watch out for idiots

  • [during sex]
  • Hinata: NARUTO!
  • Naruto: SASUKE!
  • Hinata: ...
  • Naruto: ...
  • Hinata: ...
  • Naruto: I can explain
  • Naruto: It's a habit
  • Hinata: What?
  • Naruto: No, wait. What I mean is- the only person who shouts my name like that is Sasuke and I usually shout his name too, like, when we fight
  • Hinata: Why?
  • Naruto: I don't know. It's kind of our thing. We've been doing it for years.
  • Naruto: Well, not doing IT, you know, not like we just did. But that name thing, 'it.' I'm not in love with him, I swear! At least, not the same way I'm in love with you.
  • Hinata: Naruto
  • Naruto: I mean, we only kissed once, and it was totally an accident.
  • Hinata: Naruto
  • Naruto: Or, twice, unless you count that other time-
  • Hinata: NARUTO!
  • Naruto: SASUK- Hinata, I meant to say Hinata, see? It's like a reflex.
  • Hinata: Go sleep on the couch while I think about this relationship.
  • Naruto: Fine, but can I ask you something?
  • Hinata: *hopeful* Yes?
  • Naruto: By 'this relationship,' did you mean yours and mine or mine and Sasuke's?
  • Hinata: Get out.

mollyhooperish  asked:

the proposal + sherlolly because reasons

Fake relationship AU’s are my favorite

Okay, so Sherlock Holmes is a brilliant mystery writer living in New York City, although he has a reputation for being unnecessarily cruel and standoffish. He detests romance, saying it is a weakness that he himself is above. Molly Hooper has been his assistant (a.k.a. babysitter) for nearly 2 years. Impressed by her work ethic and intelligence, he promised to pass on her manuscript to his editor if she came to work for him. He keeps putting it off because secretly he doesn’t want to lose her.

Gregory Lestrade, an immigration agent, shows up at his home, informing him that he will be deported soon as he has violated the terms of his work visa. At that moment, Molly walks through the door weighted down by groceries and his dry cleaning. Seeing an opportunity, he tells the agent that he and Molly are engaged to be married. Molly is caught completely off guard, and agrees with him before she realizes what he’s said.

Molly eventually agrees when he says that he will finally give his editor her manuscript if she plays along. She takes him home with her for the weekend, as it’s time for the annual Hooper family reunion.

Hijinks ensue (including a strange encounter in the woods between Sherlock and Molly’s odd aunt, Martha Hudson, which Sherlock would rather not think about ever again - joke’s on him, Molly took pictures), and Sherlock comes to realize that maybe romantic relationships aren’t always so bad, and that maybe the person he’s been looking for has been right under his nose the whole time.


a concept: even actually found out isak’s insta and watched this, thinking “god, what an idiot. i can’t believe i like him…what a cutiepie”


i can never understand why people make lance out to be the team idiot. did we watch the same show? the lance i saw wasn’t the only one who messed up in his team flight simulation at the garrison, it was a team effort. the lance i saw managed to be the last paladin standing next to shiro during their group training session, protecting themselves and each other from blasts with their shields. the lance i saw kept keith from blowing everything up on the balmera by coming up with an alternate plan that caused less stress on the already dying animal. even in the comics there’s a scene where they have a mission to save an alien princess from her captor, and they go to the tower to do so and start to fight a dragon, and lance– not shiro the leader, not pidge the genius– was the one to realize that the dragon WAS the princess, put under a spell. stop calling lance dumb 2k17, he’s smart and i’m proud of him.

“When’s the last time somebody touched you, Darling?” And it catches Y/N off guard, he thinks because she thought they were having an unspoken agreement to not bring up how hot n’ bothered he’d gotten her without touching where it counts.

“S'been a while…” she trailed off, coming back with a, “…like a year, maybe.”

The car swerved under Harry’s hands, head snapping to her, “A year?!”

“Watch the road you idiot!” She cries out, and Harry looks out the windshield with a look of desperation on his face.


Y/N is Harry’s personal assistant 

part 1

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Fall Out Boy on SNL March 4, 2006 AKA Joe’s guitar is out of tune and Joe and Pete jump around on the stage like idiots

haganenobeato  asked:

I already forgot what I sent you before. But you can also write about a young!royai first kiss.

First Awakening

Words: 1,765
Rating: K+
A/N: I know this was a long time coming and I apologize! I had a busy few days and I wanted to give this the attention I feel it deserved. Sorry for the delay! FF/AO3

“Ow!” Roy jerked his hand away from the snapping crayfish so violently that he elbowed Riza in the ribs. She yelped in surprise as she lost her footing, slipped off her rock, and fell into the river. The water was cold, an unpleasant contrast to the scorching summer day. Riza felt her skin break open where she landed on her palms and knees against the coarse stones; the deep, frigid water sloshed against her stomach, and her mouth filled with the taste of muddy river.

“Roy,” she cried out in annoyance, “watch your elbows, you idiot!” Roy was already reaching for her arm to help her up, but she smacked his hand away irritably. “I don’t need your help,” she spat as she climbed out of the water, already wringing her dress in quick, irritated twists of the fabric. Her scraped palms protested the action but she didn’t care.

Roy backed off nervously, dragging his fingers through his charcoal hair. “I’m really sorry, Riza! I didn’t mean to, and now your dress is all—” He stopped abruptly, his face suddenly going scarlet.

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17.  “Did you just kiss me?” - “Obviously.”

with Robb

„Watch out idiot!“

Your arrow only missed the guy by an inch. If he hadn’t been so startled by your voice and stumbled back he’d have a hole in his head by now. Did he have a death wish, walking around the woods all alone. In the hunting season of all times.

„What did you just call me?“

„I called you an idiot. What are you thinking sneaking through here, there are hunters everywhere in these woods. You’re lucky I saw you in time. Take the god damn road like everyone else.“

„My name is Robb Stark. I have every right to be here.“

„Oh? Excuse me my lordly idiot, if you would be so kind to get out of here.“ You never met any of the Starks, let alone the new king in the north so you had o idea if he really was who he said he was. Didn’t matter honestly.

Robb walked closer to you, taking a better look at the person who kept insulting him so directly. He smiled when he found a girl, roughly around his age.

„Isn’t that bow a bit too big for you?“

„You better watch it, or my hand might slip.“ You cross your arms and glare at him. You didn’t take any shit from men, lord or not.

You suddenly find him close to you, his lips pressed to yours. The action perplexed you and you didn’t even react until he draws back.

„Did you just kiss me?“ You asks confused.



FitzSimmons Winter (Re)Watch: One song per episode
             A Hen in the Wolf House: “The Call” by Regina Spektor (x

“No.” Weiss blocked the doorway, face resolute.

Ruby drooped sadly. “But Weiss…”

No.” Firmer this time despite being face with a puppy eyed pout. “This is a two person room already somehow fitting four.” Weiss shook her head in disbelief. “There is simply not enough space for three more people!

“We’re not moving in, Miss Heiress.” Emerald pointed out. “Just looking for somewhere to watch a movie without having idiots point and whisper.”

Penny nodded solemnly. “It is very distracting with Pyrrha continuously getting up to chase them away.”

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raúl esparza via comic con (2014).

I ship Doug/Hera like nobody’s business but how fucking great would it be if Hera and the interface from EOS 10 was a ship???

I’d even take the brotp. I’m just really enjoying the two AIs talking shit about the idiotic humans they constantly need to watch out for.

(In the future)

Ian wakes up late one morning and he’s rushing around, worried that he’ll be late for work. Mickey, who has the day off, is sitting on their bed with the sheets all bunched up around him. He’s got a slight pout on his face because Ian hasn’t given him a ‘good morning’ kiss yet, and it’s really starting to piss him off.

Just as Ian’s about to leave, he finally glances over at his disgruntled boyfriend. Immediately knowing what’s wrong, he rolls his eyes and lets out a soft laugh. He walks over quickly and grabs Mickey’s face with both of his hands, giving him a long kiss. Finally he pulls back, satisfied with the small smile on Mickey’s lips. “I love you, and now i’m going to be late. See you tonight!”

Mickey just smiles as he watches his idiot boyfriend rush out of their house, he’s completely in love. 


In the spirit of Halloween let’s watch these idiots freak out (or not if you’re Xiumin and Chen)