watch out for crocs

Personal ranking of every crocodile emoji on emojipedia

!!! What a friendly croc !!! Good shape, round and small. The best croc. The friendliest of all and I love him !!! He could eat me I wouldn’t mind at all !! Look at his face ! He’s so great !!

A good cartoon croc, big eyes, big smile and big teeth. I’m sure he loves when you rub his belly. He’ll do no harm and just want to play. Also a good friend to party with, I’m certain.

He looks like an Aztec croc. He has a nice smile. I’m sure he never forgets to wash his teeth after dinner. Probably won’t harm you. He looks very calm. Not a very talkative croc, but still a good guy to hang out with. Good at small talk.

Watch out for this croc, because he’s up to no good ! Yet, it’s a nice croc, but he’s propably hungry and looking for his next dinner. A bit floppy. I think he eats too much.

This is the “mind your own business, I’m not into you” croc. I guess he’s not interested in you, but don’t be sad. Mutual love takes time and efforts and you’ll get to know each other with time. It will be okay.

A breadstick-shaped croc. Has a weird blue-ish color. I think it’s a lizard but maybe he’s just sick. He also looks very bored. No even a smile ! Odd shape, odd croc. Probably bad at maths.

An expensive and well detailed 3D croc !! But he’s evil and won’t be a good friend !! Look at him : his smile is malicious and maleficent. You can’t trust him ! Don’t trust !!

Basically baby Godzilla. He’ll grow big and large, and then he’ll be able to shoot lazers and breath fire, so he’s not the friendliest of all. I should tell you to be careful, but there is still time before he starts destroying your house and town for fun.

I’m… not…. sure about this croc ?? What should I say ? Maybe he’s a good guy ? We don’t know… A mysterious croc, for sure…

No. This is not correct. You can’t have a croc like this. It’s not good. He’s too rigid and looks like an inflated croc balloon. Not a good shape : not a good croc.

B L O C K E D .