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Gorgeous (Bucky x Reader)

Request: I just wanna say i’m so in love with your writings aaaand i was wondering if you could write a bucky x reader and the reader is so friendly with everyone, but she feels so alone because thinks nobody can fall in love with her, but bucky did. one day, she feels so down the she starts crying and saying awful things to herself looking in the mirror, but bucky hears everything and that makes him confess his feelings. i’m sorry it’s too long,. and if you don’t want to do it, it’s okay <3  

Bucky x reader imagine where she had really horrible anxiety and he is the only one that can calm her down? would you mind putting some angst in there and like one of the other avengers caused her to panic (she isn’t an avenger) thanks doll ;) xx

Words: 2,917

Warnings: Self shame, anxiety, FLUFF

Tags: @annadier @happelu970 @shamvictoria11 @spookass @pabegay1(message me if you want to be tagged in any fics or if I forgot to tag you! Sometimes I forget, my apologies!

You were no Avenger.

You weren’t as badass as Natasha or Wanda. You weren’t as sarcastic and outgoing as your father, you were just you. You lived with the Avengers because your dad was Tony Stark, the Avengers were like your huge, crazy, loud family. You loved having them as a family, you loved every last bit of it, but sometimes it’s hard not to doubt your looks or skills.

You were clumsy. You ran into walls, got your shirt caught on pointy objects, face planted into gardens, and tripped going up the stairs.  You weren’t as strong as the others,  you never worked on your upper body strength because you never really cared about it.

You would run twice a week for exercise and that was it. You hated working out, it was the worst thing you’ve ever experienced. You would much rather be drinking a milkshake while watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Like you were right now.

“Oo, fancy.” You were sitting criss crossed on the couch, a blanket spread across your bare legs and your baggy long sleeve shirt rolled up slightly on your arms. A milkshake in one hand while your eyes remained glued to the screen projecting the fashion show.

“That looks painful.” Scott spoke with a mouth full of his own milkshake. He was slouched next to you, his legs spread out in front of him and his back surrounded by toss pillows. He was tilting slightly onto the arm of the couch but he seemed to be comfortable.

“I would never wear something that heavy looking on my dick.” Scott took another large gulp of his shake, twisting his face in pain as a brain freeze clearly took over his mind temporarily.

“But it’s so pretty.” You admired the glammed up bra, “Oo, look she has wings! I wish I had wings, how fun would that be?”

“Super fun! I would strut around in wings all day if they looked like that.” Scott glanced over at you, but you were still consumed in admiring all the glamorous outfits and models.

“I have wings.” Sam called out from the chair on the other side of the couch. His legs hanging over the arm of the chair and his back resting against the other arm. His phone rested on his chest and his shake was long gone, the empty cup sitting on the coffee table. “They’re even cooler because mine work.”

“Mm.” Both you and Scott made the same sound and twisted your lips as you both looked at Sam.

“Not the same thing. Yours aren’t as glamorous, now are they?” You turned your attention back at the screen and made your lips in the shape of an ‘o’ as you looked at Gigi Hadid walk down the runway. She was your favorite model, her and Cara Delevingne.

“Yeah. You get feathers, sparkles, jewels and glitter on your wings, then we’ll talk.” Scott nodded his head swiftly and ignored Sam’s narrowed eyes as he directed his eyes back to the Fashion Show.

“I know a girl who can hook you up with some bedazzlement on those wings of yours, Sam.” You winked in his direction, a smirk tilting on your lips. “And by girl I mean me, and by bedazzlement I mean some superglue and a trip to Hobby Lobby.” 

“I hate both of you.” Sam chuckled under his breath and shifted around a little in his chair.

“Man, I wish I had legs like those.” Scott  shook his head and moved the straw in his shake around, trying to get a good sip. You giggled at Scott’s comment, you always found him to say the strangest but most awesome things. 

“You know who has legs like those?” Sam paused, waiting for Scott to answer but when Scott kept gulping down his shake, Sam answered himself. “Natasha. She even has the walk down too, she would slay all those other models.” 

Scott hummed in agreement. “And Wanda has the hair of a Victoria Secret model. I wish my hair was as luscious as hers, that would save me fifteen minutes in the morning.”

“You spend fifteen minutes on your hair?” Sam scuffed and tilted his head back to look at Scott.

“This,” Scott motioned to his hair. “doesn’t just happen, Sam. It takes time, effort and skill, okay?”

“Man, you’re crazy.” Sam chuckled, shaking his head and slouching back down in his chair again. “For real though, Wanda and Nat are hella attractive-”

You shuffled around in your seat, the thoughts that consumed your mind were driving you insane. All they were talking about was how beautiful Natasha and Wanda were, of course you had to agree, they were both stunningly gorgeous. They were badass, strong and attractive all at once. They were your best friends, but it always hurt you when you would go places with them and everyone would notice them and not you.

You weren’t as stunning as them, you weren’t as flawless and beautiful as them. Of course you weren’t. Everyone expected Tony Stark’s daughter to be drop dead gorgeous, but somehow they always seemed surprised to see you. You were never what they were expecting.

You stood up suddenly, your nose tingling and your eyes starting to twitch with tears. Your chest felt tight and your hands felt clammy, you needed a moment to pull yourself together before you came back out here and pretended to not even care. You dropped the blanket previously covering your bare legs on the couch where you used to be sitting and placed your milkshake, that suddenly made you feel bloated, on the coffee table.

“I have to pee.” You announced it as a joke, happily your voice didn’t shake and you seemed to be holding it together on the outside fairly well. You knew you were about to break, you had to hide.

“Okay.” Scott and Sam both watched you speed down the hallway. “Be back soon, the Angels are about to come out!’

“Man, seriously though, Nat and Wanda have the legs and hair, but damn, Y/N has the whole package. The face, hair, walk, legs, and even the hips.” Sam shook his head in astonishment.

Scott nodded his head in agreement and pulled a part of your blanket on his thighs, he knew it was your favorite blanket but he loved it just as much. It was soft and always smelled good.

“She looks more like a Victoria Secret model than some of the Victoria Secret models.” Scott talked with another mouthful of his shake, he didn’t even care though. “Have you seen the way everyone looks at her, she steals the attention away from Nat and Wanda every time they go out.”

“Hell, she steals the attention away from us Avengers. And we’re Avengers.”

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Okay, might as well post this now...

Hey guys, how’s it going? Tough night, huh? Tough series, tbh. Alright well, in the two years that I’ve been actively following hockey, we have not made it out of the first round… not once.

This is tough, I know it’s tough. If you’re anything like me you feel sad, betrayed, confused, disappointed, and a smattering of other emotions that you might not even have names for, but I get it, I really do.

It’s super hard to stay positive when your team gets knocked out of the Playoffs, it’s even worse when it’s in the first round, but here’s the thing you guys…

Nobody, absolutely nobody in the world feels worse about this lose then your team. Nobody feels worse about not scoring then the rookies, nobody feels worse about not showing up then the vets, nobody feels worse about an early summer then the group of men-children that we watch zoom about on pointy ice shoes chasing around a tiny black Oreo for seven months out of the year.

I know this hurts now, but it won’t hurt forever, and you can cry, and get angry, and wonder why, and for the love of God don’t take any bullshit from other fans that are happy that we lost. We are a good team, who had a bad run, and that’s just how it’s gonna be for a little bit, but it’s okay.

I just want to say for this year, the season may be over, but Thank you to everyone who talked to me this year, thank you to everyone who reblogged from me this year, thank you to everyone who followed me this year, thank you to everyone who posted amazing stuff about our boys, and to everyone who loved them this year, because god knows they needed it.

If anyone needs a shoulder to cry on, a place to vent, or just someone to talk to, message me, send an ask, do whatever it is that you have to do right now, because the pain is bone deep.

Thank you Blackhawks Organization, Thank you coaching staff, Thank you other Blackhawks fans, and Thank you CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS!!! I love you guys, and I can’t wait until next season!

Next year. Is. Ours.

The Bros React: Cuddling

Scenario: You just want some cuddles. This isn’t the first time you’ve asked and definitely won’t be the last.

Noctis is a great cuddling partner, despite him claiming he doesn’t like cuddling (which is a bold-faced lie). He’s always warm and cuddling usually leads to a quick nap, which means prolonged cuddle time. Noct is up for cuddling at almost any time, be it in the Regalia during a long ride or at camp or in a hotel. He’s ready. Just watch out for his pointy elbows, one false move and you’ll get an accidental jab and a very apologetic Noct. Whenever the two of you cuddle, Noct likes having small talk with you, asking about random things and watching your expressions when you talk about something you love. (It’s his favorite time of the day, not that he’d admit it.)

Prompto is definitely probably the most eager cuddling partner. He’s actually a bit clingy to you, but not enough that it’s annoying. With that said, he has no reluctance to cuddle no matter what’s going on. In fact, he probably goes to you to cuddle more than you go to him, but you don’t mind because who can pass up a cuddle session with pure sunshine? Prompto will kiss you a little when you two cuddle, but it usually doesn’t get much farther than some giggling before you both fall asleep, tangled in each other.

If you are cold, please go see the Human Furnace Gladio. His cuddles are always warmest, and they’ll make you feel super safe because this super huge guy is just holding you with his super huge arms. Most of the benefits of cuddling come from Gladio’s size alone. He’s really big and also really comfy, and you usually just end up laying on top of him while he holds you. His chest makes for a great pillow, and his heartbeat is the perfect lullaby. If you’re cuddling with this giant teddy bear, you probably won’t need a blanket. He’s got you covered.

It took a while for you to get Ignis acquainted with cuddling, but once you did you had yourself a very pleasant cuddle partner. Well, as pleasant as it can be cuddling with someone whose hands and feet are always at sub-zero temperatures. It’s a truly unique experience, cuddling with Ignis. His body is always warm but his hands and his feet stubbornly remain cold. Spend enough time under the covers, though, and his hands will warm up. His feet, however… They’re a lost cause. (If you won’t wake up in the mornings, he’ll stick his feet on you, the snake.) In any case, despite temperature drawbacks, cuddling with Ignis is always a wonderful and calming experience. He’s taken to running his hands through your hair to gently coax you to sleep, and boy, does that work.

The length here is kinda inconsistent… I started this out on mobile and finished it on my computer, and so length is kind of an issue ^^; anyways there’s the obligatory cuddling post.

Sharks: Not Vicious, Just Mouthy and Inquisitive

In lieu of all of the sensationalist shark media occurring out there this summer, let’s talk about shark behavior and, in specific, shark attacks and white shark.

Some basic white shark facts (and yes, Carcharodon carcharias is often also officially called the great white, but that just exacerbates all the media attention, so white shark it is). Whites are huge pelagic (open water) sharks that get on average 4-5 meters long, and their only known predator as an adult are orcas. They’re one of the longest lived cartilaginous fish known with a lifespan that appears to extend into their 70′s. They have hella tons of teeth and lots of rows of them, so that when one pops out the next just pops into place as if on a conveyor belt. A white shark’s bite force is something like 4000 pounds per square inch from a six-foot-long animal. (Thanks to wiki for all the basic facts). 

Have a white shark anatomical drawing from wiki, because while it’s nightmare-inducing, it’s the only thing about sharks that should be. 

People love to talk about sharks as these horrible monsters of the deep, eating everything they come across with gruesome abandon. This is just ‘perfect’ for summer, when sharks start showing up on beaches in the US and scaring the bejeezus out of basically everyone. 

Luckily, those people are making things up. You’re more likely to die because you shook a vending machine and it fell on top of you than you are to get bitten (note: not attacked) by a white shark. There’s a couple things you’re got to know about how sharks function to understand why worrying about getting nommed on by one at the beach is pretty silly. 

To start, they’re not man-eaters. Sharks don’t even know what a human is. We’re not aquatic organisms and they’ve probably only rarely encountered humans before, so there’s no reason to assume they’re going to be like ‘omg tasty hooman’ and charge over for a snack We don’t fit into what sharks consider prey, so they’re not going to prey on us intentionally. 

However, they do prey on seals. Tasty, blubbery, freaking-stupidly-clever-and-fast seals. And a human on a surfboard (which is when almost all shark encounters happen that result in injury) happens to look mightily like a seal if all you can see is a silhouette. More importantly, it’s a slow, stationary seal, which implies an easy meal. Most of the time, sharks ‘attack’ surfers thinking they’re seals. And guess what? Humans do not have all that tasty, energy-loaded blubber that seals do. We’re pretty bony and we’re on these weird plastic things that have got to taste nasty as hell. Most shark ‘attacks’ last for one bite, because the shark pretty quickly realizes that we’re not the pinniped it thought we were, and those bones aren’t worth the effort, and it leaves. Not great for the surfer who is now missing lots of bits, but hey, the shark isn’t purposefully being an asshole. It was a case of mistaken identity!

But there are lots of encounters where people don’t get hurt, right? They just get the shit scared out of them when a shark starts face-punching their arm, and panic, and call the media, and suddenly it’s an attack again. This is actually because most of a shark’s sensory organs are on it’s face. 

All those red dots are organs called the ampullae of lorenzini, and they sense electrical stimulus. They’re the organs that all cartilaginous fish use to locate food - when you see a ray sweeping it’s rostrum across the sand, it’s using it’s ampullae to search for buried critters. So if a shark is curious about something, say, a human, the first response is to nose it to get more information. That’s not aggression, it’s curiosity. Then, unfortunately, if it still wants more information, it’ll go and take a nibble - because, if you look above, there are more dots right around the mouth than anywhere else. Sharks are basically the really sharp aquatic equivalent of that annoying baby who has to put everything in it’s mouth. 

Because humanity is collectively terrified of anything that has more naturally provided pointy bits than we do, everything has to demonize sharks, and that ends really badly. Everything gets interpreted as aggression. This, for instance, is a video in which a shark attempts to figure out what a pontoon boat is and gets stuck in the float. The people watching it of course put JAWS music on and captioned it as an attack, but that’s just a stressed shark going ‘wtf is this weird thing and why won’t it give me my teeth back’. 

It’s shark season, but that doesn’t mean they’re out to eat us. We’re a bony, problematic food that likes to play mean tricks by pretending to be seals. If you don’t want to get attacked by a shark? Be careful about being in the water, and don’t surf at sunset or sunrise. If you see a shark being inquisitive, just bop it. They’re not used to any sort of physical contact from something that isn’t either food, a predator, or a mate, so they’ll generally just leave immediately.

Tl;dr, sharks are mouthy babies who aren’t good at differentiating humans from seals, and we certainly don’t help them any.

so we buy those corrugated cardboard scratching pad things for our cats, and they are very popular. especially with Ms. Hudson, who is a little furry engine of destruction.

seriously, that cat loves to scratch things. 

it’s not just her though. Rassilon likes them too, although in a much more laconic sort of way since he is not so much an engine of destruction as a giant marshmallow that happens to have some pointy bits stuck on the ends.

yeah I’m talking about you buddy

but the really weird thing is that Oxnard also really likes the scratching pads.

Oxnard has no claws.

she was declawed by her previous owner, whom evidence suggests was not a terribly responsible sort of fellow when it came to pets. clearly she knows what she’s supposed to be doing with the pads because she’ll ‘scratch’ at them, something which is always simultaneously amusing and sad to watch. she does that with other things too, but she’ll actively seek out the pads even right after we bring them home, so she’s clearly got some kind of goal there.

but since she can’t use them in the normal way, mostly she just…sits on them.

not just occasionally, as a cat might sit on random objects in a normal cat-like way. if we have a pad around she will zero in on that thing and sit on it.

I’ve yet to figure this out. why is she so attached to this object she can’t use? is it because she knows she’s supposed to do something with them but she can’t do the thing so she’s trying to compensate? is it because, as my dad theorizes, they (supposedly) have catnip in them and she’s trying to get a contact high? are they just really comfortable? 

it’s a mystery. but I’m glad she gets something out of that experience. whatever the heck it is. 

For a super sweet anon who sent a kittenplay prompt ages ago

Marco had been waiting to get an opportunity for the better part of two weeks now. That was about how long the little box had sat in their closet, hidden behind a stack of his Christmas sweaters, wrapped in pretty baby blue and topped off with a big, cerulean bow. It was a cute box, truly befitting of it’s contents, and Marco couldn’t wait to give it to Jean already. But the moment had to be right. They would need some peace to talk and then enough time to properly enjoy the gift together.
Though if your boyfriend was a surgical intern just finishing off his first year at the hospital, moments like these were rare. Whenever Marco thought it might be the time, Jean brought home a bag full of unfinished case reports or got called back to the hospital for an emergency.
So it had taken almost two weeks for a Saturday night to slowly start shaping up to be something Marco had been waiting for. Jean was off for the weekend, he wasn’t on call, had finished all his paperwork this afternoon and caught up on all his assigned readings. It was Jean’s first free weekend in months and Marco planned to take full advantage of that. Starting this Saturday night.

He had cooked Jean’s favourite dinner, spaghetti with meatballs – saving the omelet for breakfast the next day – and decorated the kitchen a bit with candles and freshly cut flowers. It only made Jean slightly wary but he didn’t ask any questions then. Instead they ate and talked and it was only when they had almost finished the ice cream he’d bought for desert that Marco decided to seize the opportunity.

“Jean, baby, do you remember last month when your laptop was in for repairs and we shared mine for a few days?” Jean looked up from his bowl at that, the spoon still sticking out from between his lips, one eyebrow raised slightly.
There was no sense in going back now, this moment was what Marco had been waiting for and he needed to see this through.
“Well, around that time I did some research and forgot to save an important article. A while ago I went back and tried looking through the history and … I found something.” Jean’s face started to freeze into an almost horrified mask and Marco hurried to add: “Something I really liked! And then I got you a present…”
He got up to fetch the gift box from one of the cupboards then and placed it in front of his boyfriend. Jean was obviously surprised and needed some time to react, slowly putting the spoon as well as his almost finished bowl of ice cream to the side.
“…for me?”

Marco leaned back and tried to give Jean the time he needed to process how his boyfriend had just basically dumped a present into his lap without much warning at all. But just sitting there waiting was harder than expected when Marco himself was vibrating with excitement.
“What is it?”
“Ah, you’ll have to open it to find out, won’t you?”, Marco teased and licked some ice cream from the corner of his lips. Though if his boyfriend didn’t hurry up a bit he might just open the gift himself. Luckily Jean soon started tearing open the wrapping paper. Though tear might be the wrong word with the way he carefully plucked off the sticky tape, folding back the paper without so much as creasing it. Usually Marco found the way Jean unwrapped gifts endearing. Right now he just wanted it to be over already.
After what felt like an eternity the plain white box underneath the paper came into view. Jean was way faster opening that one and the noise he made when he did could only be described as strangled. There was no possible way of placing whether it was a good or bad noise and Marco bit his lip, hard.

He leaned forward a bit more, chin in his hand, elbow resting one the table, peering into the box. The headband came into view first, colour closely matching Jean’s blond hair. As did the soft, pointy ears sewed onto it. Teeth still worrying his lower lip Marco watched his boyfriend take out the headband and inspect it closely before putting it to the side without so much as a word. Next was the collar. Real leather dyed in a dark shade of green and closing with a silver painted buckle.
There had been a much wider variety of pink collars at the online shop Marco ordered at but he’d decided to not push his luck too far. Besides, green was Jean’s colour. His boyfriend swallowed audibly as he held the collar between his hands, feeling the weight and turning it a few times.
“It says my name on the tag…”, Jean commented drily, voice carefully neutral as he inspected the little silver tag Marco had ordered to be custom made. There was still no real visible rwaction as he put down the collar next to the pair of ears.

Marco couldn’t help the nervousness flaring up. Maybe he’d misread the signs? Jean did visit those websites and watched those videos but maybe not because he liked them but because he thought it was stupid and funny?
“Oh fuck…” The breathless curse pulled Marco out of his thoughts and back into the kitchen. So Jean had found the last item. It was a silicone plug, not much larger than the smallest one they already owned and obviously made to be worn comfortably for a longer time. Attached to the base was a soft tail the same shade as the ears, trailing long and pretty out of the box as Jean lifted the plug higher.

“You … you don’t think this is stupid?” Jean’s voice was small, still a little breathless, his cheeks starting to flush a very endearing shade of pink.
“S-stupid?”, Marco sputtered. Oh he did read it wrong in the end, Jean hadn’t visited those sites because he liked it, he thought it was stupid and now Marco needed to find an excuse why he spent a ton of money on these personalized accessories if…
“Yeah I … I wanted to tell you but I didn’t … I wasn’t sure you’d wanna try…” Oh. Oh, good.
“No! I don’t think it’s stupid! It’s adorable. I found that online shop and I got so excited thinking about how cute you’d look…”, Marco admitted, reaching across the table to place his hand over Jean’s. They took a long moment looking at the toys and each other, Jean flushing deeply, Marco still biting his lips, until Jean cleared his throat and slowly put the toys back into the box.
Marco felt his heart sinking for a second, but then his boyfriend smiled at him, almost shy.

“Want me to put them on?”
“God yes please…”

Part II

Three Sides

Amnesiac Bill AU!

Summary: Stan finds that, against his better judgement, he can learn to deal with the triangle that’s taken up residence in his home.

Setting up shop, de-cluttering, and restocking the merchandise were all semi-difficult jobs that needed to be done when one wanted to properly run a Mystery Shack. Doing all these things while being followed by a seemingly relentless triangle was, to Stanley Pines, almost one hundred times harder.

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probablydalston  asked:

am i allowed to throw “i’m rich and i’m not supposed to talk to servants but the person that scrubs my floor is really cute” au for hawke/anders, is that permitted...

Well-bred young women weren’t supposed to talk to servants. At least, not for anything other than ordering them about. Marian’s mother hadn’t taken kindly to her pointing out that she hadn’t exactly been well bred, although her father had laughed uproariously. Him being the poor stock in question that had sullied the bloodline, she thought that was all right.

Still. Out of respect for her mother, if not her mother’s sensibilities, she tended to behave as well-bred women ought. In public. Sometimes. When she remembered.

At least, she hadn’t spoken to this particular servant before, so she was probably doing okay

“You know,” she said, to the man on his knees, ceasing to do even ‘okay’. He had a rag. There was no bucket in sight. “You might have a better chance at staying out of the Circle if you didn’t make it so obvious that you were using magic to clean.”

His whole body stiffened. It was probably terrible of her to admire the lines of his back in that moment, but - well. She’d long since established that, if she wasn’t especially terrible, she wasn’t particularly good either. Her eyebrows crawled up her forehead, watching him reach for a mop.

“Did you really make a staff out of that? I’ll be blown away with amazement if you did. Hopefully just amazement. I’d prefer it if you didn’t explode me.”

The man blinked. “No, it’s just a mop.” He rocked back onto his heels, sighed. “I didn’t even make the end pointy. It would have been a good idea, though. A mop staff. No one would see it coming.”

“I would,” she pointed out.

His lips twitched. He had the sort of mouth that said he laughed a lot, lines around his eyes that said he did it widely. But he had worked for them at least a month. Marian didn’t think she’d ever seen him so much as smile, and she was a funny person.

“It’s a bit of a moot point either way, then,” he admitted. There was a pause. She watched his muscles shift, preparing to run. He didn’t though, looking her directly in the eyes. “I notice you haven’t screamed for assistance.”

“I notice you haven’t attacked me.”

“I try not to do that so much anymore. Not unless I’m attacked first. Makes a mess, and I just cleaned these floors.”

“A solid defence.” They were in the kitchen. Marian leaned her hip against the big table used to prepare food, crossing her arms over her chest. “Would you attack me if we relocated?”

The silence that followed probably would have disturbed some people, but Marian was difficult to ruffle. And her family situation was - well, peculiar. She had a less than sneaking suspicion that this man knew that. Only an idiot would have been so careless with their use of magic, otherwise.

Of course, it was still entirely possible the man was an idiot. She waited, patient for now.

“That would depend,” he said finally, “on whether or not you’re on board with my ‘stay out of the Circle’ plan.”

It was Marian’s turn to blink. She probably shouldn’t have started laughing right after that, but there were a lot of things in her life she probably shouldn’t have done. What was adding one more to the list?

“You do know where you are, don’t you?”

“Well - yes. Obviously.” There was a vague note of defensiveness to his voice. “I’d heard the rumours about Malcolm Hawke and his family, that’s why I came here. But they were just rumours. It’s not like I could have marched up to the master of the Amell estate and demanded to know whether or not he was a mage!”

“You probably could have. I’m sure he would have gotten a kick out of it, before he categorically denied such a ludicrous accusation.”

“The idea of a mage living as nobility right under the noses of the Chantry and Circle in Kirkwall of all places is insane,” the man agreed. “You do know that, don’t you? It’s madness.”

Marian grinned. “Sanity is overrated.”

The smile, when it finally came, was lovely. Slow, and warm, and something that Marian probably shouldn’t have lingered over the way she did. The man ducked his head, and she laughed again, realising that she had not been subtle in her admiration.

“I have…run for a long time,” he told the floor. His grip on his mop shifted, relaxed. “I thought - I thought that if a man like Malcolm Hawke had found a way to stop running, perhaps I could as well.”

“To tell you honestly, I don’t know that my father is the sort of an that anyone should take advice from.” Marian pushed herself off the table, approaching the man. Slowly, carefully, she wrested the mop from his grasp, laying a hand on his shoulder. “But you do clean a good floor. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find good help! Especially when the neighbours shine their marble so you can see your face reflected in it. We need an edge.”

The man stared at her hand like she had just poked it through the chest of a demon, but he made no move to remove it. “She must be quite the woman, your mother. To marry as she has.”

“Ah - yes. Quite indeed. How about I introduce you to my father first, Serah…?”

“What? Oh - Anders. Just Anders is fine, Miss Hawke.”

“Marian,” she said firmly, steering him towards the door. “If I am to call you Just Anders, you are definitely calling me Marian.”

“Cosplay is for Lovers” - Kurt/Blaine

Anon prompted: “please please please lord of the rings klaine”

mmkay so I received this prompt last millennium or something and didn’t know what to do with it. Nonny, I know for a fact that this is not what you meant in the SLIGHTEST, but while I appreciate LOTR I’m not actually into it enough to do a true crossover any justice, lol

So! Teeny lil’ 730 word drabble of Kurt & Blaine dressing up for Ohio Comic-Con or something? Wizard World Cleveland??? I don’t even know | AO3

“Kurt, I’m almost ready to go! The hobbit ears are so difficult, do you have your – oh. Oh, wow.”

Kurt turns away from Blaine’s bedroom mirror, tall and regal and imperious in a way that is naturally Kurt and only conveniently Thranduil, and hisses, “I am going to lose an eye trying to get this damn thing on my head.” 

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Anonymous said:We know Mabel and Stan have walked in on Dipper and Bill before, but what about Wendy and Soos?Anonymous said:You’ve mentioned Bill kept his sharp teeth, yes? Okay, headcanon time! Whenever Bill’s thinking or zoned out, he runs his tongue on the jagged edge of his teeth (IDK why, maybe just to feel the dull pain), and Dipper finds HOT AS HELL. Dipper’s eyes were on Bill- right where they honestly belonged but not where they should be while he watched the shop.  The demon was rearranging the shop- his eyes narrowed in concentration as he planned where everything would go. Dipper squirmed on his stool as Bill switched from chewing on his lip to running his tongue along his teeth.  The points of his teeth digging into the muscle just a tiny bit- the pointy pearly whites gleamed.  Dipper wanted to feel then nipping at his neck and collar.  A dull pain at first and then enough to draw out blood. He felt heat rise to his cheeks when Bill gave him a curious look and a light tug.  He slid off his stool.  "I think its break time for us.“  He declared. Bill raised an eyebrow at him.  "We’ve only been here two hours…”  But then one of Pine Tree’s fingers was hooking into his bow tie and tugging him toward the storage room.  Bill smirked and made sure the door shut firmly behind them. Pine Tree pulled him down into a hard kiss, pressing their bodies close.  Bill let out a growl and pushed his lover up against the shelves, gloved hands working up under his shirt.  He pulled away from the kiss to nip at the human’s neck.  Dipper through his head back with a low moan, and jerked his hips toward him. One of Bill’s hands moved down to rub at the quickly forming chub in the front of his jeans, as he sunk his teeth in further. So wrapped up in themselves they didn’t hear Wendy and Soos calling for them, not until the door opened.  "Oh.“  The two workers were met with the sight of Dipper’s head thrown back, mouth hanging open, hands clutching the shelves behind him, Bill was latched to his neck, thankfully they couldn’t quiet see where the demon’s hands were. Bill broke away- earning a whimper- to glare at them.  "Out.”  He ordered.  Before they had even closed the door Bill was back to Dipper’s neck and the teen was moaning again.