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To the creators and to everyone in the Yuri!!! on ice fandom

I just want to say Thank You

It has been a complete privilege to be part of this wonderful and amazing fandom. Yuri on ice has taught me a lot of things and I am grateful.

All these weeks of waiting for that one episode to finally come. All those headcanons that we try and make so that we’d have some clue as to what the next episode might be like, but still get completely floored when we finally watch it. Over-analyzing every little detail there is. Those moments where we cried about our beloved characters and wishing we’d be there to comfort them and tell them that it’ll all be okay. I love you guys so much, even though we’ve never interacted before. We share the same love for this show. This little show that has broke all the rules there is. Breaking the norms and constructs of what is usually done.

Our show might be over but the fandom is not. We’re still here and we’re always going to be here. If there really is a second season then you bet your ass that we’re still gonna be here, cheering on our beloved characters as they go through another round of facing their fears and overcoming them. I am not leaving this fandom and this show because for the little amount of time that it ran, it has touched my heart and made me fall in love. I hope you did too.

So, dasvidaniya and see you next level!!

“My eyes! My virgin eyes!” with Carl drabble

Your POV: You and Carl were sitting on the couch watching some TV show when Carl needed to change his clothes, he had spilled his drink on himself, you just sat there for about 5 minutes when you finally had enough of waiting, you walked up the stares into his room, that he shared with Ian and Liam, but mabie you should have just waited because of what you walked in on, “My eyes! My virgin eyes!"You yelled upon seeing Carl with nothing but his underwear on, "Y/N really! Your a teen I bet you have seen guys chests before!"Carl said pulling on his new pair of shirt an shorts on, "Still what has taken you so long?!"You said while sitting on Ian’s made bed, "I couldn’t find any clean clothes sorry"He said grabbing your hand pulling you up and going back to watch TV.

I love this like alot! -AdminBrook

ok wait so guys; imagine the night isak gets home from the party…

  • noora and eskild are still awake bc its not that late at night, and they’re watching a movie
  • isak slams the door shut and he’s off to his room and eskild asks him, sort of jokingly, “what the hell’s your problem?”
  • and isak glances at them for a second
  • and fuck. he’s crying.
  • and suddenly everything feels very serious.
  • eskild stands up and asks, “are you ok? is this about your parents?”
  • isak hesitates, considers just ducking away, but honestly?? he needs someone to talk to, he feels like he’s going fucking insane.
  • he shakes his head.
  • “is it..even?”
  • isak nods and he fucking just spills out EVERYTHING. everything that’s happened. everything he’s feeling. how he’s scared everyone hates him, and how he risked everything and coming out for someone who does’t like him, how his mom keeps sending him bible verses and it makes him feel like he’s a sin and he wished his dad could’ve just fucking stayed, and he feels so fucking alone.
  • and it sounds angry at first, like he’s yelling, but the more it progresses, the closer to tears he is, and he finishes with a cracked voice. he stops talking because he doesn’t trust himself not to cry.
  • and he looks down. he’s embarassed. he thinks they’re going to tell him he’s stupid.
  • noora and eskild both are P I S S E D.
    • that fucking asshole, who does he think he is?? to treat you like that?? to lead you oN???
    • i’m going to fight him
      • noora you can’t fight him
      • i’m goING TO FIGHT HIM
  • and isak sits down with them and they pat his head and make him tea and assures him that no one hates him and they’re all just worried and isak feels a lot better
  • he feels safe
  • they all fall asleep on the couch
  • the next mornnig, the doorbell rings. eskild goes and gets it.

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Decorations (Avengers x Reader) - 12 Days of Fic-Mas

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Thor, Bruce Banner and Clint Barton

Persona: Female

Word Count: 962

Warning: Swearing

Request: FicMas request!! can I have an avengers X reader where everyone goes on a mission and she ops to stay back and while everyone is gone she decks the whole tower with Christmas decorations and she had FRIDAY order a big tree and everything and they all come back to a beautifully decorated tower. thanks boo 

A/N - <3

“Hey guys wait up!”, you called quietly, your sweatpant clad legs tried to move as fast as they could to catch up with the Avengers who were boarding the Quinjet.

“What the hell (Y/N)?”, Clint scolded as he watched your figure get closer to the plane, “Didn’t we tell you to stay in bed and rest? You’re still sick”. His over-protective-dad side was showing through again. You nodded your head with a smirk, “Yeah but it’s me. I’m coming anyway so budge up”, you started to cough but covered it up with a weird sounding laugh.

“Yeah, no way kiddo, we don’t want to catch whatever you have so rest up”, Tony said popping his head around the door, he eyed you carefully and grimaced when you sneezed. “C’mon I’m not that contagious!”, you protested. “For once I’m going to agree with Tony sweetheart, you need to stay here and relax”, Natasha shouted from somewhere inside the Quinjet, her voice echoed off of the metal. “Aww please let me, I haven’t been on a mission in forever”, you whined stomping your foot slightly on the ground, you sneezed again, “Please Steve!”, you begged deploying your best puppy-dog eyes.

Steve started to frown as he tried to make a decision, you almost had him but Clint butted in, “Steven Rogers if you let her step onto this Quinjet I will personally see to it that this mission will be your last”. 

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So Oblivious

*INTP finishes talking to some overly friendly guys before walking back to friend*

Friend: *giggles* Wow, that was interesting to watch.

INTP: What was?

Friend: You talking to them. I’ve never seen someone being so blatantly hit on like that! It was pretty entertaining to watch. And you were handling it so well! I was very surprised.

INTP: *blinks slowly* Wait, what??? They were hitting on me???

Friend: *stares blankly at INTP* You can’t be serious.

INTP: Why wouldn’t I be serious?

Friend: *face palms* Oh my god, how dense are you??? I’ve never known someone so oblivious, how do you even survive in the world???

INTP: *still trying to wrap their head around the fact that they were being hit on* I’m not entirely sure.

Friend: I mean, why did you think they approached you in the first place?

INTP: *shrugs* I don’t know, I just thought they were some overly friendly people. And honestly, why would someone choose to hit on me in the first place???

Friend: Because you’re attractive? What else do you need?

INTP: *frowns* That’s hardly enough reason to hit on someone.

Friend: *sighs*

INTP: What????

Friend: I really feel bad for whoever wants to go on a date with you because you’d probably think they’re being “overly friendly”.

INTP: *laughs* Probably.

Asking For Trouble - Kol Mikaelson X Reader

Imagine trying to seduce Kol for fun, but you find yourself in real trouble

 Words: 3223

Warnings: aggression, protective friends, flirting, possible language, mild smut


Another boring Friday night in Mystic Falls stuck at The Grill with Jeremy and Tyler, waiting for Matt to finish work so you could all hang out. Being One of the boys was so much more natural, plus with a body like yours, what guy wouldn’t want to watch you laze around all over them like you did, especially seeing as you hadn’t physically aged in the last 500 years or so. Still looking like the 19year old you were when you were murdered, seemed to have it’s advantages, and with all that time on your hands, you had all the time in the world to learn about anything and everything including getting what you wanted when you wanted even without compulsion. Leaning on the edge of the pool table you watched Tyler try to take the shot, and miss… again. But his appalling shot had left an even worse one open for you. Being 5ft7 had it’s advantages, but when it came to playing pool it was a pain in the ass. Leaning across the pool table and being careful not to touch anything other than what was required you lined up a perfect 3 ball shot and sunk it. With a groan Tyler took the cue from you and looked for a way to salvage his game and possibly his ever shrinking pride.

After ordering another round of drinks from Matt, Jeremy picked up the cue while I set the game back up. “You break Gilbert” I giggled. “See if you do a better job than the puppy over there”.

“I will bite you, Y/N/N” he growled at me.

“Oh that’s a great idea, lets give the Original family a reason to come back to town now that all of them are alive again, dumbass!” Jeremy groaned.

“Oh come on now mate! We had some great times when you were oblivious” exclaimed a british accent from behind me.

“So it’s true, you made it through to portal before the other side collapsed Kol?” Jeremy questioned.

“yeah I did mate, thanks for the concern and all, seeing as you and your miserable sister.. No wait cousin… whatever murdered me.”

“I will admit it was for no good reason, and you were right about Silas” Jeremy replied.

“well isn’t that great, you idiots had to learnt the hard way and get me killed in the process” he said as he looked around the bar. “Well, well, well who do we have here?” He exclaimed as his eyes rested on me.

“Y/N Y/L/N” I smiled.

“Pleasure darling” he drawled as he took my free hand and kissed it.

“Are you for real Mikaelson? I might be 500 years old but that doesn’t mean that old school flattery works on me” I challenged.

“Oh I like pretty little things with sharp tongues” he claimed falling into step with me as I walked around the table.

“Then how about I show you just how sharp my tongue is Mikaelson?” I bit back.

“Oh darling” he whispered over my shoulder, “I would love to know how sharp that tongue is”

“Let me make this clear, Mikaelson, you are not my type darling” I mocked.

“Whatever you say Y/N Y/L/N/” he winked as he walked past me brushing his hand against mine. As he left the boys all looked at me worriedly for a moment. Once we knew he was gone, we went back to our game of pool with a fresh round of drinks and an elephant in the room until Matt finished work. Then we headed back to Tyler’s mansion to sit up drinking and playing x-box all night.

Waking up the next morning I rolled over hearing a knock on the door. Who the bloody hell would be here at this time of the morning. As I reached the front door I peered through the glass, not able to see a silloutte. As I opened the door, I discovered an envelope on the door mat with my name elegantly handwritten on it. As I picked up the envelope I could smell a familiar intoxicating scent that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I took one final look around to see if there was anyone else around before closing the door and heading to the kitchen. By this time the boys were also up and starting on breakfast for themselves. I walked to the fridge and pulled open the drawer looking for a blood bag to start the day, seeing as being a vampire has it’s downsides one of them being the need to use blood as sustenance.

“Who is that from?” Matt questioned, noticing the envelope on the bench.

“No idea, haven’t opened it yet. You wanna do it for me seeing as ive got my hands full?”

“Sure” he smiled. Suddenly his face dropped. “Y/N/N/, it’s from a certain Original you may have met last night…”

“Hahahahaha” Tyler screamed. “Bet you can’t talk yourself out of this stalker”.

“What does he want with Y/N/N/, Matt..?” Jeremy questioned.

“To make a better first impression. He wants a do over” Matt looked up worried about my reaction.

“Are you kidding me? Hahahaha that is brilliant! I’d heard the Mikaelson’s were a demanding bunch but requesting a do over on a first impression is needy.” I giggled.

“What are you going to do?” Jeremy asked.

“Go to visit an old friend, it seems I require to discuss this with Elijah” I replied.

“You know Elijah?” the three boys exclaimed.

“Of course!” I giggled. “I met him in the 1920’s. Great style and I’m pretty sure was hiding from Niklaus.”

“Okay…” Tyler said hesitantly. “Be careful”.

“Never Ty, I laugh in the face of danger Ha Ha Ha” I exclaimed sarcastically.

“Seriously Lion King references now?” Tyler groaned.

“Yeap!” I smiled. ‘Im going to get dressed and head off. Ill see you guys later.“ I grinned.

An hour later I was walking to the front door of what had been the abandoned Mikaelson Mansion. As I got closer I could hear heated voices inside.

"Kol! You did what!?” a familiar voice exclaimed.

“It’s not like I compelled her or anything, I just had to touch her skin and see if it was as soft as your journals said it was” he whined.

At this point I felt it necessary to knock on the door.

“Y/N/N!?” Elijah exclaimed as he opened the door.

“Lijah!” I grinned back.

“Wow, Y/N/N didn’t think you would look so different”

“Hahaha what the hair?” I giggled having recently dyed it bright purple.

“Yeahh, please come in” He smiled.

As I entered I heard a familiar british accent.

“Brother, aren’t you going to introduce me?”

“Kol you have already had the pleasure of meeting Y/N/N” Elijah growled.

“Y/N/N..? I thought you said your name was Y/N/N?” He questioned.

“It is. My friends call me Y/N/N. I picked up the nickname as a kid and its kind of stuck with me” I smiled.

“Oh.. okay… care to elaborate on how you got the nickname darling?” He purred.

“Nup” I smiled. “You have to earn that privilege Mikaelson”.  

“Oh, playing hard to get, are we? Don’t you know that it is dangerous to deny me what I want darling?” He growled.

“Oh I wasn’t playing hard to get. I’m just not interested in a pretentious little boy with a big ego and a British accent”, you giggle.

“Come now Y/N/N, we have about a century worth of catching up to do I believe? And from your hair I can tell there is a lot to tell?” He grinned walking away from Kol towards an open set of doors.

“Why I do believe you are partially correct, Lijah! But the hair was for shock value, seeing as I went back to school and all..”, I replied catching up to his brisk pace.

“You were always one for shock value, weren’t you my dear?” He smiled.

“Well, when you put it like that you make it sound like a bad thing, Lijah!” I fake whined. “Anyway, wasn’t that what got your attention in the 1920’s? Wearing a pair of shorts? God I think Beka and I even caused a car accident that day if I recall?”

“Well what did you expect sweet-art? With a set of legs like that, in full view. How else was the male population to respond. I think even you brother, couldn’t help but spit out your drink?”, came another familiar male voice.

“Nik!” I jumped up.

“I had forgotten how affectionate you are for somebody who came from London” he grinned. “And I hear you met out infamous little brother last night… how did that go down with the little Gilbert hunter?”

“About as well as you would expect, Nik. Especially when he hit on me infront of the boys… went down about as well as a fart in a space suit” I giggled back.

“And well does that go down Darling…?”, came a drawling voice from behind me.

“Well considering you had Tyler, Matt and Jer considering ways to jump you once you left.. Yeah I’d say you caused a stir, especially when you touched me..” I got up and turned to him. “Ty is a good guard dog when he wants to be.. A little over protective though, seeing as I can take care of myself” I winked at Kol as I brushed past him.

All of a sudden I felt his hand at my wrist and my body was slammed up against a wall.

“Kol!” Screamed Nik and Lijah.

“Leave it guys, I’m a big girl. I can handle a cheeky brat.” I grinned at Kol.

All of a sudden he let go of you with an evil smirk on his face.

“How do you plan on handling me, Darling?”

“Oh darling!” you mocked. “I plan on tormenting you in public so that you can’t touch me without drawing attention. So I think that you should be at the Grill at 7:30 tonight. Only if you are game though.”

And with that you walked to Elijah and Nik hugged and kissed them goodbye and promised to come back and catch up.

As you left through the front door, Elijah grabbed you quickly.

“Y/N/N, just be careful with Kol. You know his past, so just be careful how far you push him. I know you and him both like your games, but he wears his heart on his sleeve unknowingly.”

“Elijah, my dear friend, I’m not planning in pushing him too far. I just want some not so serious company, like you used to be occasionally in the 20’s.” you smiled.


At 7:00pm you walked into The Grill in a little tight black dress, my long purple hair in ringlets. As you walked up to the bar you felt Ty and Jer’s eyes on you. you sat down infront of Matt at the bar and smiled.

“Your usual gentleman tonight miss Y/N/N?” He smiled.

“Yeah please Matt and keep them coming. It’s going to be an interesting evening.”

After your third Jack Daniels and Coke, you got up realising it was just before 7:30, and you figured you should stand up before you drink yourself stupid. As you stood up you tripped over the edge of the chair and as quick as you vampire reflexes were, they weren’t going to be enough. But then suddenly you stopped falling.

“Easy there Darling. I don’t want tonight to be too easy” he winked.

“Kol!” you smiled. “You came!”

“Darling, I have to admit, you look delicious” he smiled.

“Thank you, Kol” you purr.

“Now now darling, that is a dangerous look to be giving me” he grinned. “Would you like to eat or play some pool?”

“It depends on what you were planning on eating” you wink.

“Well I’d love to eat you right about now, but let’s leave that till later.”

“Let’s play some pool and we can find something to eat later” you giggle.

You played pool for a while, and Matt supplied us more and more alcohol. Jer and Ty kept their eyes on us the whole time, watching for any move of Kol’s that they deemed threatening. After winning, every game, Kol pretended to beg for once last game. You obliged seeing as you both hadn’t quite drunk the Grill out of alcohol, yet. As you started the next game you noticed that everyone had started to leave, making the room quieter. As you leant over to take a shot that would win you the games, you felt his hand on your hip. You try to refocus on the shot and as you breathe out to slide the cue through your fingers he squeezes your hip throwing you off balance. you stand up and spin round at full speed, only to collide with Kol, who pressed himself up against your body.

“Going somewhere, Darling?” Kol smirked into your ear.

“Yeah, I’m going to freshen up and then I’m going to find something to eat. Will you join me?” you pur.

“Sounds good, Darling.  Do you need a hand in there?” He grinned.

“I’m pretty sure I can handle myself” you winked as you walked away towards the bathrooms.

As you stood in front of the mirror you realised how flushed you looked. And that he deserved some payback. You quickly took your underwear off and shoved them in your purse. As you stepped out into the bar, you looked across to where he stood at the bar his back stiffened, knowing he could smell the scent of your excitement that was practically dripping down your legs.

“Ready to go, Kol” you smiled sweetly as you touched his arm.

“Of course, Darling” he smirked slipping his arm around your waist and pulling you against him, and walking me out of the grill into the street. All of a sudden he had you pinned up against the wall fangs out and all, growling at you as if you were a threat.

“wow, you really know how to convince a girl to come home with you” you giggled, to hide your arousal from his vampire face.

“Seriously, Y/N/ you are beyond tempting!” he growled, his lips brushing your ear.

“Then take what you want, and convince me that it’s what I need, darling” you winked mockingly.

He pushed you up against the wall further, pushing you into the bricks, which were crumbling to the ground under your feet which were now dangling off the ground.

Without time for a breath his lips crashed up against mine, his hands keeping me pressed against the wall as I felt him press himself up against me. Feeling his bulge pressed on me I let slip a giggle.

“Something funny Darling?” He asked against your lips.

“Yeah just didn’t know you were so easy to control.  I’d heard you were the demanding one who couldn’t be controlled but it looks like I’ve got you wrapped around my finger” you winked as you lifted your hand in front of his face.

“Be careful what you start Y/N/N. You might not be able to finish it.” He growled as his lips moved along your jawline to your neck just under your ear. The hitch in your breath was all he needed and in a blur you both had made it to the front door of his house, your hands and lips touching his skin where you could while he attempted to get inside. In sheer frustration he turned around and pinned you up against the door.

“I’d ask you to stop for just a moment so we can get inside” he panted, his lips brushing up against your ear. His hands grabbing at my clothes, torn between waiting to get inside and wanting to finish what we had started. You quickly spun around with my back to him and kicked the doors open.
“Happy now?” you purred as his hands reached your waist and started to squeeze.
“What you didn’t want to cause a spectacle and do it on the front stairs, Y/N?” he whispered kissing along my neck.

“Nope. I want you all to myself Master Kol” you mock.

Well, then I guess you shall have what you want" he smirked and without warning picked you up and appeared at the door of what you could only assume was his room.

Within moments his hands were back on your body and his lips on your skin. You weren’t going to fight him anymore. You wanted it just as bad as he did. But all of a sudden he stopped and looked at youe.

“What’s wrong, Kol?” you questioned worriedly.

“I’m just deciding what would be the best way to torture you as pay back for your behaviour in the bar” he smirked.

And without a moments warning you found myself pinned down on his bed, his hands roaming your body but never touching the exact spots you are craving.

His hands traveled down your body to your legs, then as they traveled back up his lips made contact with the bare skin of your legs. As he worked his way up your body his hands slid up underneath the skirt of your dress. His fingers brushed along the wet lips between your legs making you moan out in pleasure.

“Oh, is that what you want? You want me to touch you there?” he growled as his fingers brushed over them again. Your uncontrollable moan was enough to encourage him to start kissing your upper thighs as he moved the tight material to reveal your bare core. His lips almost touching your core, but his hot breath was enough to nearly send you over the end. Then he moved his way back up your body, placing kisses from your hips over your stomach between your breasts and up along your neck where his hands cupped your face. His lips gently brushed yours and then you felt his hands tighten on your face. Suddenly, you felt the short sharp crack of your neck snap.


As you woke you felt the ache in your neck, you were going to kill him for that nasty little trick. As you went to move your hands to your neck you realised you couldn’t. In your unconscious state he had tied you to the bed and placed your underwear back on you, so you were wearing nothing but bra and panties.

“You’re awake Darling” he smirked from the doorway.

“Are you freaking kidding me Kol!?” You yell at him.

“Nope. This is for that nice little trick you pulled at the bar. It’s going to be a very long night for you darling. But feel free to scream, nobody else is home”

And with that he was beside the bed beginning to slowly caress your bare skin, with occasional kisses. His touch being so torturously slow you whined as he avoided the parts of you that were craving him.

“Oh my Darling, this is only the beginning, we have all night. You will be sorry for torturing me. It’s going to be a long night.” He smirked as he climbed on top of you.

It was definitely going to be one hell of a long night…

Happy anniversary of when Lewis became a ghost!


What I meant was Happy anniversary to Mystery Skulls Animated!

Because I just had to do something for this occasion. An entire year has gone by and I still love this music video.  Thank you to Mystery Ben and Luis for making this music video a reality and for inspiring a community. Because of guys like you, I was able to meet some pretty cool people.

Gaaah. Words are failing me yet again. Anyways, Happy Anniversary everyone!


Imagine you are Sam and Dean’s little sister (12 years old) and you get in trouble. So, Dad comes and save the day.

You’ve been waiting in front of the school for an hour and you are pissed. You’re brother Dean was supposed to come and pick you up, but he still hasn’t showed up. So, the only thing you can do is wait there sitting on a bench watching everything that catches your eye.
“Hey! Freak!” A guy yelled after you.
You glance towards him sighing at the sight of his gang coming with smirks on their faces.
“What do tou want?” You asked him annoyed.
“You’re still waiting for your brother or he abandoned you?”
“My brother is late, that’s all”.
“Yeah, you can say that to yourself. You know my brother is older than me from only two years. Your brother is already an adult. That’s way too old. Guess you were an accident”.
“You don’t know anything about my family” you growled.
“Guys!“ He laughs turning around to his friends pointing at you "freak here is angry. You know, maybe your family doesn’t want you because you are way to weird to exist”.
You frown at him. Why the hell was he saying these things to you? You bearly know the guy. Well… you did humiliate him in front of his friends when he was bulliying a guy in the school.
“Just shut the fuck up” you told him.
“Ooh… Guys, you think this language comes from her father? I’m sure he says that to you a lot. Your mom too”.
You look at him with a death glare. He just brought up your mother, and even though you never knew her, no one can talk about her like that.
With a jump, yoy get up on your feet’s and punch the guy right in the face with all you got in. The hit was hard, with all the training she jas and the adrenaline comming from her anger.
“Fuck!” Yelled the boy “get her!”
Two boys grabs your arms stopping you from moving. You try to get out of their grip, but it doesn’t work as excepted.
The leader hits you strong in the stomach.
“You hit girls” you laughed catching your breath “that’s nice.
"You no girl, freak”.
With these words he hits you again in the face making his friends laugh.
He hits you again and again. You donmt understand why in each school you go you have to get yourself beat up like this.
And this time you hope that Dean won’t come. If he arrives you know he’ll just be angry, he’ll probably fight them off, but you can take care of yourself. He always been protective over you.
“Hey!” A familiar voice yelled “get away from her”.
The kids suddenly look scared and lets you go making you fall on the ground catching your breath.
They run away shouting something, but you didn’t care to listen.
You look up and see your father comming towards you looking angry.
Great, just great, you thought.
You stare at him shocked that he is here. He was gone a hunting trip and wasn’t supposed to be back until tommorow night.
“You okay?” He asked helping you up.
“Dad?” You said suprised.
John examines quickly your face and sighs angrily, he hates to see his daughter hurt.
You on the other side was scared. Your father always told you to not fight and each time you did, he would get mad and make you clean the guns for a month or more, and you hate that.
Once in his truck, John turns towards you as you look down at your hands ashamed and try to ignore the pain.
“(Y/N), what happened?”
“I-I… I didn’t want to fight, but they were saying some things and I snapped… sorry I broke the rule”.
“What kind of things, and say the truth”.
“Well…” You bite your lip “that Dean wouldn’t come because you want to abandon me and that I’m a freak and that… You and …. Mom talk to me like I’m a piece of shit…”
John sighs anger invading him too. One of his wish always have been for you to meet Mary.
“Dean didn’t come because the Imapa has some problems” he said “luckly I was on my way when he called me. I tried to call you, but you didn’t answer”.
“I dropped it and it broke” you said.
The truth is that when you helped the guy being bullied someone pushed you and lucky as you are your cell broke.
“You should be more careful with your stuff, especially your cell. If you were in danger like know… You could’ve call us”.
“Yes sir, I will never do this again”.
“Also, if one day I abandon you, it’s not me, I am possessed or something” John said. “I am never ever going to abandon you, I prefer die first. You are a Winchester (Y/N), don’t forget that.”
“Thanks dad” you smiled up at him.

Another Update, Sorry.

I didn’t want to bother you all before tomorrow, but I couldn’t resist. Tomorrow’s the big day, so cast in your requests tonight everybody, because I’m going all in tomorrow. I’m honestly enjoying myself with thinking of a few imagines to write down and do you all think I should start writing preferences? You know, like ‘What he likes about you’ with all the guys or ‘How you met’ and all that. Yeah, I’ll write them if you all want. Anyway, I’ll write tomorrow, and I also can’t wait for the next episode of Grey’s (Since I still watch it and am currently up to speed). I’m getting excited!

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Creepypasta #FIVE-HUNDRED: Blue Ridge

“Do you know where we’re supposed to park? Ingrid. Hey, did she tell you where to park?”

“What?” I turned away from the window and flashed Lloyd an apologetic look. “Sorry, I was just watching something…out the…”


“Sorry! God, it’s been a long week. No, she didn’t say but since we’re the last ones there, I would assume we just park next to everyone else.”

“Actually, we’re not,” Moss piped up from the back seat. “Ben just texted that he’s still on the 87.”

“Guy sells two songs to Maroon 5 and now he thinks he can make us wait around like he’s a damn celebrity,” Lloyd mumbled.

“Please, Ben’s never been on time to anything in his life. Isn’t that half the reason the band broke up?” Moss laughed.

“Nah, the band broke up because Ash got deployed and Ben was always too good for it anyway.”

Moss smiled and sat back in his seat.

Lloyd and I had been together for four years and he’d been unemployed for three of them. He’d put everything he had into his band and for awhile it looked like Vintage Truth was going to make it. Then one day his guitarist, Ashley, up and joined the Marines and his drummer/songwriter, Ben, sold one of the band’s songs to a recording label for an ungodly amount of money. Lloyd had been wandering blindly through life since.

It was a obvious sore spot for him and no one mentioned Vintage Truth around Lloyd anymore. Well, no one but Moss.

“So where did Melanie find this place?” Moss nudged the back of my seat with his foot.

“Actually, Ashley found this one. He said he wanted something on Blue Ridge Mountain.”

“I’m surprised he had the time to book it, he’s only been back from Iraq for a couple weeks.”

“It only takes a few minutes on the internet.”

“Maybe for you, Ing. But the last cabin you rented us had rats the size of Lloyd’s mom’s dildos.”

“-those weren’t rats!”

“-fuck you, Moss.”

Moss laughed. “Just sayin’!”

“Those were mice. And I’m sure he found it on VRBO, the same place I find all of my cabins.” I rolled my eyes at Moss.

“Yeah,” Lloyd complained. “But this place is like 13 miles from town and the last 3 miles have been unpaved. You sure he’s not bringing us back here to kill us all?”

“I’m not an entirely certain, Lloyd, but if he is, I hope he shoots you first.”

“Oh come on, babe, you know love me.” Lloyd winked at me. I smiled at him and leaned over to give him a kiss. Just as my lips brushed his cheek, Moss sat up and thrust his arm in between us to point into the distance.

“There it is! Finally.”

The cabin was much bigger and older than it looked in the pictures Melanie had shown me. The home was three stories tall and built eloquently into the side of the mountain. It had a small clearing serving as a “front yard” and a dark, dense treeline beyond it.

“Wow, we’re really in the middle of nowhere…” I said to myself as Lloyd pulled into the small, dirt parking lot.

“Yep. That means we can be as drunk and loud as we want and there are no neighbors to complain.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, “I guess. I just hope we don’t get the bottom floor bedroom.”

“I’ll take the bottom bedroom,” Moss said from the backseat. “Lloyd’s mom needs the extra support of a concrete floor.”

“Moss, I fucking-”

Lloyd threw the car in park and lunged into the backseat just as Moss pushed open the door and ran for the staircase up to the main floor of the cabin. I shook my head as I watched Lloyd twist around, open his door and sprint out of the vehicle, laughing. Moss was inside the front door by the time Lloyd reached the bottom stair.

I got out and popped the trunk, tugging on the heavy, beer-laden cooler inside. After being cooped up with those two for three hours, I needed a drink.

I was struggling pretty hilariously when I heard an amused voice behind me.

“I can’t decide if I’d rather have the beer or the view.”

I spun around and pushed my ball cap up out of my eyes.

“Fucking Ash, get over here and help me.”

He laughed, striding casually over to the back of the car and I threw my arms around him in a tight hug. It had been 14 long months since I’d last seen my childhood friend.

“Hey, Ing, how’ve you been?”

“Good,” I said letting him go. “Have you seen your mom and dad since you’ve been back?”

Our families had always been close and I knew from talking to my mom how excited his parents were to see him.

“No, they’re flying out here next weekend. I’m picking them up from the airport like a good son.”

“Good.” I gave him a radiant smile. “So we have you all to ourselves for the next five days then.”

“Well, you’ll have to fight Mel on that. If it were up to her I’d never leave the bedroom.”

“Oh, god, gross, Ash. I don’t need to hear about that shit, you’re like my brother.”

Ash laughed. “Hear about what? I didn’t say anything.”

“Don’t even imply it. Whatever you and your girlfriend do-”

“Holy shit, as I live and breathe, is that the distinguished Ashley Allender?! What are you doing down there?”

Lloyd’s yelled down from the second floor deck.

“That’s Lance Corporal Allender to you. And I’m helping your girlfriend unload the car since you’re an asshole.”

“Oh fuck, I forgot babe, hang on!”

Lloyd set his beer on the railing and ran inside as Moss leaned against the door jam shaking his head at him as he passed by.

“He really is an asshole,” I laughed.

It was an hour and a few beers later that Ben finally pulled up in his brand new H2. Ash and Moss took turns hurling insults at Ben’s new “Pavement Princess” as Melanie and I sat back on the deck and tried not to laugh.

As soon as Ben walked out onto the deck, Lloyd thrust a beer into his hand.

“Finally! Now that we’re all here I call for a toast to our asshole friend Ash.”

“Oh yes!” Mel sprang up beside me and pulled Ash back into the circle as shook his head ardently and backed away from us.

“Come on, guys, this is embarrassing. Don’t fucking toast me.”

“That’s the whole reason we’re here, baby!”


“Come on, Ash,” I teased. “Let your friends toast you. We haven’t seen you in forever.”

“Fuck, alright, make it quick.” Ash tried to look annoyed but failed hilariously.

“I’ll start, then.” Ben held up a bottle of his fancy Trappist beer and everyone else followed suit.

“Well, you are the lyricist.” Mel rolled her eyes playfully and pulled Ash’s arm around her.

“Ashley, what else can I say but thank you for both your service and the great honor of being your friend. We’re glad you’re home.”

We clinked our bottles together as Moss murmured: “That was disappointing.”

It was many cheers and many rounds later that I found myself alone with a drunken Moss and Ash.

“I- I’m so proud of you, Ash.” I stuttered, putting a friendly arm around him. “I wasn’t sure about all of this when you told me you’d enlisted but dammit if I’m not honored as hell to call you my friend.”

“Thank you, but honestly all the praise sorta makes me uncomfortable.”

“Really? Why?”

“Because I don’t know….most of the last 14 months was just training. I was only in Iraq for about 6 of it, in actual combat, for less.”

“Yeah, you must have seen some shit, though.” I nodded my head at him.

Ash was quiet for a beat too long and even in my drunken state I could tell the air had shifted. Moss - who was good at reading people and situations - broke the tension before it got too thick.

“I’ve seen some shit too, man.”

Ash and I looked up at him as he took a long, intense swig of his beer.

“On Lloyd’s mom’s website.”

Ash and I laughed and looked over at Lloyd, who was staring down at his phone, shaking his head.

“One fucking day, Moss.” He said without looking up.

“Oh, come on, man. That’s what I do. I’m a stand up comedian; it’s my job to make people laugh.”

“A struggling stand up comedian who wears makeup even when he’s off stage.” I added with a wink at Moss.

“No, I most certainly do-”

“Ben, you alright, man?” Ash interrupted and we all looked over to the corner of the deck where Ben was standing, looking out into wood.


He didn’t look at us, but motioned Ash over with his hand. They stood in the corner and exchanged quiet words.

“What is it?” Mel asked after a minute.

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People talk about what would happen if the heroes of Shakespeare switched plays, but what if that sort of thing happened with the heroes of Dracula and Frankenstein?


Dracula: I bid you welcome.  Enter freely and of your own free will.

Victor Frankenstein: Thanks, I- wait, is that hair on the palms of your hand?

Dracula: Um…

Victor Frankenstein: Our business partnership is off.  I don’t work with ugly people.  I’m leaving!

Dracula: But you’d have to cross the mountains on foot!

Victor Frankenstein: Just watch me!


The Creature: *Groans*

Jonathan Harker: Hi!  My name is Jonathan Harker!  What’s yours?

The Creature: *Flexes his tongue and tries to talk*

Jonathan Harker: Well, despite this rocky start, I’m going to give you every possible chance to prove you’re an okay guy.  Are your scars a Swiss thing?  I’m still trying to record all the quaint local customs in these parts!

The Creature: *Quotes Paradise Lost*

Jonathan Harker: You speak in classical quotations!  See, we’ll get along fine!

Moonlight Love (ch.1)

(photo creds: @the-ogoc)

You were on YouNow watching some random guy named Nate (Maloley).  You were bored.  

You were waiting to be guested.  You did it just because.  You had nothing to anyway.  But you were suddenly on the screen.  You were guesting (lol i do not know what to call it).  

“oh hi” You said blushing
“Oh my gosh you are so pretty lil mama” He said smiling in the camera

“Them dimples!!!!!!” You thought

“Aye you should hit me up dm me” He winked
“Okay” You turned red
“Whats your name ma?” He asked
“(y/n)” You said lightly smiling but still blushing
“Yea you’re too damn cute i need to talk you” He said
“Okay i just dm’ed you Nate” You said
“Bye lil ma” He said and winked
“Bye Nate” You said

The guesting ended.  It was late so you went to go take a shower and got ready for bed.  You were all washed up and went to bed.  


You woke up to a dm from Nate.  

Nate: hey wanna go to a party on friday?

Y/N: Yea here is my number **********

Nate: Okay cooo

Y/N: ok c u

You got up from your bed and got dressed and put some light makeup on.  You headed downstairs to eat.  

You sat on the island and your mom handed you waffles.  
“Morning” She said with a light smile
“Morning” You said

“Mark!! come down here!” Your mom said

Your brother came downstairs and sat beside you.  
“Sup kiddo” He said
“Your only an hour older Mark” You said and rolled your eyes

He sat beside you and started to eat.  

“Hey mom can I go to a party on Friday with a friend?” You asked
“Who is your friend?” She asked
“uhh its lyssa and Jack (gilinsky)” You lied
“Okay” she said
“Thanks” You said putting the dish in the sink

Mark had finished eating so you guys went outside and jumped into the car.  You sat on the passenger side and Mark drove.  

You guys made it to school and went different ways.  You went to the band room where you, Jack and Lyssa meet up everyday.  

They were standing there waiting for you.  
“Sup babe” Lyssa said
You and Lyssa really close so she called you nicknames.  

“Hey” You said walking up to her and giving her a hug
“Hey Jack” You said getting on your tippy toes to hug him
“Hi (y/n)” He said hugging back
Jack and you were really close too he was like a second brother to you.  You had the biggest crush on him when you guys were in middle school but you never said anything to him about it.  

“Okay we’re all going to a party on Friday with my friend” You said
“Whose ‘Nate’” Jack asked
“A friend I met he is super chill plus he’s really hot” You said

You told them about Nate and how you guys met.  And more details about the party.  
You went to class.

-after school-

You met up with Jack and Lyssa at Jack’s car because your brother had practice.  You all got in the car and you and Lyssa talked about going shopping and how you were gonna drag Jack along with you guys.  

They dropped you of home.  You went upstairs to your room and texted Nate.  

Y/N: hey Nate

Nate: wassup ma

Nate: You coming to the party for sure right?

Y/N: nun much and yea I’m done

Nate: good good well i gtg talk 2 u later ma

Y/N: bye

You went through your social medias and watched some tv.  

You were super bored so you decided to go to the beach.  Thats why you lived in California right?

You got in the car and drove to the closet beach.  venice.  
Once you were there you just walked around and looked at everything.

You were on the boardwalk and someone tapped your shoulder.  You turned and was immediately greeted with a hug but you still couldn’t tell who it was.  

“Hello?” You said
The person released and you got a good look.  It was Nate!  

“Oh my gosh no way i didn’t know who you were” You said and leaned in for a real hug
“How you doing ma?-Still gorgeous as ever” He said
“Thank you and good what about you?” You blushed
“Good with some friends wanna join?” He asked
“Yea” You said

You followed him to the beach and there was a small group of guys.  
“Hey guys this is (y/n) the girl i was telling you guys about” He said

All his friends were hot as hell.  
“Hi I’m sammy”
“I’m John but you can call me swazz”
“I’m Derek”

You looked up and your mouth instantly dropped.  Amazed at the sight of him.  You were mesmerized but also shocked on how he was so hot.  on how all of them were so hot.  

“(y/n)….(y/n)” Nate said tapping you
“You okay there” He chuckled
“Uh yea” You replied
“So what were you doing here”
“oh I was just walking around…You know”

“Want some?” Swazz said handing you a blunt
“Nahh” You said passing it to Nate
“You don’t smoke?” Nate asked you
“Once but it wasn’t for me” You said smiling


“well i gotta go but see you guys at the party” You said giving Nate a hug
“Bye” They said like it was cued

You hugged sammy and swazz.  But you were scared to hug Derek because you might melt in his arms. You walked up to him and gave him a hug.  You heart was pounding out of your chest.  

“Bye guys” You said again walking to your car

You went to go wash the sand off of your feet and went to your car.  On the drive home you stopped at jack in the box to grab something to eat.  

You made it home and went upstairs to your room.  You went and took a shower.  After the shower you went to sleep early.  


Today you plan dot go to the mall with Lyssa and Jack.  He didn’t agree but you guys were going to make him.  

-End of school day-

You, Lyssa and Jack decided to meet up at your house.  So you drove home and you went inside.  

Jack and Lyssa were already inside.  “I guess mom let them in” You thought
You put all of your stuff in your room and grabbed some money.  You guys went in Jack’s car.  
On the way to the mall you told Lyssa and Jack about Derek.

-At the mall-

You guys arrived to the mall and walked in.  You guys went all over the mall.  After hours and hours of shopping.  You guys all had something to wear.  

You guys headed to the food court because Lyssa wanted one of those pretzels from ‘Auntie Annie’s’.  You guys walked to the booth where Auntie Annie’s was.  

On the way there you saw a guy walk by and he was gorgeous and he looked familiar.  He made eye contact with you.  He started to walk closer and then you saw it was.  Derek.  

“Hey (y/n)” He said giving you a hug

The sound of your name on his tongue gave you goosebumps.  

“Hi Derek” You said blushing like an idiot

You saw Jack and Lyssa come towards you guys.  

“Derek this is Lyssa and Jack” You said
“Hi I’m Derek” He said putting his hand out

They shook hands

“Well i’ll see you guys tonight” He said and winked at you

You wanted to hide.  

“Bye” You guys said

days-of-our-kpop  asked:

I can't choose like I love yeo one like he's just so lovable and adorable like you can't not love him!!! But I also love shin won like I don't even know why I just love him!! And don't even get me started about yan an like he's so innocent like you can't not love him. And I love kino like he's such a great dancer like he's great. And the maknae is just so chill and relatable like I just love them all!!!!

Really though about Shinwon?  Man, I overlook him so fucking badly the poor guy.  What do you like about him?  I’m still waiting for him to even show up to me, let alone knock my socks off.  Then again, I’ve watched such a small amount of their material because I don’t have the time to learn much about them right now.  From their MVs and lives, I just don’t get much exposure to him bc he doesn’t get many lines at all.  

Lolol Yan an creeps me the f out though hahaha.  Like that face he makes during his part in “Can You Feel It”.

Originally posted by yutohs

Like omg Yan an you creep.  Haha.  

I give him 1000 points for sass, though.

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Kino gives me the “queef of humanity” vibe.  He’s a shit.  

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Like hey moron, go sit in the corner.  Stop that. 

Yeah.  This group is seriously cute though. Really like them.  :D

I bring the neck of the bottle to my mouth, taking down a gulp of beer as I watch Luke get drunker and drunker. Putting the bottle down, I shake my head and snort when he unexpectedly falls off the bed, laughing at a dumb joke Calum just told.

“What are you snorting for?” babbles the charcoal-haired boy sat next to me.

“I’ve just never seen someone get drunk over two fucking beers.”

“Heyyyy”, whines Luke as he gets up and back on the bed.

Calum and I both lock our eyes on him, waiting for the rest of his sentence, but all we get is some compulsive giggle.

I huff, a little bewildered.

“You guys are ridiculous”

But a smile still makes it way unto my face at the sight of Calum’s pout. I blow him a kiss teasingly and he gets up on his knees, a mischievous grin on his face.

“Ooh you’re definitely gonna get it”

“Get what?” I reply looking at him as innocently as I can.

“A kiss!” he shouts.

I chuckle as he towers over me, almost falling on my lap.

“You’re drunk too, aren’t you” I say looking up to his crinkled chocolate eyes.

“No, just. Just a little tipsy”

“Tipsy, my ass”

His giggles transform into a real laugh and he leans down clumsily, almost knocking my head off with his. I can’t help giggling too at the sight of his face inches from mine, and soon after at his awkward attempt of a kiss.
His mouth crushes mine, our teeth clashing as we’re both smiling our heads off. The sound of our laughs is the only one in the room but our closeness makes it sound ten times louder than it actually is.
I almost don’t even hear Luke burp loudly behind Calum or the wind clatter against the window. And even though both of these things are more or less right under my eyes, I only vaguely see them.
All I see is Calum’s lips, his smile slowly fading as they inch closer to mine, his dark eyes going back in forth between mine and my lips. We kiss, and things would’ve gone further if a loud voice didn’t ring behind Calum’s back, making both of us start.

“Oi! Get a room you two!”

I huff again. I had forgotten he was there, the big idiot.

“Fuck off Luke”

The blonde-haired boy pouts and soon after the room is filled with his fake but loud cries. I smile apologetically to Calum’s disappointed face and take another swig of my beer.

Tonight’s going to be a long, long night.

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‘Guys, I’m sure you all know why we are here.’ you said seriously.

Everyone nodded, all in just as much seriousness.

‘We do have much to discuss.’ Lydia said.

‘Agreed so what do we do now?’ Kira asked.

‘We wait…for season twelve.’ you sighed.

Everyone groaned in frustration.

‘Can you believe that Finale?’ Scott asked.

‘I watched it three times, and I still cant believe it.’ Stiles said.

‘It was like just when you thought all was good and everyone was OK, they kicked you in the nads!’ Liam whined.

‘Right, and who was that British bitch?’ you asked angrily.

‘RIGHT!’ everyone yelled.

‘And Mary coming back to life? What the hell?’ Malia said.

Just then Derek entered the loft.

‘Are you guys serious?’ Derek asked judgmentally, clearly having heard what you were all talking about on the way up.

Everyone looked away in slight embarrassment. 

‘The real question is what happened to Lucifer?’


A/N: The gif isn’t Pietro but it’s still Aaron-Taylor Johnson. cx

Pietro talked with you at the bar during Tony’s annual holiday party. Pietro was trying his best to flirt and make you laugh but he wasn’t brave enough to kiss you or tell you he liked you, that’s when Wanda helped out. 

 You two were sitting at the bar when you noticed a few pairs of eyes watching you. You looked around and caught Tony walking towards you with a huge grin. “So are you guy’s gonna kiss or keep your audience waiting?”

“What?” You asked confused, then noticed the newly hung mistletoe above your heads. 

“When did that get there? That wasn’t there when we sat down.” You protested, your cheeks turning light pink. “Doesn’t matter! It’s there now, come on, Y/N, it’s tradition!” You sighed and looked at Pietro who smirked at you. “He’s right, Y/N, it is a Christmas tradition.” 

And with that he leant in and placed his lips gently on yours, his hands snaking their way around your waist and pulling you closer as he deepened the kiss. The crowd around you cheered then continued to party but you were too preoccupied to care.

When Pietro pulled away, you looked at him breathlessly and your wide eyes met his loving ones. Your faces were only centimeters apart, his nose almost touching yours. 

“You know, I think now would be a good time to tell you I’m Jewish.” Pietro said, as his loving smile turned into a playful smirk. 

 You let out a small laugh, “then why didn’t you say that?” Your cheeks turned a deeper shade of pink when you tried to step away but his arms were wrapped tightly around you, refusing to let you move. 

 “And miss out on a chance to finally kiss you? I don’t think so.”

 “How’d you get the mistletoe there though? It wasn’t there when we sat down.”

“I had a little help,” he said as he glanced across the room at Wanda who was chatting with Vision. She looked at you two and smiled and you sent her a friendly wave before turning to Pietro and placing another kiss on his lips.

Signs in the cinema




cancer: dude don’t scream with them!! Besides there isn’t only us in the cinema!

Leo: gosh EXATLY! That’s why NONE of you should be talking!

Virgo: uhg, why do I hang out with you guys anyway

Libra: because you looooveee ussss! hey, do you still have some coke left? I’m thirsty AF (GOT IT LMAO)


sargitarius: DONT TELL ME! Let me watch it!!

Capricorn : geez, my popcorn is over! who is up to go but more with me?

Aquarius: I am, anything better than arguing with those nerds

Pisces: wait what happend?? I slept, someone tell me whaT HAPPEND

a short list of things my non-fandom friend said whilst watching the movie for the first time
  • -that's Hugh Jackman? what the fuuuuck
  • -Russell Crowe reminds me of my music teacher
  • -wait is that the same guy? how did he become the mayor so fast?
  • -is Fantine a love interest?
  • -nvm
  • -why are you crying? she was in the movie for 10 minutes
  • -Santa? wtf??????
  • -aw she's cute
  • -this brunette girl needs to back off
  • -yooooo is that Cosette?
  • -this guard is still hangin around here? doesn't he have other things to do?
  • -cosette deserves to be happy, eponine needs to just relax a bit
  • -why are you crying again?
  • -how do you know all their names, there's like a million of them
  • -wait I thought Javert was a guard why is here?
  • -ohhhh he's a spy... ok
  • -can you imagine if you woke up and some man was just singing to you
  • -so is Cosette gonna make an appearance again or...
  • -are they gonna shoot that little boy... no, right?
  • -FUCK
  • -OH SHIT
  • -does this guy in the red jacket die significantly or just with everyone else?
  • -out a window... damn, nvm
  • -stop crying
  • -ew wtf get outta the gutter
  • -oh Javerts gonna kill himself
  • -oh no
  • -ok wait pause... is this all because Jean Val Jean stole ONE LOAF OF BREAD
  • -that's shitty
  • -oh Marius is still kicking around, that's good
  • -aw this is sad
  • -K. stop crying srsly
  • -wait who's that random old man at the top of the stairs...?
  • -I hope Hugh Jackman doesn't die
  • -aw man
  • -if Fantine is an angel they should've made her hair long because that's the way she liked it
  • -why are you crying stop
Came back to tumblr....

i finally finished all my projects and now waiting for summer vacation, i thought finally i can open up tumblr and see whats going on…

its not like that old voltron i saw with dad but THIS

i spent the rest of my day watching all the videos that we out and now i am semi drowned in Voltron Legendary Defenders…!! (im still in a jaytim hell hole)

i bet you guys know who my ship is

when I was fourteen, I should have been spending my time
watching movies with my friends
and maybe actually attending school,
but when I was fourteen, I had just lost my best friend
because she decided to start fucking my boyfriend

and when I was fourteen, I woke to hands on my back
belonging to some nineteen year old guy
who dared to call himself a man,
who made me swear not to tell anyone about us
yeah, I wouldn’t have wanted anyone knowing either
how you watched me all night,
waited until everyone else was passed out,
before texting me a question mark
like I was meant to know what the fuck that means
you never waited for a yes,
left my body and mind in a screwed up mess

when I was fourteen, you were nearly twenty
and should have known so much better
I was fourteen, now I’m nearly twenty
and I know so much better
but I still have no idea
how the fuck you sleep at night

—  the poet allows herself to be angry / when I was fourteen, part one, I.S.