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Eighteen (Dino/Chan Smut)

Summary: Does being just a little bit older help? Or is it maturity that matters? You help Dino find that out. High School AU. Smut.

(AN: okay, this took way longer than anticipated. this was supposed to be a little dino smut to wet the palette but oh well. I was listening to 5 Seconds of Summer’s 18 and everything about it screamed for a Dino fic so this happened - and before you scream at me, I’m going by international age, which I always do, because it confuses me far less. and internationally Dino is 17. also I went looking for inspo cause everywhere Dino is portrayed as the cute cute cutie and i found the Boys Wish cover of Dumb Dumb and holy shit man when was that choreo so sexual that video is amazing go watch it nooow. also a certain someone - you know who you are - has just been weighing me down to the brim with sexual frustration and this fic has done nothing to help that so yeah. warnings: implied drug use, implied alcohol use, actual alcohol use, implied Hoshi/DK - kinda not really implied?? whatever - a prolonged cameo from Amber that I got way too carried away with you’re not welcome, it’s also high school au, also warning for smut. obviously. -Tanisha<3)

This was a bad idea. This was a freaking bad idea, and deep down he knew it, but this was really his first fleeting wave of doubt. Mostly because the line was moving now and he was getting closer to the front, getting closer to the very large, scary bouncer who would take one glance at his ID and know how fake it was and probably beat his ass, just to set an example. Yeah, that was probably it. And it wasn’t even chilly outside but he could feel a shiver run down his spine as he clutched at the little piece of plastic inside his pants pocket.

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I can’t understand why I’ve decided to watch “High speed! Free! Starting days” trailers again… Now I’m not sure how I’ll manage to wait until December.. I want to watch it nooow! >.<