watch it twice

Yall keep sayin Danny Rand is white in the comics and that aint even half the problem. Like yall completely missing the point. There are about 98 thousand other white boys who would have played a better Danny Rand, and Lewis Tan is not only asian but his acting is ten thousand percent better than Finn Jones. So if they were seriously considering Lewis Tan a trained martial artist and actor, what made them choose Finn Jones, who knew diddly squat about martial arts and his acting is the equivalent of watching paint dry?

Gotta be twice as good to get half as far.

  • Victor: about a hundred times I thought you were gonna give up, Yurio. What kept you going?
  • Yuri: hate.

My 2017 wish is for K-pop fans to stop hating on every Girl Group that does a cute concept and stop acting superior because they only like girl groups who do “hard” concepts. Like how many boy groups do “hip-hop” concepts, and you people don’t say shit. As soon as a girl group does something cute y’all come out of no where, like just stfu damn. When will the double standards stop???

lance: are you- are you saying i’m not your greatest rival?

keith: well, i mean. no?

lance: but, but who else drives you to one-up them the way that i do?

keith: .. the gladiators in the training room?

lance: someone alive, keith!

keith: then i’d currently say that i don’t have a rival. i am fighting a few, different, people.

lance: … what?

keith: i like to fight around.