pointing out the impracticality of their insults? my love

Like imagine Blackheart and Blitzmeyer ending up staying at work really late because they get obsessed with a project and don’t realise what the time is and Ambrosius has to come and tell them and he brings them tea and gets Blackheart home and makes him get some sleep and Blitzmeyer goes home but when she gets in she forgets to sleep and keeps working on her project??? I’m so happy