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It’s January 1st, the first morning of the new year, and Harry can’t imagine being more hungover than he currently is, right now, in this moment. His head is pounding, the Denver sun too bright even through the closed shades in the living room, and Louis will not stop fucking whining that he needs coffee, needs a sweatshirt, needs to unpeel his contacts from his eyeballs, needs something to throw up into.

“Lou, baby, for the love of God, shut the hell up,” Harry groans from his position behind the kitchen counter, wincing as the refrigerator door slams behind him.

“No, it’s your fault I feel so shitty. You forced me to drink.”

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“Sherlock’s in love, but who with?”
“Romantic entanglement”
“This is it”
“Love conquers all”
“Plain sight”
“Everyone gives up after three”
“This isn’t a trick it’s a plan”
“History Making”

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First of all I hope you're okay! And you may not want to talk about it but I get you with the CR awards thing. I stupidly decided to watch a couple of YouTube videos on their views with the results and I nearly cried. It is honestly heartbreaking that a community, just innocently loving a show can get so much hate for it. Not only that but there was a considerable amount of homophobia in the comments. I'm sorry but I needed to saying something to someone. Hope you have a nice day! x

I’m feeling better at the moment, thanks ~ Oh god, you should not have done that..especially on youtube,don’t 
I had a looong discussion yesterday because i made a comment and it got many likes..and comments …unfortunately…almost everyone told me that they’re mad because of the Cr awards,saying it’s not deserved.It’s absolutely not fair to hate the Fans AND the Anime for something that was just a Popularity poll when we’re just loving this show…sigh..i really just want to enjoy Yuri on ice…
I hope that for you as well :)

Oh but one thing : I hope nobody gets too much into the hate.That only turns you into the same person as they are :P
Let’s spread more love for the show :D

i started crying because i just remembered…

i remembered about a year ago when the abominable bride aired.

i was 11 at the time, and i had recently discovered bbc sherlock about 4 months prior. 

i remember that new years day.

i was so hyped… that was the first time i would see an episode of my newly found favorite show live. 

i remember when i began watching the show, how much i shipped johnlock. 

i remember watching the abominable bride and loving it even more.

god that episode was a masterpiece. 

it really sealed the deal for johnlock with me.

sherlock was so blatantly in love with him.

i remember when season 4 was announced, and setlock begun.

i remember checking in everyday, finding out every single detail i could about season four.

i remember the months leading up to now, and how great they were.

how great this whole fucking community is. 

everyone in the sherlock fandom is honestly so talented, amazing, and beautiful.

im not sure what happened with this season. knowing that it is most likely our last, and that johnlock will never explicitly happen is really saddening.

but sometimes, we just need to remember the good times.

remember how much fun we’ve had, and how amazing this experience was.

thank you to everyone in the sherlock and tjlc community. 

you have made my life so much better and i love you all.

and finally let us remember that:

someday the true story may be told

just some extremely fluffy, domestic ushioi for the soul. 

A gust of steam rushes out from behind Oikawa the moment he throws the bathroom door open, floating around him like a protective cloud before dissipating into thin air. He runs a soft towel through his wet hair, pajama pants hanging low on his hips, shirt three sizes too large.

He makes his way to the living room couch where he knows Ushijima will be, probably watching a rerun of one of their older matches of the season. He’s long since learned that Ushijima loves watching him play, marveling at his brilliance and his accuracy, his killer instincts and overall skill. Oikawa agrees with him one hundred percent - he is an incredible setter - but that doesn’t make him feel any less embarrassed when Ushijima basically calls him a god with a straight face. Iwaizumi teases him relentlessly about it.

When he sees that familiar tuft of soft brown hair peeking out from above the couch, Oikawa’s face splits into a smile.

“Waka-chan,” he croons, making his way around the couch, “there you are.”

Ushijima mutes the tv- as Oikawa had predicted, it’s their match against Brazil, the fifth one they’d played this season. Difficult, intense, exhilarating.

The celebratory sex that night had been unforgettable.

Ushijima doesn’t even flinch at the now familiar nickname, answering Oikawa’s call with a small smile and the softening of his eyes. Oikawa holds the hairdryer and comb out, eyes large.

“Please? You always do it best.”

Ushijima shakes his head fondly, moving across the couch to where the nearest plug point is. “You ask as if I have a choice.”

Oikawa cackles, “I was trying to be nice.”

“Don’t,” Ushijima advises, plucking the hairdryer out of his hands. “I like you the way you are.”

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hannibal gets the reputation for being too high-brow and pretentious but bryan fuller is so nice???? and he just wanted to make a fun show for a series that he’s a fan of and poured all of his love into it

meanwhile i watch sherlock and i can almost see when m*fttiss sucked their own dicks on a line they thought was so damn clever if it’s so OOC it hurts. and then they blow up how EPIC their finale will be, and leaves everyone disappointed

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Cue five minutes of me flipping back through your blog for things you've watched. Buffy!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh god I have WAY more than five things I’d like to change about Buffy, but I’ll try to hit the big ones here: 

1. It Would Be Less Racist (specifically: it would not be 98% white, as it takes place IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, OH MY GOD WHERE ARE THE LATINO CHARACTERS IN THIS SHOW. WHERE ARE THE ASIAN CHARACTERS. WHY ARE THERE ONLY LIKE TWO BLACK CHARACTERS PER SEASON. Delete Inca Mummy Girl and the thanksgiving episode with extreme prejudice, much as I love Spike going “you made a bear!”, and Willow’s white guilt.) 

2. “Seeing Red” is gone. Spike’s season six character arc makes sense, and James Marsters and the writers don’t visibly fight in the lines vs delivery about who Spike is, what he thinks and feels, and where he’s going as a character. Rape isn’t used as a prop. Spike doesn’t get a soul. He’s more interesting without one, and Spike/Buffy is more interesting without the half-assed sanitizing they did of Spike’s character in s7, caught uselessly between wanting to stay on the right side of the sexual DMZ they set up for themselves with demons and “bad” sex on one side and souled up people and “good” sex on the other side and the knowledge that Spike can’t go the way of Angelus–he has to stay Spike to be interesting. 

3. Faith kisses Buffy on the mouth instead of the forehead. In S7, the will-they-won’t-they Spike/Buffy dynamic is broken not by Angel/Buffy but Faith/Buffy. Faith comes bearing the amulet for a hero–Angel, understandably busy with his own apocalypse, doesn’t show. Faith kissing Buffy in the basement. Faith gets the cookies speech. 

4. The magic-is-drugs thing is gone. Dark Willow isn’t poisoned, isn’t under the influence. Dark Willow is just Willow, doing what she thinks is best. Because that’s who Willow has always been. That’s the scary/awesome part. 

5. Dawn’s Keyness doesn’t go away after season five! Dawn’s Keyness continues to be important, a part of herself she learns to access and use, even if she doesn’t unlock the particular door Glory wanted her to unlock anymore! (I want Dawn to unlock doors between dimensions. I want Dawn to be the masterkey for the multiverse.) 

6. (Yes, I know I was only supposed to go to five, and I know that this is Angel and not Buffy, but this is important:) SPIKE TELLS BUFFY HE IS ALIVE





….okay I was hoping to keep this at ten, but ONE MORE


okay i lied ONE MORE FOR REAL


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I can't believe I'm being so emotional about this, but I just watched the (fake? it better be fake...) tfp and I'm crying... It's a fucking B-list horror movie and I hate fucking B-list horror movies and I know Mark Gatiss loves horror but Sherlock is not horror and I just... Thank god we only have 1 hour left for confirmation, but if this is the real episode... It will definitely go down as the worst finale in the history of finales.


FYI, my mom doesn’t watch Sherlock normally but on today’s episode she joined me because she wanted to see if the show was as good as I was telling her.

We were at the coffin scene and then Sherlock and Mycroft said it’s Molly Hooper, her images came to screen and I instantly said to our TV screen Please don’t kill her. Then the scene where Sherlock called her phone came and my mom literally (I’m not lying) asked me if Molly was his girlfriend. I said no. Then she asked me then why are they saying I love you, and I was like JUST WATCH THE SHOW I CAN’T TALK I’M HAVING A HEART ATTACK.

She laughed at me.

She thought Molly was his girlfriend. Haha. Ha.

Omg it’s not that far of a possibility anymore.

Oh God.

i didn’t care for it when i watched it, but now i think i’m falling a little bit in love with the little moment between sherlock and euros playing violins together. them finally playing together, just how she wished. it’s just Nice to see how gently human sherlock has become. there is someone who’s done so much wrong, but it still doesn’t stop sherlock from trying to help them. he doesn’t see her as a lost cause. and did you see her soft smile while she played? his attentive eyes? god there is a lot of unnecessary melodrama in this episode but i really thought this was a really nice and genuine moment

Somewhere in the future, I’m watching the JL trailer for the 6th time instead of lying on the floor wondering why God (Zack) doesn’t love me.

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(1/3) Gillian is in bed at night watching tv, when suddenly she receives a text. Her heart skips a beat when she sees the familiar name. He sent her a beautiful photo, a selfie, of the two of them facing each other in bed. She remembers how they were trying not to laugh when he took that picture. A caption came with it: "We had fun that week. 😉 Love, D." Oh my God, that's right, it's been a year since that intense week. Bless him for always reminding her of the great times they've had together.

(2/3) She places a hand on her chest and smiles, before replying “A wonderful time. Your G.” She wants to tell him so many other things but the words won’t come out. She doesn’t want to always be the one complaining but she could use a cuddle right now. It’s true, it should have been him at the table with her at these awards. Just like those other important nights. This situation is starting to make her feel uncomfortable. Is being seen close with a man such a good idea?

(3/3) She dreads the moment the rumor mill starts to churn. It was so much easier last year doing press with David. She could be herself and didn’t particularly care about the people around her. And at least she was with… him. She wonders if it’s hurting him. He knows she’s faithful, but it can’t be fun seeing a none taken man “taking care” of her. She sighs. She’s just tired. She grabs her phone again and types: “My skin misses your fingers. My heart misses your tender ways.”


How much I love finding these in my inbox! Thank you!

tbh now that I think about it, that entire season did not feel like sherlock to me…it wasn’t the snappy, smart, and engaging show I fell in love with. it was a whole bunch of drama, plot twists and shock value deaths thrown in to try and differentiate itself from the other seasons. like yeah we have to make it as dark as possible, let’s throw in every single fucking twist we can think of. a lot of it felt so forced to make us gasp. and u can’t even use the whole “oh it’s much deeper and emotional now that mary’s involved” excuse, cuz like…. sherlock fucking died in s2 and they managed to bring him back and make another season that felt like it actually belonged in the damn show. all with the proper level of drama.  

gdi mofftiss, y’all better bring back the regular sherlock stuff if ur doing a next season. 

So like my dad is a huge nerd and loves the original sherlock books

and i recently introduced him to sherlock. With his job (that will not be shared due to reasons) he doesn’t have much time so sometimes we watch an episode like on a weekend and anyway we were watching the whole conspiracy theory on how sherlock died part and U COULD SEE THE EMBARRASSMENT AND “what the hell did they do to sherlock” IN HIS EYES WHEN BENEDICT AND ANDREW WENT FOR THE KISS HE WAS LIKE “oh god” AND ITS MY FAVORITE THING BC HES LIKE TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS TO ALL THE JOHNLOCK SHIPPING AND HE THINKS ITS JUST A DETECTIVE SHOW OH GOSH


Screenshots from PIERCE THE DARKNESS | Night Lights Demo! :D

Oh my god I hope this game gets funded! This game is so adorable and so full of atmosphere. I love the music, the game mechanics and how everything looked in it. It kind of reminds me of the game NightSky a little bit. Plus I loved watching Seán play this. He seemed like he had a lot of fun with it in the short time he was able to play it. :) 
But this is such a great idea for a game that in my opinion seriously deserves to be made. Games like this make me wish I wasn’t broke because I would totally support this game if I could afford it! But I guess all I can do is try to spread the word of it. So please if any of you liked seeing Seán play this game or if you liked playing this demo yourself, PLEASE back it and support the developers! 
Here’s a link to the developer’s Indigogo page for the game. 
https :// www . indiegogo . com/projects/night-lights-game#/