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ok lets get serious. i think we all know that the supercorp fandom is very over the top like 90% of the time and sometimes i feel as if we are just as bad as the person most of us hate the most(mon-el). whoever did this to rudhraigh is honestly such an idiot. its called boundaries people. what were you hoping to get out of this?!?! all youve done is create a worse situation. this is why katie is so private and not on social and media and frankly, ive see all the hate and issues that she has been through since she joined supergirl and honestly, im beginning to wish that she didnt because we are toxic. we hate mon-el when we are almost as bad as him. i really have no words except that the idiot who did this better watch out because people are gonna do some hunting and things are gonna get out

edit* they both have literally been nothing but amazing to us. no words honestly. what a shithead

  • [during sex]
  • Hinata: NARUTO!
  • Naruto: SASUKE!
  • Hinata: ...
  • Naruto: ...
  • Hinata: ...
  • Naruto: I can explain
  • Naruto: It's a habit
  • Hinata: What?
  • Naruto: No, wait. What I mean is- the only person who shouts my name like that is Sasuke and I usually shout his name too, like, when we fight
  • Hinata: Why?
  • Naruto: I don't know. It's kind of our thing. We've been doing it for years.
  • Naruto: Well, not doing IT, you know, not like we just did. But that name thing, 'it.' I'm not in love with him, I swear! At least, not the same way I'm in love with you.
  • Hinata: Naruto
  • Naruto: I mean, we only kissed once, and it was totally an accident.
  • Hinata: Naruto
  • Naruto: Or, twice, unless you count that other time-
  • Hinata: NARUTO!
  • Naruto: SASUK- Hinata, I meant to say Hinata, see? It's like a reflex.
  • Hinata: Go sleep on the couch while I think about this relationship.
  • Naruto: Fine, but can I ask you something?
  • Hinata: *hopeful* Yes?
  • Naruto: By 'this relationship,' did you mean yours and mine or mine and Sasuke's?
  • Hinata: Get out.
Beating major d*ck.

Some people just like to use their power to bash people and degrade people publicly. Whenever I encounter these people I like to grasp the situation firmly in hand and beat them down. In this case I give you special piece of crap we shall call D*ck. D*ck is a older guy who has worked for a branch of state law enforcement for many years. He was very vocal about being three years away from full state retirement and about his rank in state gov.

I was working as a contractor doing some I.T. work. We had a large group to move the department forward at least 10 years technology wise. It was all hands on deck to prep computers for the incoming new computers and of course setting up the new ones. In my case as a coder/network grunt I was being ‘borrowed’ and more than happy to help.

D*ck was the only jerk out of at least 300 people I had enjoyably encountered. He complained about anything he could figure to complain about and would go over the departments managers heads to complain. Part of what I was asked to do was inventory their software used, directories mapped, and to copy files to their new network folders. Keep in mind we did a copy of the data and not a move. When new computers arrived the network copy served as a way to making sure the data was backed up before it was cloned over to the new system. D*ck was livid that someone touched his computer and swore we deleted a file we could not find.

I was marched up to his office with my management team and the department’s senior. I promptly found his file on his new system (and on the network). I happened to notice that he had newly installed a newsreader but did not say anything about it. I knew if I called him out on it I would get canned and they would not look into it. Instead I opened the reader while D*ck was bashing me in the hallway to his audience and changed his preferences. Now the files would not delete when they were read or deleted. Keeping in mind this was in the late 90’s and the internet was still a new thing for many. A lot of people would download their porn from newsgroups (usenet) by using a newsreader to download everything new dumped in the selected group (think like a folder). Groups would follow a theme or where supposed to. The reader would put all the pieces together so you could see the images or video and copy them to folders. I was made to apologize  in front of him and marched off in shame. D*ck was really throbbing with all of his smugness.

I was passed off from that project to just doing a rework of some DOS based software. I told my suck up manager that a lot of people were downloading and installing software on their own. My manager clicked that it was work we could be tasked with doing to create billable hours and that he could score suckup points with. This in turn created various email distributions and policy updates. I also point out that we need something about appropriate usage - great! The policy also now highlights that any private use on government equipment is subject to the same rules as fraud - perfect. This helps later because there is NO wiggle room for offenders. In turn my manager was more than pleased with me and treated me golden - hell he even bought me lunch.

I quickly forgot all about D*ck and found myself expanding the list of software that needed to be rewritten by me. This kept me busy and extended my contract. My boss was happy, my agency was happy, and my clients were very happy.

Fast forward few months later. I get back to the office and the bosses are there looking for a coworker. They asked me if I knew anything about d*cks new system and I told them HELL no. They walk off and told me if I saw the coworker to send him over.

When my coworker (who was an employee and not a contractor) returned I told him about the managers, my encounter with Major D*ck and tipped him off about the newsreader. My coworkers eyes lit up and he stood straight like a huge weight had been lifted. It turns out that D*ck once again had senior staff watch the 'stupid idiot’ fix the computer that the “tech broke being incompetent’. Surprise - It turns out it was out of disk space and would not re-start. The tech had to boot from a disk and delete temp files just to boot. In front of everyone the tech points out that one directory was filling the drive with images. Once he had everyone’s attention he then popped open some images. Porn immediately filled the screen including some very sketchy stuff from what I hear.

The tech was ushered out and D*ck lost his job. Instead of putting D*ck into jail they covered asses and terminated him. No job, no power, and pension for you D*CK.

Shiro: Watch out; quicksand. 

Keith: I see it. You’d have to be a real idiot to get caught in that. 

Lance: Help!

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Hey​ mom (I can call you that right?) Since you seem to be the resident romance novel expert, I was wondering if you knew any good wlw ones? Preferably with a historical setting? Sorry to bother you I just thought I'd ask

You absolutely can :)

The Oregon Series by “Jae” ( honestly just delve into any of her stuff, I really like her style and there’s a lot of stuff to choose from) is also well worth reading. When the series was first doing the rounds some people argued against it being included in w/w circles cause one of the characters, “Luke”,   prefers to present as male, even though at other times they definitely talk about themselves in fem terms as well, so it’s basically a western story with a gender fluid cowboy and their hot wife. Again, take a wander through Jae’s stuff, not all of it is historical but she does a fair amount. I’ve got my eye on the Victorian one for as soon as I have the funds.

@gailcarriger has also started doing romantic one-off spin offs from her Parasolverse, and has a romance between Madame Lefoux and a young maid called Imogene in her novella Romancing the Inventor which I found enjoyable. ( It’s steampunk themed so there’s your history.

In the Company of Women by Kate Christie is a sweet romance that takes place between two women flung together in the army during the time period of WW2. I was hesitant about this one at first because well, every romance I ever read that was about WW2 was always a tragedy cause someone dies, but this one is blessedly free of the Kill Your Gays trope so often prevalent in historical fiction. Also there’s cute girls in uniforms flying planes so  👌👌👌

I’ve also currently got Christie’s quite literally titled Gay Pride and Prejudice sitting on my kindle but I haven’t had a chance to start it yet.

Popcorn Love by KL Hughes while not historical is a very fun, sweet read. It’s basically the fanfic trope of X doesn’t realize Y is their one true love even though they are now practically living together due to circumstances, lets watch these two idiots figure it out while screaming internally for 200 pages.

Also I’m not so sure she counts exclusively as romance (I know she doesn’t) but Sarah Waters is one of my favorite historical writers featuring lesbian protagonists. Finger Smith and Tipping the Velvet, were my first novels by her and I loved them. Both titles are slang for pickpockets but also quaint Victorian euphemisms for ladies who enjoy the company of other ladies so she’s got me over a barrel with that wordplay.

Also I can’t not mentioned @finnglas‘s short story Swelter which while not historical, is just a really sweet w/w heavy on the feels erotica short story, it’s like a half hour read and 99cents at the moment and just, I wish you’d make it into a full novel Jules I really do, I’d read that dynamic for 60,000 words in a heartbeat.

If anyone has any recs they’d like to add in, I’ll gladly edit the post to include them :)


Thanks a lot to the anon who requested this, it was really fun I hope you like it xx

“Have we got everything?” Y/N asked out, climbing into the passenger sit of the car, eyes darting over the list. “I think so.” Her boyfriend replied, rolling his eyes as he watched her. “Did you really have to make a list?” Joe asked, putting his seat belt on.   “Wouldn’t want to forget any of your dad’s presents, would we?” She pointed out, putting the piece of paper back in her bag as she repeated his previous actions. “True.” Joe admitted, smiling over at her before leaning closer to press a kiss on her lips. “May our long drive home begin.” He joked, earning a laugh from Y/N as he started the car, driving away for their long two hours destination.

The couple was heading over to WiltShire to celebrate the birthday of Joe’s dad. They had been together for a while and were always used to drive back to Joe’s home city quite a lot. They were both really excited as it was their first proper holiday in a while and the springy weather put them in a good mood. Joe was always happy to be back with his family, even just for a short weekend.

It had been a long half an hour since their driving journey had begun. The two had been talking about this and that and had been joking around each other when Joe decided to finally put some music one and so he reached out to the radio after connecting his phone to the Bluetooth. As they were waiting for the red light to go green, Joe clicked on a song on his Spotify account and put the volume up. Joe knew she wouldn’t like song and a small smirk was showing on his face as he was waiting for her to react. “You have the worst musical tastes!” Y/N exclaimed, rolling her eyes at the song. She reached out for the radio but Joe smacked her hand away. She reached around his hand but once again, he smacked it away. And it was not about turning the music off anymore, their hands were flirting. “We like the same music, what are you on about?” Joe stated, amused by the situation, looking between her and the road carefully. “I’m sorry but The Foo Fighters are already long gone.” Y/N admitted, a smirk appearing on her lips as her eyes darted over her blue-eyed lover. Finally, Joe grabbed hold of her hand and intertwined their fingers together, the couple exchanging a smile. “Don’t criticize one of my favorite bands.” Joe ordered, as they both laughed.

Once the song was finished, Y/N took Joe’s phone as she was scrolling down to find a song that they both knew and liked. And then she found the perfect song and clicked on it. They exchanged a knowing look and instantly, she started singing. Still focused on the road, Joe took advantage of the situation to enjoy her talent. Because his girlfriend could sing and he was aware of the fact. Now, she was singing as loud as she could and moving her arms around to the music. She winked at Joe and belted it out louder and she was a wonderful singer. So as the chorus was coming, Joe joined her and started to sing along with her at the top of his lungs. 

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains.” The couple sang in unison to the famous Josh Groban song. “You raise me up to walk on stormy seas.” They yelled out, windows down as the sun was slowly starting to go to sleep, adding a little more magic to the moment. And Joe smiled at her. And she smiled at him. And for a short moment, he was staring. Joe could see beauty as he watched her through his sunglasses. From the way she put her hair put behind her ear to the way her dimples were showing as she smiled widely. And he thought about how much she hated these little details about her but a person had to have something unique about them. And the only thing that he could see as he watched her was uniqueness. “Watch the road, idiot.” Y/N teased, breaking him out of his stare as he connected his eyes back on the road, trying to hide his blushing cheeks. She reached out for his hand again, interlacing their fingers together as he brought her hand to his lips, pressing a soft kiss against the back of her hand.

The rest of the drive was filled with loud singing and laughter at the weird reactions they would get from the other people on the road. Even if they were just on the way, their holiday had already started and it only got them more excited as they were getting closer and closer to the good ol’ Wiltshire.

Lunchtime Drabble: No Rest

Pairings: Jim x Pregnant Reader, Bones x sister reader
Words: 574
Warnings: cuteness?
Summary: Jim calls Bones in the middle of the night to check on his very pregnant wife.
A/N: this might get a second part written for it if there’s enough interest. Let me know if anyone is interested in being on a lunchtime drabble or permanent tag list!

Y/N woke to a noise by her head. WIthout opening her eyes, she knew it was a tricorder in the hands of Dr. McCoy.

“What are you doing?” Y/N grumbled.

“Just checking,” came the rough response as Bones knelt next to her on the bed.

“It’s the middle of the night!” Y/N whined, rolling over to bump into yet another person kneeling on her bed. “Jim, why?”

“I just got worried, Y/N.” her husband responded, one arm wrapping around her swollen belly. “I called Bones because you were making some noises in your sleep.”

“Noises?” Y/N finally opened her eyes and looked at Jim. “What kind of noises?”

“Sounded like normal snoring to me when I came in.” Bones replied for him.

Y/N groaned. It was hard enough being pregnant, about ready to pop, and still trying to work in the medical lab. But with a paranoid captain husband and annoying doctor brother, this baby needed to make an appearance sooner rather than later. For everyone’s sanity!

“Is Y/N okay, Bones? Is the baby okay?” Jim asked nervously, rubbing a hand on Y/N’s belly.

“They are both fine Jim, same as last time you called. Y/N, honey, your blood pressure is just a little high, but I’m pretty sure that’s Jim’s fault.”

“What? High blood pressure?!” Jim jumped out of bed. “That’s bad, right!? Y/N you have to rest. You are relieved of duty until after the baby is born. Or maybe forever, I haven’t decided yet.”

“JIM!” Y/N called tiredly over his rant. “Please calm down and shut up. Leo, everything’s really okay?”

“Yes, darlin’. You and baby are fine. But we might need to talk about you taking leave from the lab.”

“All I do it sit at the computer! What harm can come from that? I don’t touch any of the chemicals. Besides, at work I’m literally right next door to the Medbay, what better place to be when I go into labor?”

“She has a point, Jim.” It’s about time her brother took her side on something.

Jim scrubbed a hand down his face as he paced at the end of the bed, evaluating the siblings and the situation.

“Alight. But I will hold you personally responsible, Bones, if anything happens.”

“I think I’m capable of watching out for my little sister, Jim, even if she does make idiotic choices when it comes to men.” Bones kissed Y/N’s head and told her to go back to sleep and headed back to his own bed, grumbling as he went out the door.

“Come here babe,” Y/N held her hand out to Jim, pulling him back onto the bed next to her. He gently rubbed her belly with one hand while the other went into her hair.

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay?” He asked, his eyes searching hers. “I know I’m driving you crazy but I just need to know that you’re okay.”

“Jim, I promise you, I will tell you if I feel anything other than what’s normal.” Y/N smiled into his worried beautiful eyes. “Now, snuggle me back to sleep.”

Jim finally allowed himself a smile as he laid down behind his wife, pulling her to his chest, resting a hand where their child grew. As he felt her drift off to sleep, he promised himself he would protect them both until his dying breath.

taglist: @writingwithadinosaur

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Omg, number 24 for the bellarke prompts please!!!!

gosh, the twenties are quite popular aren’t they :) thank you so much for sending in this request it makes me so happy !!!

24 - “you’re the only one i trust to do this.”

It was nine thirty-five on a Monday morning when Bellamy Blake got a call from Clarke Griffin.

He was greeted by a cough, sniffle and “I’m sick!”

“Well I would offer to look up your symptoms on WebMD but it seems all that knowledge from the half of your pre-med course you actually did take have helped you work it out yourself,” he said, smiling cockily, he was pretty proud of that little burn.

“Ha, ha!” she coughed out in a dull, unamused monotone. “Well I’m sure that brilliant fully completed history degree you got there will really come in handy when I get all the good articles and you end up writing, yet again, about Mrs. Smith across the road’s terrible disdain for modern technology. I’d love to see you put yet another spin on that one,” she grumbled back.

Being sick may have made her sniffly but it in no way deminished her ability to completely and utterly destroy him.

“Ouch, did you call for any reason other than to make me feel bad about all my life decisions up until this point?” he asked, tapping his pen on the desk.

“Not all, I did like that one decision you made last week when you got me a coffee on Thursday morning, that one was nice,” she said in joking contemplativeness.

“It was buy one get one free, Clarke.”

“Okay, well whatever. I’m calling because I kind of need you to cover my Person of Interest interview for me today?” she asked reluctantly. He could practically see her wincing on the other end.

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Sniper, Scout & Spy Headcanon

I was messaging Camiluna27, and THIS happened:

 - - - - - - 

consider THIS…

Wildlife is just a fact of life, in Australia. Some will kill you on sight, some are just chilling, some you might piss off by accident… but mostly, you all exist in harmony.

But then you run into something injured and needs help; and you'e able to save   it. Sniper’s good at that. Animals, that is.

Animals, he’s good with; they like him, no matter how poisonous or lethal, and he likes them back. Tends to give them embarrassingly cute names, you know, how some people do with pets?

Fluffball the Dropbear, Beaky-boy the Cassowary, Lil’ Mate the Kangaroo…

Finding and adopting animals is what he DOES by accident, it’s like a fucking superpower.

And of course, no one on base knows about it… except Scout.

Well, not in a proper way, at least.

Engie DID catch the lanky bastard in the kitchen one night feeding bacon rashers to what he THINKS was a baby alligator… but the Texan rationalised he’d just hallucinated it… because Stretch’d never do that, right?


Soldier has his raccoons. Demo… has an inkling but if Sniper isn’t saying it, then he won’t either.
Medic has his birds, and Heavy never seems to notice the occasional extra animal on base (or, more likely, in the van).

Pyro… no one knows.

Spy… has no clue, and Snipes loves that. He’s going to use it against the guy at some point.

But Scout… learned the hard way that Sniper is a goddamn dangerous animal magnet. His family’s big, and money is tight, pets were out of the question.

He had a few impromptu ones… like the pigeons that nested on their windowsill once a year, (named BigBoy and Shirley, for no real reason other than he was eight the first time he was them and making up names is hard.
Or the family of squirrels in the garden across the road he could occasionally tempt into playing with him… their names were even worse.

Actually, he might have snuck one onto base when no one was looking… or rather, the little guy came with and Scout didn’t realise until he was halfway to base again. Chucklenuts was his little secret with sniper; although he got the feeling either medic or engie knew, because he ‘found’ a timed feeder outside his room the day after they got back.

His room was now 10% scout mess, and 90% chucklenuts-got-bored-of-the-maze-you-made-him-today mess.


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hamelin-born  asked:

Oooh, a random OT3 story where Anakin literally removes Obi-Wan's soul, or keeps an iron grasp on the physical manifestation of Obi-Wan's soul... Forgive me, I'm very low on sleep. Hmmm... Maybe something resembling a daemon!verse? Where people talk about soulless!Ben, or imply that his daemon is just tiny and hiding - while Obi-Wan, any time he wants to see his soul, can just turn on the holo and watch the physical manifestation thereof parade alongside Lord Vader with empty eyes... (cont)

Obi-Wan striking Anakin down only to have his soul remain with the burnt, broken remnant of the one he loved? With Vader’s own daemon - nonexistent? (Maybe part of Sith training is repudiating it, or Severing it from oneself?) Vader killed his own soul (killed Anakin’s daemon), Obi-Wan’s took its place… (Except, just at the very end, on the Death Star mark II, something glimmers, and Anakin’s soul manifests for the first time in twenty years to twine with Obi-Wan’s…

*cackles* Completely evil idea: Obi-Wan and Anakin end up switching souls on Mustafer. Anakin’s tattered, Sidious-wounded soul fleeing to Obi-wan’s side, screaming because he is - they are - I cannot have -What have I done - what have I become - Master brother Obi-Wan help me stop me I am lost -

And Obi-wan’s soul is shattered when Obi-Wan turns away. It refuses. It refuses, this is his brother, it will not leave him to burn. The galaxy itself can burn first, but Sidious will not have him. Not alone, not like this, not this terrible parting. This is Anakin, brother-student-beloved, Sidious cannot have him. If the dark is the only way to follow him, so be it.

Home, Usnavi de la Vega x Reader

Prompt: Reader is new to Washington Heights, Usnavi helps her adjust + Usnavi de la Vega

Words: 826

Author’s Note: Usnavi, my old love, I always go back to him. Remember in my last fic when I promised my next one wouldn’t be Lin? This doesn’t count, right? Also, we hit 300 followers and this is my 30th fic!

Warnings: They drink beer at the very end.

Askbox | Masterlist

Less than a week after Vanessa moving away, Usnavi noticed a moving truck taking up a spot in front of her apartment complex. He would glare at it from the window of his bodega, knowing that whoever moved in made it official that Vanessa was gone.

Then he saw you, struggling with a few of the heavier boxes, and knew he was wrong to be upset with you. He considered going out to offer you help, as you looked completely helpless in the heat of Washington Heights, but Sonny had yet to show up for his shift and he couldn’t leave the bodega unattended.

So he watched you from the corner of his eye, as you politely turned down offers of help from some passersbys. You took a seat on the stoop in front of your building, trying your best to stay out of the way.

As soon as Sonny showed up, Usnavi was out the door, crossing the street to you. You watched as he approached, not really in the mood to have to fend off anyone while you still had a dozen boxes to move.

“Hi,” Was all he said. You waited for a moment, wondering if there was more.

“Hi?” You finally responded.

He didn’t really think this through. He spent the morning watching you brush off men much stronger than him. How was he supposed to get a cohesive sentence out without looking like an idiot?

“I’ve been watching you,” He physically facepalmed when you sent a questioning glance at him, “I mean, I own the corner bodega,” He shoved his thumb in the direction of the store, where Sonny was excitedly watching him from the window, “I saw you struggling a bit, and wondered if you wanted some help.”

He braced himself for a rejection as you looked him up and down. He wasn’t particularly tall or threatening. He had kind eyes and an innocent smile. His hands were shoved in the pockets of his jeans; casual and approachable.

“Okay,” You said, pushing yourself up into a standing position. He seemed shocked that you were letting him help you. You gave him your name, holding out your hand for him to shake. He fumbled to get his hand out of his pocket, finally freeing it with a few rolled up dollar bills flying out as well.

He cursed under his breath, mentally kicking himself for being so uncool.

“What’s your name?” You giggled, moving to the truck to pick up a box.

“Usnavi.” You stopped in your tracks, turning and tilting your head at him.

“I don’t know how, but that name suits you.” You elbowed him lightly, causing him to fumble with the box he was carrying.

“Thanks, my parents gave it to me.” He shot back, a new and easy attitude radiating off of him. You couldn’t help but feel attached to him already, but you shook the notion away, “New to the city?”

“New to everything. Never been anywhere like here before, it’s pretty overwhelming, honestly.”

“Well, I know this place like the back of my hand. I could show you around? Teach you the ins and outs?” He asked, pausing as you hit the elevator button.

“I would really like that, thank you.”

He definitely knew the place like the back of his hand. Practically everyone on the street stopped to engage him in a conversation, and a lot of them took interest in you.

Turns out, you basically represented a new era for the few blocks of Washington Heights. They saw you as living proof that times were changing, possibly for the better. You took their fascination as a compliment.

Your final stop was Usnavi’s bodega, where his charming cousin had been waiting to hit you with a few pick-up lines, which Usnavi rolled his eyes at.

Much to their surprise, you shot back just as much as Sonny had given you. Sonny whistled in astonishment.

“Quite a catch you got here, cous.” He tisked as he moved to the back room, leaving you and Usnavi to make small talk until the sun began to set.

“Still feel like this place is overwhelming?” You leaned against the doorway of the bodega, peering out at the gentle bustle in front of you. Parents coming home from work, children finishing their schoolwork and going out into the street to play, older women hanging out clothes on their fire escape.

“It’s not home yet.” He moved to stand behind you, admiring the average day in Washington Heights, “But it can be one.”

“Well, Sonny seems to like you. Hate to break it to you, but you’re stuck here.” He offered an ice cold beer, which you happily took.

“All things considered, I have a feeling I’ll be happy here.”

He lifted his bottle in a cheers. You clinked the neck of your beer with his before taking a long, satisfying sip with nothing but Usnavi’s smile on your mind.

Lady Angel

A/N: i havent written in months, literally months so im sorry if this sucks. nobody asked for this so yikes. this is also six pages on google docs so pls like it bc i worked hard on it. also spot the kurt vonnegut quote :) im also very bad at titles my b.

Pairing: bucky x reader

Word count: 2,700 (exactly)(yikes)

“Dude, just ask her out already,” Sam said slapping Bucky on the shoulder, pulling him out of his dazed state.

“Ha yeah right,” Bucky grumbled as he turned to face Wilson.

“Listen man, I’ll punch you in face so you can visit her in the med bay,” Sam snickered.

“You would like that wouldn’t you?” Bucky said scoffing.

“Yeah, I would love it actually. A girl like that won’t stay single forever man,” Sam said and both his and Bucky’s eyes went back to observing you throw your head back with laughter with the other nurses who work in the med bay.

“Jesus, I know,” Bucky replied in frustration, running his metal hand through his hair. Sam was about to say something back but was interrupted when Steve walked by them and said, “we got a mission. Meet at the jet in 10. Suit up,” before swiftly walking away.

“Stop drooling,”  Sam commented as he turned his attention back to Bucky.

“Shut up,” Bucky snarled as he got up and started to head towards the locker room.

“Seriously man! Ask her out!” Sam shouted, chuckling as he saw Bucky flip him off before turning a corner.

It was a quiet day at the med bay. A few agents in training passed through with minor injuries sustained during combat training, nothing too bad. You were finishing a chart when the squeak of the intercom disrupted the silence.

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thetraveller11  asked:

GOM x Kagami hcs on they would react to Kagami's cooking

Ooohhhh… If it’s too bad, please slap me. 

Akashi x Kagami: 

  • The first time Akashi taste Kagami’s cooking is when he crashed in his apartment.
  • Akashi insisted eating outside, but Kagami said that if he’s staying in his house, he should be following Kagami’s orders. 
  • Akashi couldn’t help it but to listen.
  • Kagami cooked a few dishes that he would believe Akashi enjoys. 
  • And Akashi never tasted anything so good, he actually die inside a bit. 
  • “You cooked this?” 
  • “Have you not see me in the kitchen?” 
  • “I thought you were playing around.” 
  • From now on, Akashi would pretend he lost his wallet or his bento so that Kagami would cook for him… 
  • And have him deliver it by his guard that is guarding Kagami’s house. 

Aomine x Kagami: 

  • Aomine believed that men can’t cook.
  • And thus, it took a huge impact on him when he tasted Kagami’s cooking. 
  • He was so amazed that it leaves him speechless for a couple of minutes before bursting out. 
  • He’s like… “What the fuck. Did you ordered this outside?!”
  • “You fucking saw me wearing an apron and fucked me before I can even finish cooking! Watch out for your semen, you idiot.” 
  • Aomine gained weight because of Kagami’s cooking. 
  • He doesn’t mind, though. 

Kise x Kagami: 

  • Kise was aware of the fact Kagami can cook. 
  • But he never taste it. 
  • Mainly because he was afraid that Kagami is a bad cook… 
  • He actually witnessed the day when Seirin ate their lunch. 
  • It was their coach’s cooking and Kise was clueless by that fact.
  • So when Kagami came to visit his house — he was bedridden — that was the first time he tasted Kagami’s cooking. 
  • It was so good that Kise even shed a tear. 
  • “Marry me, Kagamicchi!” 
  • “Hold on, we’re still in high school. Wait till we graduate.” 

Midorima x Kagami: 

  • It was actually an accident that Midorima took a bite out of Kagami’s homemade chocolate. 
  • And he was clueless who made them. 
  • He was slightly hungry and asked Kuroko to share some of his chocolates. 
  • In which, Midorima fell in love with the taste. 
  • So when Kagami invited him over to stay at his place, he was surprised to see the mess in the kitchen. 
  • “Sorry about the mess. I made a bunch of chocolates for the team and this happened.”
  • “Chocolates?” 
  • “Yeah, treats for them. I have more. You want some?” 
  • And so Midorima had demanded Kagami to never let anyone taste his cooking ever again… 
  • Because it’s so magical, anyone can die out of it. 

Murasakibara x Kagami: 

  • Murasakibara is also aware of Kagami’s talent in cooking from Himuro. 
  • But he was unaware of the taste. 
  • And so, Kagami had visited them in their dorm. 
  • Himuro had asked Kagami to teach him a few recipe for the upcoming training camp. 
  • Kagami was delighted to help out and so they started brainstorming new recipe for the team. 
  • Murasakibara was there to be the taste tester. 
  • Upon tasting Kagami’s cooking, Murasakibara started saying that Kagami was so good at cooking that he can’t help it but to drool. 
  • “But why are you drooling? You’re eating our foods, Atsushi.” 
  • “I can already imagine Kagami baking.” 
  • “Atsushi… no sweets.” 
  • “I’m on it.” 
  • And Himuro was so surprised to see how Murasakibara indirectly convinced Kagami to bake for him. 
  • Kagami spoils Murasakibara so much. 
TalesFromThePharmacy: Four Little Hours Seem Like A Year

I am a civilian pharmacy tech working part time in a military pharmacy overseas. Our base is relatively small and with the exception of the new arrivals every week, everyone pretty much knows nearly everyone (or soon will). I apologize for the length…

For the most part, my hours at the window aren’t anything special. Depending on the number of folks working that day, I’m either at the drop off window or the pickup window. ALL prescriptions here are electronic. During lunch, Active Duty, In Uniform, picking up for THEMSELVES, have head of line privilege (so they get back to work)

Normal procedure has patient pulling a number and waiting to be called to the drop window, where we verify: * Name * DOB * Last 4 of service member’s ID * A good contact number * Identify any other insurance * Verify allergies * Verify scripts being picked up

After all of the above is done, they are sent back to the waiting area until their name is called. They then go to the pickup window where we can ask for clarification if there is an issue or provide instructions before dispensing the medication. Before we proceed with any of that however, we again must check ID, verify name and DOB, and ask about allergies.

Yes, some of it is redundant, but it’s procedure and you don’t skip a step out of convenance if you want to keep your job.

So, onto my shift

(4 hour shift, beginning at lunch)

A mother pushing a stroller with a newborn and dragging along a 2-3 year old yanks a number, loudly complains that it’s stupid she has to wait with her new baby during flu season, and then plops herself down in our closest chair to the window. Seconds after she sat down, AD member in uniform comes to the red line in front of the window, as is procedure, to wait to be called. Having JUST clocked in that second, I look up, see AD member, and call him to the window.

Stroller mom freaks the hell out. She leaps from her chair, screaming “Oh hell no” and pushes her stroller between AD member and my window. To his credit, service member takes a giant step back, hands raised, and doesn’t ask her who the f’ she thinks she is. My pharmacist, hearing the commotion, doesn’t have the same restraint. Stroller mom is told to sit herself down and be quiet or she won’t be serviced without her AD member (you could tell she wasn’t the service member by the hair color and facial piercings) and his supervisor accompanying her. (When dependents are out of control, their sponsor’s leader, shirt, gets called in). She won’t stop hollering and swearing at the pharmacist, who calmly calls base Security Forces and just stands at the window watching her act like an idiot until she storms out (before SF arrives).

I then continue on with the service member who was trying to get his allergy meds before reporting back to work.

I process a few uneventful patients over the next 20 or so minutes (we fill between 80-120 scripts a shift) and then get slammed by about 15 AD members all at once (still during head of line hours). I announce multiple times, between each patient, that AD members picking up for THEMSELVES have head of line privilege, and try to process everyone as quick as I can. And then about 6th in line comes up Stroller Mom and her AD member.

I know this is going to be an issue. I just know it. I once again make the announcement, while getting the most hateful look ever, then press my “Pharmacist Needed At Window 1” button, and ask for the next AD member with a script.

Stroller Mom comes to the counter and slams down her ID, and speaking to her spouse saying “This is the bitch I was telling you about” And script isn’t for AD member, it’s vitamin drops for the baby.

Our med group policy is zero tolerance for verbal abuse by patients and I’m not here to please anyone. “Ma'am, I am afraid that this type language and behavior like you demonstrated earlier prevent me from being able to service you at this time. My pharmacist will be with you shortly, can you please have a seat in the red consultation chairs to the left.” I then walk away from the window (as is our training).

I kid you not, Stroller Mom tried to climb up over the counter and into the window, kicking her husband in the face in the process. She probably should have taken notice that one of the patients before her that was now waiting to be called to window 2 was a SF member, in full uniform, including identifying protective vest and with sidearm. I will have to wait until Monday to hear how it ended after she was hauled out of the building, but something tells me she will be sent packing back to the states. (Accompanying your service member overseas is a privilege, not a right)

That should be enough drama for one shift, right?

About an hour later, AD member comes to the window to pick up antibiotics for wife and keeps acting annoyed at the questions we ask. When I get to verifying that TriCare is the only insurance, he slams his first on my counter and tells me to just shut up and process the script.

And again, I read my hospital provided script asking they please be seated and wait for the pharmacist as I won’t be servicing him. And he sits, proclaiming me as the biggest cunt he’s ever met, and waits. And waits. And waits. When the pharmacist comes out about 20 minutes later to speak to the AD member, he (jr enlisted AD member) is as red hot mad as I’ve seen and begins to launch his abusive language at the pharmacist. The AD pharmacist. The senior officer AD pharmacist. Let’s just say he didn’t get his antibiotics that afternoon (his wife came in later, apologetic) and he has an appointment with his supervisor (I think his supervisor’s supervisor as well)and the pharmacist next week.

At this point, my pharmacist takes pity on me and has me swap windows with the AD tech at window 2.

Finally made it to the last half hour of my shift!!!

I call up a difficult name to pronounce, looking to be Pacific Islander of some type. After announcing the name three times, 5 minutes apart, I look around the waiting area to see if anyone might look like they fit the name. I identify one young woman sitting across the walkway who seems a bit lost and may fit the name, so I step out with name printed on an index card to ask if it is hers. Oh boy….

She shakes her head no, that this isn’t her name, and I thank her and return to my window. Oh well. Sometimes patients need to run to the restroom or something while waiting, I will announce one last time in 5 minutes.

I process about three more patients and decide to call this mystery guest one last time before I clock out. As soon as I butcher the last name, the woman I previously approached is dragged to the window by another female (not a service member). I’m confused, she already told me this wasn’t her name, but okay….

The “friend” that brings her to the window explains she speaks Creole Hawaiian and can not read. I’ve seen just about everything in the spouse community, so nothing surprises me anymore. I ask the friend if she can serve as a translator (which is SOP) and then proceed through my script, asking for ID, verifying information, asking for allergies…

But then I notice….

The ID doesn’t match either woman standing in front of me. The woman on the ID is 45YO. Both in front of me aren’t a day over 25. The woman on the ID is very very small, both in height (4'9" listed) and weight (104lbs listed). Both in front of me are taller than me (5'6") and 200'ish lbs each. This isn’t adding up. I ask the translator to again verify the name of the patient and DOB (and she gives the name belonging to the ID) and to verify the script (Percocet). Yup. I’m not processing this. I ask her and her friend if they will please be seated in the red consultation seats, telling her for this type of script, the pharmacist had to give consultation, and pressed the magic button again.

This ended in SF responding for a 3rd time to our pharmacy for the day and my not being able to clock out until nearly an hour late.

So the lessons taught today my friends were 1) Don’t be a douch to pharmacy staff 2) Not a good idea to curse at senior officers 3) Don’t borrow a friend’s ID to score meds

It’s a wonder they don’t pay us in wine vouchers with all that goes on here..

By: ImperfectBeingMyself

let me live

“Do you know how many times I’ve told these assholes not to do this?” Bear hisses at her hysterically. “Do you know how many times we’ve had to get help from some wandering adventurer who just happened by, just because they don’t know how to not rush headlong into death?”

The Black Rook Hold questline, only all the illidari are rescued, instead of just one.

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“When’s the last time somebody touched you, Darling?” And it catches Y/N off guard, he thinks because she thought they were having an unspoken agreement to not bring up how hot n’ bothered he’d gotten her without touching where it counts.

“S'been a while…” she trailed off, coming back with a, “…like a year, maybe.”

The car swerved under Harry’s hands, head snapping to her, “A year?!”

“Watch the road you idiot!” She cries out, and Harry looks out the windshield with a look of desperation on his face.


Y/N is Harry’s personal assistant 

part 1

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Metamorphosis- Chapter 2

Requested: no

Summary: You’re Melissa’s “adopted” daughter after her best friend died and left you to her. Scott pretty much ignores you until one day he randomly starts hovering over you. Then this new kid Isaac comes along and Scott takes him in so quickly. You resent them both until…

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: YAY! An Isaac chapter I’m so lit you guys. I have 4 done. I might post 3 and 4 together because 4 was the first chapter I wrote. Tell me what you guys think and what you want to see in more chapters!

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