watch me doing this instead of my homework

tmi tuesday anecdote for funsies:
my hobby as a small child was to dam up the ditch that ran to the east (?) of our house. i’d spend hours trying out different kinds of dirt and using twigs, rocks, weeds, and other things to create a skeleton before using mud to secure it. i’d do this every day after school instead of doing my homework and after i was done I’d go for a ride on my bike.
it is only recently my dad divulged that he’d watch me until i rode away to go play that he’d take the shovel and take everything out so the water wouldn’t run over onto the dirt road.

me doing homework:

  • pees
  • checks fridge
  • drinks water
  • *looks at clock*
  • “i still have plenty of time”
  • scrolls tumblr
  • opens youtube for relaxing music-
  • then finding myself watching cute cats and dogs
  • opens new tab to finally start homework but instead types
  • “i need a 15 min break i deserve this”
  • *30 mins after, still scrolling through my dash*
  • *staring at the wall trying to find the answers
  • but ends up thinking what i’ll eat next*
  • *looks around trying to find someone to blame for my life*
  • *does something irrelevant*
  • “im so tired!!!“
  • *sleeps*
  • *wakes to pee*
  • *looks at clock*
  • *cries*

You know, the older I get, the more I appreciate when adults in anime are actively horrified and angry to learn what sort of things the children main characters have been through.

Like, I get that a lot of kids programming is about wish fulfillment for its viewers. There are a lot of absent adults, a lot of worlds where kids hold all the responsibility, do all the fighting, because that’s an understandable thing to appeal to. Kids often feel over-controlled so a world where kids like them are free to travel and explore and fight and triumph without any adult supervision sounds pretty rad. I’m sure I was into that when I was younger.

Years down the line, it strikes me though how young these kids really are. And on the cusp of Real Actual Adulthood, I’m much more aware of how huge real independence is. I’m all the more appreciative when an older, more experienced person steps in and takes the reins, takes responsibility for me in a situation that’s asking more than what I think I can handle.

I think that’s why I’m so emotionally moved by adults in anime stepping in for the kids, taking up the responsibility or else feeling genuine anger over the realization of what these kids have gone through. Because responsibility is scary, and responsibility when you’re young is scary, and seeing these older characters understand that and step in just fills me with such relief and appreciation. And it’s better even if the adult characters are still fairly young, and still afraid of the situation, yet willing to sacrifice their own safety and comfort on the behalf of actual children who—all wish fulfillment aside—should never be placed in the situation they’re in.

Roy “we left children on the battlefield to do our fighting” Mustang, feeling so outraged, so powerless over what he just let happen, that he’s moved to break all his careful protocol so Ed, Al, and Ling aren’t left to face danger alone. All Might, Aizawa, and Thirteen fighting to the bone against the villain invasion, All Might losing his characteristic smile for the first time we’ve seen, because the children under their watch have been placed into danger that they should not have to face at such a young age. Reigen alone insisting Mob shouldn’t feel cornered into using his powers, shouldn’t force himself to suffer while fighting Claw, that Reigen himself will fight them instead despite his own lack of powers because he feels responsible toward Mob.

It’s a trope that means a whole lot to me and I live for the anime that acknowledge it.

The signs as things I've said
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> A furry interacted with <i>me</i> wtf don't victimblame<p/><b>Taurus:</b> I can't tell if I'm exhaused or concussed<p/><b>Gemini:</b> Please don't imply you're attracted to my brother thats gross he's republican<p/><b>Leo:</b> The secret to my great skin is tears<p/><b>Cancer:</b> I was supposed to be doing homework yesterday but instead I just ate popcorn and stared at a wall all day <p/><b>Virgo:</b> He fucked a pool floatie, my guy<p/><b>Libra:</b> Tbh I only go to the gym to watch HGTV<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> I just want to make it clear I'm being petty right now. This is an act of pettiness<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> I'm gonna fight them. I'm 5'4 and never been in a fight in my life but I'll kick their ass<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> Future-me can suck me ENTIRE ass for all I care I'm eating this and no earthly thing can stop me<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> I have the muscle mass of an atrophied carrot<p/><b>Pisces:</b> Worms have five hearts and you just broke all of them<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
You have a key?

Liam Dunbar 

 Smut to Fluff 

 Based loosely of a dream I had earlier.

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Mason basically walks in on the reader and Liam getting it on *wink wink*

Season 4 AU

Credit to gif owner ^

Warning- Swearing, oral and some unprotected sex man wrap it before you tap it!! smut, daddy kink (; & fluff 

Word Count- 1,261

I sat on the bleachers with Malia as they watched the boys practice “Hey Malia, what are you working on?” I glanced down at what was on Malia’s lap “Math, useless math.” Malia groaned causing me to laugh my attention turned back to Liam who scored a goal causing me to squeal “Malia! Did you see that Liam made a goal!”  Malia gave me a deadpan look “(Y/N) instead why don’t you help me!” I gave her a confused look “Malia you’re a senior I’m a sophomore. I didn’t learn any of this yet.” Malia groaned giving me a fake cry “I shouldn’t have shifted. Coyotes don’t do homework.” Her humor caused me to laugh oh Malia.

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Pairing: Steve x Reader

“He’s staring again,” Magnus whispered. You looked over at the blonde man and caught his gaze. He blushed and looked away, prompting his friend to nudge him. “I think he likes you.”

You bit back a smile. “Focus on your homework.”

“But it’s so boring!” He whined. “Can’t you finish it for me?”

“Magnus, you -”

“He’s coming over!”

Startled, you looked up to find the blonde man being ushered towards your table by his friend.

“Hi there, I’m Sam and this is my friend Steve,” Sam announced, smiling at you. “You come here often?”

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Advice for University Freshman


While you still have time, enjoy the last free days before the beginning of your first semester at university! This is probably the last free summer that you will have, because after your freshman year, you will be looking for job and internship opportunities. You should also be preparing for moving to university (if you have to), shopping for your dorm and packing. It’s exciting, so enjoy it!


Orientation or freshers, is a week before the beginning of classes at university, where new students are welcomed! It lasts from a few days to a full week and is full of different activities, events and meetings for incoming freshman students. My advice is to not worry about school, classes, etc. because all of your questions will be answered during orientation and if not, at least there will be people you can ask. Also, keep in mind that during orientation you will be introduced to a lot of people, especially new students who may potentially become your friends. However, you don’t have to stay friends with everyone you meet and chances are that further down your first semester you may not even be talking to the people you met during orientation. That’s ok too! Just socialize, introduce yourself and have fun! Fun fact, I made 4 friends during orientation and they became my closest friends in college (that didn’t happen to everyone!). 


is going to be hard. The day before your classes start, I would recommend taking your schedule (with building names and class room numbers) and walking around campus figuring out where your lectures will be, how far away you will have to walk (depending on the campus), how much time it will take for you to get there. It will ensure that you will not get lost on the first day. I would also recommend bringing only a pen and some paper, because during the first week of classes professors only hand out syllabi and talk about what you can/can’t do in class (they will say whether they will allow students to use laptops), etc. Also, professors are aware of incoming freshman, so I wouldn’t worry too much about lectures. The first week is tough because you’re still adjusting, but don’t be ashamed of your feelings, as you don’t have to enjoy university from day one. 


is also hard. Mostly because by the end of first month at university people have gotten used to the idea of being away from home, attending university, homework load, socializing, etc. Some may still struggle with homesickness, but that’s ok, because everyone is different. The adjustment period is hard, but it does get better afterwards! Stay focused and remind yourself that this too shall pass. 


Please attend all of your lectures, labs, tutorials etc. You’re paying a lot of money to attend university in the first place, so don’t waste money on sleeping in! Depending on whether you’re a morning person or not, you can often choose the times when you would like to go to class. 8 am lectures aren’t a bad idea if you’re a morning person. 6 pm lectures are also great! I should also mention that you should always, ALWAYS check your student e-mail (I would even add it to my phone and turn on notifications for it), because you never know when a lecture is cancelled or if you need to bring something last minute. Professors like to e-mail students last minute if there are any changes! So read your e-mails!


This is the key to balancing school and life. I recommend buying a planner (sometimes university’s have their own) and during the first week of classes transferring everything from your syllabi to the planner/agenda. That should include homework, assignments, papers, tests, quizzes, exams, etc. I would also add life events, extra curricular acitivities and anything else you have to do. I used to color coordinate my planner, by assigning different colors to the different lectures, so I knew when I should do homework and for which class. A planner will also help you stay on track with assignments, so you will be able to work on them earlier. Just get a planner, it’s a wonderful way to stay organized!


Is a great way to make friends. However, if you take school seriously, you may not have as much time to hang out with your roommates or friends and that’s ok. Also, don’t give into pressure of attending parties all the time. I went to my first one at a night club during orientation week, I witnessed a bunch of horny children doing crazy things they normally wouldn’t do, I didn’t want to go again. So I didn’t. Instead, I would spend my Friday nights productively, doing homework, which helped me get A’s. C’s get degrees, but I managed to get A’s and have a social life. I just chose different ways to spend time with friends than partying, like hanging out in the dorms watching movies, going to a bar instead of a club, eating out, etc. 


Depending on whether you can, I would highly recommend joining clubs and organizations! Getting involved will give you something other than school work to do, it’s also a great way to meet new people sharing similar interests and it helps you feel more welcome on campus. During my freshman year, I joined a psychology major club, which allowed me to meet upperclassmen in my major. It was nice because they gave me advice about lectures, professors, etc. You could also look for volunteering or research opportunities or get a job on campus. 


May feel like death. Just because you have tests, assignments, quizzes, presentations, etc. in all of your lectures, so this is where time-management skills will save your life. I would suggest working on papers as early as possible, before they’re due, so that you could dedicate studying time for exams. Also, usually mid-terms and finals make up a big percentage of your final grade, so it’s important to study for these exams. Don’t worry, you’ll get through it! 


The sooner you can develop a routine, the easier it will be to survive your first year at university! It’s nice to sleep and wake up at the same time throughout the week, I always made sure I got 8 hours of sleep. It’s also good to regularly eat, drink water, dedicate time for studying and excercising. A routine will make life easier. 


When are we not worried about grades? The truth is, your grades and GPA may drop, or stay high. If it drops, research ways to improve your studying techniques, so that you can get higher grades and improve your GPA next semester. It’s possible to improve your grades and overall GPA, but you have to care about it and have the motivation to improve. 


Freshman year is so exciting! I wish I could do it again! The reality is that time flies at university, so before you know it, you will be graduating! Make it count! I wish you all the best! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me! 

I hope this post helped answer some of your concerns and was useful. I wish I had written it after my freshman year at university, maybe it would have been more original! Check out my other blog posts HERE for more back to school advice! 

Deranged: Part 6

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“Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters.” -Stephen King

Warning: Contains violence

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 7

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here is an extension of my jenna hcs that i mention in the latest chapter of LMLS!! (a special thanks to the actual light of my life @actualbird for helping!!!) 

  • jenna loves everything with cryptozoology/paranormal!!  her browser history is full of shady links, grainy images/videos in abandoned forums, and recommended documentaries to watch on netflix. she probably has a super ridiculous cork board in her room with new jersey specific lore
  • jenna once mapped out all the ley lines in town instead of doing her homework. she discovers there’s a worrying pentagram of 7/11s…..
  • she’s always been super into investigating things, especially rumors, and unfortunately high school can only offer that in a pretty hurtful way. this is a really healthy way for jenna to soothe that need to snoop and also have something interesting to talk to her friends about at lunch!!!
  • everyone is super supportive and tries to help her with her research. one day chloe set a book down at jenna’s desk with a quiet “i saw this and thought you might like it. or something” and jenna was Shocked. christine doesn’t really like the violent/sad stories but her and brooke will listen to jenna go on about the ‘nicer’ cryptids like nessie because it’s cool!!!
  • she’s that tumblr post that is like “pshh, you think the MOON is real?” when hearing someone talk about the moon landing. she’s mostly into cryptids and paranormal sightings, but she LOVES conspiracy theories.
  • upon jeremy’s suggestion, her and michael end up talking a lot about this stuff! michael loves learning and gets bored at school so he ends up watching every kind of random documentary and special in his free time. he likes nature/science based ones so when jenna mentions an old bigfoot special she watched over the weekend to him michael knows exactly which one she’s talking about and they start bonding over it!!
  • after feeling more comfortable about herself and her interests, jenna starts a paranormal club senior year!!! it’s her and michael at first, but rich joins pretty soon after because school meetings are the same time as jake’s chess club and he wants to try and fuck a ghost (jake gives him permission to fuck a ghost because that would be “sweet dude holy shit”) and this club lasts all throughout their college years too. it’s the BEST
  • this branches off to rich making “ghostfuckers” shirts that jenna immediately bans. he shows up one night wearing it with the sleeves torn off because IT’S NOT A SHIRT NOW JEN LMAO. jenna looks to michael for support but he’s wearing the shirt under his hoodie. #betrayal
  • rich can’t play any instruments, but christine gave him a kazoo once and he always has it in his pocket. he proceeds to walk around an abandoned house trying to figure out their theme song. it’s absolutely terrible
  • jenna is in charge, michael is in charge of audio/video, and rich happily punches walls and crawls into small holes no one else wants to. jeremy, a honorary member, is in rich’s van still holding a flashlight for dear life with the doors locked because FUCK GHOSTS. jake sits in the back at unsafe locations, finishing his third suduko book since they got there
  • jeremy eventually joins in on investigations but he’s a scaredy cat and one night his flashlight dies. running low on supplies, they frantically loop like 18 glowsticks around his arms so he’ll stop yelling in the dark
  • jenna is the calm one that talks to the ghosts, while rich always tries to fight them. michael makes faces in the view finder and goes “oh” when it picks up on another possible face. he then proceeds to run the fuck away
  • jenna drags michael and rich out in the middle of the night for impromptu sleepovers whenever she finds new material and can’t wait until school to share it with everyone!! how she knows when michael is sleeping at jeremy’s or rich is hanging with jake is scary but no one questions it.
  • when they’re in college they plan road trips to further locations and jenna gets into interviewing witnesses and locals in her free time!! she starts an online journal and everyone is super impressed at how good it looks!! michael helps with coding/photography and rich is great at researching obscure cryptids between his busy schedule. jenna’s always really considerate of other people’s stories and it just shows how much she’s grown since junior year and….. it’s good. They Love Her

Months later and I was still thinking about him. I felt anger, disappointment, void, sorrow and, most importantly, pain. How could he betray us like this? Betray me? I was so foolish to believe that he actually had good intentions. That he loved me.

I should have listened to Stiles. Theo wouldn’t have been able to come this close if we all just listened to Stiles. Scott wouldn’t have been in such danger and I wouldn’t be as heartbroken as I am right now. I tried to remind myself that he killed Scott. The bond me and Scott had could not be described in words. We were inseparable. Like siblings.

And the worst thing is that I could have prevented it. I could have talked to Theo but instead I was at the hospital that day helping Melissa. Once we heard that Hayden didn’t make it and that Liam almost killed his own Alpha, I run as fast as I could to the library to get Scott out of there. I’m glad I didn’t cross paths with Liam, otherwise I would have killed him on the spot. I understand that he was hurt and angry but how can he hurt Scott, who treated him like his son this whole time.

Once I arrived I did not expect, my now ex boyfriend, to be there as well. He had locked the door so I couldn’t interfere and stop him. I had to watch him kill my best friend. I screamed, I cried for help, I tried to break the door down. Nothing helped. He ignored me like I was nothing. Like he couldn’t hear my screams and pleas to let Scott go.

That’s when I realized how little I meant to him. All the kisses we shared, all the late night talks we had, all the amazing and unforgettable memories we created. It was all a lie.

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I was at the library during a free period doing my homework when my phone rang. I chose to ignore it and concentrate on my paper for latin instead. It’s not like it’s important anyway. It was probably just Mom texting me about the groceries. 

A few minutes later and my phone ringed again but this time it didn’t stop ringing. 

People around me gave me dirty looks as they tried to study. I smiled quietly. “Sorry.“ 

I took my phone out of my bag and saw Liam calling me. I quickly accepted and pressed my phone against my ear. “What?” I hissed quietly. This better be good.

“Why weren’t you answering?” Liam said, sounding a bit in a rush. “Never mind, just come to Scott’s as fast as possible." 

"What do you mean? Where are you? You’re supposed to be in class, Liam.” I said, sounding like a big sister. Scott wasn’t here either which made me even more concerned.

“That doesn’t matter now! We’ll meet at Scott’s.” He hung up.

I quickly stood up packing my stuff and left. 


I knocked on the door already anxious. What if he was hurt? Does Scott know? Where was he anyway?

Hayden opened the door looking just as worried as me. “What happened?” I asked in hurry. 

She shook her head. “Liam’s fine if that’s what you’re worried about.” I let out a breath that I hold in this whole time. Thank God. 

I walked inside and put my bag on the kitchen counter. 

“What is it then that I had to leave school and miss my classes? You all know we missed way too many classes these past months and-“ That’s when I got interrupted. 

"Hey, babygirl.” I turned around and immediately couldn’t believe who was standing in front of me. Theo.

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“H-How did you-?" 

"Liam brought me back.” He smiled at me with a light twinkle in his eyes that made me go weak. 

He started walking closer to me ready to embrace me but I stepped back with my hand in front of me. As a sort of protection. 

Theo stopped in his tracks and furrowed his eyebrows. “I would never hurt you, Y/N. You know that, right?”

“Why did you bring him back?” I completely ignored him along with the pain inside my chest as I turned to Liam who stood behind Theo.

“We needed someone with the ability to absorb electricity. He was the only one who we came up with.” Liam sound frustrated. 

“Does Scott know?” I was furious by now. I scoffed and turned away from both of them. I couldn’t look at him. He looked just like my Theo. The one I loved with all my heart. But I knew better. He and his manipulative ass can crawl back into the hole that he came out of.

“No, he doesn’t know but that’s beside the point. We only brought you here because Theo wanted to talk to you.” Liam said.

“Maybe we should leave them alone before Scott comes back.” Hayden said softly behind me. “So that he can kill me too?” I asked furiously. 

“You know I would never hurt you!” Theo said, just as mad as me. I looked him deep in the eye before saying. 

“Oh really? Just like you promised that we could trust you.” tears started to form in my eyes and my voice cracked a bit.

“That was different! Everything I’ve ever said to you was nothing but the truth!” He came closer till we were face to face. Both our breathing irregular.

“How could you?” I cried out and started hitting his chest. He didn’t bother to fight back. And even though I knew it didn’t hurt him I still wanted to make him feel the same pain as I did when he left me.

“Y/N, stop.”

“Did you even mean it when you said you cared for me? Why would you kill the one person that meant the world to me? To see me suffer?” I kept hitting him. But I did not dare to look in his eyes because, I knew the minute I would look at his face I would give in.

“I never knew that he meant this much to you, Y/N! All I ever wanted was a pack!” His tone was harsh. He grabbed my wrists to prevent me hitting him. “I love you.” He said softly.

He’s lying. I closed my eyes and tried to stop myself from crying. “Look at me, Y/N.” one hand let go of my wrist as he slowly brought it up to my face to wipe my tears away. “Why would I lie to you, babygirl?”

“Open your eyes.” He said and cupped my chin. I did as I was told and looked him deep in the eyes. God, how much I missed them. They were the same green shade, just how I remembered. 

He looked at me and smiled at me with such adoration that I couldn’t bring myself to hate him.  "The whole time that I was down there I tried to think of you. I had to go through much worse than you could possibly imagine. You were my anchor that kept me sane this whole time.“

“I don’t need the pack’s forgiveness. All I need is for you to forgive me. That’s all that matters to me.” He sounded almost pleading as he caressed my cheek.

I let out a deep breath and said. “I will always love you, Theo. But you can’t expect me to forgive you.” He shook his head not believing what I was saying. “No, no, no. Don’t say that.” His face twisted up in pain.

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I took a step back already missing his warm touch on my face. “If Scott or Liam decide to bring you back… I won’t try to stop them.” Was the last thing I said to him before turning around and walking out the house.

First imagine! I plan on making a second part to this but it depends on how well this does. Hope you liked it! 

Also, I do not own any of these amazing gif’s! Credit goes to the owner who posted them!!!!

Being an extrovert is not all sunshine and rainbows

like the internet makes it out to be.

Being an extrovert means that whenever I am alone, I feel like crap. I feel so lonely that it is extremely hard to be productive. All I can focus on is the crappy feeling.

Sometimes, if I must be alone, watching TV makes me forget the crappy feeling, that is until the credits music plays and I feel a sinking dread at the realization of how alone I am.

Feeling lonely can make me feel guilty and/or inadequate for no apparent reason.

When I’m with people, the crappy feeling instantly goes away. Even if I’m just in a cafe doing homework instead of my room at home. I feel ambitious and productive again.

This does not mean that I don’t need any time to myself. But I would prefer my time to myself to be me alone in my room with someone else in the next room.

Introverts get their energy from being alone.

Extroverts get their energy from being with people. And as an extrovert, I drain from being alone. And it sucks.

Thank you for listening to this rant.

anonymous asked:

What do you do when you get to the point where you hate everything you write?

Honestly? Stop writing. 

Take a break from writing. Look at things that you love, that make you excited about life. I know that, for me, reading Tolkien’s works and watching movies with great stories like Midnight in Paris and Moulin Rouge always get me excited about writing. 

Then look at yourself. Are you writing to be famous? To make other people happy? Do you feel like you should have made more progress than you have? What has changed from when you loved writing to know? Have you made your story too difficult or complicated that it feels like homework instead of fun? 

I recommend reading over the old stuff that you wrote when you loved writing. Don’t allow yourself to judge what you’ve written, because we all learn as we write. For me, my middle school writing is awful, but I can see what I loved about writing in it. 

Just take some time to yourself and let yourself feel that excitement that you used to feel about writing. If you have something more specific that you are struggling with about it, then feel free to message us again and we can give more specific advice. I’m sorry that you’re going through them. I’ve been there and it’s awful. But you CAN GET THROUGH IT FRIEND. 

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have more questions.


brendon’s ig stream recap
  • “‘how high are you right now?’ not high enough”
  • someone telling him to dab: “no. imma hold the dab in for a little bit.”
  • about playing his own music: “i don’t sit down and listen to my own stuff. once i’ve done something, i’m done with it. i’ll go back for anniversaries, though.”
  • brendon used to get sleep terrors where he was surrounded by five dark figures and he couldn’t do anything about it
  • “yo doggos for life. doggos af, my friend. puppets, doggers, come on.”
  • “i love seattle. i love all the northweast.”
  • about playing a show in texas at 18: “i remember thinking there’s a lot of pretty girls here. i just hid in the van because i was afraid to talk to people.”
  • about panic’s future: “your guess is as good as mine. i know what’s going to happen in the next few months. after that i don’t know. let’s see how uncomfortable i can make myself.”
  • “‘get the band back together’ oh i’ve got the band. it’s all together.”
  • on embarrassing moments: “i have a lot. walking up the whiteboard with an erection in mr grant’s class. i had this raging boner. just hard as a rock. i tucked it over…and everyone saw…that was seventh grade.”
  • “look at our current president. you can just say stay stuff and nothing sticks.”
  • “‘you’re back’ what about my back? *turns to show back* *singing* my pussy and my crack”
  • “‘pin me, daddy’ alright the ‘pin me’ is new to me”
  • “‘o shit waddup’ yeah i’m dat boy.”
  • about someone watching stream instead of doing homework: “false this is not important. you need to go study. you gotta be responsible .do your homework, and then you can hang out with your friends.”
  • says “you guys this is dad talking” after telling people to stay in school
  • first time he smoked pot: “i was twelve years old. i would never recommend that for everyone else. because everyone else is a fucking pussy.”
  • *brendon refers to himself as ‘dj forehead’* “can we make that my dj name? i think that’s pretty strong.”

*First Day of the New Semester*

me:I’m gonna be a good student and actually get shit done!

me: *sleeps through my classes*

me: *watches an entire season of Law and Order: SVU instead of doing homework*

Today has been thought provoking. I had the opportunity to be with a mentor and friend who recently had a life threatening experience. Such events lend themselves to greater appreciation for Time, relationships, and the small things in life.

To almost emphasize the point, the words of a song stood out to me…that the best moments in life seem like wasted time.

Do we sometimes give too much of ourselves to things that have no value? I was thinking about productivity. Often productivity is measured by tasks completed, products made, or dollars earned. One of my frustrations as a child is that my mom wouldn’t sit down with me and watch a movie. She always had to be working. As a working mom, I really understand because after working, there is cooking, cleaning, homework, baths…the To Do list. But, I don’t think those memories are best for my son. He needs to know he is more important than the To Do list.

It is the same with others. How easy it would have been for my mentor to stay home today with the list of all consuming work? Instead, he spent time with me… accomplishing little things on my list that were daunting and reconnecting with me. There must be balance I think.. time for the work that must be done, time for relationships old and new, and more importantly time for oneself.

So, perhaps the most productive time is actually reading a story or watching a movie? It will be unique to the individual and their needs. Be patient with yourself and others. ❤

I just wanted to write this to you so I can…I don’t know. “Get it off my mind” makes it seem like I think writing is like transferring the knowledge from my brain and I can now just delete it.

I guess that’s what I’m hoping for, even though that won’t happen. I just want to stop letting his behavior get under my skin. I want to not feel anxious for hours after I see him in public. 

I want to not care if he comes to my work or not. I wish he could just become no one to me, cause heirs now. I just wish my response to him would’ve more in line with that.

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I'm sick with Ichihime

When i wake up, the furst thing i do is checking my tumblr, twitter and pixiv for news and new content about bleach and ichihime. While eating my breakfast, i play bbs and walking to my school i think about some new ideas for ichihime arts and fanfiction. During my lessons i draw some simple ichihime or Orihime scetches on my notes and check my twi and tumblr every hour. At home i do it again and work on my ichihime fanarts or watch ichihime AVMs instead of working at my homework. Bleach and Ichihime is absolutely all i think about. And… It’s not right. I think, i really should do smth with it. I’m so tired of fandom lull and i care about all these anti post so much so i feel bad. I really need to rest but i can’t just relinquish all these… My fandom is my family. But now i really need to go. Thank you for following me all these time. May be i’ll come back later. but now i’m really tired. Thank you again and bye. I love you all.

anonymous asked:

A personal and hard question, feel free to ignore.... You see, I'm in senior year so next year I'm starting uni, but more than that, lately I just been feeling like all my work's for nothing. I'm handing in all my work late, I'm barely trying for tests, I just don't care when my grades drop.... but I do, I really do. However, I can't bring myself to do anything about it, so I just panic while doing nothing. My question is, if (like a fellow INTP) you've ever felt the same? any advice?

I feel ya. I struggle with this sometimes, and this is the best advice I can think of:

-DO YOUR HOMEWORK AT SCHOOL. If you can, I think this is one of the best things you can do. If you have any free time in your classes, work on it then. Maybe go a little early or stay a little late if you’re school allows it. I’m in a yearbook class this year, and we’ve had a lot of free time because we didn’t have to work constantly. I try to get all of my homework done in there because I know I won’t have any motivation when I get home.

-Keep your main goals in mind. Especially if having good grades will help with them. For example, I want to be a psychology professor. In order to be able to do that, I have to go to college. To have more college options (as well as scholarship options), I need to get good grades. To do that, I need to get my homework done.

-Don’t let yourself start something else instead of homework. If you want to do something, such as watching “just one” YouTube video, you’ll just end up using that thing to procrastinate more and more. As soon as you’re done with school, start homework immediately and don’t let yourself do anything else. If you do, your mind will get out of it’s “work mode” and won’t want to do anything else. That’s at least how it is for me.

-Create a self-reward system. You’ll have to be careful with this one, or else you may fall into the issue above. You could use food, doing ONE, SMALL thing (such as making one post on social media, beating one level of that puzzle game as long as it won’t take forever, etc.), or something similar to that. For example, if you were using a candy bar for this, you could say to yourself, “When I finish my math assignment, I’ll let myself have one half of the bar. Once I finish my biology assignment, I can have the other half (assuming those are the only two assignments you need to do at that moment). I know it sounds a bit childish, but it can be a really great motivator.

-This one is kind of similar to the above point. Think about what you need to do in small sections. First, prioritize which assignments ABSOLUTELY need to be done at that moment. After that, organize the rest by their due date and how important they’ll be to your grade. Do the absolutes first, and then give yourself one of the small rewards from the above point. Have one reward in mind for after each section you have. Another thing you might want to do with this, is saving the most interesting assignment for last and doing the most boring ones first. (This, of course, would be with the most interesting/boring assignment in each section. Still prioritize the assignments by what you need done.)

-Get up early to do some homework. This is especially if you can’t complete it at school. However, do NOT try to do that for an assignment that’s due the day of, unless you absolutely have to. Try to finish your assignments at least the day before it’s due, just in case you’ll need more time than you thought. But, at least for me, my mind is clearer and more focused in the morning. (I think this may be due to having a new start on thoughts. You will have just woken up, so your mind usually won’t be as chaotic as usual.)

I hope this helps! If anyone has any other tips, please comment them.

Thanks for asking! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask me. My ask box is always (metaphorically) open!

Young Remus Lupin imagine | She’s mine

Request: This is just a suggestion for a request, you don’t have to do it. Remus and the reader are a couple, but the week of the full moon is coming up. Remus begins to get very protective of the reader, and gets very peeved if anyone tries to talk with her with the idea of flirting with her. He pins the reader to the walls or if out side to the trees showing anyone else that the reader belongs to him.

A/N: I changed it a lil bit, hope thats alright

*         *        *        *

You walk into the great hall having woken up in a strange state of euphoria but as soon as you spy your Boyfriend, a frown upon his face you feel your good mood almost wash away.

“Whats up with you grumpy?” You smirk sitting next to him.

“Nothing now that you’re here” he says lightly kissing your cheek.

Although you knew something was clearly bothering Remus you decided to drop it and see how the rest of the day went. The classes you had were extreamly boring the worst being potions in which you werent sat with Remus but instead Sirius, which you didnt really have much of a problem with apart from the looks Remus kept giving you both.

“What do you think is up wih him?” You ask Sirius who is putting ingredients into the cauldren.

“Time of the month” he said as if obvious causing you to look at him dumb founded.

“Oh!” You say finally realizing “Of course! how could i be so stupid” you say feeling bad that you hadnt been paying much attention.

After class You hurried over to your boyfriend only to receive a vacent look from him.

“Babe im so sorry, i didnt realize it was the week of the full moon” you appologize.

“Sirius fill you in did he?”


“Nothing, it doesnt matter, i’m just stressed” He sighs kissing your forehead sweetly.

It was now 3 days into the week of the full moon and this was the worst you had seen Remus yet. He was so distant it sometimes felt like you were sitting alone.

“Hey (Y/N/N)” James cooed annoyingly, messing up your hair as he took the seat across from you at dinner.

“Thats when you felt Remus” Arm slide around your middle holding you close and giving james the evils.

you and james exchange looks before deciding to speak.

“You alright mate? You seem a bit on edge” James says

“That obvious is it?” James retaliated causing you to hold his hand trying to calm him down.

“Whats happening over here”? Sirius says as him and Peter join you both.

‘Nothing” Remus sighs

“Well, (Y/N) can you help me with that essay we have for potions?” Sirius says changing the subject.

“Yeah su-”

“Can’t you find anyone eles?” Remus says cutting you off.

“Yeah, i guess” Sirius says quietly not used to this sort of behaviour from Remus.

*     *     *     *

“Look, its five days into the week of the full moon, just give him a break” you sigh as James and Sirius start up a convosation on how touchy he’s being.

“Hey” Your boyfriend smiles walking over and wrapping an arm tightly around your waist, giving the james sirius and peter nasty looks.

“Is it just the full moon or are you acticing extreamly pos-”

“Ouch!” James exclaims as you stamp on his foot.

luckily Remus didnt press the situation and began talking about the essay we had due instead.

“Oh, about that, you’re still helping me right?” Sirius asks which in his words meant doing the whole thing for him.


“No, you can find someone eles.” Remus says

“Babe, i’m only helping with his essay” you says kissing his cheeks reasuringly.

“Come along if you like” Sirius offers trying to lighten the situation.

“What? and watch you gawp at my girlfriend while she does your homework for you?” Remus retaliates before walking off to class leaving us all stood there.

“Well shit.” James smirks.

“He really does get possesive over you doesnt he” Sirius remarks

“OR maybe he’s just really ho-”

“Guys! Seriously, its just the full moon, he’s never like this..” You sigh feeling sorry for your boyfriend having to go through this.

“Well.. Only two days left right?” James sighs as you all walk off to the class you were now 10 minutes late for.

*      *       *      *

It was the night you were helping Sirius and James decided to tag along too. You had to admit, you were kind of relieved that remus didnt show up, you had had a really stressful day and couldnt be dealing with the bickering between him and his friends.

“Right, lets get this over with so we can hurry back, i dont want Remus to be even more pissed off than he already is” you sigh taking out your parchment and begining to write the essay.

Finishing a little over two hours later you all walk out laughing at something  ridiculous James had just said.

“We love you really” Sirius says pulling you into a bone crushing hug.

As if he couldnt turn up as a worse moment you all noticed Remus had stopped in his tracks looking at both.

Rushing out you all follow Remus outside where its nearing dark fast.

“Remus!?’ You call as you all reach the edge of the forest.

Before you can call him another time, someone leaps out. Pushing you against the nearest tree Remus smashes his lips onto yours deepening the kiss instantly making sure James and Sirius can see everything as he pushes his body hard against yours.

“Should we, um, go?” Sirius says awkwardly when Remus’ hands are on the back of your thighs.

“Oh my god, my eyes” James exclaims turning around.

“I just wanted to make it clear” Remus says as he pulls away.

“Make what clear?” James says still trying not to look.

“She’s mine” Remus replies/

*        *         *        *

“You never told us you were that good at kissing though moony” Sirius smirks on the already awkward walk back to the castle.