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top 50 otps of all time ☆ #35. Rae Earl & Finn Nelson 

“When I look around, I see that everyone’s the protagonist of their own story. And the thing about stories is that not all of them have a happy ending. But some do.”

Hi guys! I hope you enjoy this Valentine’s drabble! Sorry its late! 

(also, @arathewallflower this is a bit of a different take on the candy heart one! an Idea just struck, xD)

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Sacrificial Friend - Part 2

Hey, thanks everyone for the likes, reblogs and comments on sacrificial-friend.

Sacrificial Friend - Part 2 

Chloe headed straight for Rae’s house the very next morning.  She was surprised that Rae didn’t seem particularly pleased to see her; she just scoffed at the tulips she gifted her and threw them on her desk.  Rae didn’t even offer her a cup of tea until it was obvious that she wasn’t leaving.  But after a couple of hours reminiscing and a bit of giggling it was like old times. Chloe managed to persuade Rae to meet up with her at the chippy the next day to hang out.  She’d heard that Finn and his friends would be there and hoped if Rae saw how fit they were she’d want to watch them running around a field in just their shorts too.  Just because Rae will never get a lad as fit as one those boys doesn’t mean she can’t drool at them too.

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The Honey House, Chapter 21


Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

Negan rolled over in the bed, his voice thick with sleep as he mumbled “wrap me up in those long legs baby doll.”

Rae pressed herself against the warmth of him, happy to oblige as he eased her leg around his waist and her cheek found a home on his shoulder. She liked being the big spoon, squeezing Negan tight and hiding under the covers as a new day crept into the room. It was the morning after the night before and it felt good, better than she’d expected.

She brushed her fingertips through the soft hair of his chest, letting her breathing fall in sync with the rise and fall of Negan’s body. It was like any lazy Sunday with a new boyfriend, the only thing missing was breakfast in bed and a broadsheet she could pretend to be interested in while the radio hummed in the background.

“You hungry baby?” he said, as if reading her mind but more likely hearing the gurgling of her stomach. Last night Negan’s body had seemed to satisfy her every craving, this morning she needed fuel for that fire that had burned for him.

“Starving,” her teeth grazed his shoulder like she might eat him up and he moaned happily at the attention before rolling over to face her.

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Rae of Sunshine- Chapter 6 Grapes

Pairing: Eric/OC

Fandom: Divergent

Rating: M

A/N: So so so sorry for the wait guys! School’s been really hectic, but I will not give up on this. Thank you to everyone that has kept up with Rae and Eric’s story and for being so supportive! I hope you guys enjoy!

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Once they made it back to the warehouse, Eric was called off for some matter pertaining to Dauntless security. This gave Rae the opportunity to find Joshua. She made her way to the dome hoping to find him. As she suspected, there he was readjusting a string of paper lantern. Rae stopped to admire Joshua’s form and tranquility. He was so calm, so patient, something she could only dream of having yet the only way for her was artificial.

Joshua turned to see Rae with an apologetic smile. “Rae, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about the other day. Look, I’m sorry about how I acted. I just don’t like how he’s…”

“I know. I don’t blame you. I’m sorry for everything, Joshua.” She said looking up to him. “For what, Rae? You’ve done nothing. It’s him.” He pointed out. Rae shook her head agreeing with Joshua’s statement. She knew telling Joshua that her punishment was to accompany Eric to the festival would upset him, but she hoped he would understand. She decided to wait and tell him after they rehearsed.

Rehearsing didn’t exactly go as planned, Rae had determined it was the serum that had caused her lack of concentration. Joshua had also taken notice in Rae’s behavior during their rehearsal. It was like the very first rehearsal they had ever had, but both shook it off and continued to try and fix the newly found kinks. Rae enjoyed laugh shared between them, she had almost forgotten everything that had happened so far. It all came flooding back to her when Joshua had asked her about the festival.

“So will I see you stomping grapes tomorrow?” Joshua asked playfully. “Umm yeah, something like that,” Rae mumbled, trying to avoid what she had to say next.

“Look, Joshua, I have to tell you something. Its… It’s about the festival tomorrow. It seems my punishment is to accompany Eric to the festival tomorrow.” She said trying to avert her gaze from him. Joshua didn’t say anything at first; Rae could tell he was trying to process everything. She was surprised when he spoke up moments later.

“Well, I’m sure you two will have a pleasant time.” He said harshly.

“Joshua please, I promise tomorrow night it’ll just be us,” Rae assured.

“Oh, you really think so? Rae, he’s pulling you and he’s not going to let go until he’s had all of you and you know that.” Joshua argued.

“That’s not going to happen! Joshua, I want you. I always have and I always will. I promise tomorrow night I’m yours and Eric’s not going to get in the way of that.”

Joshua embraced her as soon as the words fell from her mouth. “Don’t let him poison you, Rae.” Rae cringed at his words, knowing she was already full of poison but tried to push past it and enjoy the warmth coming off of him. A moment had passed and Rae realized she needed to get home to cook supper for Poppy. After Joshua released her from his firm hold, a smile laced her face. They said nothing as Rae slipped away still eyeing Joshua with her dazed smile.

The warehouse was full of fresh produce ready to be shipped out to the other factions. Johanna and Daniel through the numbers one more time to be sure they had everything prepared for the coming days delivery. They walked along the containers making sure they were all sealed tightly to avoid rotting.

“Looks like everything’s packed in and ready to go,” Daniel confirmed.

“Yes. Good work Daniel, your Erudite roots have certainly come in handy for Amity.” Johanna thanked. Daniel couldn’t help but grin at the recognition and sneak in a comment or two. “Well, its all analytical thinking and precision. Making sure everything runs smoothly, oh and meet our quota every day.” He spouted.

Johanna held a smile and let him continue with his triumph for a few minutes. “Well good work Daniel. Now, why don’t you go get some rest? We have a big, exciting day tomorrow.” With that, Daniel acknowledged Johanna’s command and headed out.

Johanna lingered in the warehouse for a while before being greeted by an unwanted visitor. “Johanna why don’t you look radiant tonight. Wow looks like Amity’s about to make a big delivery. I can only hope we’re on that delivery list.”

“What are you doing here? The rules are you don’t step foot in the compound! There are dauntless patrols everywhere! What if someone saw you?”

“Hey, Hey now calm down. No one saw me. And the rules are you make deliveries on time or have you forgotten?”

“No I haven’t you’ll have your delivery, but not tonight.”

“And why the hell not tonight? Hmmm.”

“There are Dauntless patrols everywhere. Tomorrow is our Jovial Festival, everyone will be distracted and if I know Dauntless they’ll be too drunk to stand. Here come at this time, its important you follow the directions precisely and I’ll handle the rest.” She explained handing and folded piece of paper to Kent.

Kent took the paper and inspected it thoroughly. “Damn woman you’ve got it all figured out don’t you. You know if I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re an evil mastermind.”

“I’m not I’m just a woman protecting her family. Something you know nothing about.”

“Yeah. Whatever I’ll let Him know about the scheduled pickup order. Oh and Johanna enjoy the Jovial Festival I always did. Especially the grape stomping, it always reminded me of crushing all the kindness and peace out of Amity.”

“Maybe that’s why you were asked to leave, Kent. Did you ever think about that?”

“Asked to leave? You’re really minimizing the fact that you kicked me out of Amity? Ha typical Amity.” He said walking off into the distance disappearing right before Johanna’s very eyes. Johanna took a deep breath, knowing what had to be done wasn’t going to be easy, especially with Dauntless there or more specifically, Eric. How was she going to keep him distracted long enough to deal with the Factionless?

Poppy had watched Rae push the same pile of green beans across her plate for the past fifteen minutes and about had enough.

“Sweet pea I don’t think moving those green beans around your plate is going to make them taste better.” He suggested.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Is something on your mind? It’s not boy problems, I hope.”

Rae lightly chuckled to his guess. “Something like that. Eric has commanded that I be the one to accompany him to the festival tomorrow.”

“Well, that’s wonderful. I’m sure you two will have a wonderful time. I knew I could sense something going on between you two.”

“Poppy! He commanded me! And why on Earth would you think I would actually enjoy being with someone like him?”

“Now listen to me young lady I maybe old but I’m not blind. I can sense an attraction between you two. You just have to get to know each other better. I’m sure you’ll find you have more in common than you think.”

Before Rae could even argue a knock came from the front door. Poppy smiled at the interruption and went to the door to greet their unexpected guests. No surprise that it was Johanna.

“My, my, it smells delicious in here.” Johanna smiled. “Please let me fix you a plate. Go ahead and take a seat, me and Rae were just talking about the festival.” Poppy offered.

“Ah yes, everyone seems to be excited about this year festivities. Aren’t you Rae?”

“Ecstatic,” Rae said sarcastically, still fiddling with a green bean stuck on her fork. Johanna’s eyebrow arched to Rae tone. Poppy then placed a steamy plate in front of Johanna and plopped down in a seat next to her.

“Rae has offered to accompany the Dauntless leader to the festival tomorrow.” Poppy chimed, shocking Johanna causing her to choke on her partially eaten green bean.

“Excuse me?” Johanna asked.

“Eric has decided that my punishment is to escort him to the festival tomorrow,” Rae spoke bluntly.

“Oh Rae I’m so sorry, I know he’s awful. Don’t let him get to you, okay.”

“Poppy seems to think we’re a match made in heaven, right Poppy. He’s right! Two monsters falling in love. How fucking romantic.” She said pushing herself away from the table.

“Rae!” Poppy yelled trying to stop her as she headed towards her room slamming the door behind her. Johanna and Poppy sat there in silence for a few minutes. “Well, I should go. Goodnight Poppy, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Johanna said to Poppy who was still thinking about Rae’s outburst.

“Goodnight Jo see you at the festival.”

As Johanna neared the door she couldn’t help but think of the advantage of having Eric be with Rae tomorrow. She knew she should be disgusted with the thought of Eric and Rae together but that would give her the distraction she would need for tomorrow. Guilt crept up on her, she knew she was using Rae as a pawn in a very dangerous game.

The slamming of the door shook the whole house, but that in no way had its effects on how Rae was feeling. She couldn’t believe Poppy would approve or even be overjoyed at the fact she had to accompany him to the festival tomorrow. How was she supposed to function tomorrow with Eric right beside her? Tomorrow was supposed to be her day but instead, it’ll be Eric’s day.

She needed to be fully aware tomorrow. It’s what would be best, no serum, no drinking, she needed to be on guard at all times. Even if it meant the chance of losing control she would just have to be able to calm herself. She nodded to herself determined to follow through with her decision.

Rae stripped off her clothes as she made her way to bed. Snuggling deep within the sheets she wondered what tomorrow would bring. What Eric would bring? Little did she know the two gray eyes looking in through the window that knew exactly what to bring.

She promptly woke up on her own time, her nerves were too wired to let her get a full night’s rest. Moving through the house, she felt on edge because of the day ahead of her. Hoping a shower would help settle her nerves she hopped in and was sadly disappointed.

For the Day-Time festival, she decided to go with her dark red wrap she promptly tied around her hip to make an uneven skirt and threw on her yellow tank top. Poppy must have felt sorry for what he said last night as he left her favorite, French toast. Rae smiled at the apology, he always knew how to give a great apology. She almost went against eating any, in fear of her nerves not allowing her to keep it down. She went against the feeling and shoved two pieces in her mouth feeling the warm maple syrup seep down the back of her throat.

She made her way to the door she wondered when or where she would meet Eric, they never talked about meeting before. As she opened her front door the back of a familiar dark figure was stood before her, immediately turning to greet her.

“Good morning Sunshine. I was about to break down the door to see if you were still alive in there. Let’s go we’re late.” Eric informed.

“We’re not late the festival doesn’t start until 9:00. It’s 8:55 we have five minutes.”

“In my world, five minutes is five minutes too late. Now come on and stop dragging. And by the way, you got a little…” he gestured to her face before stepping forward running his thumb over the side of her mouth and then bringing it to his mouth sucking the sticky substance off. “Syrup.” He grinned.

Rae was fuming but shook it off, quickly brushing passed him still hearing him chuckle.

They were lucky that they got to the festival when they had. All of Amity came out to celebrate the Jovial festival. The crowd was full of yellows and reds, but also a little bit of black, Eric being one of them. Rae and Eric were at the back of the crowd that was waiting on the commencement speech. Eric was not having it being in the back of the crowds and decided it would better suit him being at the front of the crowd. Without warning, he tugged Rae’s arm and pushed through the crowd causing all eyes on him and Rae. His hold was hard and firm on Rae’s arm warning her not to fight or struggle. Rae watched all the pairs of eyes on her and Eric, feeling highly uncomfortable. They finally made it to the front of the crowd, to which no one question with the look on Eric’s face.

Rae looked around to see if she could find any of her friends or more importantly Joshua. She was kind of thankful Eric had pushed to the front of the crowd even if was an asshole about it. Rae found Tibby waving frantically and then pointing to Zeke, who was looking elsewhere, Tibby smiled and then gestured to the other side of Rae. Rae turned to look over at Joshua, who had already spotted her in the crowd, which wasn’t hard when she was with Eric. Rae smiled to greet him to which he smiled back but then was tugged by a familiar devious smile, Cara. Rae brow furrowed to which Eric noticed and then looked in the same direction to connect the dots. He grinned at the transaction.

“Seems like flower boy is doing all right don’t you think?” he smiled looking down at Rae pouty face.

Rae looked up to say something but was interrupted by Johanna who was starting the Commencement speech.

“Welcome all. It overjoys me that we get to celebrate all our hard work, love and support of each other today. We welcome our friends from Dauntless, thankful we get to share today with you. We are the faction of peace. Together we grow and give life to a better tomorrow. We leave the past behind us and look to the future full of love and prosperity. My friends, we are here to celebrate the growth of our community. Please go forth and as always peace be with you.”

“Peace be with you.” The crowd replied.

And with that, the festival had begun.

The crowd soon scattered throughout the area, running to different games and activities. Rae watched them buzz with joyous screams and laughter. Eric and Rae hadn’t moved a muscle, they just watched the crowd for the first couple of minutes. Rae looked to Eric and wondered why they were just standing there. She thought he might be watching the crowd to see what joy and happiness actually looked like. She was growing irritated of just standing there. She didn’t want to just watch the festival even if she was with Eric.

“Well, what would you like to do first?” She asked.

“You tell me, Amity.” He quickly answered back.

“How about Apple chunkin? I think you’ll like that game. I think it’ll be right up your alley.” Rae suggested. She thought that maybe if they did activities Eric might like they would have a better time. She didn’t want to hear him complaining or insulting the Festival all day. Rae started towards the direction of the Apple Chunkin game as Eric just watched her lead. She turned to look at him, “You’re the one who wanted to get the full Amity experience.” She sarcastically stated.

Eric rolled his eyes at her smart-mouthed comment and followed suit.

“You better hope you impress me today, Sunshine.” He warned.

“Somehow I think that’s impossible to do.” She mumbled.

“Oh don’t worry, Sunshine. There are ways.” He assured her with a grin.

When they made it to where Apple Chunkin was being held the line miraculously dispersed. Rae did see one positive thing with being with Eric at the festival, no lines.

Apple Chunkin was actually a pretty simple game, but a lot of the games they had were. Amity only had a few competitive games as Amity believed being too competitive disrupted peace. The object of the game was to toss the apples in the furthest of the three buckets. Eric apparently wasn’t intimidated or impressed by the challenge.

“Seriously this is up my alley?” he asked.

“I thought this might be fun to start with. It’s more difficult than you think.” She replied.

Rae stepped up to the table grabbing one of the three red shiny apples. The first apple she tossed, she tried to get in the furthest bucket but missed by a hair. She could hear Eric snickering behind her but didn’t let it faze her. The second and third time she made it in the second bucket. She could hear all the clapping and cheering around as they did that with everyone because everyone was a winner. Eric looked unimpressed by Rae’s victory and a little annoyed at “the everyone’s a winner concept.”

“Your turn.”

“I’m not about to play some stupid apple game.”

“Come on! It’s really fun you might enjoy it and the first one to get it in the third bucket wins a prize!”

Eric rolled his eyes and stepped up to the table. It’s no surprise Eric made everyone in the third bucket. The crowd whooped and hollered, being impressed by Eric’s apple throwing precision. They presented him with the prize of a pinecone reef.

“Are you fucking serious? Fucking pinecones?”

“What? It’s scented.”

Eric stomped off throwing the reef to the ground, Rae picked it up giving it a sniff and followed after Eric. After playing the other small festival games, which Eric had conquered and won at, they stopped in to see what events were taking place in the center of the field.

Rae had forgotten about smash ball. It was definitely one of the most competitive games in Amity. The game originated in Erudite believe it or not, it was designed for quick strategy thinking with a little twist of Dauntless play. The leaders of Amity saw it fit to allow Amity members to play to learn about of factions even if it met getting competitive. A lot of Amity’s members liked the game, especially all of the men, they said it was something different from what Amity’s games were usually like.

The object of the game was to work with your teammates to get to the other side of the field. Points were acquired by whoever could hit their teams’ pole. The poles were at least 15 feet high and the higher you hit the pole the more points your team got. Eric looked intrigued, he had to have known how to play because of his Erudite and Dauntless background. He became more intrigued when he saw Joshua in line to play.

“Now this is up my alley Sunshine.”

“Why don’t we go over there and play Cobb the corn?” She said trying to sound convincing. Eric was already half way to the front before she could turn around to look at him.

“Eric!” she yelled.

Eric grinned at all the nervous looks he was getting from his opponents. His team, on the other hand, couldn’t be happier with their final addition. Joshua stare towards his opponent was cold. Eric appreciated the look, it let him know that the game was on. He loved the thought of pummeling Joshua in front of everyone especially Rae. Rae decided to watch from under a tree that was a few paces away from the crowd.

Rae was already on edge. She worried about the damage Eric would cause. She feared for Joshua, although he was one of the strongest men in Amity he was no match for Eric. No one was.

“Is the show about to start?” Tibby asked coming up from behind with Zeke at her side.

“They’re going to kill each other.” Rae blurted out.

“Who’s killing who?” Zeke asked

“Eric and Joshua.” Tibby elbowed to him.

“Oh. Nope only Joshua’s dying today nothing can stop Eric last time we played he put a guy in a comma. But don’t worry he woke up… two months later.”

“Oh God!” Rae shouted.

The sound of the whistle pulled Rae’s attention to the field. She quickly watched as the teams scattered around the field. Her eye quickly fell on Joshua making sure he was still alive. She looked around for Eric but could find him in all the chaos.

“Where’s Eric? Do you see him anywhere?” Rae asked.

“Yeah. He’s already at the goal post. Yay! Look at that not even a minute and he’s already scored!” Zeke roared.

Rae was surprised by the way Eric was playing. He was actually following the rules. He wasn’t being a brute like he usually was. Rae was impressed by his agility and sportsmanship. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him and found herself cheering for him. Rae had never found the game enjoyable to watch until this.

She would remember to check on Joshua, but that was easy as he was also the one making the majority of his team’s points. Both men were equally athletic which was a problem and the most challenging thing about the game. Anytime they would get close enough to each other to tackle or steal, they would just run parallel unable to catch one another.

The game was tied up with a minute left. Eric’s team had the ball so it all landed on Eric for the winning point. He didn’t seem the least bit nervous. Instead, he looked over to Rae grinning at her. She couldn’t help but reciprocate. Eric moved to his position without taking his eyes off of her. It just so happened that his position was right in front of Joshua. Knowing this, he made sure Joshua saw their interaction and even wink at him. Joshua was fuming with hatred; he wanted to take Eric down in front of everyone no matter what it took.

The final whistle blew, putting the play in motion. Eric was already heading towards the goal post. With no one behind him, not even Joshua he saw an easy win. But his instincts told him something was wrong. Joshua wasn’t behind him like he had been the entire game. He got ready to throw the ball as he was running but for a split second looked back to check for Joshua. Not seeing any sign of Joshua, he turned to look forward ready to throw the ball. Out of nowhere, Joshua came running towards him full speed. Eric knew he was about to go down so he decided to throw the ball earlier than he had previously planned but there wasn’t enough time. He threw the ball hoping it would reach the post. He didn’t have enough time to stop before Joshua threw the whole left side of his body on him. With that much force, Eric went down along with Joshua.

Everyone gasped from the dirty play. Joshua quickly got up showing no signs of injury, while Eric was still on the ground. Rae ran as fast as her legs could carry her to Eric. When she got there a group had already surrounded him to assess the damage. She pushed her way through, falling to her knees to see if he was okay. There was a bad gash above his eyebrow, but that wasn’t as important because he hadn’t moved.

“Eric! Eric! Are you all right? Can you hear me? God Damn it! Wake up you asshole!” Rae yelled.

Eric let out a grunt, probably because she called him an asshole. But that didn’t matter she was relieved he was showing some type of life. He opened his eyes and looked at all the people around him but then focused on Rae.

“Did we win?”

“Seriously you could have died and you’re asking if you won some stupid game?” She questioned angrily.

“It would have been worth it,” he chuckled.

It turns out they did win with Eric sacrifice, that and Joshua fouled out because of his play. Rae couldn’t even look at Joshua after what he did. Rae decided to get Eric to the stables where she could properly address the gash on his head. She sat him on a hay bell that was facing all the horses giving the kids a ride around the fence. Rae first wanted to clean the wound before anything.

“This might sting a little.” She said dabbing some alcohol on the cloth. At first, Eric flinched which was odd for Rae to see, as he always seemed on guard in front of her. She smiled to herself thinking about it as Eric had an annoyed look on his face.

“What are you smiling about?”

“Nothing. It’s just a Dauntless leader sitting on a hay bell is kind of comical if you think about it” she giggled.

“I wouldn’t be sitting here if your psycho boyfriend wouldn’t have played dirty.” He argued.

“Please can we not talk about that, I’m just as upset as you are.” She begged.

“So you’re upset I got hurt? Sunshine? Were you worried about me?” He questioned, grinning.

“No. I mean I just…it just was right what Joshua did.” She tried to explain.

“That’s not what it sounds like to me, Sunshine. I think you care about me because you have feelings for me.”

“I do not! Honestly, you’re so arrogant you know that? Now hold still.” She snapped.

Rae carefully started stitching him up and tried to only focus on the task at hand but Eric wasn’t done with the conversation. “You can deny it all you want Sunshine, but I feel it and you feel it too.” He said grabbing her wrist, making her look him in the eye.

“Stop fighting it and let it happen. You know you want it too.”

Rae buckled under his stare. He wasn’t tricking her about how he felt, she could see it in his eyes.

“Ahh your stitched are done.” She said standing quickly to put some distance between them.

“Perfect now what’s next?” he asked standing up. “Eric you don’t need to do anything but sit and rest,” Rae said.

“Oh come there’s not one thing you’ve been dying to do all day at the stupid festival?” he questioned.


“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. This is your favorite thing?” he said looking at the ankle deep pool of mashed grapes.

“Oh come on I swear this is the best thing at the festival.” She said.

“I rather get hit again.” He confessed.

“Please, it’ll be fun I swear!” She begged.

“I’m not doing that, I might have gotten knocked in the head but I didn’t lose my dignity.”

“Are you scared?” Rae laughed. “The big bad Dauntless leader scared of a kiddy pool full of grapes. Or is it the fact I get to see your feet? Are they that ugly?” She giggled.
Out of frustration Eric furiously kicked off his shoes. Rae watched, laughing at how much of a child he was acting. Rae took off her shoes and grabbed at her skirt hiking it up to not get it too dirty. Eric watched with gleeful eyes.

“Don’t get too excited.” She said.

“Are you ready?” she questioned.

“I’m getting you back for this later. You know that right.” He threatened.

“Oh come on.” She gestured to him.

They both stepped in the pool feeling the squishiness under their feet. Rae immediately smiled at the sensation while Eric frowned. “Well now what?” Eric asked with a disgusted tone. “Now we stomp!” Rae said as she started stomping making Grape juice fly everywhere. Eric was very timid with his stomping, which only made Rae laugh harder.

“So what happens after they’re all smashed up?” he asked.

“Oh, you don’t know? this is the wine for tonight.” She answered.

Eric’s facial expression was full of disgust and astonishment.

“I’m kidding. We usually dump it in the fields it helps fertilize the land. Why are you only doing baby stomps? Come on you’re a Dauntless leader you can do better than that.” Rae pushed.

“Exactly! I’m a fucking Dauntless leader, not a fucking child. This is ridiculous it’s fucking gross and it’s fucking slippery!”

“No this is fun something you know nothing about I bet. What do you guys punch each other in the face to have a good time?” Rae argued.

“No! We have the pit. It’s a club and we occasionally have a couple of fighting matching each night. It’s better than this shit.”

“I should have known Dauntless had a place called the “pit” and this isn’t stupid asshole this is fun,” Rae said kicking grape juice at Eric. “Hey, fucking stop that shit what are you a child?” He said kicking back at her. They continued their grape splashing until Eric missed his footing and fell. His whole body was covered in grape juice. His hair was no longer cropped neatly on top of his head but instead dripping purple juice along his face, covering his forehead.

Rae couldn’t breathe because of she was laughing so hard. Seeing Eric, the fearless Dauntless leader in a kiddy pool covered in grape juice was priceless. But Eric wasn’t about to suffer alone, he quickly yanked at Rae skirt pulling her down towards him. She was now a purple tint and was stunned by his actions. Eric roared with laughter, which only continued their grape fight. They were actually having fun together, rolling around, wrestling in the grape kiddy pool.

As they rolled around, Rae was suddenly on top of him. Noticing this she tried to move but Eric had her to pin to his lap not letting her get away from him. Rae stopped fighting him after a while and began wiping pieces of grape from his face, smiling. Maybe Eric could actually be a nice guy she thought. Her fingers traced over his soft lips. Eric gently moved strands of hair from her face caressing her. The look between them made Rae feel dizzy and confused. She felt something hard against her, at first she didn’t know what it was but the grin on Eric’s face said it all. She gasped and looked up to see if anyone was around them and noticed they were the only ones left in the pool and realized she was supposed to be at Tibby’s a while ago.

Eric tried to keep her there but she quickly stumbled off of his lap. She looked like a deranged lunatic getting out of the pool. Covered in grape juice she tried to straighten herself out as best as she could and turned to look at Eric who was still relaxing in the pool enjoying the view. She thought about saying something but decided to just walk away. As she turned Eric called out to her.

“See you tonight, Sunshine. I expect you to meet me at the front of the Dome before the party starts. Oh and don’t be late.”