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Man, Genndy Tartakovsky really does know how to make an animated man attractive. I mean

take Samurai Jack for example (the best example in my opinion 👌👀 )  

he has a great body (drawn and animated very well), a cute face, and absolutely charming character and personality traits (plus good morals)

he’s funny, he’s awkward, he’s kind, he’s respectful, he’s handsome - all of his traits make him (according to me at least) one of the hottest animated guys out there. I’ve been in love with him since I was little lol.

Then there’s Lance from Sym-Bionic Titan

(I’ll admit he was a bit much with his shirt off but) Again, drawn and animated well, interesting personality and character (tho a little broody), and, because of this, also very attractive.

Hell, even Anakin freaking Skywalker is mildy attractive in Genndy’s show Star Wars: Clone Wars (well, maybe not his face, but)

and I’ve never found Anakin attractive in anything else!

lol The point is that, from an animation + personality trait standpoint, Genndy does a damn fine job of making fine men.

Will Solace w/ strawberries.

Sadly, the camera refused to pick up a lot of the glitter and two of my pens died on me :’D

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aaahh you're making me want to watch black sails. what's it about?

forget what you saw. run. run while you still can.

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Marina, You're probably right about the YouTube being a shit person, but I think you shouldn't be so quick to attack laci for talking with him. I know I was a really shitty person in my early teens, but a friend of mine reached out and talked to me about how my opinions were harmful especially to her. From then on I changed my behavior and opinions. Tldr; let's watch this play out and not be so quick to vilify her. Let's wait until she does something actually problematic before attacking.

The difference is that you were a teen and these people are GROWN ASS ADULTS. These aren’t even like early 20’s adults…

I suggest you watch any number of Andy’s videos to get a sense of the type of person he is. He obsessively targets Franchesca Ramsey (who reached out privately to him recently and he twisted the conversation to pull a “gotcha” moment for his subscribers.) He’s called Fran’s white husband a “cuck” who gets off on watching her cheat on him with black dudes. He made a video saying Riley Dennis needs to go on hormones and get a boob job to be ~legitimately~ trans and then imitated spitting on and smacking her breasts. I will give certain anti-feminists quite a bit of leeway and go out of my way to speak with them privately. However, this dude is abusive and harasses people I respect and am friends with.

If you use your platform to promote this kind of behavior it 100% needs to be called out. I don’t know if you saw my posts, but me and several other people have reached out to Laci privately and her responses ranged from hypocritical and dismissive to straight up saying she doesn’t have time to address our concerns. Yet she has all the time in the world and a huge platform to kindly listen to these shitlords? Not buying it.

Andy, specifically, and the majority of people Laci is befriending regularly attack marginalized creators who speak out against social injustice. They use abusive language and slurs and send their hundreds of thousands of fans to do their bidding and bully YouTubers into submission and silence. None of this is productive and it certainly doesn’t create an open environment for respectful discourse. If Laci is comfortable promoting people whose entire livelihoods are based around this behavior, I have no qualms criticizing her for it.

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Do you think Cas will get a happy ending? I used to be Cas' ending would be a choosing to be human thing but now I don't know. Not just the whole Billie thing but also Cas was involved in killing a child. There a certain things you just dont came back from and certain things show's won't have their main heroes do even in a fantasy setting -the protag can kill but he wont cheat, rape, or harm a child usually for example. :(

I didn’t feel like the episode was trying to tell us, Cas killed a kid and now he’s terrible, but instead, Cas feels responsible for the death of the kid, and he feels terrible, which really changes this from my perspective.

Dean killed a kid and it’s not routinely dragged out by the show to prove he shouldn’t be happy. I’m sure it’s tormenting him but narratively, that all disappeared when he got the Mark off into a sort of blob of generic terrible things he did under the Mark guilt, which wasn’t really that well explored either. At this point I’m sure they’re all writing it off as under mind control as a technicality, and not focusing on it like that.*

Sam drank the blood of a screaming nurse, killing her (a valued member of society with kind of a moral event horizon similar to killing children when it comes to listing innocents) - off screen, but it was Sam’s over-the-edge act that demonised HIS soul for all of 10 minutes at the end of season 4, and he only needed a season to repent for it all and stop Lucifer, and again, Cindy is pretty much never mentioned again. 

*Note: not interested in starting the debate about how culpable Dean is for the stuff under the Mark (or I guess Sam under demon blood and Ruby’s manipulations); just commenting on the way the show presented it. It’s probably under the same bracket as Sam trying to murder Bobby in 6x11. Everyone can feel guilty and horrible but for the sake of core characterisation it wasn’t their fault enough to drag them under with it, and in 3 episodes time they seem mostly back to normal :P

Anyway. Both of these actions were objectively worse and more terrible and actively detrimental to Sam and Dean’s moral fibre and our perceptions of them than anything they showed with Cas. I’m not just defending Cas because, idk, I like him more than Sam and Dean; I don’t hate either of them for these things (and if I like Cas more it’s unrelated :P) 

This episode was very careful to establish a villain who would evilly want to kill a child because he’s just plain awful (Ishim) and to contrast Cas to him repeatedly as a dark mirror to Cas’s character, AND use his actions of lying to them to make them enact orders that were emphatically described as part of the angel’s moral code, to trick the rest of the angels into being complicit in this murder. 

Even when Cas thought it was a nephilim and not a human child, this was his immediate reaction to the nephilim being killed - a being that he thought was an abomination and that should be destroyed by all the laws he upheld:

He flinches at the sound of a young girl screaming, despite all of that, there’s a part of him even then that’s not entirely okay with it - that same part of him that’s always been terrible at following orders and of feeling sympathetic or protective of the innocent and defenceless, which is his core goodness that makes him such a great character. 

This scene also directly implies that Cas murdered who knows how many babies:

Not always, angel. There was that day, back in Egypt, not so long ago, where we slew every first-born infant whose door wasn’t splashed with lamb’s blood. And that was just PR.

Well, I wasn’t there.

Oh, you were there. You just don’t remember it.

And the implication was that he resisted and rebelled there, and maybe even was controlled to do it just like Naomi forcing Cas to attack Dean in the crypt, as by that point it was established she could control his actions completely and use him to kill whoever she wanted (except Dean that one time - but the “first borns” thing is interesting to me anyway for the comparison). 

All of this is meant to horrify us but I don’t think it’s meant to show Cas has broken morality - instead it highlights that he has GOOD morality because of how he reacts to these evil actions and situations, and the fact both times it’s less that he’s made evil choices but that he never had a choice. He may not have had “true” free will until 4x22 when he finally chooses to rebel against heaven and no longer heed their orders, and to decide for himself what is right or not. Obviously killing Lily’s kid came way before that, so we have to weigh how Cas’s character evolved over season 4, the way it was shown Heaven manipulated out dissent and rebellion (Anna tells us rebellious angels will be killed) and gives us the sort of emotional backstory on what Cas would have been up against 100 years ago, following orders and believing completely in Heaven because what other choice did he have? The fact his orders in this case were a lie isn’t even a part of this line of thought - if it HAD been a nephilim, this is how Cas reacted and felt, and what he was up against convincing him he had to do it while he was basically in a state where he was unable to pretty much THINK dissent or more than vague uncertain doubts he didn’t give voice to until 4x07 (100 years later :P). Throw in their absolute and unquestionable law that nephilim are evil and must be killed, and of course the Cas we saw there is following these orders and could have seemed even pleased or satisfied that the child was killed, but EVEN SO, he flinched.

BUT looking at the wider picture, even that they were lied to on top of that somewhat diminished responsibility, I’d agree blood is still on their hands because they helped, but their actual intent to murder is completely diminished by Ishim’s actions because they didn’t know it was an innocent human child and obviously would not have gone along with it if they knew. As the only angel who survived to find out what Ishim had really done, Cas isn’t just in a place to question his orders and assumptions about it being fine to murder Nephilim on principle, but to feel betrayed, manipulated and coerced into the murder of Lily’s kid - obviously this is on a personal level away from how Cas actually talks to Lily about what happened. All he can do THERE is express how sorry he is and to admit her right to be avenged if she wants to, because of course whatever he FEELS about it, his past actions still helped lead to her child’s murder. 

This episode definitely gave a lot of room to ethically exonerate Cas of everything except what will be his conflict with the current nephilim plot - the duty/obligation/moral code from Heaven which dictates that they must be destroyed. And even that, he has to admit he’s now gained enough insight that even seeing it as a separate thing from what happened with Lily’s kid (since she wasn’t a nephilim, the ethical lesson about murder being bad technically doesn’t apply to actual nephilim) he WOULD feel some hesitation now, so the episode has even begun to shake his faith in that, even setting aside that tiny hint that our Cas has always been in there somewhere even when following these orders seemingly blindly. He was the angel who doubted.

I mean, there’s still a long and dodgy road to go about wtf the show will do with Lucifer’s baby, but this is a good sign that they’re edging away from killing it on principle, and it’s Cas’s principle that’s dictating that. So he hasn’t actually reached the same crossroads as Sam and Dean did when they murdered innocents, and he’s already had a strong lesson in questioning his assumptions, and what to do about nephilim. I think unless he decides to do it anyway, at this point your fears about him being unredeemable aren’t a problem yet at all.

At the moment I don’t feel Cas is in any moral danger in this way compared to Sam and Dean’s various bad moral slides, because he started in the uncompromising place, in 12x08 and flashback!Cas whose lines were pretty much all enforcing the idea from Heaven that nephilim are bad and need to be killed and so on, and now by the end of 12x10 this has been at least chipped at a little so far. I have some hope now that Cas will make the right choice, by whatever standards the show works on (this whole thing is really ethically messed up when it comes to the Lucifer baby stuff so idk how much that will relate to what fans think the right choice will be and people with different opinions in general will react differently to what they do, I guess.) But at least by the show’s apparent rules for the characters and whether they’re being presented as good, bad, redeemable, in danger of moral lapse, they’re apparently trying to show us Cas changing and learning and hoping to find another way to deal with it than the old, absolute rule of Heaven he was trying to enforce. Which is all a positive sign that he WON’T go down a bad road and kill the kid and end up in this place where it affects him in the long run…

I hope :P 

I don’t know if Cas will get a happy ending or not because they’re really messing around filling time on a show they know at the moment they can write as if it will never end, but Cas has clear goals set out for happiness and belonging and a sense of home, as well as obstacles to stop him getting there, settling in, and then being in a place where he’s achieved all his goals before the end, and then obviously has to have terrible stuff happen to him to take it away again because that’s not how things work in stories >.> So these delays on Cas getting what he wants are good because obviously they want to hold something back for him to aim at.

But I definitely don’t think Cas has been damaged beyond the point of ethical redemption or deservedness of a happy ending.

I DID in my watching notes, when Ishim was talking about tearing out Lily’s heart because she broke his, and went for her daughter, immediately link it to when by Cas’s POV on being heartbroken by his family turning on him and refusing to help/believe in him/trust him in 6x20, he then goes off and breaks Sam’s wall to slow up Dean from stopping him. Obviously that’s a really exaggerated bad example I just made with a lot of character slander to compare what Cas was doing to what Ishim did. BUT it was his one big, truly “unforgivable” action in the narrative. 

Dean acts as the shows moral compass, and often/mostly has the final say on ethical issues like this, determining who is good and bad (and if he’s wrong, it’s on his shoulders to deal with that - 7x03 was the last episode I watched this week working through the show with my mum, and of course the next episode after that is the judgement one where Dean’s heart is weighed, and blah blah off track here but Dean’s moral judgement is really important on the show). DEAN FORGIVES CAS for hurting Sam. It’s an almost miraculous recovery because to Dean hurting Sam is just… the absolute worst thing you can do. Dean is otherwise the sort of person who would advocate shooting their own grandfather for betrayal, but after Cas does it and inflicts the worst damage on Sam we’ve seen anyone go through in the whole show… He lets Cas back in and accepts his attempts to redeem himself. Cas’s season 7 redemption is one of the most important stories on the show for him or Dean or even Sam when it comes to personal relationships… I like to just randomly watch Cas’s season 7 episodes and bawl at the screen :P 

Anyway, Cas went right over the moral event horizon in 6x22, but he was brought back already, years ago, and like Sam jumping into the cage to atone for season 4, has been morally recovered, in a way, for a very long time. He still feels some guilt for it but the narrative (which blurs with Dean’s opinion :P) has forgiven him. Sam and Dean are initially horrified by Cas’s story in the middle of the episode, but don’t reject him and the final conversation is positive, with them discussing that change and hoping for a change with their next decisions.

(still not sure what’s up with Dean and the Mark and all that, but as I said… rug sweeping :P But yeah, Dean is the character always talking about how they go down swinging and doesn’t see a happy end, and I do think he doesn’t think he deserves one, just that exploring any of the reasons why has all been suppressed by him, so it’s not being dealt with >.> He’s probably got a list of reasons dating back to when he was four years old. Whether HE gets the happy ending is something they’ve been poking at for years, and when that starts getting properly addressed, we’ll know the show is nearly over :P)

Aries Rising: Can be quick with judgments but it also quick to change their view on a person or to be impressed.

Taurus Rising: Usually doesn’t jump to conclusions but first impressions can really resonate with them for a long time.

Gemini Rising: Their judgments on others can be changeable but with a negative impression watch their opinionated side come out.

Cancer Rising: Emotional biases or past issues can keep them from being open-minded at times when it comes to first impressions.

Leo Rising: They like to be impressed by others and can easily forget those who do not keep their attention.

Virgo Rising: First impressions are important to this ascendant, receiving and giving. They will have a judgmental side when meeting others.

Libra Rising: Tends to be fair-minded when judging others off first impressions…but is good at hiding what they really think about people.

Scorpio Rising: This intense rising has a judgmental streak but many are perceptive when it comes to reading people for the first time.

Sagittarius Rising: Is open-minded and positive with others’ first impressions, but isn’t afraid to write acquaintances off quickly too.

Capricorn Rising: Might seem like they are judging you but is really level-headed and patient with their judgments.

Aquarius Rising: Is highly tolerant when it comes to judging others but there is a hypocrisy about their judgments sometimes. They might seem unpredictable with who impresses them and who doesn’t but is always willing to explain their reasoning.

Pisces Rising: Tends to approach people in an accepting way but emotional impulses can cloud their judgment.

When the signs are hinting for you to stop talking
  • ARIES: short responses and limited eye contact, maybe even reduced to a grunt or animalistic sound
  • TAURUS: looking around maybe not even responding, most likely to just ignore them until they fade away
  • GEMINI: trying to change the subject and wishing for someone more entertaining to come along
  • CANCER: probably the most blatant, can literally just cut you off and not care
  • LEO: if you've been talking about yourself for too long, they're not going to keep listening, you should know
  • VIRGO: maybe the nicest about it, they'll try and listen for as long as they wish to torture themselves, but don't count on them to look entertained
  • LIBRA: tries to wait for a small pause and then changes the subject or sees a new person and calls them, v smooth, v sneaky
  • SCORPIO: cannot even contain the sarcasm and disinterest in their eyes
  • SAGITTARIUS: they're usually actually interested in what everyone has to say, but they will respond with complete honesty of their opinion so watch out
  • CAPRICORN: will listen and maybe make faces, but can't wait to tell someone what dumb thing you just said
  • AQUARIUS: they know who they don't like to hear speak, they might just pretend you're not even there, real cold
  • PISCES: will try v hard to look interested but can't help but looking interested in absolutely anything else going on, if you're not getting full attention, you're barely getting any
Invisible, Chapter Twelve

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

word count: ~1900

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are you freaking kidding me translators

i’m so angry right now

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Can you tell me how signs do with their own sign in a relationship?

So when like signs come together in a romantic relationship the compatibility is 50/50. On one hand there is a lot of understanding between then, on the other hand they can easily smother each other with similarities.


When these two come together the relationship is filled with passion! They notice each others confidence, can understand one anothers need for independence, and they can keep up with each others enthusiasm and activity. The biggest struggle for two Aries is a clash of egos and dominance. Both want to steer the relationship, they might try to make decisions without the other partner, and also their tempers can easily flare up. This relationship is pure fire.


Two Taurus can make a very comfortable and stable union. They are attracted to each others down-to-earth persona, can relate on a lot of physical levels, they can be sensual and romantic together, and together they have a high rate of faithfulness and longevity. But these two are STUBBORN. They clash due to stubbornness, a fixed nature, and from a lack of activity. Communication and change can be stagnant in this relationship and both can be unmovable in conflict and decision making. 


The whirlwind relationship! Each others wit and energy will entice one another. They have a strong mental connection and can understand each others intellectual approach to life. They are communicative together and accept each others need for independence and variety. An issue with these two is a lack of stability and a lack of passion and/or emotional connection. Both are highly ruled by the mind and have a scattered energy. This creates an unstable and detached feel to the relationship.


These two will be attracted to each others emotional appeal. They understand where the other person is coming from on a lot of levels and this relatability creates a romantic and strong connection. They can take care of each other and both are loyal to one another.  There is a lot of nurturing going on in this union but Cancer is all about having emotional control. These two both want to be in charge of the home and the way the relationship emotionally changes and develops. These two can easily smother each other and their sensitive, guarded nature can create a lot of miscommunication and wounds. 


These two can actually get obsessed with one another. Leo loves to impress and wants to find someone impressive. They will admire and impress each other. They live in the limelight together, indulge in creativity, and both are warm, generous, and affectionate. They could fight for attention and the spotlight and have territorial issues. Both are prideful and stubborn and this will cause a huge clash. 


First, I have to mention I have read some astrologers claim this is the best “like sign” pairing. They can understand each others peculiar, fussy, uptight, intellectual approach, and adaptable yet routine ways. Both have high standards and ideally they can meet each others standards. They create a realistic and devoted union. They support each other and are honest and communicative together. Their issue is having too much criticism and nervous energy in the union and no one really helps the other to relax. Despite being an earth sign there can be some instability because Virgo is a mutable sign. All mutable signs are flexible and have an aspect of changeability.


This relationship is all about peace, romance, and harmony. They can feel each others balanced and flirty nature and will be drawn in by that. They relate to each others abstract mind and might even understand one anothers indecisive trait. This sign is all about partnerships and cooperation and when two come together they make an ideal team. This relationship can be filled with equality. Communication is good on a shallow level and they are great at smoothing over conflicts but this can actually be their downfall too. Deeper communication doesn’t always happen because both might be afraid to get too intense, both fear conflict, and the relationship in general can be too passive.


This is another passion tornado in the zodiac. These two will love each others intensity and passion. They will also sense each others mystery and deepness and want to explore one another. Both will be loyal and protective of each other. On an emotional level these two can uncover a lot about each other, will learn a lot, they can handle each others intensity, and they can make a solid connection. Both are fixed in their emotions and opinions, Scorpio is controlling, vindictive, jealous, and possessive, things can easily get messy and painful in this union. Wars will be fought when conflict happens. 


What’s great about two Sagittarius is that they will respect each others freedom and can support one anothers dreams. These two can keep up with each others energy, they are spontaneous and adventurous together, and they get each others bluntness and progressive, big-picture thought process. This is actually a really good union to ease each other into commitment and love. But things can get really unstable in this relationship, both can be reckless and negatively impulsive with each other, and they can easily burn each other out.


These two are picky and slow in love, sometimes even overly practical. When two Capricorns come together they get each others practicality, values, and even materialistic views. I want to mention that they are both great providers, can build up a good life together financially, and can support each others careers. This relationship is highly stable and both are faithful. Capricorn is all about control…. and there will be control issues. Also while Capricorn is all about their partner having a career some can get jealous or unhappy if their lover makes more than them. Capricorn usually wants to be the breadwinner. Great pair when it comes to the material and practical world but both need to be in control. Emotional expression is also stunted in this pairing and Capricorn needs someone who helps them to open up emotionally.


Sometimes an Aquarius can only find someone who gets them and accepts them in another Aquarius. One upside of this union is these two will truly respect and understand each others individuality, need for independence, and their intellectual mind and opinions. The mental connection here is strong and both will be weird and brave together. They are likely to have an unconventional relationship and they face the changes in the world together head on. If two Aquarius lovers have differences in lifestyle and opinion watch out! Both are stubborn in their ideals and even controlling. Aquarius thinks they are always right and can even be a hypocrite. Intellectual conflict is this relationships biggest threat as well as having a lack of emotional expression and connection. When two Aquarius are totally on the same page with ideas and opinions they can move mountains.


Two Pisces can create a lovely relationship filled with romance, affection, and emotional expression. They give each other space to daydream and their intuition seems to almost merge. They reassure each other and they almost try to create a fantasy out of their union. They please each other and are highly giving. Yet, Pisces is manipulative and fluid and things can easily get lost, confused, one person highly manipulative and the other used, or in general there is a feeling of instability and vagueness. Pisces desires a stable partner and another mutable sign can make Pisces feel more changeable and even insecure.

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You do realize that Root has absolutely no problem correcting people on misnaming her and Finch calling her Ms. Groves has become affectionate and she's also done some equally fucked up shit such as hm I don't know worsening his PTSD by torturing people in front of him and they've BOTH been awful to one another right?

she literally corrected him multiple times actually and i do have a lot of issues w how the show handled that storyline you mentioned, but by s5 he claims to care about her and calls her his friend, there’s no fucking reason for him to insist on calling her her birth name other than a power trip and because he’s bitter that tm chose her. also i actually don’t care abt your opinion and i’m way past discussing all of it, i fucking hate finch and i’m gonna be complaining abt it on my blog as often as i want to

So in the books, I was definitely, 100% a clace shipper, but in the show I’ve somehow become kinda a climon shipper?? I still like clace, especially in the books, but I feel like Clary and Simon and just kinda adorable and geeky and cute on the show, whereas Clary and Jace are more the whole “tortured lovers”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still hoping clace happens cause I know they get past all the drama eventually, but right now Clary just seems happier with Simon *shrug*

Block B Reaction || Girlfriend Shipping Them With Another Member
Similar Reactions:

| EXO |


*Since you like it so much he would give this ship his all, annoying Jaehyo*


“… I’m not feelin’ it. All I ship is you with me”


“You’re not serious. I am not compatible with U-kwon whatsoever”


“Why would you even want us to be together, aren’t you and I the best ship?”


“And I ship Taepyo! Whoo!”


/ Just smile, maybe she won’t ask my opinion /


“Watch out or you’ll get jealous~”


Everyone’s saying that Yuta will be Lambert, which. I can see. Because he subbed on that play, and he’s learning Lambert’s lines, and he’s basically Hiiragi’s understudy now. And Hiiragi basically gave him his blessings. I get it. I get it.

But even as I see it laid out in front of me, I still don’t want it to happen? It’s strange because I would love for Hoshitani to get that kind of role so young and play a role directly opposite his beloved senpai…

The twins, though. The twins were MADE for this Alexis/Lambert role. We’ve had a whole season to bring those two together. I don’t want to give Hoshitani that role. He’s GOOD, the purest boy, but Hiiragi deserves to sing on stage with his beloved twin brother. They’ve been building up to that and I don’t want the show to take that away from me.

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i really wish they would stop portaying mon el in the worst light possible every single episode. i appreciated his willingness to simply be there and listen to kara at the end the episode. but the thing is, in order for a relationship to work, kara also has to listen to him. and i feel like every week its kara asking him to listen to her (which she is correct to ask), but she can't do the same.

Actually Anon, I agree. 

There’s multiple layers in this episode and I think that’s an extremely interesting and well done move by the writers. On  one hand, yes, obviously, we have the issue of “Mon-El never listens to Kara”, but by the end of the episode, we see real growth. Not just “OK I promise to listen next time” growth, but actual actions that prove he’s finally understanding and he’s willing to change. 

But on the other hand, people need to understand the context of Mon-El and Kara working together as both a professional and romantic couple (which is another form of a team) and in situations like this, Mon-El has to be able to express his own feelings without just doing whatever Kara says, whenever she says it. Kara has to learn this. Should Mon-El have called out Jeremiah in front of everyone the way that he did? No, definitely not, but should Kara have listened to Mon-El? Absolutely. 

That’s the thing. This episode showed how they are both in the beginning stages of understanding one another and how they work as a couple. Two very strong minded individuals finding ways to lean on each other and open themselves up to modesty. They are helping each other grow, at the very end of the day. To me, that is abundantly clear, but people don’t want to see it, probably because their shipper goggles are glued on so tightly. 

The thing is though, it feels like the writers wrote this episode SPECIFICALLY to throw shade at these people, who are consistently ragging on them over Karamel’s “unhealthy toxic relationship in which Mon-El is the only flawed character” when in reality it is two people who are learning how to balance each other out. And Mon-El needs to learn to listen and Kara needs to learn to respect his opinions and listen, as well (notice even the 4th wall break in the beginning when she said the “last time she dated someone EVERYONE was watching and had an opinion- direct call out to the audience). 

Unpopular Option: 

I have no intention or interested in watching the new tmnt short…

For me, this just has nothing really to do with tmnt,
at last not the part I like about the show.
I kinda first actually assumed this special would further the turtles as androids or something like that

Idk, also this whole mecha suit stuff simply isn´t my cup of tea?
Like, if Mikey would have trained them to be normal ninjas, maybe then
but with this whole…mecha stuff it simply isn´t mine.

I´m not venting or hating it,
I´m glad for the Mikey fans,
and I´m glad many people find enjoyment in it
but this whole mecha stuff simply isn´t my cup of tea at all.

So, Darkiplier.

This quote.

‘I’ve been waiting a very long time to get some… Personal time between us.’

He wants to spend time with you to know how you work. How your brain works and how he can mess around with it. Also the effects amplify (I guess?) and it becomes hard to watch (in my opinion anyway). That could bring out his manipulative side, ultimately blinding you with a suave nature until he gets what he want. He doesn’t want personal time with you for the sake of socialising, he wants to take time to read you, and then use you to his advantage only.