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Bill Elliott racing Dale Senior, that’s all.

Eat A Snickers: AU Cop!Sam

Eat A Snickers: AU Cop!Sam

Pairing: Cop!Sam x Nurse!Reader

Word Count: 1,900

Warning: Mentions of shooting and stabbing, not graphic though. INCREDIBLY fluffy otherwise.

A/N: The nurse in me dreamed about this and the writer in me wanted to share. The personality of the nurse is also me basically all the time. Enjoy!!

“Y/N! Room 11, you have a new admit. Just check in on him before your relief gets here in a few. Ten out of ten chest pain, 48 year-old male, say’s he’s having a heart attack. Pretty sure the only heart attack he’ll have is the one you’ll give him if you try and take those chips from him.”

“Oh, awesome, can’t wait.” Flashing your signature ‘kill me now’ grin at your co-worker you close out of your computer and head over towards the room.

Saturday nights in the downtown ER. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s always been more a can of Redbull to you anyways. The hustle, the bustle, the insanity that never ceases to amaze; who would ever want to leave that?

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“One afternoon I was walking with a friend in the City Park and reciting poetry. At that time I knew entire books by heart, word for word. One of these was Goethe’s “Faust;” and the setting sun reminded me of the passage:

“The glow retreats, done is the day of toil; It yonder hastes, new fields of life exploring; Ah, that no wing can lift me from the soil, Upon its track to follow, follow soaring!“

“Even while I was speaking these glorious words, the vision of my induction motor, complete, perfect, operable, came into my mind like a flash. I drew with a stick on the sand the vision I had seen. They were the same diagrams I was to show six years later before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. My friend understood the drawings perfectly; and to me the images were so real that suddenly I cried, “Look! Watch me reverse my motor!” And I did it, demonstrating with my stick.

This discovery is known as the “rotating magnetic field.” It is the principle on which my induction motor operates.”

–Nikola Tesla

“Making Your Imagination Work For You.” American Magazine, April, 1921.

TL; DR: If I had no bad luck, I’d have no luck at all

I bought my first S14 back in 2002, a used ‘98 SE model from Nissan of Fife/Tacoma WA, priced at 16k. I loved it. I would watch Best Motoring touge videos and dream of what I could do with it. I didn’t have much money but the car by itself in it’s stock form was fantastic. At the time I was working a mind numbing call center position at AT&T and an oppourtunity arose for unlimited overtime. Cingular was merging with AT&T and the queues were so high so they wanted people in, all the time. I figured, what the heck, let’s make things happen. For 4 months I worked 90 hours a week, eating the same mustard & ham sandwich combination every day, for 4 fucking months! I managed to save up 15k, needless to say I was ecstatic. I worked hard and it paid off, I could finally do something with my S14. I bought a front clip, bolt ons, suspension, wheels and a bunch of other stuff and now my s14 just needed some buttoning up and ready to go do some track events. At the time a lot of people were going to the PGP go kart track for drifting events , that was my goal, I wanted to get out there with them and do that.

 … but then, my parents saw my sudden influx of money and wanted 1k month for rent, I didn’t know any better, I didn’t know how much housing/apartments were, so I just did it, long story short things got rough, I couldn’t afford it. I was working overtime just to pay my parents, then my friend says hey you can move in with me. I decided I’d move out into my friends place. I picked up a second job and figured now’s my chance to start making moves again, but my money never seemed to really grow, I felt like I wasn’t making ends meet, I didn’t know what to do.

 I felt like I was doing something wrong, I’d drive down the street saying “look at all these houses, all these people were able to buy a home to live in, and here I am working all of my days away and can barely make it.” Thinking to myself that every one of those people was better than me, because even while working two jobs I can barely pay my bills. So I decide to push myself further, I figure I’m better at hard labor than I was at my contract IT positions, so I picked up an –>unpaid<– training opportunity.  I would train for 8 hours starting at 5am, unpaid, for 3 months. So for three months , I’d wake up in the morning and go to into a training class for 8 hours, after that I’d go work my 8 at the call center, after that I’d go do custodial duty at business complexes for 2-3 hours, after that I go home to try and get some sleep. I was working 3 jobs, getting paid for 2, and not making enough.

Three months later, I finish my training, top of my class, and now I wait and pray I get a phone call for the job. Months waiting, I finally get the call, I’m going to work at Boeing. I’m thinking this is it, this is where I make a career for myself. First day of orientation arrives, it’s at 6:00am, I wake up at 4:00am, I get ready, I walk into the parking lot and then bam, my car is missing, gone, forever, my car is gone. My roommate let’s me borrow their car for that day so I can get to work. All throughout the day I’m trying to get everything sorted out, for the next few weeks I’m going through all my transaction history to find purchase receipts for car parts and I find a bunch of random charges that I don’t understand. My ex girlfriend and my roommate from the looks ( crazy story ), had been using my bank information for paying off random bills and I never noticed it, the entire time I was working my ass off, I was paying their bills. I confront them, it’s a crazy situation, I debate on going to court. I think to myself, do I have time for this shit, do I have time for their shit, I’m trying to focus on my new job, the bank can help me even if I don’t know the source… I said fuck it, tell them to fuck off, I leave, I cut my losses, I get new credit cards, bank helps me out,  I move on.

 The situation sucks, I got no place to stay, I just quit my other 2 jobs so I can focus on this new job, and my fucking car is gone. Insurance from a stolen car doesn’t come for a long time. When you do get the money from a stolen car you, you forfeit ownership. If the car is found they will auction it and let you know when it’s auctioned but i never got the call.

 The earth cracked.

Now here we are, I’ve been at Boeing almost 9 yrs since I lost that car, I spent over a decade stuck on the idea of making my “perfect S14”, and it’s done now, I track it, I maintain it, I have a home for it, and I made some good friends along the way.

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The Visit

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Imagine:  can you do one about bucky showing reader around New York? i think that would be so cute and you would write it so well :) +  Hii could I ask a smutty imagine with bucky? Maybe one where the reader is natasha’s younger sister and has a huge crush on him but its very shy about it and one day they get left alone in the tower?! Plus Nat is overprotective and catches them sleeping and makes a scene? Thanks love your blog!

a/n: I’m combing these two because I got a lot of Bucky requests and I want to get them out for you guys!! If you’re not interested in smut I’ll put *** before it starts so you don’t have to read it :)

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex (ive seen this warning on other fics and it’s v important!! wrap it in real life people )


You stepped into the elevator at the bottom floor of Stark Tower, unable to hide the smile on your face.

“Welcome. Miss Romanoff, everyone is so excited to see you,” the AI voice spoke to you. You were excited too, to say the least. You hadn’t seen your sister Natasha in what felt like forever and you were finally getting to visit New York. You found yourself bouncing eagerly as the elevator brought you higher and higher. The city unfolded below you and you stared in awe, feeling like you were floating on top of the builds that were sprawled our before you.

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Custom Motor Collective crew rocking it!

The Quantization of Time

We have come a long way from the grand father watches of the 19th centuries, having successfully destroyed the necessity to wear one.

( Courtesy : Smart-phone )

But, thanks to watch lovers around the world, their legacy continues.

Tell me and I’ll forget,

Show me and I may remember,

and Involve me and I will understand.

In this post we will explore the quartz watches of our day.

But to truly understand what happens in a quartz clock, let’s look at something more pronounced- The Lighter. 

The Quotidian Lighter

It consists of a small, spring-loaded hammer which, when a button is pressed, hits a Piezoelectric crystal. 

Piezoelectric crystal is one which produces a voltage when pressure is applied to it. This effect is known as the piezo-electric effect.

Upon hitting the Piezoelectric crystal, a huge voltage ( ~ 600 V )is created because of the piezo-electric effect.

The lighter is wired in such a way that this whole voltage is applied in a small region of air gap between two metallic points.

Due to high voltage generated, the air is ionized and acts as a path for the discharge.

This electric discharge is the spark which when exposed to the combustible gas from the stove ignites it to produce flame.

Tick, tick, tick -The Quartz Crystal

Inside a quartz clock or watch, the battery sends electricity to the quartz crystal ( a piezoelectric material ) through an electronic circuit.

The quartz crystal oscillates (vibrates back and forth) at a precise frequency: exactly 32768 times each second.

A Quartz crystal oscillator

These oscillations generate small electrical signals which are ‘divided down’ by the circuit within the watch to the required frequency (usually seconds) and translated into pulses which are sent to the watch display or a motor to move the seconds hand.

Remarkable isn’t it?

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“Thank you, my dear,” Tiberinus said with a wry smile. “And, yes, Annabeth Chase, I’ve helped many of your siblings…to at least begin their journey safely. A shame all of them died painfully later on. Well, your documents seem in order. We should get going. The Mark of Athena awaits!”

Percy gripped Annabeth’s hand—probably a little too tight. “Tiberinus, let me go with her. Just a
little farther.”

Rhea Silvia laughed sweetly. “But you can’t, silly boy. You must return to your ship and gather your other friends. Confront the giants! The way will appear in your friend Piper’s knife. Annabeth has a different path. She must walk alone.”

“Indeed,” Tiberinus said. “Annabeth must face the guardian of the shrine by herself. It is the only way. And Percy Jackson, you have less time than you realized to rescue your friend in the jar. You must hurry.”

Percy’s pizza felt like a cement lump in his stomach. “But—”

“It’s all right, Percy.” Annabeth squeezed his hand. “I need to do this.”
He started to protest. Her expression stopped him. She was terrified but doing her best to hide it—for his sake. If he tried to argue, he would only make things harder for her. Or worse, he might convince her to stay. Then she would have to live with the knowledge that she’d backed down from her biggest challenge…assuming that they survived at all, with Rome about to get leveled and Gaea about to rise and destroy the world. The Athena statue held the key to defeating the giants. Percy didn’t know why or how, but Annabeth was the only one who could find it.

“You’re right,” he said, forcing out the words. “Be safe.”

Rhea Silvia giggled like it was a ridiculous comment. “Safe? Not at all! But necessary. Come, Annabeth, my dear. We will show you where your path starts. After that, you’re on your own.”

Annabeth kissed Percy. She hesitated, like she was wondering what else to say. Then she shouldered her backpack and climbed on the back of the scooter.

Percy hated it. He would’ve preferred to fight any monster in the world. He would’ve preferred a rematch with Chrysaor. But he forced himself to stay in his chair and watch as Annabeth motored off through the streets of Rome with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.

Art: viria

Excerpt from, “The Mark of Athena”

the first one to go in is the dad.
john winchester.
jaded eyes turn towards him, and not so few of the innocent ones too.
oh yes, john was always a man with a hint of wildness underneath,
so tightly controlled that many women wondered
what they crave more: the beast or the leash.
(or simply a rock of a man, all salt and pepper,
knowing eyes and calloused hands.)
after him comes the tall one.
sam. never sammy. people have disappeared for saying that.
he’s all long and proud and powerful, earthy and
seemingly gentle.
his dimples are invitation to any woman, any man,
to come and try their luck.
but look at his eyes, his shifting eyes -
they might be whispering something completely different.
finally, the gorgeous one.
the big brother. dean. always watching sammy’s back.
sinful lips, eyes green of a newborn nature,
all hidden in layers of jokes and smoke, leather and motor oil.
watch out for the razors in his smile,
always ready to defend what’s his.
he’s always lust and, sometimes only, bloodlust too.
the winchester men.
every man, woman and their cousin’s wet dream.
every monster’s nightmare.
[because every hero has a wild streak,
and they three,
theirs is a mile wide.]

ines k, winchesterappreciation

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George Harrison and John Lennon with others, 11 February 1964 

Photo: Maysles Films Inc.

Q: “Do you play cricket at all, George?”

George Harrison: “No.”

Q: “What is your favorite sport? Singing and fighting for your life, but other than that…”

GH: “I don’t like many sports. I don’t mind watching motor racing. That’s about it. I wouldn’t mind to have a go.” - Carroll James interview with The Beatles, 11 February 1964

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RootxShaw prompt- Shaw takes Root to the restaurant where Shaw's father brought her mother on their first date. (From the episode "Allegiance" in season 3)

Shaw stood outside of the restaurant with her hands in the pockets of her trousers. She looked at her watch and looked down the street. She tucked same hair behind her ear that had fallen out of her low ponytail.

“Sorry I’m late,” Root appeared behind Shaw, startling the former assassin.

Shaw clenched her fists, “You have got to stop sneaking up on me.”

Root grinned. She moved her clutch from one hand to the other. She straightened out her short, tight dress, “Sorry. I have an irrelevant across the river.”

Shaw looked behind Root toward the water, “Did you steal a boat?”

Root nodded, “So you’ll have to excuse my hair.”

“It looks fine,” Shaw looked Root over and found that she looked normal save for the curls in her hair that were more loose than usual because of the wind on the water.

Root looked like she was about to take her words as a compliment so Shaw turned to walk inside. She told the matre’d about her reservation. He smiled politely at her and seated them.

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Deadlines Can Wait

Daisy is nearing 6 months and just learning how to sit up by herself. While Aria is out on an impromptu shopping trip with Ella, who came to town by surprise, Ezra is left alone with his infant daughter. 

He’s always been entranced by his daughter and watching her motor skills advance each month. Ezra’s just waiting for the day she pushes herself up onto both feet. He loves the milestones and keeps them recorded in a journal, as any writer would. 

The baby has also learned that she can roll over onto her stomach. Over the past week, both Aria and Ezra have taken countless videos of Daisy exhibiting her new skills. Today, while Ezra’s watching her, she’s sitting in his lap while he types out an article whose deadline is coming up. 

As Ezra taps away at the keys, Daisy watches his movements and begins to mimick. Every time he presses a letter, Daisy reaches over and presses another one. Ezra doesn’t have the heart to stop her.

Soon enough the page is filled up with random strings of letters. Realizing that he can’t send this to the paper, Ezra copy and pastes what he’s written into a new document and goes back to the old one so Daisy can keep typing. Deadlines can wait.