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Promises - Happy Lowman

Requested by @chaosmieu

List#9: 7, 9, & 10 - Happy♡

7. “Please stop getting my hopes up. Just stop!”

9. “I’m not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me!”

10. “Sit there, watch me choose you. Watch me earn you.”

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The Prince

for @wrathofthestag who said she could really use some sweetness today

(I’ve prompted this to other people but it hasn’t bitten yet, so I’m gonna do my best to fill it myself)

tw are all relative to The Hockey Prince  episode but doesn’t go too hard on the details of the OD, still be careful though!

set between Playoffs I and Playoffs II, the night that Jack walks out of Jerry’s - very quick, slight reference to Holster being into Bitty

on AO3

It’s a dangerous thing, the news tab in a search engine. It’s often drawn Jack down a hole of seeking out nothing but the worst things hockey commentary has to say about him. 

After opening tonight’s twentieth browser tab, he had mechanically reached over to turn on his bedside table lamp just so he could indulge his misery even longer. Even if he found the strength to put his laptop away before dawn, sleep was simply not going to come tonight.

The guys had all been warned off by Shitty from trying to bring Jack out of his funk. There were three stage whisper voices in the hallway about an hour after he’d left Jerry’s until Shitty’s lone voice murmured, “We love you, man, fuck everyone else,” against Jack’s door.

Which is why Jack is startled out of a deep blue reverie when a tentative knock comes at about 1:00 a.m. For a moment, Jack thinks Holster might have time traveled as his ten-year-old self into the present day before he realizes that Bittle is the small blonde standing in his door way. His sleep clothes are hanging loose and huge off his frame, and the dim light obscures his face. He mostly realizes that it’s Bittle because of the slice of pie in his hand.

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Scandal re-watching : 106

30 sec into it and I’m already dead -again

How could people still not be convinced that they are endgame after this episode ??? I mean he almost got her pregnant by holding a baby in his arms and breathing a little too close to her in an elevator ?! 

anyway I don’t have words to describe the way they make me feel, so I’ll just be posting gifs : 

why are you here ? you can’t be here

ps I’M SO F GLAD YOU’RE HERE!!! despite everything that happened she trusts him and she needed to see him as much as he did 

this is why you fired me ?

he’s got something I could work with 


you’re gonna need to earn it 

sit there and watch me earn you  -oh boy :’) 

why didn’t I meet you sooner ? what kind of a coward was I to marry her and not wait for you to show up ?

Just go in your room and close the door and we pretend this never happened 

let’s be inappropriate 

Take of you cloths 

so far beyond the Governor Grant crap, indeed 

I’m a man in love with an incredible woman 

Just stand here with me for one minute. Let’s not go back in there and talk or think or - For one minute we just stand here and I’m not the candidate and you’re not the campaign fixer, we’re just us. For one minute. Just stand here with me. 


“One minute” 

I love how this became their thing and kept giving throughout the years 

Actually I’m gonna add some other cute quotes because this ep was a f Olitz-goldmine and I’ll never be over it 

you two seem to be doing much better -her voice being a tad too high-pitch   at the end lets out just how much she didn”t mean that^^

Fitz : “you take the opposition research and you put it in the garbage, we play the rest of the campaign above board, win or lose”

Olivia : *aroused* 

they’re so on the same page. #TeamOlitzagainsttherestoftheworld :’) 

“you two need to be a couple, believable, loving dedicated, couple” 

“I would eat breath and live Fitzgeranlt Grant every minute of every day”. well if that’s not dedication then i don’t know what is…

that’s all folk! feel free to add gifs and quotes from the trail because i don’t think any comment is necessary ! I’m gonna go roll in a corner listening to the light for the rest of the evening ;)

My Last Mistake

The last chapter of the My Mistake series. Recommended to be read in order.

Originally posted by tiggerslittlesister

I ran like my life depended on it. Perhaps it did.
I sprinted towards the corridor that would take me back to the tree. Anti’s cackling laughter spurned me on, filling my aching limbs with energy I didn’t know I had left in me. The blackened windows of other victim’s rooms loomed ahead of me, a cold reminder of what the beings here were capable of.
STOP!” Dark bellowed. I skidded to a halt, legs as cold and heavy as lead.
“I said R͉̰̩ͤ̾͗̌ͪ̃͢U̝͙͕̝̹N̜̹̱̺̯͍̒̾ͮ͗ͦ̄̑ ͇̍ͨ̒ͣͭ́̚y̹͍͂̍͊ͣ͑o̥̦ͫ̒u͊̄ͬͥ͏͕͍̖͕̼͇ ̪̼͍͆ͣ͟i̺͙̪̱̱͉̓ͪ̋̈d̶ͥi͑̄̆ͯ̓͝oͭͫͩͩ̀͑҉͇t̩͓̟̹̲͕̅ͫͦ̀ͯ!̵̪͖̘̋ͧͭ̓” Anti cackled, loud and shrill. Energy coursed through my body again, and I fled without a second thought. I heard voices further and further behind me.
“Haha! You need a shorter leash old man!”
“I will make one out of your sorry hide…”

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Writing Prompt #9 (scandalous behavior)

1. “I’m in love with a woman that is not my wife.”
2. “what do you want?” “You.”
3. “Do you regret getting involved with me?”
4. “I wish I never laid eyes on you. I wish we never met. If I never laid eyes on you then I wouldn’t have fallen in love.”
5. “I don’t want easy and simple, I want painful, difficult, devastating, life changing, extraordinary love.”
6. “Is the love of two people worth all this destruction, all this pain?”
7. “Please stop getting my hopes up. Just stop!”
8. “I’m not alive when you’re not here. I can’t breathe when you’re not here. Because you, you’re everything to me.”
9. “I’m not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me!”
10. “Sit there, watch me choose you. Watch me earn you.”
11. “I wish we never met. But we did.”
12. “I tried and failed and tried and failed again to stop loving you and I couldn’t.”
13.“I need you. I’m tired and broken, and I can’t do any of this without you.”
14. “Every time I see you with her, it kills me.”
15. “So pick me, choose me, love me.”

Earn It

Request:  9. “I’m not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me!” 
10. “Sit there, watch me choose you. Watch me earn you.” Can you do these with Wally?

For: Anon

Word Count: 1449

Originally posted by ryan-coogler

Wally stood in-front of you, his confident smile dropping into a look of pure confusion.

“Uh, excuse me?” He laughed awkwardly, shaking his head. “I don’t think I heard you corr–”

“I said no West,” you said nonchalantly, shrugging as you wiped down the counter at Jitter’s. “I won’t go out with you.”

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Candy Land- On the way to Peppermint Forest

Originally posted by supermerwholocked2893

Pairing: GabrielxReader
Word count: 1,797
Warnings: smut, unprotected sex (wrap it up, people), swearing

Part 2 of Candy Land

At the edge of the grove, there was a small shack. It was just the right size for the two of you. Outside you heard the monsters that he was talking about. There was no way you were risking a peek at them. The sounds they made were things from nightmares. Seeing as he didn’t really need to sleep, he stayed up all night. You used his lap as a pillow, him lazily stroking your hair.

You woke up a bit sore, from sleeping on the floor, but it could have been worse. You wondered how the boys were doing.  If the paths crossed, that meant you’d likely run into them. Sitting up, you stretched. “Morning.” He grinned.

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Jensen x Reader 

Summary : Jensen and the reader are torn between what is right and what they feel. Loving each other so deeply, they become toxic to one another. Love is devastating, painful, and yet the most beautiful thing there is in life. But, is the love of two people worth causing such destruction? 

Inspired by this Video <3

A/N : I like angst. And yes, I know cheating is bad. But it’s a story. Not real! 

Based off Olivia and Fitz Relationship because i love them lol. 

Warning(s): Language. Slight smut. ANGST. 

Tagging : @bovaria @justanotherdeangirl25 @cassgracie @winchester-writes @aprofoundbondwithdean @chris-evans-imagines @soaringeag1e @hernameiswhatt @blacktithe7 @daydreamingintheimpala @paigeinastory @faith-in-dean 

Every story you read about love, you had always envisioned it to be peaceful. To give you a sense of warmth and security. Not once had it ever talked about the shear pain it can cause. About how agonizing, and difficult, and devastating it could be. 

Until you met him. 

Until you walked on to set, and you gazed into those alluring, emerald green eyes. Until you heard the waves of his voice lingering in your ears. Until you felt the soft touches of his hands, tracing every inch of you. Until you tasted him on your tongue. 

And for that, you regretted ever laying your eyes on him. 

Jensen was everything a man should be. He was tall, built, with a beautiful soul who captivated everyone wherever he went. You couldn’t help but admire him. You couldn’t help but fall in love. 

The attraction was not only one sided. Since the very moment you walked up to your mark, a nervous smile playing on your lips. He was hooked. 

It was innocent in the beginning. Only small chats, and quick laughters. Then it turned into long nights, in your trailer. Texting each other, spending almost every possible minute you could. 

You reminded him of what it felt like to live again. You showed him how important it was to enjoy the little things life had to offer. Just being near you, Jensen felt whole. He felt invincible, like he could do anything. 

A love like that was intoxicating. It lured you back into the depths of all the secrets, and masked up the lies you both told. It drowned you so far in to each other, you couldn’t breathe. You couldn’t dare move without feeling like you were being ripped apart. 

A love so destructive, you needed more. 

Jensen held you close to him. Your head against his chest, as your hands intertwined. The room was silent, shadows hindering the walls from the moon peeking through the blinds. 

Both your breathing falling in sync. 

“I love you.” His voice was low. 

Without a word, you looked up and met his gaze. A soft smile forming on your lips. You didn’t want to ruin this very moment. Being in his arms, molding your naked body with his. Terrified to even breathe, because you didn’t want to fall back in to reality. 

But timing was never in your favor. 

His phone rang, and immediately your body tensed. 

Jensen ignored the call. Not once removing his eyes off you. Having you there, in his arms, was having the whole world in his embrace. You were everything, his light, his moon, his stars. All the cliche things you can think of, you were it. 

“I know this is cheesy and whatever but,” He paused, gently rubbing his thumb against your cheek. “I honestly believe you are my soulmate.” He whispered. 

You felt the blood rush up to your cheeks, as heat began to radiate off of you. “No chick flick moments.” You chuckled. 

He dramatically rolled his eyes, soft laughter escaping him. “God, you’re such a fangirl.” 

“Hell yea I am.” You muttered. “I’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning. Also helps that one of the brothers is hot.” 

“Aw thanks ba-”

“I was talking about Sam.” You lied. 

He cocked a brow up, a flashed a smirk. “Oh is that so?” He exhaled. In that moment, he turned and hovered over you. Trapping you under the weight of his body. He had such a cynical expression, as if he were planning something evil. 

“Take it back.” He grunted. 

You lightly bit on your lower lip, shaking your head. “No.” 

Jensen stared at you for a moment, until without giving you any warning, he pressed his fingers into your sides and began to tickle you. Immediately, you let out squeals, trying to squirm out of his grasp. 

He continued for just a second longer, until his phone broke the fun. 

A slight discomfort formed in your stomach, as you felt him slowly pull away from. you and reach for his phone. The look on his face, the shear guilt plastering in his features. You knew exactly who it was. 

“Are you going to answer it?” You breathed. 

He shook his head. 

As much as you wanted to take the phone from his hand and toss it out of the window, you knew it wasnt right. “J, answer it. It could be important.” 

Jensen took in a deep long breath, gripping his phone tight until he lifted it up to his ear. His stomach churning by the second. “Hey Dee.” 

There it was, the slight ache forming in your chest as you laid there, studying his silhouette. 

“Wait, what?” He exhaled. “Are you serious?” 

His lips twitched into a small smile, but fell before it could fully form. 

“I’ll be home in a week.” He stated. “Yeah–of course I’m excited.” 

The pain was inevitable but no matter how many times you felt it, it hurt more and more each time. 

“I’ll see you soon.” He quickly glanced at you and cleared his throat. “Love you too.” He mumbled. 

Tears were beginning to fill your eyes. Hazing over, making everything look blurry. You could feel it, the end of it all. Before he even got off the phone, you just…Knew. 

“I’m sorry.” he whispered. 

You shrugged your shoulders, forcing a smile as you peeled off the bed. Holding the sheet around your body. “It’s fine. She’s your wife after all.” You hissed. 

Jensen was torn, feeling as if he was being pulled in every direction. “She’s pregnant.” He blurted. 

Your body fell cold, like your blood had stopped pumping through your veins. Every inch, frozen in its place. Your breathing falling slow. 

“Y/N.” He exhaled, a lump forming in his throat. Aching every time he swallowed. “Y/N, please look at me.” 

You were lost in the depths of the corners of your mind. A million thoughts running wild, and emotions washing over you. You could feel everything begin to close in. The walls moving, the air escaping. 

“Y/N.” He reached for your hand, and the second you felt his touch, you snapped out of your trance. 

“I should go.” You swallowed hard. 

You quickly slipped on your clothes, not once looking at him. You couldn’t. Because you knew that if you did, if you just glanced over for just a second, you would fall back in. He was your weakness. Your kryptonite. And knowing he was about to be father, you knew you couldn’t bear the pain that would cause. 

He watched you closely, his throat thickening. “I don’t know what to do.” He muttered. 

“Go home to your wife.” You hissed. “And don’t come back.” 

As you reached for the door, Jensen propped up to his feet and strode over, blocking your way out. His emotions heightened, the tears trickled down his freckled cheeks. 

“Please don’t leave yet.” He whispered, His hand cupping your face. 

Your lips quivered, as your breaths shook in your throat. 

“Please.” He leaned in closer and closer, until your lips had met. 

You could taste the salt of his tears through the kiss, as you held him close. The love you two shared was more than just physical. You two were somehow tethered together into the affair, it took every ounce of you to push away. 

“Goodbye Jensen.” You swallowed. 

Everything was suppose to be simple after the day you walked out. But With having to see him on set, and going to conventions and all things in between, you had found yourself back in his arms. Found yourself molding your lips to his. 

Back and forth. 

You had the same affect on him as he did for you. You were each others desires. It was like you needed each other to breathe. To see, to feel, to hear. And The deeper you two were, the harder every time someone pushed away. 

You were torturing each other, falling more into the toxic emotions, but then dwelling on guilt. 

It didn’t help seeing them together. Watching her belly grow, watching the way they looked at each other in photos and hearing the stories of their time together. 

Pretending you were happy for them and forcing smiles. Every lie, slowly destroyed you. Until you couldn’t take it anymore. 

Jensen decided to surprise you by taking you to a small little house just an hour outside of Vancouver. 

“What is this?” You asked.

He flashed a smile, closing the door behind him, waving the key in the air. “Its ours.” He stated. 

You furrowed your brows, studying his face for bluff. “Wait what?” 

“I thought it would be nice to have our own little place. Where we can just be together, not have to worry about anyone.” 

You glanced around the room you two stood in. It was breathtakingly beautiful. White boarded walls, with wood floors. It was the house you two drove by multiple times and talked about someday owning one just like it. 

Tears filled your eyes, and slowly, a knot formed in your throat. “Stop.” You grunted. 

He cocked a brow and titled his head to the side. “What?” 

“Please, just stop getting my hopes up!” You exclaimed. “Just stop!” 

“I can’t stop.” He shook his head, locking his gaze with yours. “I love you Y/N. I cant find the strength to leave you. I can’t imagine my life without you.” 

Your tears had stained your cheeks, as you began to whimper. Every part of you feeling so fragile. 

“What do you want?” You gritted through your teeth, anger boiling up inside you. “What do you want!” 

“You. I want you.” 

In that moment, you could feel your face scrunch as you stood only inches away from him. All the pain, the anger, the agony washing over you. “I am not a fantasy!” You hissed. “If you want me, EARN ME.” 

“Then sit there and watch me choose you.” He breathed. “Watch me earn you.” 

Jensen’s phone went off, waking you both up from your slumber. your head pounded from all the emotions that coursed through you just the day before. When he surprised you with the house. 

“Good morning beautiful.” He smiled. Pressing his lips to yours. 

Everything in that moment felt right. Felt as if nothing could go wrong. But maybe you thought too soon. 

His phone rang once again, making you tense up again. 

“Hey jared. Now’s not-” He stopped and immediately, his mouth parted. “Is she okay?” He exhaled. “Alright, I’m on my way.” 

Propping up onto his feet, he quickly pulled his clothes on, panting as his heart began to beat rapidly. 

“Is everything okay?” You asked. Beginning to worry as you watched him frantically pace around the room. 

He stopped mid step, and glanced over to you. His lips dropping and you knew that look. It was the look he gave you every time he had to leave you and go back to Danneel. 

“You said-”

“I know. But she’s in labor.” He stated. “I have to be there.” 

You quickly took in a deep breath. Of course he had to be there. He was the father after all. 

“I’ll be back.” He pecked your lips and made his way to the door. 

The second you were left alone, you lost it. Weeping into your hands, your body shook uncontrollably. Every time he walked away, you died a little more inside. Slowly destroying the person you are. 

After a few minutes of letting everything go, you picked yourself up and without giving it a second thought, you left. This was it. You were no longer going to let him hurt you ever again. 

One year. It’s been one year since you left and walked away from the man you truly and desperately loved. Not once answering his calls. 

You vanished from his life completely. To move on, and to mend yourself back together. 

It was hard at first. You found little things that reminded you of him. You were able to smell his scent stitched into your pillows. So one day, you packed all of your things and moved as far away as you could. To a knew place where you knew he would never go. Where you and him shared nothing together. 

After a while, you were able to go days without thinking of him. Without wondering how he was and what he was doing. You kept yourself busy with movies, and press tours. Somewhere between all the chaos of running around, you even found yourself dating again. 

Things were slowly falling back into place. And this guy, he was sweet. And funny, and everything a girl could ever want. He was extremely attractive, making all the girls swoon. And you were the lucky girl he committed himself too. 

You met him at your premiere for your new movie. He was there with a few friends that you happen to know. Sure you’ve seen him on screen, and magazines and what not, but that night was the first time you two had ever met. 

But here you two were, a few months later, and you were actually happy. 

You were both heading over to Gen’s house for Tom’s birthday party. Though you and Jensen were no longer, you still kept in touch with Her. She was like a sister to you. 

You were skeptical of the idea, until she let slip that both Jared and Jensen wont be there due to shooting. So you decided why not. 

“Thanks for coming with me today.” You whispered, knocking on the door. 

He shrugged his shoulders, and flashed a smile. “Of course. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” 

You quickly pecked his lips, before the door swung open. 

And there he was, with a beer in his hand locking his gaze with yours. 

“J-Jensen.” You hesitated. 

He swallowed hard, his heart feeling as if it had dropped to the pit of his stomach. 

“Hi, I’m Chris.” Your boyfriend reached his hand out. Snapping you both out of the trance. 

Jensen shook his head, clearing his throat as he forced a smile. “H-hi. Jensen.” He smirked. “A-Aren’t you that guy who plays Captain America?” 

Chris nodded, “ Yeah. That one dude.” 

They both chuckled as you were frozen, still gazing at Jensen. 

“Well, come in. Everyone is out back.” He stated. Both you and Chris made your ways inside, your stomach churning by the second. 

“I–I’ll meet you O-Outside.” Your voice shook. 

He nodded, and walked to the back, as you started for the bathroom. Jensen followed you, until you were both alone. His hand, gripped your wrist, turning you around to face him.

You could feel your eyes well up, “Stop.” You groaned. 

He looked longingly into both your eyes. “Why weren’t you answering any of m calls?” He asked. 

“Don’t do this J.” You whispered. “Not now.” 

“What? Are you serious? Its been a year! an entire fucking year since I heard from you. I went to your apartment only to find out from your damn neighbor that you moved. You just fell off the grid.” His voice was harsh. “What the hell happened?”

“What happened?” You exclaimed. “You had a baby! You are married, you have a family and a home and what we were doing wasn’t going anywhere. We were in a fantasy.” 

Jensen took in a deep breath, glancing down at his feet. “I know. I know, this entire situation is fucked up. But-” He paused, looking back up to you as he cupped your cheek. “I love you Y/N. I try so damn hard not to be. I tried to let you go, and to move on. But I couldn’t. I mean, when Jared told me that you were going to be here, I did whatever I could to come out because I had to see you.” 

Your breath shook in your throat, lingering onto every word he said. 

“You have no idea how lost and hurt I was when you left.” He whispered. Slowly inching closer, you could feel his breath hit against your cheek. 


His lips crashed into yours, and just like that, you were pulled back into him. 

Without any of your knowledge, Danneel was there, on the other side of the wall. Her eyes watering as every word that fell from her husbands mouth echoed into her ears. 

She knew something was wrong, especially since JJ was born. He wasn’t himself. And now she knew why. 

Before you could find out she was even there, she slipped back out to the backyard where everyone stayed. 

As much as you wanted to keep falling more into him, you used every ounce you could to push him away.

You were both panting. 

“I-I cant do this.” You whispered.

And there you were, walking away again.

Another 4 months have come and gone. You were getting ready for your date with Chris tonight. A night in Disneyland. You were excited. 

There was a knock at your door, grabbing your attention. “Coming!” You squealed. 

Running over, you swung the door open, your lips curved at the edges. “Are you ready-” You stopped mid sentence, feeling your heart stop. “Danneel?” 

She took in a deep breath, her hands folded in front of her. “I know bout you and Jensen.” She muttered.

You gulped down, eyes slightly growing wide. “i-i”

“He needs you, Y/N.” She cut you off. “He is tired and broken and its-its because he lost you. He’s not alive when you’re not here. He cant breathe when you’re not here. He doesn’t have the will to keep going let alone care about anything when you’re not here because you–you’re everything to him.” 

You were at lost for words, as you watched her walk away. So many different emotions running through your mind as you tried to comprehend what had just happened. 

It wasn’t until Chris pulled up that you snapped out of your trance. 

“Ready to go have some fun?” He smiled. 

You looked up to meet his gaze, your lip quivering and your eyes filling with tears. 

“Whats wrong?” He asked. 

“I-I don’t know.” Your voice cracked. 

Chris furrowed his brows, studying you for a moment. “Is everything okay?” 

You shrugged your shoulders, tears trickling down your face as you locked your gaze with his. “I’m in love with Jensen.” You yelped. 

“Wait, what? B-But hes–He’s married.” He exclaimed. Anger boiling inside of him. 

“I know! I know, and trust me, if I could stop loving him, I would. But I cant. I cant.” You stated. “I dont want normal and easy and simple. I want–I want–”

“What?” His voice was harsh. “What do you want?” 

You quickly licked your lips, and took in a deep breath. “I want painful, difficult, devastating, life changing, extraordinary love.” 

Every part of you shook, as you hit your knuckles against the wooden surface. Your heart pounded profusely, and your emotions overwhelming you. 

The door crept open, and your eyes locked. “Y/N?” He breathed. 

Without a word, you crashed your lips to his, taking him by complete surprise. 

His scruff scratched your face, as you clasped your hand behind his neck, pulling him in closer. You could feel the tension, the pain, through the kiss. Until he pulled apart from you, taking a step back, still shocked. 

“W-what are you doing here?” He asked. 

“I love you too.” You finally confessed after all this time. 

His mouth parted, locking his gaze with yours. “B-but you and Chris–You’re–”

You shook your head, cutting him off. “Sit there, and watch me choose you.” 

Some Kind of Cinderella Shit

Just breath, you reminded yourself before stepping out of your car. After giving a quick look around to make sure there was no one, you grabbed the vertiginous heels you had brought and traded them with the little ballerinas you wore. You gave in to the urge to wipe your sweaty palms on your dress and checked if your lipstick wasn’t going all over your teeth one last time before closing the door and locking your car. Slowly, you made your way to the entrance, already hearing the obnoxious loud music as if you were standing right next to the speakers. The shoes made it impossible to walk faster, however you had all the time in the world tonight, for it was New Year’s party, and no one had invited you. Therefore, you took your time to take one step at a time, feeling the soft and tight material of your dress rub against your hips with each and every step. With both hands, you smoothed your black pencil dress, making sure everything was in its right place before finally entering.
As expected, the air was thick and hot, the smell of punch and sweat, along with crazed hormones and various kinds of alcohol some students brought with them. Thanks God, the genius who organized this party decided that the perfect place was a club, not far from the campus, and you headed towards the bar, finding a seat for yourself and ordering a drink. On your way there, you caught the eye of some guys, seeing them eying your from the corner of your eye, but you completely ignored them and never once slowed down.
It wasn’t really that you liked parties. They were always over-crowed with drunk and loud people, which was not exactly your thing. But for fuck’s sake, hell if you were going to spend New Year alone! You’d rather be here than mopping in your apartment, wondering what was wrong with you for being alone on such a day.
The first glass of Mojito was followed by a second one, and soon, an hour passed, and you had done nothing but watch people dance. You wiggled a bit in your dress to get rid of the feeling of having the material sticking against your skin. The dress was sleeveless, with a ‘V’ shaped cleavage surrounded by lace, both in the front and in the back, showing off just what was needed – you wished you could wear it without the bra showing in the back, but being an early bloomer, you understood at the age of fifteen that you had passed a landmark, bra-less dressed just weren’t for you and they would never be. It ended just above the knees, and matched the black heels you chose to wear tonight as well. Sitting cross-legged on a high chair wasn’t the most comfortable position, but you liked the way people’s eyes would linger over your legs just a little longer than they should when they walked by, and you had your breathing space, away from the dancing crowd.
There were some people you knew, but none of them recognized you dressed like that. You couldn’t blame them because your everyday fashion was far from the Vamp style you sported for the occasion. [Vamp: A femme fatale who, while not necessarily attractive, has a certain allure, and is usually a heartless, man-eating seductress.] Your shoulder-length brown locks lightly brushed over your shoulders whenever you moved your head and the heavy earrings felt cold against your cheeks. A nice feeling given how over-heated the place seemed to be.
“May I ask why you’re sitting here on your own?” A man’s voice interrupted your endless inner-rambling. Your eyes left the crowd to focus on the guy who took the seat beside your own. Blond messy hair were hidden under a beanie, small ear gauges, lip ring, a tattoo showing from under his worn out white t-shirt. Tall and fit, though not muscular. Strikingly blue eyes. Definitely drop dead hot. Probably used to get what he wants, especially when it came to girls. Must be a dropout, or maybe one of those rich kids? That was something you couldn’t guess just by looking at him.
“And how is that any of your concern?” You asked him, turning around on your chair to put your elbows on the bar.
“Just wondering,” he trailed off, giving a little bite to his pierced lip. “I saw you walking in earlier, and you didn’t leave the bar once.”
Shooting up an eyebrow, you smirked. “Oh, so you’ve been watching me?” You playfully asked the guy, earning a devious smirk. “Very flattering, but still not your business.”
“Alright, I’ll take a guess, just tell me if I’m close,” he said, making himself more comfortable and leaning over the bar like you. You felt his arm brush against yours and quickly grabbed your glass to get rid of this electric touch. “You must be waiting something. Or someone, maybe? A boyfriend?” He asked.
“Not even remotely close,” you stated, amused by his straight-forward way of speaking. “Now you don’t beat around the bush, huh? Is that your way of asking me if I’m single?”
“Depends. Are you?” His eyebrows shot up and he offered you his best seducing smile.
You took your sweet time to answer, finishing your drink first, then fiddling with your glass and giving him playful gazes. It truly was priceless to watch him grow nervous and impatient as you played him.
“I am,” you eventually said, and the guy let out an almost eager, “Perfect. I can take my chance then.”
“Would you have backed away if I told you I had a boyfriend?” You asked him out curiosity, still playing with your empty glass.
“No,” he frowned as if the very idea was the stupidest he’d ever heard. “But I would have felt a tad guilty,” he said and shrugged. He gestured the barman to give you another cocktail and you smiled.
“I’m Luke by the way,” he said, his entire body leaned against the bar, as his legs touched yours which were still crossed and once again, you noticed how his eyes gazed over your legs longer than politeness advised. “What’s your name?”
“Just call me whatever you like. I don’t wanna be me tonight,” you said, watching the barman pour the drink in your glass and put a slice of lemon on its edge.
You watched the way his legs would move along with the music, even though it sucked, and in your head, Luke went straight from the 'rich daddy-boy’ to the 'musician’ box. It wasn’t nice to label people, you knew it, but it was easier to get to know them when you started off like that.
The blond guy nodded his head as if thinking very seriously about how he would name you.
“Ah, I got one!” He exclaimed. “Natasha.”
“That’s gotta be the sluttiest name ever,” you laughed, but he looked so offended that you stopped right away.
“Don’t you ever say that again. Natasha is a great name, and for your information, I choose it because you remind me of Black Widow,” Luke stated, making a clicking sound with his tongue.
You mentally ticked the box 'nerd’ and it made you smile again.
Raising both hands in the air, you said, “Alright, my apologies, Black Widow nails it. I take that as a compliment.”
“Now tell me, Nat, is there any reason at all for you to be here tonight? Because so far, you’ve only got yourself a few drinks and watched people from under you cute little nose.”
“I didn’t!” You argued, suddenly wondering if he wasn’t right. You had been judging people all night, but you thought yo were discrete about it.
“You so did,” Luke smirked.
“I just didn’t want to be alone,” you shrugged as you answered his question. It wasn’t a mysterious and fascinating reason, it was just that. You didn’t want to be alone.
“Well, that makes two of us,” the boy huffed lightly. “Look how much we have in common already.” He then proceeded to say, but the playful tone was gone, and his eyes bore into yours as you felt his hand on your knee. He didn’t move it, though it wasn’t a concern to you, that’s what you were here for. For the company.
“Any expectation as of how tonight will turn out?” You asked him and Luke’s smirk only grew larger.
“I can dream,” Luke shrugged, giving you a sheepish look.
“Dream big then, make it worth it,” you replied. There was a glance you exchanged, but it disappeared so quickly that you thought you’d hallucinated it.
“I’m not an expert of the matter, but you didn’t dress up like that just to sit around as the night passes by, right?” Luke asked. The hand that was on your leg moved slightly. His thumb rubbed smooth circles through the soft material of your dress.
“Dressed like what?” You wondered out loud.
“Dressed to kill,” he muttered. That’s when you noticed how close your faces were. You didn’t recall leaning in, but here you were, a couple inches away from him. The smug smile on his face broke the magic though.
“Sure, that’s why I’m here. To break a few hearts, ruin a couple relationships,” you fired back at him, sitting straight up again, to his despair.
“At least, come dance with me,” he requested, offering you his hand. It was a sweet gesture, yet it kind of seemed out of place given that everyone was basically just shamelessly grinding against his neighbor.
“You don’t look like the dancing type of guy. No offense,” you quickly added when he gave you a scolding look.
“None taken, you don’t look like you can dance either, I was just being nice,” he said, turning back to the bar and putting both his arms on it. You yearned for the hand he had removed from your leg, and felt the sudden absence of it.
Nonetheless, you couldn’t ignore his comment, and your jaw hung open in an ungraceful way that made him smile genuinely.
“Rude,” you commented. “But fair, I guess I deserved it.”
“What are you studying? I never saw you around. Wait no, don’t tell me: Psychology,” Luke guessed, aiming right.
You nodded your head and shifted slightly, crossing your legs the other way to give your left leg a rest.
“Can you guess what I study though?” He dared you.
“Oh a challenge!” You rubbed your hands together. “Let’s see… First off you’re not in Psy with me, and as you said, we never met so I’d say you are not in my part of the campus, which means, you are either in musicology – which would totally suit you, but you look like you only play for the fun, and don’t even deny it, I know you play music, you keep moving your leg along the beat – or maybe you are in science, that would honestly surprise me – in a good way I mean – yet it has to be this because you’re definitely not one of those muscly douche bags who only survive to College because they play sport.”
“Not bad at all, Black Widow! But I believe you are wrong,” he winced, as if sorry for you. “I actually do have a math degree, so yeah, I am a science guy, but now I’m studying psychology, just like you.”
The surprise must have been visible on your face because he suddenly laughed. At least that explained why he looked older than you.
“Which leads to my question: how the hell did I manage to go through half the year without noticing you?” Luke asked you. Of course you knew the answer, though you were asking yourself the same question about him. You choose to dress up one night in the year to get out of your usual nerdy and straight A student self, but Luke probably didn’t. He looks like he just randomly decided to crash at this party, dressed like any other day, and yet, you swore you had never seen him before.
You shook your head, not feeling in the flirty mood anymore. Your eyes drifted to your lap, you suddenly couldn’t meet his eyes.
“Perhaps I should come to class dressed like that then…” You said. It was barely a statement, more of a whisper to yourself, and you didn’t know how exactly he heard you over the loud music. “I think I should go before getting too drunk to drive home,” you decided, standing up as you said so.
Before walking away, under Luke’s mesmerized eyes, you put your hands on his forearm which was laying on the counter, and your fingers faintly brushed over his skin, just enough for him to wake up from his trance.
“It was nice talking to you Luke, maybe we’ll meet again,” you smiled and said goodbye, already stepping out of the crowded bar when you felt a hand grab your arm, preventing you from leaving.
The crowd of over-excited people behind you began to scream and suddenly, they started the countdown to midnight.
“Wait! Please, wait!” Luke asked you, joining you outside of the bar and shutting the door.
But you could still here them.
“Don’t leave like that, I wanted to ask you something!”
“Go ahead,” you said, still feeling his gentle yet firm grasp on you.
“I’d like you to be my New Year’s kiss,” he smiled shyly, looking at his feet for a second before staring back up at you.
“I- I mean, if you don’t mind, of course,” Luke added when you didn’t answer.
He bit his lower lip, and you had to repress the urge to grab him by his shirt and kiss him right away.
He looked really nervous by now and you chuckled, nodding your head.
“Yes?” He asked, relieved.
Once again, you nodded.
And just when everybody started cheering and screaming inside, you wrapped your arms around Luke’s neck, bringing him down and pulling him in for the kiss he demanded so kindly. Before you knew it, his hands had nestle on yours hips and slowly moved up to the small of your back, and you were pressed against his chest as your lips were sealed with his, kissing a tad longer and maybe more passionately than you planed to.


Three weeks have passed since New Year and you had not seen Luke again. Of course, you departed after the kiss, without giving your name or your number, therefore you couldn’t expect much. Yet you kind of missed him.
Unnerving, wasn’t it? A perfect stranger met in a bar, who you kissed at midnight just because he asked nicely, and yet you actually did miss him. Luke had this way of answering you with witty little comments and you found yourself eager to run into him and get to talk again.
If he recognized you, that is. Far from the beautiful dress and the high heels you were wearing when you met him, today you were in skinny jeans, ripped open on the left knee, and a black shirt, all of it matching your black Vans and black glasses.
Is it necessary to mention that nobody ever noticed you dressed like that?
There wasn’t anything outstanding in your fashion. The shirt hung loosely over your shoulders as if you had recently lost a lot of weight, and you rolled the sleeves up to your elbows. Your black framed glasses kept sliding down your nose and you pushed them up every other minute to put them back in place and dive you nose further in your books. Also, you didn’t feel like brushing or even washing your hair this morning so you just went for a black beanie – which was convenient, because this way you didn’t need to get your brown locks out of your sights every so often.
Yeah, if Luke ran into you now, he probably wouldn’t even look up, let alone recognize 'the Black Widow’.
A sigh escaped your lips as you looked at the many books you had yet to go through for this assignment. Out of hopelessness, you let your face fall flat against the paper and groaned rather loudly.
“Excuse me, I’m looking for (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” a familiar sounding voice said, causing you to look up. When you saw who it was, you almost fell off your chair.
“Y-yes, it’s me,” you mumbled, pushing your glasses up your nose as a reflex when Luke sat down in front of you.
“Thank God!” He exclaimed out of relief. “I’ve been looking for you for the past three days, I was about to give up!” He said when crashing onto the seat.
You would have sworn you eyes lit up at those words, but the joy was one of seconds only.
“I have this project to do and you checked out literally every single book I need,” he explained. “So I asked for your name and tracked you down.”
Being right was always a pleasure, but something you’d just rather be wrong. What you’d do to have him look at your eyes rather than roam over the huge pile of books on the table. Maybe he’d see it was you.
“Sorry if it sounds creepy, I was desperate,” he laughed awkwardly. “So, ugh, yeah, how long do you think you’ll need them?”
A small part of you was torn to pieces every time he spoke without showing any sign of recognizing you.
“I don’t know, but given how it’s started it might take a while,” you winced. “I don’t mind sharing though, you can work with me. I come here everyday,” you informed him and a genuine smile appeared on his face. This library was a second home to you truth be told.
“Thank you, really. You’re saving me,” he said as he took his own stuff out of his bag. “I’m Luke by the way.”
“I know.” Closing your eyes, you mentally swore. Shit. “I mean, we have class together, right?” Not better, but maybe he won’t detect the lie.
“Yeah, I think so, you do look familiar,” he smiled and grabbed one of the books.
If it was all it took, you’d come dressed with that damn little black dress tomorrow, and see if he notices you then.
The following hour went by rather quickly, and none of you said anything. Luke was a fast reader, and he had finished the first book and taken loads of notes when you had only reached the middle of yours. But maybe it had something to do with you being troubled by his presence?
You only looked up from your book when you heard him stand up.
“Alright, I better go now or I’ll be late,” Luke said, giving you a faint smile. You returned it and asked, “See you tomorrow then?”
Luke nodded and then walked away, but not even a minute later he was back before you.
“Are you sure we haven’t met before? I’d swear I know you,” he told you.
After a second of hesitation you shook your head, “No, I don’t think so.”


This little game went on and on for over a week, and if it wasn’t for Luke being so nice and always talking to you, you would have given him the books and disappeared into a hole. The long silence you first experienced was in the past, you now shared your notes and talked about your project with him, and even about personal stuff, anything really. He was oddly easy to talk to and it always made you smile how he could go from deeply thinking about a problematic question to light and funny in the blink of an eye.
Sometimes he spoke about a girl though, and that wasn’t the part you preferred in all your conversations. When you questioned him about her he was very vague, but he apparently thought she didn’t like him, and that he didn’t stand a chance – which was utterly ridiculous to you. You tried to tell him to go for it, that he was nice, funny and passably cute – that’s the way you said it, just because you didn’t want to add up to his cocky-self – and that she couldn’t possibly ask for more. To which he replied that he couldn’t ask her out, because he didn’t even talk to her.
“I’ll do it one day,” he then said. “But it’s not the time yet.”
Over the course of the week that followed, the two of you started hanging out when you bumped into each other in class or anywhere else actually. He didn’t seem to have a group of friends, Luke was just going to Uni for the degree, and he had a job to pay his apartment that made it difficult for him to go out and party – which was basically what you had to do when you entered a circle of friends. Lucky you, you thought, you won’t have to share.
You didn’t fail to notice how he grew close to you and sat on the seat next to yours rather that in front of you. Luke always seemed to stay longer to your study dates and he offered to walk with you to your next classes. The faint finger touches and legs brushes could even mislead you if he wasn’t constantly talking about that girl he wanted to ask out but couldn’t.
There were times where you wondered if that girl wasn’t you. But that wasn’t possible. He wouldn’t say you were out of his league, right? And he couldn’t consider asking you out when obviously he hadn’t recognized you, even after spending almost three weeks with you.
Today though, he kept giving you side glances and he didn’t talk as much as usual. Which strangely coincided with you not wearing any beanie, or bandana, or ponytail, and finally trading your glasses for your contacts. You looked at lot more like the girl he first met at that party, yet you didn’t feel the need to tell him who you were anymore. It was just better this way – keep the mystery, not giving him the delusion of telling him that the book nerd he’s been talking to was the girl at the bar.
“You look different today,” he commented. “Dressed like that…”
“Dressed like what?” You laughed. But you stopped right away, and turned to look at him, only to spot the huge smirk painted over his face. Oh. Oh, no. Did you really just tun yourself in? After weeks of keeping your act?
“I knew it!” Luke said, slamming his hand on your shoulder to stop you. “I knew it from the moment you looked up from that book!” He repeated, sounding even more certain.
You were speechless. What was there to say apart from 'sorry’?
“Please, tell me I’m not mistaken,” he demanded. “It’s you, right? You’re the girl I met at New Year’s party?”
I opened and closed my mouth a few times like a fish out of the water before eventually nodding, because I wasn’t sure that I could speak without mumbling.
“Sorry, I-I…” You started but stopped before making a fool out of yourself. It was much easier to talk to him when you were at the party. After two drinks, in that dress, with those heels. You were someone else that night. And now you were just… well, you.
“I thought I was wrong because you didn’t say anything, but with each passing day I grew more suspicious,” Luke kept on rambling. “I even asked if we met before and you said no! Why did you say no?”
“I thought you didn’t recognize me, I just assumed that it’d be better if I pretended not to know you,” you bit your lip, a little uncomfortable with being unmasked like that. He seemed to be unhappy with your answer.
“(Y/N), I’ve been looking for you.”
“Why?” You asked, started.
“What do you mean 'why’? Because I like you, obviously!” Luke laughed but you didn’t.
You sighed, “The girl you like doesn’t even exist Luke. It was fun pretending to be some kind of mysterious girl for one night, but I’m not sexy, or confident or even mysterious. I’m not Natasha.”
“Sorry but I’m the one who spent the last three weeks with you, and I like this side of you just as much as Black Widow one.” Luke paused a moment. “Wait, can we stop speaking like there are two of you? It’s confusing me.”
A light laughter escaped your lips. “Shut up! I’m not kidding, you literally chase after an illusion, I’m trying to be serious here!” You argued.
But suddenly you felt something warm against your lips, and you remained still for a brief second before kissing back, almost naturally. Luke smiled in the kiss and the hands that were cupping your face fell down to yours shoulders and then your waist, while yours were on his chest, not pushing away but rather gripping on his shirt. Before you deepened the kiss, Luke separated from you.
“Does this feel like an illusion to you? Because it felt pretty real to me,” he said, and this time, you smiled genuinely. “I think I can totally deal with you being the gorgeous woman at the bar and the lovely book nerd I met in the library. So whether or not this is going anywhere is up to you now,” Luke stated. “Will you go on a date with me?”
Feeling the heat rushing to your cheeks, you nodded sheepishly. “I’d love to, Luke.” You slipped your hands in his and laced your fingers. “Anywhere but in a bar.”
“Promise, I’ll do original,” he said solemnly. “But this time, no escaping at midnight and leaving without warning.”
“If this isn’t some kind of Cinderella shit,” you huffed. “Sounds like we have a deal. I won’t leave, and this time maybe we can finish the night as you expected.”
Luke seemed shocked to hear that coming out of your mouth. He already heard it before, but you looked so innocent dressed like you were!
“You totally are Black Widow,” he whispered to himself, laughing.
“You totally are a nerd,” you laughed with him.

Of Demons And Pocky
Pairing: Demon!Nalu 
Genre: Fluffy

Based off of this and dedicated to an amazing friend and artist @arikafd

Arms crossed over her chest as an unimpressed pout formed on her pale face. Golden eyes bore into his crimson orbs as a playful grin remained on his face. “Just what do you think you’re doing?” she questioned, eyes drifting down to the stick held by his teeth.

“C’mon Lu, ‘s a game! Somethin’ the humans do I think…” he trailed off, wiggling his rosy brows at her confused face. Lucy’s head tilted at him, seemingly pondering his statement, “And just how do you play this game?” 

A mischievous glint took place in his eyes, walking closer to the girl. Her eyes narrowed at him, turning away slightly causing a frown to take place on his face.

“’S fun, see you bit one end, then I’m s’posed t’ eat up it and if it doesn’t break you get a kiss.” 

The sly grin on his face told her that his innocent laughs were a mere facade, but if this is what her mate wanted to do there couldn’t be any harm done. Her teeth bit down on the opposite end, eyes narrowing at his innocent looking smile–to bad she knew better than that.

Natsu took his time, chewing away at the sweet candy, crimson hues never leaving hers. His grin grew as he inched closer, pausing when their noses brushed and watching her eyes close in anticipation for his lips. 

But instead of that, she heard a crack. 

Golden hues snapped open, watching in with what one can only describe as repulsion as he munched on his broken end of the pocky. Of all the nerve. Leaving her standing here like a fool? Not on her watch.

“My my, what a cruel king you are my lord,” she purred, watching his eyes narrow at her. Lucy wasn’t one to address him that way, that had always got his curiosity when they first had met all those years ago, but now she used it to her advantage to leave him flabbergasted. Vixen of a demoness she was.

Her slender arms wrapped around his shoulders, quickly using her strength to pull him closer to herself, as her own smirk grew at his wide eyes. “Only cruel to show my love,” he mumbled, nose rubbing against hers lightly.

The smirk dropped from her face, turning into a smile brighter then the deepest fires of hell. A real one, not one she gave to many but he often earned them. 

“Say you love me,” she ordered, watching his brow quirk at her. Yes they were demons, yes they weren’t supposed to be “romantic” but hey, in the very depths of hell don’t demons love each other? 

He leaned closer, whispering those three words she secretly loved to hear against her lips, before pressing his own against hers. Her eyes fluttered shut, arms tightening around him, holding him as close as she could before he would inevitably pull away and leave.

Such is the life of the demon lord’s queen. Wanting him to shout he loved her to let the whole world know but was left with a mere whisper in the shadows of the night. Stolen kisses, late night rendezvous that were kept secret. Perhaps someday they would be something official, unbeknownst to her, Natsu was simply protecting her from harm. 

Little did he know how harmful it was to her cold hear to have to hide her love.

  • Draco: (To Hermione) You can't fix the fact that I love you. That I love you more than I love being a Malfoy. I have told you that I'd give it all up for you again and again, and you know what I think? I think you don't believe me. I think you believe that I will never choose you. Well, this time, I'm fixing things. Sit with me and watch me choose you. Watch me earn you.
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