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Overall, I liked Justice League War. The animation was great and that final battle was teh hotness. Heck, there were even things I liked about the new animated Superman. He wasn’t the under-powered version we’ve seen too much of lately. It was nice to see him toss the bad guys around.

But I couldn’t get over how much of a dick they made him out to be. It was as if someone in the writers’ room said, “We need to give Superman some, you know…personality!” and someone else said, “I know. Let’s make him an asshole!” And then everyone cheered.

Yeah, I enjoy watching him break through buildings as much as the next guy, but his true strength has always come from the stuff he learned from Ma, Pa, and Jor-El. Lotsa writers have proven that over the years.

So, writers, keep the extra strength, but bury that shitty attitude.

Oh, and fix Batman’s voice. Nao.