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[scenario] [request] lean on me

27: “I’m pregnant.”
28: “Marry me?”

(omg this was so fun to write HAHA thank u for requesting!!) 

Title: lean on me

Member: hansol

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 908

“Wait, oh god, I think I’m actually going to piss myself.”

“Then, I don’t know, go to the bathroom? Hyung, at this rate, you’re going to forget your own name.” Hansol rolls his eyes at the smug Chan, who’s sprawled out on the waiting room couch.

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just watched get out and it was very good!! and not that scary? more like a thriller imo… and im saying that as a person who avoids watching horror movies out of fear of being scared lmao

anyways yea.. would rec!

Jin overreacts when he finds out you're a Vegetarian.

-Jin overreacts to finding out you’re a vegetarian, Requested by a lovely Anon!
(I didn’t really know how this was gonna go, so I hope it’s okay!)

Yoongi had just shown up at your apartment door, he was bent in half whilst panting. ‘You know Y/N you should really move onto a lower floor…’ He managed to say. 'You should’ve took the elevator you dumb ass!’ You laughed. 'Anyway what can I do for you?’ You asked watching him straighten himself out, that’s when you noticed he was more dressed up than usual.

'Surprise party for Jin tonight. We’ve been planning it for weeks and we’re the dumbest guys ever because we didn’t realise we hadn’t invited you until just now, so I raced over to get you!’ You let out a laugh at your friends’ mishap. 'Wow you forgot to invite his own girlfriend to his party?’ Yoongi rolled his eyes and pushed his way into your apartment. 'Chop chop no time for chit chat go put a dress on or something! Hobi will be bringing Jin to the restaurant in an hour hurry!’ 'The restaurant? Yoongi I…’ 'No time Y/N! Go get dressed!’ He said pushing you in the direction of your bedroom.

You closed the door and began rifling through your wardrobe. You quickly changed into a simple black dress and heels and quickly touched up your makeup. You were panicking internally because you did not at all want to go to a restaurant but you couldn’t not go to Jin’s graduation party. 'Get a grip Y/N everywhere has vegetarian food!’ You mumbled to yourself before going back to join Yoongi.

'You see we got so wrapped up in planning this whole thing, we just kind of assumed you’d be there, but then Namjoon realised nobody had actually told you… so I just had to rush over and get you myself!’ Yoongi said in the car, he continued on to tell you that Hobi had told Jin they were going out just the two of them for drinks and that was how they planned to surprise him.

You followed Yoongi into the restaurant to see a huge long table lined with Jin’s friends family and the rest of BTS. The table was decorated with celebratory balloons and flowers.

'I can’t believe you forgot about me!’ You huffed to Taehyung who was first to greet you. 'Ahhh Y/N we’re sorry!’ He apologised, 'I’m only joking Tae! I can’t wait to see his face…’ Tae then pulled the empty seat out beside him, 'here, You can sit here so you’ll be next to me and Jin,’ You sat down and watched everyone chattering excitedly.

Yoongi then sat himself down opposite you on the table and placed a glass of wine down in front of you. 'Hobi just text me and said they’re just around the corner.’ He announced to the table, and just like that a few minutes later In walked Hobi closely followed by a clueless Jin.

'Congratulations!’ You all called as your heavily populated table came into view. Jungkook and Taehyung even took it upon themselves to let off a few party poppers. 'Wow he really had no clue at all!’ Taehyung said from beside you. 'I know he looks so shocked!’ You replied watching him go around the table greeting everyone.

Finally, Jin got to your end of the table and sat down at the head of it. 'I can’t believe you all did this for me! I told you no fuss!’ Jimin turned in his seat to face Jin and raised his glass, 'Congratulations Mamma Jin!’ He yelled making the table laugh.

Jin rocked back in his chair and picked up the menu in front of him. 'Ahh I can’t wait to eat!’ He said excitedly. You almost choked on your drink remembering that you were in a restaurant. Yoongi raised an eyebrow at you over the table.

'Ah Jin! Come down here and take some photographs!’ Someone called, Jin got up and happily obliged. Jin himself noticed you rejecting almost all of his offers for you to join him and the boys for dinner since you began dating 3 months ago. The boys had also noticed your excuses not to join them for meals, even when they were celebrating.

You looked back to Yoongi to see his eyebrow still raised at you. 'What don’t you eat?’ He said. 'No I just…’ 'Don’t like eating in public? Is that it?’ He asked placing his menu down on the table and leaning forward. 'Don’t think we haven’t noticed that in 3 months you’ve never once joined us for a meal…’ Yoongi wasn’t being rude to you, he was just genuinely curious.

'No… I just, don’t like eating out.’ You responded taking another sip of your drink. 'Why? Who doesn’t like eating out?’ 'Yoongi I’m a vegetarian! And nowhere you guys go ever serves vegetarian food so I just don’t come so I don’t ruin it…’ Yoongi leaned back in his seat and slowly nodded his head. 'Interesting…’ You gave him a weird look across the table. 'I never thought Jin would date a vegetarian!’ 'Jin doesn’t know…’ You replied.

'You’re a vegetarian and Jin doesn’t know?!’ You heard Taehyung gasp from beside you. You rolled your eyes at his input. 'It’s not a secret I just don’t want him to feel like he has to go to vegetarian places because of me… I’d ruin it if I came out for meals with you all!’ You stated matter of factly.

'And how exactly would you ruin it?’ Jin asked sitting back down beside you, he has just caught the last part of your conversation. Yoongi again leaned back in his chair and gestured for you to speak. 'Because I’m a vegetarian and I…’ 'Wait what?! You’re a vegetarian? Oh my god we’re so horrible for eating meat in front of you!’ Jin claimed, completely over reacting.

You pulled a face at Yoongi over the table. 'See I told you, he’s completely over reacting!’ Yoongi simply chuckled in response. 'Yep…’ Jin really looked traumatised by your revelation. 'I feel so guilty!’ You placed your hand on his arm in reassurance. 'Jin you’re being a drama queen! It’s fine honestly I don’t care what anyone else does that’s not my business, I just personally choose not to eat meat, there’s no real reason other than I just don’t like the taste!’

Jin’s eyes darted between yours and Yoongi’s. 'So you don’t think I’m a horrible boyfriend? Wait I am a horrible boyfriend it’s been 3 months and I didn’t even notice!’ You let out a laugh as his over reaction. 'Oh Jin stop being silly! I haven’t really gave you a chance to find out,’

Just then another party popper, set off by Taehyung next to you, snapped you out of your conversation. 'Anyway tonight isn’t about me it’s about you, so shut up and enjoy your night!’ You said raising your glass. Yoongi nodded his head and did the same but instead standing up.

'I just want to say, to the guys, I’m so glad we managed to pull this off, even if we did forget to invite Y/N until tonight… and thank you to everyone for coming. And to Jin… We’re all so proud of you!’ The sound of clinking glasses then filled the room as a smile spread across Jin’s face.

Starting off Monday being grateful for all the little things in life…

  • A brother and sister that are starting to play more than fight.
  • A Trolls dance party all weekend long. This boy’s version of break dancing is ridiculously cute. I need to get a video of Maddie shaking her hips. That girl’s rhythm definitely didn’t come from her parents.  
  • Looking at model homes when you have no intention of buying. Although, now I want to redecorate my whole house. ;) Model home openings are fancy these days, it included a DJ and a coffee
  • Adrian’s Monster Jam birthday party on Saturday was all Noah talked about yesterday. It was also the first time Noah actually participated in playing the party games. Watching this boy come more and more out of his shell is everything to this mama! <3
  • Lots of screaming and laughing in our latest escape room adventure. Getting out with 2 minutes to spare was just icing on the cake. Amber reaching into a pile of live roaches to retrieve one of the clues was priceless!
  • Birthday dinner for Amber and lots of reminiscing ended my weekend.  

hakudoushinumbernine  asked:

Why is waiting for amazon orders so stressful? I bought paper and essential oils. Youd think this would be one of those things i wouldn't stress over. Nope. Does this happen to you how do you stop it from happening if you dont? I cant take it... *pulling hair out* *pacing* *watching tv* *MORE PACING* *trying to sleep* *EVEN MORE PACING*

I just try to distract myself as best as possible.

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this


NEW VIDEO: did you get a kick out of this? my mom said that my internet friends would probably get a kick out of this [x]

REPLYING to everyone in the comments, let’s talk!

I finally made some cacti stuff and it was fun : D

Very quick thoughts about my fave, my ride or die, my beautiful daughter Allura after my early morning first pass of S2.

  • I like that Allura gets to be angry. She doesn’t have to be the perfectly supportive person. She has some motherly tendencies but she’s not just a “mom”. She gets to be complex; poised, fierce, compassionate, commanding and at the same time angry, suspicious, filled with grief and self-doubt.
  • They give us some time to see her as a normal person. Her excitement over sparkly things and how freely she laughs was a real treat.
  • Her team realizes the extent to which she pushes herself and makes an effort to care for her. Shiro tells her to get some much needed rest, Coran holds her when she looks exhausted, everyone is concerned on the toll it takes for her to open wormholes. When shit hits the fan in 2x12 everyone is worried sick about her.
  • The culmination of her tensions with her Galra allies is through an apology she makes of her own volition. No one preaches to her, no one pulls her aside to tell her to change her ways. She reflects and makes her own decisions about it and finds the best course of action is to apologize sincerely.
  • No one tells her that her feelings are unjustified. Though others will point out that there are good Galrans out there, they don’t invalidate that her people were systematically eradicated by the Galra Empire and that she is still coping with the ramifications of those horrible actions.
  • She gets to do things besides pilot the Castle. She gets to be diplomatic with the Balmerans, and she gets to show off just how much combat training she has (I’m theorizing she was a frequent sparring partner of the gladiator) when she goes toe to toe with Haggar.

sometimes i think I’ll never be happy until i own a well-tailored victorian era suit