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SKAM Season 4 Links with English Subtitles

Episode 1: You hate hanging out with us (full)

Episode 2: I’m a boy, I don’t get hate (full)

Episode 3: What do you think about drinking? (full)

Episode 4: Allah would dig you (full)

Episode 5: If you’re sad then I’m sad (full)

Episode 6: Are you having a bad day? (full)

Episode 7: We must stand together (full)

Episode 8: The biggest losers at school (full)

Episode 9: Life smiles (full) 

Episode 10: Thanks for everything
↳ (Part 1-Vilde // Part 2-Penetrator Chris // Part 3-Jonas // Part 4-Chris // Part 5-Even // Part 6-William // Part 7-Eskild & Linn // Part 8-Dear Sana [1][2])

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Qiqi, what do you do outside of tumblr? Like hobbies or other interests? ^_^

wow you’re so sweet for asking :’D my life is pretty boring tbh, I work full time and I’m applying to graduate school rn so I really don’t have much free time anymore;;

I like to watch anime and read manga like I spend a ridiculous amount of time on this, make music and play piano, occasionally cosplay, eat a lot of food LOL, shop for makeup, get piercings, and I go to A LOT of concerts too. oh and I scream a lot on twt haha that’s honestly where 99% of my time is spent;;


When I talk about programs I try not to focus too much on the jumps, since there’s usually very little to say about them in and of themselves, and anyway a commentary of figure skating programs should be different from a breakdown of the elements, but I want to point out two jump elements Savoie did in the last half of this understated FS that I like very much. (In fact these are the two jumps shown in playback, and when that happens I get so very happy that the cameraman and director knew what they were looking at!)

1. Double spread eagle into a 3A
This is a gorgeous and impressive move no matter who does it, but what makes Savoie’s version particularly beautiful is how well-timed is to the soft strings and how effortless and light the 3A looks, again matching the mood of the music perfectly. The adorable smile he shows as he lands doesn’t hurt, either.

2. Hydroblade into a 3Lz
Who doesn’t love a good hydro? Savoie didn’t have a quad and none of the jumps he performed were particularly difficult, but I love how inventive he and his choreographer got in their effort to end this performance on a high note. It’s such a striking element that catches the audience’s attention right before he enters the final combination spin, leaving a strong impression on both the audience and the judges. I always love it when a skater creates the best program he possibly can with what’s allowed him.

This is not a perfect FS or a perfect performance – I particularly feel he needed more power and speed in the last step sequence as the piano becomes more dramatic – but he (deservedly!) ranked above a young Jeffrey Buttle in the FS, and I think if he could have skated this FS clean at the US nationals he would have had a realistic chance of beating Weiss and going to Salt Lake City, especially since Savoie had a wonderful SP there. Alas, it was not to be…


Finally finished editing my Allura makeup tutorial! It was so much fun to do, so I hope to make more videos in the future. It’s my first time making one so I’m a little nervous;; please tell me if you enjoyed it! Feel free to check out my youtube channel if you’re interested 💕 


Music Videos starring the Stranger Things kids (2016): 


a blessed fancam.


Welcome to a world without Light.

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