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Can I just say? Tim helping harper and duke fits into this also to me. They didn’t start out as natural athletes like dick either so when it comes time for training? Tim helps them.

I love this so much and absolutely agree! Tim would probably be a very patient trainer, but holds nothing back and leaves them with bruises and bumps for days after. But he uses Star Wars analogies/references when he teaches them, and compares training the body to re-writing a computer program… so they forgive him. 

Harper and Duke also share something else with Tim: they weren’t invited into the batfam either, they invited themselves and worked hard to prove that they had what it took to be Bluebird and a Robin/Lark, to prove that they belonged. They had to fight Bruce and the other batfam members just for recognition, just to get their foot in the door. So who better to train them than the stubborn kid who took the Robin suit, against everyone’s wishes, and went to help Bruce and Dick fight Two-Face anyways? Who was so insistent that “Batman needs a Robin”, he took that duty on himself and worked hard to prove himself as worthy of it. Tim knows exactly how they feel. 

I like to think that Tim helps them feel better about how they pushed their way into the family, because sometimes, during his tough training sessions he’ll just throw out bomb-shell comments of affirmation like: 

“Yeah, don’t be afraid to take credit for your work and remind Bruce how integral and important you are, because he will bring that into question sometimes, at the start. He doesn’t really mean anything by it, it’s his way of showing he cares for you, by worrying and questioning your role in this; especially after you mess up. But it’s not true. You earned this. This is yours. And you have every right to tell him so, and anyone else that questions you… especially yourself.”   

And Duke and Harper will just be standing there, sweaty, panting, and utterly blown away by what he has said. And Tim just sniffs, picks up his bo staff again and is like: “Well. That’s your one-minute break over.” and starts beating the crap out of them again.