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Monster of the Deep VR—Vintage Posters

jesus christ all my bois are either gonna turn evil, is turning evil or was close on becoming evil—like cOME ONE DISNEY LEAVE MY BBYS ALONE???

the mess crew asking BTS “what is the craziest thing your fans has ever done to show their loyalty and affection to you guys?” instead of the usual stupid “what’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done/requested to/of you guys?” is so refreshing and pure. bless the mess crew.

Concept: Fallen London dating sim where you reach your Destiny (A Chilly Future) and become a Master of the Bazaar.

Now you can date other Masters.

There’s also a Mr Eaten route but you unlock it only after you complete all the other routes and get all the endings.


I died, watched some Steven Universe, resurrected and then I drew this before I die again.

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Hi! I️ hope you’re having a great day! I️ love your fics!! Good luck with nanowrimo!!

NONNIE, you sent me this so early in the game, and thank you so, so much for doing so. I can officially say I am FREE OF MY WORD PRISON as of 4:15 this afternoon

guess all family holidays are the same: me drinking & shredding my nails from anxiety, people getting snippy with each other, and watching weird dramatic movies

so keith is probably going to be with the blades during his bday and not w voltron… but instead of thinking about that think about kolivan researching human birthdays and throwing keith the most uncomfortable best party ever