watch out for greenberg

Written for the @sterekwriters​ Summer Bingo Tournament. For the prompt: Summer Camp

(I totally went over the word count limit with this one, oops)

When June finally arrives and, with it, the beginning of his last year at camp, Derek has no idea what to expect.

He and Stiles have been texting constantly since last summer, but neither has worked up to an actual phone call. Laura thinks it’s “cute,” Cora thinks it’s “boring,” and his mother won’t stop bringing up her own summer camp friend turned pen pal turned boyfriend from when she was Derek’s age.

“I’m not, like, writing him love letters or whatever,” Derek grouses, hunched over in the backseat of his parent’s sedan. Cora happily ignores the entire conversation from the seat across from him, in favor of whatever game on her phone she hasn’t yet beaten.

His mother glances at him in the rearview mirror. “I see. Still working up to it?”

Derek frowns and turns away to glare out the window at the passing scenery. He’s not “working up to” anything. He’s just texting. “Nobody writes letters anymore, mom.”

She hums noncommittally. “Still. Always a nice gesture.”

Gestures are not what Derek needs right now, though, barely a mile away from Camp Beacon, barely a mile away from Stiles, and uncertain where he stands.

They were reluctant bunkmates last year. Then, briefly, ardent enemies. And then, somehow, tentative friends. Mostly due to their respective friend groups all suddenly becoming besties with each other. They exchanged numbers the last day of camp, and Derek really didn’t think anything would come of it. But then Stiles texted him not forty-eight hours later to complain about his new class schedule and Derek found himself complaining right back before he realized what was happening.

Since then, neither of them have gone a day without sending something to the other. Even if it’s just a random emoji that Derek is pretty sure he doesn’t entirely get the nuances of.

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