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Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.

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It had been particularly difficult to leave Cassian’s bed when her alarm had gone off - he was lucky enough to have a day off, while she’d have her hands full making up what she had determined to be a metric fuckton of extras for a secondary accident scene that was the only scene on the shooting schedule that day. At the very least, she knew that she’d see him when her day was done, and that gave Jyn something to look forward to, as always.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I just wanted to start off by saying I LOVE your stories. I think I've been regularly checking your blog for new updates for at least a year now! Unfortunately, I got in a car accident the other day (guy turned left in front of me and no way I could brake in time), but on the bright side, everyone is completely fine. I'm still a little shaken though so I was wondering if you could do a modern AU with Saizo's reaction to finding out Corrin has been in a car accident and him consoling her?

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It was a regular day in the office (go figure). Saizo, Head Supervisor of the Sumeragi Corp., was supervising as always. He didn’t waste any time in his work, head down and doing his best to succeed and make sure those under his supervision did as well. 

Considering he was excellent at said supervision, pretty much everyone in the office fell under it. It certainly kept him busy; his phone always off when he was in the office, he never so much as glanced at it, even after getting married. 

It enticed employees to circle rumors around. He was so cold-blooded he didn’t even have time to text his wife? Did he even get married because he loved her? Or was is some sort of arrange thing between him and a stranger?

Saizo never paid any attention to the rumors. They were foolish, and knew nothing about his personal life. To be honest, nobody did. He wanted to keep it that way. He didn’t realize that was all about to come to a screeching halt, of course.

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okay right the last thing i wrote was bordering on angst so i just wanted to talk about how much the gang all love each other so fricking much.

- so it takes a few alien invasions for them to fully gel as a group but once they do they are (and i don’t use this term lightly) SQUAD GOALS

-  their groupchat, called the ludicrous care bears, is the best thing in the world, non-stop alien memes, weird questions from charlie, and approximately 8336 pictures of Ram for any reaction image you could ever want

- they definitely use this groupchat to live text each other commentary on each day’s episode of love island or whatever trashy reality tv show Charlie got them hooked on with the excuse that they’re teaching him about human culture (camilla is their fave obvs) 

- sunday is group hang out day, they watch films (most sci-fi films are banned because Tanya wouldn’t stop pointing at random aliens and asking Charlie if he knew them), or April will (try to) teach them how to knit or they’ll bake something (really Matteusz bakes and the rest of them try to eat the batter and throw flour at the others)

- Ram sometimes has to miss out because he has football so they others spam him with pics and messages telling him all the fun he’s missing out on (they’re just kidding, they always make sure to save him anything they make)

- when they find out that Charlie had never had a proper kid’s birthday they throw him one and insist on playing stupid party games like musical chairs and pass the parcel

- Tanya accidentally let’s slip that she never learned how to ride a bike because she was too busy being a tiny brainiac to learn how when she was little so they spend a full weekend teaching her (the first day is spent just getting her on the bike

- Ram was always the popular kid and people liked him but none of them knew him and Tanya had friends a few years below but they all thought of her as the weird smart kid. Ever since the thing with April’s dad everyone was afraid to get too close to her and Matteusz was always the new kid from another country (and charlie is just a disaster) so really they’re all each other’s first real best friends

call all of this stupid unnecessary, unrealistic fluff (it totally is) but i don’t care it was fun to write 

I think the appeal of Alice in Chains, and most grunge bands in general, is the polarity of their music and the band’s personalities. Their music and lyrics are so incredibly dark and moody, often brooding, and the photos shoots are equally moody or dramatic. Once you start to actually watch interviews and get to know the people behind the music though, it’s almost like a 180 from what you would assume them to be. They’re goofy, silly, loveable troublemakers who, more or less, just want to have fun and do what they love, and this makes them incredibly relatable and down to earth. They’re not these dramatic, larger than life rock gods. They’re normal, approachable, relatable human beings and that is what makes them so magnetic and appealing for fans.

Can we just take a moment to talk about how powerful the ‘Martha’ moment in BvS was. Like I know it’s been parodied a lot, because people just didn’t understand what it meant. A lot of the problems I see people having with this moment was that Clark doesn’t call her mom, and instead calls her Martha. Save Martha. So, why did he do that? Well if people had been paying attention they’d know that he also called Batman by his real name, Bruce. This means that he knows beneath that cowl is the billionaire playboy who’s most famous story is being the survivor in the shootings of Thomas and Martha Wayne.
Clark purposely chose, even in his dying moments, to try to save two people that day by calling his mom by her real name. He wanted Bruce to know he has a chance to save Martha, save a mother, and remember what it meant to be a 'good man’, as his introductory asks how many stayed that way. He is saying it to save BOTH of them, even if he gets killed by the Batman. Throughout the movie we constantly see Clark saving people even when they either don’t want it or don’t deserve it. Hell, he even saves LEX LUTHOR.
The moment does exactly what it was supposed to. It shows that Superman understands why Batman is doing what he’s doing, and wants to save him just as much as his mother. He knows by saying Martha it will affect this man who watched a mother by the same name suffer unjustly. And that is so fucking powerful.