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This is probably my favorite hex because it’s just so darn easy, and usually pretty effective.

The last time I used it was on a woman who was being baligerant to a cashier at the grocery, (the cashier was from India and this woman was telling her very loudly that she should go back to Iraq and stop taking a job from her poor Canadian granddaughter… I guess the granddaughter had applied there and not got the job? I don’t know the deets). I turned to her, clutched my necklace (it’s just an antique looking locket watch, nothing special), pointed to her and said the words just loud enough that she could tell it wasn’t English.

I guess it didn’t hurt that I was also dressed pretty witchy.

She was like, “Did you just curse me?!?” and I just smiled, winked at the cashier and walked out. I waited just outside the Second Cup that was next to the grocery to watch this lady come out… And didn’t she just trip over her own two feet in grand fashion on her way to her car! I laughed and I laughed and I laughed.

What? I’m not… No, who am I kidding… Yes I am a bitch.

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10 & 21 with Castiel please?

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As Sam and Dean’s teenage little sister, they were crazy over-protective over you. And although you were thankful for them - you really were - it could really get on your nerves. Because, just ‘cause you were the youngest doesn’t mean they need to treat you differently than they treat each other. You just wished they would stop babying you, and trust your excellent hunting skills, according to yourself. 

At the moment, you were alone in a motel room, going crazy from boredom. You had gotten hurt two hunts ago, after taking a necessary, mind you, risk. Although the wound was healing fine, and you just wanted to join the hunt your brothers were on, but the forced you to stay put. So now you were taking things in your own hands.

Praying to Castiel felt strange. Probably because Dean was always the one who did. To your pleasure, the angel showed up within minutes. 

“Y/N. What’s the matter?”

You smiled mischievously at him. “I want you to take me out of here. I found a possible hunt that Sam and Dean missed-”

“Your brothers informed me that you were to not hunt.” Cas interrupted, frowning confusedly.

“But Cas, what’s the fun in doing what you’re told?” 

After a few moments you had convinced the perplexed angel, and he zapped you out of the dusty motel room.

You absolutely loved the feeling of that hunt. The evening wind in your hair, how your heart drummed in your chest. The adrenaline, the physical challenges. That content feeling when you were finished. You weren’t worried at all during the hunt, because you had a badass angel by your side. And also, you knew you could handle this.

“Maybe your brothers were wrong.” Castiel spoke up as you watched the old locket slowly burn and melt away - the ghost already long gone.


“You seem happy. Maybe this hunt was what you needed the most.” He said thoughtfully.

You smiled widely at that, looking at Cas. “Yeah, you’re right, it’s exactly what I needed. And now it’s official; I’m back bitches.

Newt Scamander X Reader - Locket

*date=1910’s slang for stupid person*
(Y/P) = Your patronus

 You fiddled with your silver locket, waiting to get out of History of Magic with Hufflepuffs. The miniscule metal occamy swirled around inside it. That meant that someone was in the room with you who had romantic feelings for you.

 It wasn’t someone from your house as you had just had a class with them and the occamy was still.

 You glanced around, watching as a Hufflepuff boy jumped awake to answer a question. He was cute and you recognised him, but couldn’t place a name on him.

 Professor Binns let you out early. You packed up your stuff slowly watching people pass while keeping an eye on your locket. A group of Hufflepuffs left and the occamy stopped. 

 'Well that was practically useless,’ you thought to yourself.
“C'mon let’s go put our books away,” (Y/F/N) says but she stops when she sees you looking at your locket.
“W-was it moving?”
“Yeah. It stopped when that group of Hufflepuffs left though,”
“Well, we know where to start,” she said cheerfully while you groaned.
“I don’t want to date a badger,”
“Well, you need a boyfriend. Plus Hufflepuffs are nice,”
“Says the girl who was talking shit about them yesterday,”
“Well I am a Slytherin. We talk shit about e-ver-y-one,”
“C'mon let’s go,”

You left the classroom, dragging (Y/F/N) to the dungeons, not stopping when the occamy moved again and she shouted, “Lads who’s in love with my girl, (Y/N)?!” to which you responded, “You’re a date,”

You flopped down on a couch as soon as you got into the common room. A Ravenclaw boy had actually made a kissing motion towards you. Disgusting.

 (Y/F/N) grabbed your bag and brought both hers and yours up to your dorms. You took the opportunity to leg it as far away from there as possible. You ended up in front of the Forbidden Forest. You looked around, cast an invisibility spell and went in. 

 You looked around, spotting a Bowtruckle clinging to a fallen twig, and picked the little dear up. He clung to your hand, as he slowly climbed up to your shoulder.

 You walked through the forest with your little friend. You spotted an Augurey nest but obviously no Augurey. You saw signs of Doxies and skirted right around them. 

 You were enjoying yourself up until you heard a scream. You sprinted in the direction of the scream, the Bowtruckle clinging to you. Falling over branches several times, you found a pair of Hufflepuffs cowering in front of a lethifold. They were the pair from Professor Binns class. Your occamy was throwing itself against the locket, but you barely registered that.

“RUN YOU GODDAMN IDIOTS RUN!” You screamed at them. The boy jumped up but you ran over pulling the girl to her feet. Upon closer examination you saw the girl was Leta Lestrange, meaning her companion was probably Newt Scamander.

 You took off, full speed, blasting spells at everything. The lethifold seemed to be slowly gaining on you.

“Can ye cast a patronus?” you shouted.
“A mist is all I can manage!”
“That’ll have to do! Ready! On three! One! Two! Three!”
“Expecto Patronum!” ye shouted in unison. A brilliant (Y/P) blasted out of your wand. Newt’s wand shot out a (Y/P) too. Leta didn’t manage a corporeal one but that didn’t matter. You fell over onto Leta, leaving you both in a giggling mess after defeating the lethifold. You rolled off her, still laughing. 

“I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N). You’re Newt Scamander and Leta Lestrange, right? Both outcast Hufflepuffs. I’m a Slytherin, ”
“Yeah, we sure are,” Leta laughed. You looked down at your locket,  watching as the occamy battered around in there.
“Hey is that a bowtruckle?” Newt asked.
“Yeah picked up the little guy on my way here,”
“C-can I hold him?”
“Be my guest,”

Newt gently scooped up the bowtruckle from your shoulder. You reached back and unhooked the chain your locket was on.
“Geez, what is wrong with this old thing?”
“Hmm what’s that?” Leta asked you as Newt wandered off, looking for a suitable home for the bowtruckle.
“Oh it’s an old family heirloom. See, the metal occamy is enchanted so that if you’re near someone who has romantic interested in you, it moves. It normally just flies around inside there but it’s been battering around inside there  after coming into the forest, and even more so after fighting off that lethifold. Probably just need to get it fixed,” 

You heard Newt choke and looked at him with concern before you saw the smirk on Leta’s face. It dawned on you and you joined Leta in smirking. 

“Say Leta, what’s your type?”
“Oh I don’t know (Y/N). What’s your’s?”
“Well I guess it’s kind guys, who like the beasts, and… this is a secret,” your voice grew in volume, “I’ve always had a thing for gingers,” you looked over at Newt who’s face was brighter than a Chinese Fireball’s scales. You coughed, “Something wrong, Scamander?” and half-laughed into your hand. Leta got up, barely covering her amusement, “Well I’ll leave you to fix up the damage, see you around (Y/L/N),” “Same to you Lestrange,” Newt was making strange motions with his hands, you presumed he were trying to get Leta to stay. She left and you, after putting your locket back around your neck, began trying to regrow some of the trees. “Hey Newt, do you know what might be wrong with my locket? Maybe you should take a look at it,” you sidled up next to him. He rubbed his neck, “I don’t know. I can look if you want,” You nodded and pressed yourself against him, handing him the locket. He looked so uncomfortable you nearly laughed, for the, what, tenth, time. 

“Hey Newt. When my mam gave me the locket, she told me that the occamy would stop moving if the feelings were returned. Of course the holder of the locket can pretend not to have feelings and the occamy will keep moving,” as you said this, the occamy stopped. His eyes widened as he dropped the locket, and began backing away from you. You pressed him into a tree and wound your hands around his neck. “Newt will you be as careful as me as you are with your beasts?” you whispered in his ear. He nodded vigorously before smashing your lips together.


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“And he ordered — Kreacher to leave — without him. And he told Kreacher — to go home —
and never to tell my Mistress — what he had done — but to destroy — the first locket. And he
drank — all the potion — and Kreacher swapped the lockets — and watched… as Master
Regulus… was dragged beneath the water… and…”

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*he looked down at his hand and opened it. It was a heart locket. He also took of his mask and threw it aside so he could see better. And he hated his bendy* it's a locket.... ((Ask-Sammy-Lawrence-musicdirector. Calm down. Breath. You are my senpia too))

“A locket..?” He watched him take off his mask, getting a better look of him before staying put. “It’s… a nice locket. Are you..alright?” He tilted his head, seemingly confused on what this other Sammy was doing here. “..Can I…get you anything..?” He tapped his foot on the ground, feeling a bit restless.

//ahh— okay, okay ;w; i will- ♥


Two new pieces - the top one is my first experiment using Tritium.  Unlike traditional glow in the dark powder and paint, Tritium does not require “charging” from a light source.  It glows consistently - up to 20 years! Photo was taken in low light and has not been altered.

The second piece is using traditional glow in the dark powder in a rose gold glass locket. The fine line is a vintage copper hair spring from a clock movement.

Available in my etsy store:

She came to work at six in the afternoon, and she spent the whole night going through the rooms, sweeping them out, picking up condoms, changing the sheets. It was difficult to imagine the number of things that men left after love. They left vomit and tears, which seemed understandable to her, but they also left many enigmas of intimacy: puddles of blood, patches of excrement, glass eyes, gold watches, false teeth, lockets with golden curls, love letters, business letters, condolence letters–all kinds of letters.
—  Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Love in the Time of Cholera

Favourite characters [1/?] : Regulus Arcturus Black

  “And he ordered – Kreacher to leave – without him. And he told Kreacher – to go home – and never to tell my Mistress – what he had done – but to destroy – the first locket. And he drank – all the potion – and Kreacher swapped the lockets – and watched… as Master Regulus… was dragged beneath the water….”