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✿ July 10th 2017          ♫ French Montana - Unforgettable

Mid July is way too early to start revising for exams. Sadly I don’t really have a choice as my exam’s in just over four weeks. On the upside the weather was really rainy and cold today, so studying administrative law inside with a cup of rooibos tea wasn’t too bad. However I felt like I deserved an evening treat and I am currently seated in my sofa with a glass of wine watching KUWTK 😌😌😌

Jason Salty Todd (1/2)

Jason to Bruce:

All this sacks yet you don’t have the balls the avenge my death.

Jason to Dick: 

All these Kardashians *watches KUWTK* yet you are the biggest ass *Dick looks up innocently from eating cereal*

Jason to Tim:

All these bats *gestures to the bats in the bat cave* yet you still choose this *points to Bruce who is typing on the batcomputer*

Jason to Damian:

All these swords *points to Damian’s swords collection* yet you aren’t so sharp. 

Jason to Duke:

All these families *gestures to families at the park* yet you got caught up with ours *gives confused look to Duke*

Jason to Alfred: 

All this cookies *points to the cookie factories* yet I’ll still choose yours.  ♥

Mulligan headcanons!!


  • Just the right amount of physical contact
  • He won’t admit it but he looooves cuddling 💕
  • Actually the best cuddle buddy in the world
  • Hercules is usually on his back and you are on your side, hugging him with your head on his chest
  • If he’s very tired or has had a bad day, his favorite stress reliever is cuddling with his head on your chest as you stroke his hair
  • When the two of you sleep there has to be some sort of physical contact, even if it’s jusr hand holding
  • In winter you mostly sleep on top of him with a lot of blankets!! 🙈
  • You leaving kisses all over his face
  • Sometimes while he’s working, Herc will hum some tune and when he notices you listening he stops with a sheepish grin
  • Says he doesn’t like his singing voice
  • But you love it!
  • Always brings you new clothes or sews them himself
  • He knows your style so well and you look amazing in everything he makes
  • I have a feeling he gets jealous easily but doesn’t really show it
  • Ready to fight anyone who looks at you, let alone touches you in an innapropiate way
  • He’d do anything for you BUT don’t steal his beanie without asking
  • The squad is also pretty protective over you
  • Doesn’t dance but will do it if that’s something that makes you happy and you enjoy it
  • Binge watching shows like WAGs, KUWTK and such, just to laugh your asses off at the drama and overreacting
  • Herc is always so warm which is a blessing in winter
  • Making hot cocoa and snacks for your movie/show nights
  • Saving up some money for Broadway shows
  • Your apartment/flat(?) Is pretty small but cozy feels like family and you love it
  • Carpooling
  • But Hercules mostly watches you sing your heart out and smiles like an idiot in love
  • The squad knows how much you mean to him and he really, really loves you more than anyone (especially because he was nervous when asking you out- that really said something)
  • Working out together 💪💪
  • Also having cheat days when you go to your fast food restaurant and knock yourselves out
  • He loves meeting your friends
  • During horror movies it’s hard to say which one of you gets more scared 😄

[A/N] Herc fluff, as requested by mi amiga @claire-says ✨ I hope it’s fluffy enough gurl 😉 you can send me requests for headcanons and imagines, and have a great day!! 🌻

dating jaebum would be:
  • him begin such a cutie pie for you
  • he would loves you soo much
  • him texting you all the time when he’s away
  • him wanting you to have good relations with the rest of band
  • but actually not that good bc you would be jealous
  • shopping together!!
  • deep late night talks about future
  • playing in some dumb games like poker or smt
  • letting you win bc he loves when you’re so happy
  • him smiling so much when you’re around
  • people seeing how much he loves you because of this
  • him holding your hand whenever he has a chance
  • him hugging you from behind
  • resting his head on your shoulder  
  • playing with his hair as he rests on your lap while you’re reading one of your favorite books
  • loud laughs and giggles
  • forehead kisses
  • his camera role being filled with pictures of you
  • you being the most important person in his life
  • tickle fights
  • slow kisses
  • you getting jealous of all the attention the girls give him
  • cute gifts
  • late night walks
  • staring into each others eyes 
  • watching movies until 5am
  • lazy sundays on the couch and watching kuwtk or something
  • him trying to make you laugh whenever he feels like it.
  • his family adoring you
  • boys would embarassing him in front of you
  • he always believes in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself and vice versa
  • him thinking he’s not good enough for you and then you letting him know that he’s wrong
  • lots of quick kisses; on the forehead, cheek, top of your head, on his neck
  • boys making puking sounds every time you kiss in front of them
  • lots of hand holding; walking around town, cuddling, when one of you is hurt, just any time you two are close
  • fancy dinners
  • travelling with him 
  • him telling you bad jokes.
  • you laughing anyways
  • him looking at you as if you are a gift from heaven
  • cute nicknames!!!
  • falling asleep in each other’s arms
  • him messing up your hair
  • being so in love, and him never letting anything come between you


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No Control (Sam Wilkinson) - Chapter 1

Outfits w/ Short Imagines:

Fair w/ Sam Wilkinson

Jack Gilinsky asking you to be his girlfriend

Carter, Nash, and Jack Gilinsky teaching you how to swim

Netflix Date w/ Jack Gilinsky

Argument w/ Jack Gilinsky

Bad Storm w/ Aaron

Pep Rally w/ Hayes

Volleyball w/ Hayes

Nash teasing you for being short

Going to Utah w/ Cameron for event

Playing video games w/ Shawn

At the park w/ Matt

First sleepover w/ Jack Gilinsky

Watching KUWTK w/ Hayes

The boys teasing you and Hayes

Hanging out w/ Matt

Post argument w/ Hayes

Snow day w/ Hayes

Boardwalk w/ Jack Johnson

Wedding day w/ Cameron

First kiss w/ Shawn

Carnival w/ Nash

Babysitting Greyson w/ Aaron

Cuddling w/ Shawn

Dancing w/ Jack Gilinsky

Hanging out w/ Sam Wilkinson and friends

Shopping w/ Matt

Having bad cramps w/ Aaron

You can’t sleep w/ Matt

Awkward moment w/ Carter

Hanging out w/ Hayes and kissing

First kiss w/ Hayes

Making out w/ Matt

Nash teasing you and Hayes

Movie night w/ Aaron

Plane ride w/ Grant Landis

Semi-sexy nap w/ Matt

Having migrane w/ Hayes

Hanging out w/ Matt at Taylor’s house

Photo shoot w/ Cameron

Falling in love w/ Shawn

Prom w/ Hayes

Writing songs w/ Shawn

Going to a party w/ Jack Gilinsky

Truth or dare w/ Jack Gilinsky

Having bad cramps w/ Shawn

Taylor trying to make you jealous

Lazy day w/ Shawn

Seeing Jacob perform

Hanging out w/ Taylor

Working out w/ Nash

Having sex w/ Cameron for the first time (no smut)

Seeing Jack & Jack perform w/ Matt

Long boarding w/ Jack Johnson

Sick day w/ Shawn

Playing video games w/ Hayes

Singing w/ Shawn

Movie date w/ Gilinsky

Dance competition w/ Hayes

Gilinsky’s sisters wedding

Babysitting Skylynn w/ Hayes

Meeting Gilinsky’s parents

Disney Land w/ Gilinsky

Pumpkin carving w/ Kian

Boyfriend Girlfriend tag w/ Kian

Halloween w/ Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings gets jealous of Calum flirting w/ you

Cameron confesses his love to you

Meet & Greet w/ Cameron and you’re upset

Meeting Sam Wilkinson at a bonfire

You & Sam Wilkinson start dating

You & Shawn are secretly dating

Shawn tells you how he feels

On your period w/ Calum

At the beach w/ Calum

Road trip w/ Nash

Next morning after cheating on Hayes w/ Nash

Going to get a tattoo w/ Nate

Decorating the christmas tree w/ Nate

Outfits w/o Short Imagines

Amusement park date w/ Cameron

Movie night w/ Cameron

Prom w/ Shawn

Car Ride w/ Nash and Cameron

Prom date w/ Shawn

Six Flags w/ Taylor

Beach w/ Cameron and Taylor

Billboard Music Awards w/ Nash

Beach date w/ Cameron

Amusement park date w/ Matt

Beach date w/ Hayes

Spending the night w/ Cameron in the new apartment

Cameron waking you up in the middle of the night

Road trip to Panama w/ Taylor

Going to South Florida w/ Carter

Coffee date w/ Aaron

Hanging out w/ Cameron


Having a broken arm and Nash has to put your make up on

Six month anniversary w/ Taylor

Truth or Date w/ Jack Gilinsky

Argument w/ Carter

Argument w/ Carter Part 2

Nash gets sick

Sierra walks in on you and Jacob making out

Matt teaching you how to slow dance

You get scared of Gilinsky

Opening your college acceptance letter w/ Kian

At the grocery store w/ Luke Hemmings

Drake concert w/ Cameron

First kiss w/ Sam Wilkinson

Photo shoot w/ Sam Wilkinson

You’re pregnant w/ Shawn

About to have sex w/ Calum

Nash finds out you like him

At the mall w/ Nate and guys hit on you

Cheering Aaron up

Making muffins w/ Shawn and slow dancing


Kian Lawley (JC’s video w/ Kian turned you on)

Harry Styles: Mommy (I made this when i had the url beaufuckmehard for 1dsexualfrustrations)

Harry Styles: Fang Banger (I made this when I had the url beaufuckmehard for 1dsexualfrustrations)

Harry Styles: So Hot (I made this when I had the url beaufuckmehard for 1dsexualfrustrations)

Harry Styles: Now Do You Wanna Fuck Me? (I made this when I had the url beaufuckmehard for 1dsexualfrustrations)

Cameron Dallas (First time having sex together)

Taylor Caniff (Losing your virginity/cheating on Matt)

Matt Espinosa (Losing your virginity)

Jack Gilinsky (Make up sex)

Sam Wilkinson (Quickie)

Jack Gilinsky (He gets high)

Sam Wilkinson (High sex)

Jack Gilinsky (He gets jealous)

Jack Gilinsky (Sex in a utility closet)

Kian Lawley (Last time having sex)

Kian Lawley (Make up sex)

Luke Hemmings (You being dominant)

Luke Hemmings (You’re a virgin)

Cameron Dallas (Sex after the concert)

Cameron Dallas (Sex before his photo shoot)

Sam Wilkinson (He proposes to you)

Sam Wilkinson (One year anniversary)

Shawn Mendes (Drunk sex)

Shawn Mendes (Shower sex)

Calum Hood (Sex in the dressing room at the AMA’s)

Calum Hood (He gives you a massage and it gets heated)

Nash Grier (You can’t sleep)

Nash Grier (Cheating on Hayes)

Nate Maloley (Making love for the first time)

Nate Maloley (He comes home from the digitour)

Jack Gilinsky (Him playing with your naked, tied up body)

Picture Imagines

Taylor Caniff

Cameron Dallas

Taylor Caniff

Carter Reynolds

Shawn Mendes

Taylor Caniff (Dirty)

Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas

Nash Grier

Carter Reynolds

Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas (Kinda dirty)

Cameron Dallas (Dirty)

Taylor Caniff

Matt Espinosa (Dirty)

I hope you enjoy all these imagines, this took me three hours to make. Enjoy & request.


Hello, Veronica Mars fans! Drop your inhibitions and line up for cocktails, because it’s Cliff Week on VMHQ…and you know I like things tawdry.

Originally posted by veronicaneptunes

Veronica informs me next week is all about me, Neptune’s premier attorney, if by ‘premier’ you mean ‘affordable, and advertised on every park bench’. Loretta and I look forward to viewing all the gifsets, fan art and fanfic you create in my honor (which will hopefully have more to do with my rapier wit than that time I got robbed en flagrante at the Neptune Grand).

Just remember to tag everything #VMHQ Cliff week; we’ll be binge-watching KUWTK at my place all week, while drinking by-the-gallon-bourbon. And you know how blurry keyboard keys get, after you’ve had a few of those.

Now get on out there, you crazy kids, and make Uncle Cliff proud. And remember, if you’re ever in need of legal services…you should probably call someone else.

Originally posted by veronicaneptunes


Blue and I are coming out with a line of lollipops and suckers. It will be called Watch The Throne Kandy. Much like DadYe’s album, we don’t have a release date as of yet, but once Blue actually agrees to take a meeting from me I’m sure the line will be ready in time for the Holidays.