watch me not last 5 minutes lol

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1: Nickname? Fawn cuz of my username on other places and my girlfriend calls me Bambi sometimes cuz I love deer :o

2. Star sign? Aries!

3. Height? ….asdl;fkj 4′11″ and ¾

4. Time right now? 9:49PM

5. Favorite music artists? uuhhh Bastille and Marina and the Diamonds are at the top, I have a bunch

6. Song stuck in your head? Messidona by Driver Friendly cuZ IDK it makes me really happy and I like listening to it when I draw Lance lol

7. Last movie watched? ….T-THE LORAX BUT AS A JOKE AND I JUST DID 20 MINUTES….. the actual last movie I saw was Sing

8. Last TV show watched? watching Buffy right now!

9. What are you wearing right now? a Star Wars shirt and pajama pants lol

10. When did you create your blog? I think 2011 or 2012???

11. What kind of stuff do you post? a lot of animated things, mainly Voltron 

12. Do you have any other blogs? like??? 3-4 other blogs but I don’t really use them

13. Do you get asks regularly? occasionally? when I reblog ask memes I tend to get them, which is nice until it’s something I draw for and people just follow me and send an ask to get art rip…

14. How did you choose your URL? I love Lance and he loves the ocean

15. Gender? female

16. Hogwarts house? Hufflepuff ouo

17. Pokemon team? Mystic 

18. Favorite color? blUE

19. Average hours of sleep? anything from 6-15 hours……

20. Lucky numbers? 3?

21. Favorite characters? A;SLDKFJAD THERE’S SO MANY….. Lance, Scott McCall, and Willow Rosenberg are at the top tho

22. How many blankets do you sleep with? 1 but when I take naps I hoard like 2 or 3

23. Dream job? somethING in animation or let me just hang out with pets pls


About meeeee!

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Star sign: Libra!  I’m veeeery libra.

Height: 5’4″

Time right now: 12:21 am

Last thing googled: “Watch Jennifer’s Body”  I’ve heard good things about this movie, but it’s not streaming anywhere that I can find.  I was hoping to watch it online but I kinda gave up after a three minute search.

Favorite music artist(s): Vanessa Carlton (she has five albums not just that one song lol), Bjork, Nico Touches the Walls, The Arcade Fire, Harvey Danger

Last TV show watched: A Series of Unfortunate Events.  Thumbs up.

What am I wearing right now: Sweatpants and an Arizona State University shirt

When did I create my blog: 2012?  I think.  It’s been a while

What kind of stuff do I post: Voltron, anime, art, sapphic positivity, politics, original content that sometimes I think is witty but it’s probably not :p

Do I have any other blogs: Nope

Do I get asks regularly: No.  I don’t think I’ve ever gotten an ask lmao

Gender: Female

Pokemon team:  I’m so terrible I don’t know anything about Pokemon other than that they’re cute and I collected the cards when I was a kid.

Favorite color: Light gray.  It’s a soothing color.

Average hours of sleep: There is no average.  I have a sleep disorder and take meds; I can get as little as there hours or as long as twelve.

Lucky number:  I like the number 18 cuz that’s my birthday.

Favorite characters: Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan), Finn (Adventure Time), Karkat Vantas (I was into Homestuck before it jumped the shark), JASON TODD (Batman/DC comics), Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty) 

How many blankets I sleep with: Two- a bed sheet and a duvet. My room is very cold.

Dream job(s): Owning my own bookstore.  Or having a job that gives me enough to live on at this point, lbr.

I tag: @mango-trash @jemi0 @dent-de-leon @queenoffantasy17 @pil0t-err0r @the-punning-ubus @hangedspock @shiro-the-space-dad This really applies to anyone who follows me though.  Side note, can’t believe how many porn bots follow me.  One is called blowjob-butt?  LIke, really?

So my boyfriend just started watching Hannibal with me...part 3

We finished season 1 last night and these quotes happened (half mine, half his):

[About Hannigram post-s1 finale] “I can’t figure out how they can possibly become romantic after this”

“Everyone in this show is super gay. Well, everyone but Alana.” (lol)

[About Hannibal framing Will] “Hannibal! That’s not how you should treat your murder muffin!”

“Wait, people actually call them Team Sassy Science? They should have t-shirts that say that on them. Please tell me that happens in season 2.”

“Fannibals? That’s the stupidest name ever.” (5-10 minutes later) “Fine, I’ll admit it, I’m a fannibal.”

“This show is great. I never thought to keep a filofax of rude people to get revenge on later, but it’s such a good idea!”

[About Bedelia] “I like her, which means she’s probably a serial killer”

“Since he’s already a serial killer, Ted Cruz should take a leaf out of Hannibal’s book and eat Donald Trump for being rude”

“Please tell me there’s more cannibal puns in season 2. I know it’s going to get really dark now, but I’m basically watching the show for the cannibal puns.