watch out cute boy

is it summer yet?


I guess we make a really good team.

So hard to be excited or even remotely interested in upcoming anime seasons these days, why can’t there be more masterpieces like Shouwa Genroku?

while I’m being nct trash I’m just gonna say:

WATCH ! OUT ! FOR ! KUN ! WHEN ! HE ! DEBUTS !!!!! the boy already cute and if we remember that he got more attractive each day then can you even tolerate the fact that he’s probably the hottest thing in the world now and sm just don’t wanna go to court but like I said he gets even more attractive every 24 hours so when he’s training they’re like o shit what2do ??¿? & they just gotta release him one day I’m waiting


my dog chloe gets excited when i say pete wentz


I was promised gay and the show delivered.


River and the Doctor Appreciation Day - April 22nd

Who else was I going to fall in love with? a study in boops and looks

I would like to state for the record that I will never not even in a million years ever be over the whole beth childs look with the suit and the sunglasses and the bun